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Top 5 things to consider for your GDPR preparation
Though May 25th 2018 is just around the corner, you can still successfully implement a simple but robust strategy to meet GDPR compliance in time. Start now with this video, learn the 5 steps that need to be top of mind on your checklist. For more information on all you need including steps, tips and solutions for your GDPR preparation check out: https://goo.gl/svw7wc
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The Purpose Driven Organization w/ Simon Sinek
http://www.opentext.com/otsw We're sponsoring a speaker series so that you can explore the idea of the Purpose-Driven organization in more depth with the leading thinkers in this area. These people are some of our intellectual and creative heroes, and here's the chance to hear them talk and ask questions in person: -Simon Sinek, July 11, New York, NY -Michael Edson, Sept. 21, Washington, DC -John Seely Brown, Oct. 18, San Francisco, CA -Andrew McAfee, Nov. 1, Boston, MA http://campaigns.opentext.com/forms/OTSWSpeakerSeriesto catch them!
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OpenText Engineering Document Management
This video offers you a quick introduction to OpenText's Engineering Document Management Portfolio and the value it delivers. Built on OpenText's Enterprise Content Management platform it provides rapid access to project and design data for the entire enterprise while enforcing compliance and control. It is integrated with desktop applications such as AutoCAD, Microstation, Microsoft Office, Geographic Information Systems, SharePoint, & SAP providing your users with quick access to this critical design documentation through the entire lifecycle of your assets from planning and design through to operations and maintenance. Our solution Manages a single-point-of-truth, while safely controlling concurrent revisions to speed up your design cycle. It also streamlines your document control processes while maintaining detailed transmittal histories to help you manage change requests and claims. Find out more at http://www.opentext.com/engineering
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OpenText Content Server 10: The ECM Platform for Your Enterprise Information Management Strategy
This video offers you a quick introduction to OpenText Content Server and value it delivers as the foundational repository and information governance backbone for a broad range of OpenText ECM products such as Content Lifecycle Management, Application Governance & Archiving for SharePoint, Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, Email Management, and more. OpenText Content Server provides richly-featured enterprise services based upon a unique combination of integrated document and knowledge management tools which include document management, workflow, and information retrieval services, all tightly integrated into a solution that is easily customized and extended. OpenText Enterprise Content Management solutions enable you to more effectively capture all types of information—from structured to unstructured—and deliver this information in context across any application, platform, or process. With secure access to information from any device or location, you can ensure that your people have the information they need, when and how they need it, to do their jobs and work efficiently. ECM from OpenText helps you to unleash the power of information and is integral to the OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM). OpenText EIM technologies and business solutions allow organizations to take full advantage of enterprise information to gain better business insight, capitalize on opportunities to positively impact the business, improve process velocity, reduce risks related to information governance, and protect sensitive information and intellectual property from internal leaks and external threats. To discover more about how OpenText ECM is helping businesses and governments of all sizes effectively manage their information governance programs, please visit: http://www.opentext.com/balancematters www.opentext.com
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Release 16 Showcase Event at OpenText, Hyderabad
http://opentext.com/16 On April 15th 2016, OpenText Hyderabad Center celebrated the Release 16 launch with an exciting event. Our employees setup over 25 product booths across the office area, and everyone had a great time showcasing product innovations, and learning about the amazing new features that are now part of Release 16.
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OpenText Content Suite 16 - User Interface
https://www.opentext.com/ECM Designed with user productivity in mind, a new intuitive user interface for OpenText Content Suite 16 and OpenText Extended ECM 16 offers a simple, responsive design, with role-based views today’s knowledge workers expect. Integrated collaboration improves and enriches the user experience, empowering users with instant access to valuable context to facilitate decision making and effectiveness. Content is readily accessible from the desktop or mobile devices to extend content creation and sharing outside the Enterprise without compromising control.
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SAP & OpenText Run Digital
http://www.opentext.com/campaigns/rundigital SAP and OpenText are helping businesses run simple with their products and offerings. Watch this video to learn how they can help you!
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OpenText xECM for SuccessFactors
As organizations transform HR to meet the needs of the digital workforce, it is imperative to rethink the way they create, access, manage and govern employee documents. Learn how OpenText strengthens these transformations for SAP SuccessFactors customers by raising the level of employee engagement with integrated content management, powerful document generation and secure records retention.
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OpenText Presents: Better BPM
OpenText Business Process Management (BPM) provides a platform for you to build Smart Process Applications quickly with less risk.
