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Sleep - Ivor Gurney - Izaya Perrier
This was performed at the Boston Conservatory's "In the bleak Midwinter" Freshman Recital. Age 18.
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Non piu andrai - Mozart - Izaya Perrier
My state placing performance at the WMEA/WIAA state solo contest.
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Her Family - Pat Metheny - Izaya Perrier
This is a version of in her family by Pat Metheny, lyrics by Cathy Segal-Garcia. I performed this at the 2015 Drayton Harbor Music Festival as my Jazz Solo I did for the week.
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Papagena! Weibchen! Täubchen! - Mozart - Izaya Perrier
Recorded September 24th, 2018. Age 20. Accompanied by Chaojeng Yu.
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Encore! - Bellingham Showstoppers 2014-15 Medley
Solos: Izaya Taylor and Chris Nakatani
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Ezekiel Saw De Wheel - Bellingham Showstoppers 2015-16
Arranged by Moses Hogan
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Papagena! Weibchen! Täubchen! - Mozart - Izaya Perrier
Here is my performance of Papageno's suicide aria from act 2 finale of Die Zauberflöte. Sung at my studio recital. Age 18.
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Do Not Go My Love - Richard Hageman - Izaya Perrier
This was at my English Diction class recital at the IU Jacobs School of Music, my sophomore year. I was accompanied by Claudia Nunez. Age 19.
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Left Behind - Izaya Perrier
From Spring Awakening. My last solo performance as a Blaine High School Student.
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Lieben Hassen, Hoffen Zagen - Richard Strauss - Izaya Perrier
Age:20. Baritone. Accompanied by Chaojeng Yu.
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Surfin USA - Bellingham Showstopppers 2015-16 Medley
This years Showstoppers dance medley!!
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Ezekiel saw de Wheel - Bellingham Showstoppers 2015-16
Showstoppers state placing performance. Ezekiel saw de wheel is by Moses hogan.
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Chanson à Boire - Maurice Ravel - Izaya Perrier
Me singing my first recital at the Boston Conservatory at age 18.
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How it was before - Izaya Perrier
Written by Izaya Taylor
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Allerseelen - Strauss - Izaya Perrier
My state placing performance at the WMEA/WIAA State solo contest.
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Allerseelen - Richard Strauss - Izaya Perrier
One of my college audition pieces. Accompanied by Wade Dingman.
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Dawn - Bellingham Showstoppers 2015-16
Arranged by Eric Barnum
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Still Still Still - Bellingham Showstoppers 2015-16
Arranged by Mathew Culloton.
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Lamento - Henri Duparc - Izaya Perrier
My art song from the tresillac concert at the 2016 FAVA in France program.
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That's Christmas to Me - Bellingham Showstoppers 2015-16
Arranged by Pentatonix.
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Go, Lovely Rose - Bellingham Showstoppers 2014-15
Sung at BHS Spring Concert 2015.
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Beau Soir - Claude Debussy - Izaya Perrier
An art song from my 1st recital at the FAVA in France program! Age: 17
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When I Fall in Love - Bellingham Showstoppers 2014-15
Sung at the BHS Spring Concert May 2015.
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I can tell the World Bellingham Showstoppers 2014-15
Arranged by Moses Hogan. Sung at Choral Contest Concert.
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Sure on this shining night - Bellingham Concert Choir 2015-16
Arranged by Morten Lauridson.
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Traum durch die Dämmerung - Richard Strauss - Izaya Perrier
This is a performance from the Liederabend at the Austrian American Mozart Academy In Salzburg, Austria. Age 18. On July 21st, 2017.
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Coventry Carol - Bellingham Showstoppers 2015-16
Arranged by Dr. Edmond Hughes.
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Non piu andrai - Mozart - Izaya Perrier
My Italian aria for College Auditions. Accompanied by Wade Dingman.
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Wohin? - Franz Schubert - Izaya Perrier
Wohin? is arranged by Franz Schubert.
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Lakmé ton doux regard - Delibes - Izaya Perrier
My obscure French aria from Lakmé at the FAVA 2016 in Périgueux, France.
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