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Word 2016 Table of Authorities and Citations
Download the Step by Step instructions for Table of Authorities -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/working-word-table-authoritites/ Learn how to work with Word's Table of Authorities and Citations -- Marking Citations, Creating the Table of Authorities, Updating the Table of Authorities, Editing/Formatting Table of Authorities Entries and Adding or Changing a Citation Category for a Table of Authorities Entry.
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Onetastic for OneNote
Learn how to Install and Utilize the FREE Onetastic Macro add-ins for OneNote. I will review the list of a few of the many, many macros available -- • GetOnetastic.com • Pin to Desktp • Custom Styles • Calendars • Insert Monthly Calendar • Insert Yearly Calendar • Monthly Calendar with Task List • Weekly Planner • Find • Navigation – Where am I • Printout • Sort Pages • Table of Contents • TOC in All Notebooks • TOC in Current Section • List Notebooks
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Word Template - Create a Template from an Existing Document
Click on the link below for the Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/creating-word-templates-documents/ Learn how to create a Word Template from an existing document.
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OneNote Pages and Subpages
Click on the link below for Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/onenote-pages-subpages/ Learn How To – 1) Add Pages 2) Delete Pages 3) Move Pages 4) Create Subpages 5) Expand and Collapse Subpages Check out my blog post for step by step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/quick-ways-organize-onenote-notes/
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PPT 2016 Speaker Notes and Presentation View
Learn how to work with Speaker Notes and Presentation View. First, you'll learn to create and print Speaker Notes. Next, you learn how to navigate the Presentation View, work with the various options available (laser pointer, highlighter, pen, etc.) move between slides and, jump to various slides, and save any notations you make.
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OneNote 2016 Sections and Section Groups
Click below for the Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/organizing-onenote-2016-creating-section-groups-within-notebooks/ Learn how to -- • Create Sections and Section Groups • Rearrange Sections and Section Groups • Move Information between Sections and Section Groups
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OneNote Quick Notes
Click on the Link below for the Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/utilizing-onenote-quick-notes/ Learn how to Utilize OneNote Quick Notes -- Create Quick Notes while using OneNote Create Quick Notes without opening OneNote Copy and/or Move Quick Notes to other Notebooks Access Quick Notes
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Word 2016 Footnotes and Endnotes
Click the links below for additional instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/creating-footnote-continuation-notice/ http://blog.vlbteched.com/changing-spacing-footnote-separator-line/ Learn how to work with Footnotes and Endnotes, including changing the page separator and adding a a continuation notice.
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Word 2016 - Working with Headers, Footers and Page Numbers
http://blog.vlbteched.com First, you learn simple ways to access your headers and footers. Then, we'll move into creating headers and footers on simple as well as more complex documents, containing section breaks.
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OneNote Notebooks - Create, Open and Close
Learn how to Create, Open and Close OneNote Notebooks.
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OneNote - Tagging Notes
Click the Link below for the Step by Step Instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/utilizing-onenote-tags/ With this lecture, you will learn how to Tag Notes using OneNote's built-in tags (such as To Do Tag, Remember for Later and Important) or custom tags. You will also learn to search for Tags using the Tag Summary Sidebar
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Word 2016 Reveal Formatting Feature
Click on the link below for additional instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/word-2016-formatting-diagnostics/ Learn how to -- • Reveal Formatting for Selected Text • Compare Selected Text to Another Selection • Troubleshoot Formatting and Styles
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Searching OneNote Notes
Learn how to search the various types of notes - typed, handwritten, audio and video. I'll also show you how to turn on the Audio and Video Searching feature.
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Outlook - Printing Your Calendar and the Options Available
Learn how to print you Calendar using the various settings available -- • Daily Style • Weekly Agenda Style • Weekly Calendar Style • Monthly Style • Tri-fold Style • Calendar Details Style
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Word Styles
Click the link below for tips on using Word diagnostic tools to troubleshoot formatting and style problems within your document -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/word-2016-formatting-diagnostics/ Learn how to -- 1. Apply a Quick Style 2. View all Styles in a Document 3. Add a Style to the Quick Style Gallery 4. Remove a Style from the Quick Style Gallery 5. Use Format Painter to Apply a Style 6. Clear a Style from Selected Text 7. Things to be aware of When Working with Styles
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Word 2016 Line Numbering Feature
click the link below for Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/word-line-numbering/ Learn how to – • Add Line Numbering to Entire Document / Section / Sections • Change Line Numbering Options • Remove Line Numbering http://blog.vlbteched.com
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OneNote Printing and Exporting
Learn how to Print and Export OneNote Pages, Sections and Notebooks to various file types.
