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Boracay Hotel - Bluewater Fairways (Hotel Complex)
Transporting from One pool area on the hotel grounds back to the building where our room was located.
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Angeles City, Philippines - ABC Hotel Main Floor Tour
A tour around the 1st floor of ABC hotel. I wanted to go to the Aqua Club area but at the time I was there it was still closed. I missed out on getting a Video while I was in town.
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Philippines - How to Add Pre Paid Smart Load to Your Unlocked Cell Phone
Philippines Phone - PrePaid Smart Promo Loaded Video of me loading 100 pesos of Smart load into my unlocked phone. STEP 1: Purchase a prepaid load card Step 2: Scratch off to reveal Pin # Step 3: Use your phone icon and call 1510 and then your pin. Press send Step 4: Listen to make sure your load has been added. You will also receive a text informing you that your load has been added. Step 5: Find a promo code that fits your needs. And text the promotion code to the number instructed in the promotion you have found. Step 6: Check your texts and look out for registration confirmation message. Please note that promotion codes vary and change throughout the year. This code may not always be active but there are always active codes for prepaid you just need to find them. You can find All the Active Promotions here: http://www.smart.com.ph/Prepaid/packages/type/data
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Video tour of Free Shower in Taipei
Video Tour of the free showers in Taipei. What you should bring, what to expect and more ramblings from me Aerial Penn.
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Incheon Airport Shower Tour
An inside look at the free showers available in Incheon Airport.
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Castle Peak (Interior Tour) Cebu
A tour of Castle Peak hotel, everything other than my room. Join me and see the smoking areas designated, the dipping pool, rooftop views, Chill Out bar on the 9th floor and the gym area. There is also a spa area located near the dipping pool and gym area.
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Incheon Korea Airport Free Shower Search
Search for the free showers in Incheon airport located in the Rest and Relax area of the airport. This is a walking tour from the security check point towards the Lounge area where the showers are located.
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Taipei Airport shower search
Going from information to the free showers area at taipei airport. Thanks to www.sleepinginairports.com for the insight regarding the amenities and information for this airport and many others. Strongly recommend you check it out.
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Angeles City - Walking Street (November 2018)
A walk through of Walking street in Angeles City Please feel free to give my channel a Subscribe. I'm working to get this channel to 1000 subscriptions and every little bit helps. Thanks for viewing. Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comments section below.
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Angeles City - Side streets near Walking Street (November 2018)
A tour of the side streets near walking street. Raymond Street and Real Street.
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Cebu City Philippines - Red Planet Cebu (Room Tour)
Upon my arrival into Cebu City I booked a room as Cebu's Red Planet hotel. I have never stayed at a Red Planet hotel before but I have seen a few of them throughout my travels here in the Philippines. This video gives you a look at the room and some insight regarding the hotel in general. Hope this video is helpful. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. Thanks for watching.
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Tubo Cane Juice - Cebu Ayala Mall
I found this place and was very interested by the flavors, Ive seen Cane pressed like this for its juices before but I have never seen a mix of the Cane juice with a variety of other juices before. Absolutely delicious and awesome. Check it out. Its always more fun in the Philippines.
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WINDS boutique hotel - Philippines, Balibago
A video tour of the interior of the hotel. Video was shot on my cell phone so sorry about the narrow screen view and any camera shaking.
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Angeles City, Philippines - Lewis Grand Hotel (Room Tour)
Room Tour of my room in Lewis Grand Hotel.
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Philippines - Money Exchange
Money exchange in Angeles City Balibago. Showing you the difference between the actual rate vs the rate paid out at the exchange location.
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950 Condotel Room Tour - Angeles City, Philippines
A room tour of 950 Condotel right about Mr. JJ Supermarket.
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Sand Castles of Boracay
Description coming soon
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Angeles City, Philippines - Prime Asia Hotel (Interior Tour)
A look around Prime Asia's amenities, Restaurant and Interior.
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Winds Boutique Hotel - The Walk Part 1
A walk from walking street back to Winds hotel. Short tour and ramblings along the way.
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Cebu City Philippines - Quest Hotel (Room Tour)
A room tour of Quest Hotel here in Cebu city Philippines.
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Boracay Philippines - The Sitio Hotel - Interior Tour
Tour of the interior of the Sitio Hotel in Boracay Philippines. The hotel is located in station 1.
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Winds Boutique Hotel - The Walk Part II
A second walk from the hotel to walking street this time.
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Winds Botique Hotel - Balibago, Philippines (2nd Floor)
The room here is on the 2nd floor of the hotel. To see the Differences between a Pool side room and one on the 2nd floor please refer back to my previous video for this hotel. The Hotel is located on A. Santos which connects to Fields (Walking Street). Walking Distance time is about 5-7 minutes. I will try to post a video of this walk so you get an idea in a separate video The room Includes: Kitchen Bedroom 2 Air Conditioners 1 Bathroom Complimentary Toiletries Kitchen Area (For cooking) Pre-Stocked Refrigerator (Loaded with Drinks and other items) Pool (As deep as 7 Feet) Hotel Website - http://www.windshotel.com/ I booked my room through Hotels.com at a rate of $60 USD per night, After taxes and fees it was a total of about $75 per night.