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Extended ECM for Microsoft Sharepoint
OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft SharePoint enables users to collaborate in the context of data and transactions driven by an ERM or CRM systems like SAP, Salesforce, or Oracle EBS. It creates workspaces that brings together content and structured data and enhances collaboration, document control, and compliance activities. OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft SharePoint accelerates efficiencies across the enterprise to transform your organization to be truly collaborative.
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How a digital media platform can improve your customer’s experience
http://www.opentext.com/campaigns/go-omni-channel/overview Watch this whiteboard presentation to understand the importance of digital media across your business. Taking the example of a retail customer journey OpenText walks you through the steps you can take to build a digital platform which will enable you to increase value and improve your customer’s experience.
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Discover OpenText Customer Experience Management
http://www.opentext.com/campaigns/omnichannelcommerce Discover OpenText Customer Experience Management in action. With the OpenText suite customers have an easy to use solution allowing them to create a rich and engaging omni-channel experience.
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Enterprise Information Management - Tackling the Challenges and Driving Value
The volume of content is exploding. With growing amounts of information and a host of formats to manage and leverage, organizations need to manage their information. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) from OpenText helps organizations more effectively manage their information to: -drive faster decision making; -improve agility; -ensure security; -exploit opportunities; and -reduce the risks of unmanaged enterprise information. Unleashing the power of information will drive value across your enterprise. Discover how to take full advantage of your enterprise information with EIM solutions from OpenText. http://www.opentext.com/2/global/enterprise-information-management
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OpenText and EIM: Unleashing the power of information
With close to 90% of all business information being "unstructured," CIO's are turning their attention to these data sources to make their companies more competitive, effective, and profitable. www.opentext.com EIM is the discipline of discovering, managing, extracting value from, and building applications on top of unstructured Enterprise Information. For more than 20 years, OpenText has exclusively focused its resources on helping more than 40,000 organizations around the world tackle the challenges of Enterprise Information Management (EIM). This video offers you a quick introduction to OpenText and the business drivers and value of EIM. Through EIM, OpenText enables organizations to maximize the value of their information while satisfying strict compliance requirements and information governance policies. OpenText provides solutions in the core EIM categories of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Experience Management (CEM), Information Exchange and Discovery. To discover more about how EIM is helping businesses and governments of all sizes, please visit: http://www.opentext.com/eim
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OpenText Archiving
Save up to 50% in storage costs; deploy in 30 days Archiving has become a critical component of sound information governance practices. OpenText Archive delivers proven solutions for archiving all types of enterprise information in one repository, making it easier to manage and less costly to operate. Tiered storage allows for content to be stored where appropriate, at different stages in its lifecycle. Information is easier to find, improving efficiency and response times, and reducing the time and costs involved in processing eDiscovery requests. OpenText Archive can help reduce long-term storage costs, streamline the eDiscovery process, and fulfill your organizational compliance requirements.
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Top 5 reasons to work at OpenText India!
https://www.opentext.com/who-we-are/careers We're growing quickly in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and other locations in India. Take a look at this video to find out why you should apply to join #TeamOpenText today!
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An Inside Look at OpenText India
Find out more about working at OpenText from current employees and leaders in India. With growing offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore, it's the right time to join OpenText and enable your digital world career!
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OpenText Media Management presents: Cold Blood
http://www.opentext.com/what-we-do/products/customer-experience-management/digital-asset-management/opentext-media-management Managing the growing volume of digital assets to get the right content and experiences to users on multiple channels can be a real pain in the neck. Watch the making of “Cold Blood” to see how OpenText Media OpenText Media Management can help you manage, store and access the thousands of digital assets flowing through your organization in a visual- and experience-centric, create-to-consume ecosystem. Check out OpenText Media Management in action to stake your claim!
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Agile Information Governance with OpenText Content Suite
Today, many organizations are struggling with overwhelming amounts of information in different formats—across business systems such as SAP®, Oracle®, and Microsoft®, and from sources both inside and outside the enterprise. An agile enterprise content management (ECM) solution like OpenText Content Suite helps control the explosive growth of information across your organization, ensuring compliance, minimizing the costs and risks associated with unmanaged content meanwhile empowering users to harvest its value for competitive advantage. Good strategy is good business. That's what information governance is. OpenText Content Suite provides the bulletproof information governance you can depend on for the evolving needs of your organization.