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Word 2016 Style Inspector Feature
Click on the link below for additional troubleshooting tips -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/word-2016-formatting-diagnostics/ Creating documents from multiple sources and collaborators can become cumbersome and problematic very quickly. This can become even more difficult if each source and collaborator is using their own styles and formatting options. Many issues can arise when trying to meld all the different pieces into one cohesive and stylized document. Styles may not appear to be loading properly and formatting may look different between paragraphs. The Style Inspector can assist you with troubleshooting problems with table of content entries and styles as it will tell you what styles have been applied to the highlighted text.
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Outlook Blank Calendar
Click below to download the Step by Step instructions for Creating & Printing a Blank Outlook 2016 Calendar -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/printing-blank-calendar-outlook-2016/ Learn how to Create and Print a blank calendar within Outlook.
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OneNote Screen Overview
Click on the link below for a list of OneNote shortcut keys -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/onenote-2016-shortcut-keys/ This module is broken into three parts -- 1) Screen Basics / Tabs & Ribbons, 2) Contextual Tabs, 3) KeyTips. The first part focuses on the individual parts that make up the OneNote screen and how they function. You will also learn how the Tabs work and how related commands are grouped within the Ribbons on the various Tabs. The second part explains the many Contextual Tabs that become available with OneNote when applying specific features. The third part teaches you how to use the Key Tips, enabling you to navigate the tabs and ribbons via your keyboard.
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Word - Creating and Using Custom Bullets
Click on the link below for the Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/word-creating-custom-bullets-pictures-symbols/ Learn how to – • Create a custom bullet with Pictures • Add a new custom bullet to your Bullet Library • Remove custom bullets from your Bullet Library
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Utilizing OneNote in Conjunction with Outlook Part 1
Click on the Link below for the Step by Step instructions for Integrating OneNote To Do Lists with Outlook Tasks -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/integrating-onenote-list-outlook-tasks/ Once you have completed this video, you will be able to - Create OneNote To Do List Create Outlook Tasks from OneNote Items Mark Tasks as Complete (both OneNote and Outlook)
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PPT 2016 Slide Master Part 1
Click on the link below for the Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/working-powerpoints-slide-master-create-custom-template/ Slide Master Overview/Using Slide Master Tab (Part 1 of 5) Learn how to utilize the Slide Master and Slide Layouts for your Presentations.
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Sharing OneNote Notebooks via Invites and Links
Below are the Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/sharing-onenote-notebooks/ Learn how to : 1) Share Notebooks via Invite; 2) Set rights (Edit or View); 3) Access and Edit Shared Notebooks via the Internet; 4) Remove Users from Shared Notebooks; 5) Create Shared Links; 6) Set rights (Edit or View) Remove Shared Access
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PPT 2016 Printing Options
Click on the link below for the PowerPoint Printing Options for Presentations, Notes, Handouts and Outlines -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/powerpoint-printing-options-presentations-notes-handouts-outlines/ In this module you'll learn how to use the various PowerPoint print options to print slides, notes pages, outlines and handouts.
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Email Print Options
Click on the link below for the Step by Step instructions for Using the Outlook Email Printing Options -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/outlook-email-printing-options/ • File, Print • Quick Print • Print Attachments Automatically • Memo vs Table Setting • Select Multiple Emails • Print to PDF or OneNote
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Workshare Compare for Word
Click the link below for Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/comparing-word-documents-using-workshare-compare/ This video will walk you through using Workshare Compare for Word within Word and within the Workshare program. You learn how to fully utilize the program, including how to -- • Select your documents • Choose the Rendering Set • Set the Comparison Mode • Navigate the Change Summary Tab to View/Accept Changes • Email the Change Summary • Save the Change Summary as a Word Document with Track Changes
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Word 2016 Watermarks
Click on the link below for the Step by Step Instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/63-2/ Learn how to -- Add Watermarks Remove Watermarks Create Custom Watermarks Save Custom Watermarks
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Word Export to PDF
Click on the link below for the Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/word-create-pdf/ Learn how to use the Create PDF/XPS feature to export Word documents to PDF, incorporating your hyperlinks and table of contents. You also learn to create bookmarks from your headings.
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Word Quick Keys
Click on the link below for a copy of the instructions for the keys discussed in this video -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/word-quick-keys/ Learn how to -- • Shortcuts to Select Text • Create Automatic Lines • Repeat Your Last Command • Clear Font Formats • Clear Paragraph Formats
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Word Save, Inspect, Protect and Mark as Final
In this video, you’ll learn how to – 1) Save your document using the Save and Save As command 2) Inspect your document for hidden and personal information and remove information you don't wish to share 3) Protect your document by encrypting it with a password 4) Mark your document as final to deter any additional editing
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Working with Outlook Contact Groups
Download a copy of the Step by Step instructions for Creating Outlook Contact Groups -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/creating-outlook-groups/ In this video you are going to learn about Working with Outlook Contact Groups (formerly known as Distribution Lists). You will learn how to -- • Create (including using the shortcut key) • Edit • Share
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Three Ways to Create a Presentation
In this module, you'll learn three basic ways to create a presentation - from a blank presentation, from a personal template and from a custom PPT presentation.
