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This is probably my favourite video out of 6 that I have saved. Feat: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLlFXPlJ6dyRjP_9cLh0deg http://squidbunkin.tumblr.com/
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The Meaning of his Tears speedpaint thing
Very quick. Music: OFF - The Meaning of his Tears
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Mother 3 Back Beat Battle Hard combo
A good favourite of mine. Fear my bad quality!
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Strong one combos
I'm just doing my combos. I learned the beat a few days ago too. Also the quality is bad because the more compressed frames I got when AVI recording (quality) the slower my emulator runs.
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Mr. Greg - Speedpaint (spoilers, lmao)
This ep was so good!!!!!! Here is a doodle thing, woo! Music - Steven Universe - It's over, isn't it
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The Cat Lady- speedpaint
AKA a great game that will be released on steam Dec.4! A hypercam test and a de-stresser because holy shit am I tired. One day, I'll a create a masterpiece (no seriously, play the game). Music: Good lord knows I'm greedy-Warmer
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Mother 3 Strong One combos 2.0
I think I improved alot. Also, if you want a merged pokemon sprite, I can do it for you!
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Malachite speedpaint
Had the urge to paint malachite. I don't normally record my paintings but it was cool to see it take form! Music - Steven Universe Collusion+Malachite (extended b/c let's be real, this is the only fitting song for this, IMO)
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Splatoon: dead, Hackers: hacking, Dick: out
THOSE POINTS THOUGH (sorry for the coughing!)
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Splatoon - Sweet inkbrush matches
Kiss my squid butt, I say, as I lose the first two matches XD. Music: Bastion - From wharf to wild, Mother I'm here, Proper story, .
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WE!!! ARE THE CRYSTAL TEMPS!!! - Speedpaint
This episode was cute!! Music: Pokemon Sun/Moon - Admin battle, Steven Universe - Smoky Quartz
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Homeword gems - Jasper (speedpaint)
Part B of a set. This time I recorded it properly! Part A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxeZYePZAzs Part C: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--V29nRm4ek Music: Steven Universe - Stronger than you (feat: Peridot)
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Homeword gems - Lapis (speedpaint)
Part C of a set and the final part. Poor Lapis... Part A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxeZYePZAzs Part B: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md3pOS_vhx4 Music: Steven Universe - I am Lapis Lazuli SU - Lapis' Tower
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Splatoon - Hide and Seek (with lots o laughs!)
I got invited to play hide and seek with some friends and it was really fun! I have a few older vids but I wanted to upload this one first cause it makes me smile :) Sorry for all the coughing and sniffling (more than usual haha), my health hasn't been that great lately :( Feat: http://squidbunkin.tumblr.com/ http://clarachibi.tumblr.com/ and one other person!
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Inkbrush Shenanigans
Bitching and drawing dicks, AKA the usual. Feat: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLlFXPlJ6dyRjP_9cLh0deg #letlilowoofdrawdicks I have some more vids recorded from this session but I dunno if I'll do anything with em... The battles were funny but I just ain't feeling it, you know?
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Splatoon - They see me rolling, they splat me
Beacon, not beakon...
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Ancho-V Games is GR8
*In the Splatoon dev office* Person A: "How do we make Ancho-V Games better?" Person B: "Let's add a slidewhistle SFX when your team spawns." Person A: "PERFECT!"
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We are the Crystal Squids! (Speedpaint)
I did the homeworld gems already so I thought why not the CG?! Music - Splatoon main theme
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I hate Splatfest
Well, splatfest has come and gone. Overall, I enjoyed picking teams, making miiverse posts, getting friend requests and getting those awesome snails! This splatfest was pretty painful (if I had recorded the second session instead of the first one, then you'd see my pain) but luckily, my friends pulled me through to king rank. I'll miss sploonfest but at the same time, after this one, I'm a little glad they're gone too. TIME TO POUR THE EXTRA SALT INTO RANKED MATCHES!
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Answer to a question I got on my Journey ask blog http://ask-the-mute-journeyer.tumblr.com/ I'd do a more complex and faster animation but my editor is a glitchy piece of shit. Music from Okami.