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Angeles City Philippines - Royal Amsterdam - Room Tour
Royal Amsterdam Room Tour. Royal Amsterdam has this room rate listed at 3490 pesos per night. It is the Superior Deluxe Plus room. The hotel offers the following discounts: 10% for 2-4 night stays, 15% for5-10 night stays 20% for 11+ night stays. I booked through hotels.com and I paid 50.23 per night + 22.10 in taxes for a 2 nights. I also ended up receiving a refund of 75 dollars because I believed the room had a Jacuzzi in the picture on the website but the actual room did not have a Jacuzzi. Upon review Hotels.com gave me 75 dollar voucher for future use.
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Swiss Chalet Restaurant Menu - Angeles City
A view through the menu at Swiss Chalet Restaurant in Angeles City Philippines.
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Elyseah Condotel - 2 Story 1 Bedroom (Street Side)
This is a video Tour of one of the 1 bedroom 2 story Apartments at Elyseah Condotel. This room is located on the street side and has 2 Terraces, 1 on the livingroom level and 1 on the bedroom level. The Terraces are small but worth noting because the non street side does not have Terraces. I was informed that it can be pretty noisy on the street side due to traffic. I am currently in a 1 bedroom that has no terraces but it isn't as noisy as my room is not exposed to the street. I found this room on Hotels.com and paid $30 USD per night at the time. 9/14/2016. Rates can be found here http://www.elyseahcondotel.com/ which is the Condotel's direct website.
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Makati Hotel - BSA Suites (Room Tour)
Video Tour of my room in BSA suites during a recent stay (November 2016).
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One Pacific Place (Room Tour) Makati City Philippines
Room tour of the 1 bedroom at One Pacific Place in Makati City Philippines.
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Boracay Hotel - Red Coco Inn (The Walk)
During a recent trip to Boracay Philippines I stayed at a hotel by the name of Red Coco Inn, not to be confused with The Red Coconut hotel on the beach area in station 1. Red Coco Inn is located on the main road in the section 2 area. This video captures the Walk from Red Coco Inn to the beach area. A couple stops along the way and showing you around the area.
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Castle Peak (Room Tour) Cebu City Philippines
A room tour of my smaller room during my stay at Castle Peak hotel.
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Prime Asia - The Walk to Walking Street
Walking to Walking Street from Prime Asia Hotel..
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Bifs Smoke and Grill (The Menu) - SM Clark
A look at the menu
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Cliff House Hotel (Hotel Interior tour) Boracay Philippines Station One
Cliff House Hotel in Boracay Philippines. Located in the station 1. This is a tour around the hotel premises and up to the main gate. Feel free to ask any questions.
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Angeles City Philippines - Lewis Grand Hotel - Interior tour
A look around the inside and ameneties offered at Lewis Grand Hotel in Angeles City Philippines.
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The French Baker - SM Clark
A visit to the french baker. You can find several of them all over the country. This video is just a view of items available and some of the prices.
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Red Coco Inn (Hotel interior Tour)
Red Coco Inn hotel in Boracay, Philippines. Not to be confused with The Red Coconut which is located on the beach front in station 1. Red Coco Inn is located in the station 2 section area of the island along the main road.
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Makati, Philippines - Astoria Greenbelt Hotel
Room Tour at Astoria Greenbelt Hotel. I chose to stay at this hotel because of the proximity to the Greenbelt Mall. Thanks hotel is located within walking distance of Greenbelt 5 and the Greenbelt residences.
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Angeles City, Philippines - Walking Street May 2018
Walking Street Angeles City Philippines May 2018.
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ELYSEAH Condotel - Studio apartment type
Website for Elyseah Condotel - http://www.elyseahcondotel.com/ You can also find this condotel on www.hotels.com See my other videos for this location for a sample of what the 2 Story 1 bedroom Apartments look like.
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SM Advantage Card Benefits
The cost of becoming an SM advantage member is 150 pesos and the membership lasts 2 years. There are plenty of perks to having a membership card and one of those perks is getting discounts on items at various stores at the SM Mall. There was a sale for an Air Purifier for 1000 pesos, for members it was 500 pesos. In this purchase alone the SM advantage card pretty much pays for itself.
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Philippines - How to make a portable Hotspot with Smart Pre Paid Load
My girlfriend transforms her Blu Vivo Air LTE into a portable hotspot using a pre paid sim card, 100 pesos (little over $2) and a promotion code (big70 texted to 9999) for 1gb of Data 1000 text messages for 1 week.
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Boracay Hotel - Red Coco Inn (Room Tour)
Boracay Philippines Hotel Red Coco Inn is a hotel located on the main road in the station 2 section of the island.
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Boracay Philippines - A walk from Station 3 to Station 2
During my Stay in Boracay in October 2013 I created this video walking from Station 3 to Station 2 which is the heart of the island. I was station at Hey Jude which is location at the far end of Station 3 so that is where the walk begins. The video is meant to give you an idea of walking distances, what the area looks like from Station 3 to Station 2 and an overall visual tour of a part of Boracay Island's White Sand Beach located in Stations 1, 2 and 3.
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Boracay Hotel - The Cliff House (Walk to the beach) Station 1
Boracay Philippines hotel the Cliff House is located in station 1. In this video I take you from the front of the hotel to the main road and on your way to the beach in the station 1.
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