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Excel 2016 Get Data Feature
Click the link below for step by step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/using-the-get-data-feature-in-excel-2016/ In this Video you will learn how to use the Excel 2016 Get Data Feature to easily incorporate data from other sources/spreadsheets -- • Get Data (Import) from Various Sources • Learn about the Options Available – File Origin, Delimiters, Cleaning Data, etc. • Load Data into Existing or New Worksheet
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OneNote - Taking Notes
Click on the link below for the step by step instructions for taking linked Notes, utilizing Internet Explorer, Word 2016, PowerPoint 2016 and OneNote 2016 -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/onenote-2016-taking-linked-notes/ In this lecture, you will learn how to take Notes by - Typing Notes Hand Writing Notes Recording Audio and/or Video Notes Taking Linked Notes Inserting Notes from the Web
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Outlook Search Folders
Click the link below for the Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/outlook-search-folders/ Learn how to create custom and predefined search folders within Outlook.
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Word 2016 Screen Overview
Click on the link below for a list of Word Shortcut keys -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/word-2016-shortcut-keys/ In this video, you will learn about the components that make up the Word screen, giving you insights into navigating and locating commands. You’ll learn how to customize your status bar and document view. We'll focus on the individual pieces that make up the Word screen and their functions. Additionally, you will learn how the tabs work and how related commands are grouped together within the ribbons on the various tabs. I’ll walk you through the various contextual tabs that become available within Word when using specific features. You’ll also learn how utilize the KeyTips, enabling you to navigate the tabs and ribbons via your keyboard.
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Word Convert to from Table
Click on the link below for a copy of the step by step instructions on how to Convert Text to a Table and Convert a Table to Text -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/converting-text-word-table/ Learn how to convert text within your document into a table. And, how to convert a Word table to text.
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Outlook Quick Steps
Click the link below for the Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/outlook-quick-steps/ Learn how to customize default Quick Steps and create your own personal Quick Steps.
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Outlook Time Zones
Click the link below for the Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/working-outlook-time-zones/ Learn how to change and add Time Zones in Outlook.
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Office Custom Dictionary
Click on the link below for Step by Step Instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/custom-dictionary/ Learn how to use the Office Custom Diction. Note: The steps my vary slightly, but they can be applied to Office 2016 - Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.
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Word Find and Replace
Click below to download the Step by Step instructions for Utilizing the Find and Replace Features -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/utilizing-the-find-and-replace-features/ Learn how to use Word's Find and Replace Feature to -- • Find Text • Find and Replace Text • Find Images, Tables, Comments and Objects • Find and Replace Formatting
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Word 2016 Word Count
Click the link below for Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/word-2016-word-count/ In this video, you will learn how to utilize the Word 2016 Word Count feature.
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Outlook Calendar - Creating Single and Recurring Appointments
Learn how to create, edit and delete both single and recurring recurring appointments.
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PowerPoint - Utilizing Motion Path Animation
Below are the Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/using-powerpoint-motion-path-animation/ Learn how to – • Add Motion Path Animation to an Object • Edit Motion Path Animation • Remove Motion Path Animation from an Object • Work with the Animation Pane to Reorder and Remove Paths
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PowerPoint Transitions
Learn about the various types of transitions and how to add them to your slides. I'll show you the different types of transitions available. Then, you'll also learn how to change the timing on transitions as well as set their effect options.
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Creating Custom PowerPoint Bullets
Click on the link below for the Step by Step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/creating-custom-powerpoint-bullets/ Learn how to Create Custom PowerPoint Bullets by utilizing -- Bullet Size and Color, Symbols, and Pictures.
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PowerPoint Rearranging and Deleting Slides
Click on the Link below for the Step by Step Instructions on Reordering Slides -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/reordering-powerpoint-slides/ In this module, you'll learn how to rearrange and delete slides using both the thumbnail pane and the slide sorter view.
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PowerPoint Inserting Slides
In this module, you’ll learn various ways to insert slides • New blank slides • Duplicate slides • Sides from another presentation • Slides from a Word Outline
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Excel Headers and Footers
Click below for the step by step instructions -- http://blog.vlbteched.com/excel-headers-footers/ Learn how to easily create and work with Excel Headers and Footers by learning how to utilize the following -- • Available Options (Different First Page, Different Odd & Even Pages, Scale with Document, and Align with Page Margins) • Navigation (Move between the Header and Footer) • Built in Headers & Footers • Header & Footer Elements
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