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Introducing OpenText Magellan
Visit http://www.opentext.com/magellan OpenText Magellan provides AI and analytics to enable machine-assisted decision making, automation, and business optimization for your business.
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OpenText Exstream
Looking to inform and engage customers? The launch of Exstream 16.3 extends the ability to create, modify and publish personalized content to non-technical business users plus a whole lot more! Check out this short video to learn more.
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3 Steps to a Successful ECM Strategy
www.ecm-strategy.com click here to learn more and assess your organization!
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The Benefits of OpenText Streamserve
OpenText StreamServe -- Introducing Customer Communications Management
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See OpenText Exceed TurboX in Action
OpenText Exceed™ TurboX (ETX) provides high-speed access to graphical applications and desktops running on X11 and Windows hosts. ETX provides a central location for IT to securely deploy applications running on a variety of server platforms, including physical workstations and virtualized environments to a managed list of users across the globe.
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What’s New in OpenText TeamSite 16.2?
Our latest enhancements in OpenText TeamSite 16.2 bring a simplified user experience, improved performance monitoring, faster turnaround times, and more.
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OpenText Extended ECM for Process Suite
Extending the reach of ECM to all parts of the enterprise, providing processes with the context that improves insight, efficiency, and results
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OpenText™ Release 16: Content Suite
http://www.opentext.com/16 Redefine Enterprise Content Management with an integrated, enterprise-wide information grid that transforms personal productivity, process productivity, and control. Learn more about OpenText Content Suite today!
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HR Made Easy with OpenText People Center
Learn more about OpenText People Center: http://bit.ly/2tNI7ZT OpenText People Center makes HR processes easy for employees, helps employees help themselves and enables HR teams to more quickly and easily address simple issues and focus on high-value initiatives.
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Extended ECM for Salesforce
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OpenText ECM for Excellence in Production & Operation (English)
See how you can optimize your SAP driven processes in Production and Operation with OpenText Enterprise Content Management. http://campaigns.opentext.com/content/sap-eam-home-en
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OpenText Capture Center
OpenText Capture Center uses the most advanced document and character recognition capabilities available to turn documents into machine-readable information, reducing manual keying and paper handling, accelerating business processing, improving data quality, and saving you money.
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Givaudan InfoFusion
Learn how Givaudan is using OpenText InfoFusion to migrate business data from multiple ERP solutions to OpenText Archive Server and decommissioning their worldwide legacy systems.
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OpenText Customer Experience Management: An Introduction and Overview
Business is built on relationships. To succeed, organizations must consistently reach new markets and foster vital relationships with customers, and employees. This requires communicating corporate positioning and messaging consistently across many channels -- online, print, or multimedia. For OpenText Customer Experience Management is a combination of software technologies designed to optimize your online marketing strategy and campaigns, manages your global brand, optimize social media and produce effective customer communications. The aim of CEM is to exceed customer expectations by providing an interactive, personalized, and contextual experience across multiple channels that drive business impact. www.opentext.com
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OpenText and Microsoft -- Excellence in Enterprise Asset Management (SharePoint 2013)
Watch this demo of how OpenText and Microsoft optimize the efficiency of plant asset documentation and maintenance activities for Manufacturing & Resources customers in Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing Discrete and Process Manufacturing. This solution integrates and extends SharePoint with information from ECM and ERP systems to improve quality, consistency, and compliance of a customer's plant maintenance procedures, management of change (MoC) and asset documentation. The solution is based upon SharePoint 2013, SAP ERP, OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions and SharePoint Services for Extended ECM for SAP. Efficient Information Management (IM), collaboration and integrated best-practice workflows will: 1. Improve customer's execution on major and routine maintenance activities 2. Reduce the downtime of facilities and support technical and process innovation 3. and mitigate the company's compliance and reputational risk
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Achieve real-time visibility across your supply chain
Procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions automate time-consuming B2B processes and help you gain better visibility into transaction lifecycles. No matter how distributed or diverse your supplier community may be, P2P solutions can improve efficiency and increase the speed and accuracy of order, shipping, and invoice processing. Watch the video to learn the benefits of real-time visibility across the supply chain.
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The Power of the OpenText Cloud
Lynn Elwood, Vice President Cloud Solutions at OpenText explains the value of the OpenText Cloud and benefit to our customers.
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OpenText Process Suite
http://www.opentext.com/what-we-do/products/business-process-management Do you want faster time to value? OpenText Process Suite is the new era of Business Process Management, built to evolve with the changing needs of your organization.
