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Original Sabahan Cover Ukulele
Cooking laksa at home with friends. Play some Ukulele and hanging out.
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Everybodys changing Ukulele Cover
I'll do a better one next time
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Runescape vlog - The Galaxy song
The song is from Monty Phyton's series. The galaxy song. Add me Kathy Dragos on runescape :)
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Runescape Vlog - I Love the Whole World
I Love the Whole World - Discovery Channel I did not own the copyright of this song. I made this years ago when i was a newb. now i have a new youtube channel i will only upload one from my old channel. This is runescape before rs2. The old runescape.
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Cap Apek Ukulele Cover
Just hanging out studying for exam but ended up doing this song cover. Do like and subscribe :)
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Falling in love with you
Found this while cleaning my phone.
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The Sound Of Silence
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