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kamen rider rockman
my 1st vid from kamen rider den-o n kamen rider black series with the song futatsu no mirai_rockman exe op..plz comment xp
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Detecting hidden camera
Use any magnetometer apps to detect EMF transmitted from electronic devices. A pretty handy tool to detect hidden camera.
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Yugioh Duel Links -Fur Hire no more!
It's time for Fur Hire to leave meta! Fur Hire is useless without monsters' effect chain. Once you broke the chain it is pretty much easy win. Players usually put lot of monster cards and less defensive card so it is an advantage too. Deck used: Crystal Beast monsters that focus on destroying the back row and monsters. Essential cards: Pegasus, crystal raigeki, storm, parallel twister.
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I'm a scientist
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Prophet Muhammad s.a.w from the kids perspective.
I did not own this video. Kudos to the original owner. But the message is beautiful. Share those khair :)
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doodle:sketch and color
sketch dengan warna doodle, masih lemah nak buat inking
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attempt to release my stress =_="
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Mesej Je for Whatsapp on Bluestack
This video is a demo on using Mesej Je for Whatsapp on Bluestack. The application works fine as long as your computer can support Bluestack Android emulator. Mesej Je for Whatsapp is a tool to whatsapp message a person without saving the phone number. This feature is useful for users whom does not have the necessity to save a contact number for example businessman. Download: bit.ly/mesejjeforwhatsapp
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manga tutorial [face]
i'm getting bored..so i decided to make a quick manga tutorial for the character's face..enjoy
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me solving rubric cube [2:05]
to lazy to edit this video.
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just a sketch *i'm poor can't afford to get a full version for the software..haha
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speed painting:doodle ala carte
software: adobe photoshop cs5 bamboo tablet fun actual time: 17min bgm: HaHa "little kid stories" * i do not own the music.
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big wave
big wave on ta'aruf week
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Syrian play at IIU
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Arcana Force EX Gamble is not my thing :( - Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links - #RAW -
Let's play! YuGiOh! Duel Links This is a raw and no commentary let's play. Enjoy!. 1. Deck List - Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler x3 - Arcana Force III - The Empress x3 - Arcana Forve XIV - Temperance x1 - Arcana Force VII - The Chariot x1 - Arcana Force IV - The Emperor x2 - Offerings to the doomed x2 - Power of the guardians x2 - Cup of Ace x2 - Bad Aims - Widespread ruin x3
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Sample video
A simple slide show video that I've made for the whole ECESA activities through out previous semester.
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photoshop tutorial:01
tips mudah penggunaan lasso tool serta option 'screen'
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Piano tiles 2: My best score (Canon)
Game: Piano tiles 2. Love rhythm games, it kinda test my focus.
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just watch~
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sketch mashimaro
made this for my friends who still struggling for their final examination..all the best all!!
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Super Joey farm: Gives the unhappy girl some love! - Yu-gi-oh! Duel Links #RAW
This is an improvised version of the unhappy girl deck. I tried to put as much combination possible to maximize the end assessment points. Dark Magician Chaos for ritual summon point, B. Skull Dragon for fusion and others for special and tribute summon. The focus of this deck is to build a defensive wall by using unhappy lady with Teà's skill the Holy Guard, by locking Joey monsters. Joey wouldn't attack as long as your life points above the amount his monsters to OTK you. This video is for education purpose. All materials and content are copyright of Konami.
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KC CUP 2019: Server issue? or Konami doesn't want me to play? - Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links #RAW
I keep having the connection failed duel lost while playing via Steam although my wifi connection is okay. No problem on the mobile version tho. Are you having the same problems?
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