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OpenText™ eDOCS Document Management | Intro Video
Organizations today need to manage and control burgeoning content – ensuring it is compliant yet easy to access and work with. In addition, the tools provided must be flexible, easy to use, and mold to user preferences, otherwise they won’t use them. OpenText eDOCS Document Management balances these requirements for control and ease-of use – effectively reducing risk while boosting user adoption and productivity.
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OpenText Customer Success Story : Distell
Wouter van den Heever from Distell describes the 10-year ECM journey of the South African company and how OpenText solutions support business growth. "The biggest benefit of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is productivity. You can now work anywhere - from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone." Wouter van den Heever, ECM manager, Distell
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OpenText EIM and Enterprise Content Management
What exactly is ECM and why does it matter? Lynn Elwood, the VP of ECM Product Marketing at OpenText, talks about why an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) foundation is the core of any smart Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategy and the right solution to manage growing volumes of information while minimizing cost and risk. www.opentext.com
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Opentext Cloud
http://www.opentext.com/what-we-do/products/opentext-cloud The cloud brings business together to share and exchange information. But, not all clouds are created equal. It’s time to turn information into knowledge. The OpenText Cloud goes beyond enabling connections, it accelerates the enterprise and delivers insight into your organization. It is transforming information into knowledge for next generation digital enterprises.
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FTP vs MFT from OpenText
Learn more on OpenText Managed File Transfer (OT MFT) at http://connectivity.opentext.com/otmft OpenText Managed File Transfer (OT MFT) is the easiest and fastest way to exchange any size file securely offering accelerated transfer, outlook integration, any web client, full audit trail and guaranteed delivery. OpenText Managed File Transfer is an enterprise solution for managing the exchange of large files inside and outside your organization with air-tight security and complete audit tracking. The era of FTP is over, it's time you switched to OpenText MFT. www.opentext.com
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Simplify the Exchange, and Govern the Compliance of your Documents with eDOCS DM
http://www.opentext.com/what-we-do/products/specialty-technologies/edocs-information-management Learn how OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition (eDCOS DM) gives you the assurance that your information is managed, secure and easily accessible. With new add-on solutions you can connect more information to more people and more business processes than ever before. Discover eDOCS Integration for SharePoint. It enables you to centrally manage content created in SharePoint in accordance with business requirements. Records Management for eDOCS ensures your content is compliant with regulatory requirements. eDOCS Email Filing allows you to consolidate and store emails in your eDOCS library. And Image Crawler for eDOCS enables you to search image-based content. You gain both IT manageability and your users can get more done with less effort.
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Managing video content with OpenText Digital Asset Management and OpenText Extended ECM
As organizations innovate and deploy new technologies such as drones and robots, OpenText is helping transform the role these machines play across everything from plant maintenance to service delivery. See how OpenText Extended ECM and SAP solutions are helping customers embed IoT data and video into core business processes powered by S/4HANA to better manage risk and lower costs.
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Tech Talk: Episode 1 -  Discover OpenText Core with Greg Beckman
core.opentext.com In OTTV’s first-ever Tech Talk segment, OpenText CMO Adam Howatson sits down with Engineering Director Greg Beckman to discuss the innovation and team behind OpenText’s newest release, OpenText Core. A multi-tenant SaaS application, OpenText Core allows for the simple, secure and smart exchange of corporate documents and collaborative information management.
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OpenText Customer Success Story: Givaudan: Communities of Practice
Learn how OpenText Communities of Practice is helping Givaudan employees connect knowledge and expertise for increased corporate awareness
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Getting in the Groove at Open Text Content World 2008
Conference highlights at Open Text Content World, held in Orlando, Florida.
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OpenText Content Suite - Release 16 EP2
OpenText Content Suite is a unified set of ECM solutions that are transforming the digital workplace. The latest Enhancement Pack (EP2) adds many new features to help knowledge workers access, create, and collaborate on business content whilst further enhancing control and governance. With the wide range of updates, businesses will be better enabled to leverage information, and work faster and smarter towards digital transformation goals.
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Introduction to the OpenText Business Network
www.opentext.com The OpenText Business Network a cloud ecosystem of interconnected trading partners which connects over 600,000 companies around the world and processes over 18 billion transactions per year. The Business Network allows companies to exchange structured and unstructured information, automate business processes through pervasive integration, obtain end to end visibility across the extended enterprise and achieve deeper levels of supply chain intelligence through the use of embedded analytics.
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