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Under my splat brella, eh eh eh! (ugly speed doodle thing lmao)
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Speedpaint - Squiffer Squad 2.0
Crit, mya (maya) AND MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Remake of an older picture. Music: Pokémon Colosseum - Final battle, Cipher admin battle LISA - Brawlin'
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OMG a hacker in Splatoon!
HOLY SHIT!!!! OMG! Those were some fun battles XDDD
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Ultimate Chimera
Making the Ultimate Chimera go into tight spaces.
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Squiffers are kool (speedpaint)
Too kool. Music - Undertale - Metal Crusher Painting is hard :(
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Splatoon - More private battles
This took 4+ tries to upload. Hey, wait a minute! Did Crafter just steal my inkbrush set?! :0 Feat: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLlFXPlJ6dyRjP_9cLh0deg https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/Jahuriel_2 https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/HAINING and others!
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Splatoon - Dem kraken moves, yo!
Sometimes I'm good at ranked. Mostly, I suck ass at it! Music: Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness - Greevil Battle Feat: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLlFXPlJ6dyRjP_9cLh0deg and others!
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Messing around with the walleye bomb glitch! I was skyping with two others (sadly the camera doesn't capture their voices very well hahaha) Feat: http://clarachibi.tumblr.com/ http://squidbunkin.tumblr.com/
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Squid Party Sploosh
These were some fun matches! I'm not super into squid parties anymore, unless it's with my friends or with most of the lobby haha.
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Trying to draw with my left hand LMAO
It's not that bad actually! (It's really bad)
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Squid lilo will always be there for me :)
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Pilos.... don't do that
For a reply on tumblr :O
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Before Dancing - Speedpaint (where I say "yeah" a lot)
Seriously, I said yeah like 15 times in 6 minutes. Sorry for my shoddy voice; I'm still kinda sick! You have no idea how hard I tried to censor myself so I wouldn't go on a swearing rampage XD
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Sakuma (TT) - speedpaint
True Teikoku is so freaking creepy. Music: Tachiagariyo (lmao, youtube is already on my ass about the music) AND that's why it's muted now XD
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3 top speedpaint
The redraw file is five months old, yeah yeah! Music: Uncharted 2 main theme (eh at least, that's what my computer says)
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Hup hup (colouring a thank you pic)
OK I KNOW THE MUSIC CHOICE IS A LITTLE QUESTIONABLE but considering this for a comic I made where I referenced the Bee Movie... it's a perfect fit!
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Splatoon - Triple dynamos all the way!!
I still hate the gold one.
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Splatoon - Private battles with happybeevee
https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/happybeevee They wanted me to record our private battles so I thought I would give it a go! Sorry about the set up. I don't have a capture card (though I wouldn't mind if someone gave me a few hundred $$ to get one wink wink). Still trying to work the recording set up (ïe: move the phone closer to the TV or try using a camcorder+tripod XD). I would've had the game audio playing but...well it got corrupted somehow! I can't believe I won 2/3 matches considering I usually lose them haha! Didn't even bother changing my gear lmao.
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Splatoon - OK.jpeg
*screams* Feat: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLlFXPlJ6dyRjP_9cLh0deg
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Splatoon- When you keep falling in Mahi-Mahi + Squid Parties
Feat: http://etherealshubunkin.tumblr.com/ Me on Mahi-Mahi: MMMMMM OH MY GOD In case you thought my Mahi-Mahi comics weren't truthful... welp now you see how bad I am!
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Splatoon - Playing with Shubunkin and I can't believe I fell off Mahi-Mahi again, OMG why
Meh, Tako, not Taco? EH same thing :D Feat: http://squidbunkin.tumblr.com/ Music: LISA - Men's Hair Club and War Season Check out that nice red top I was wearing~
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Homeword gems - Peridot (speedpaint)
Part A of a set. ALSO I accidentally didn't record the the whole screen, oops! For the love of god don't full view this or you'll get motion sick. Part B: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md3pOS_vhx4 Part C: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--V29nRm4ek Music - Steven Universe - Peridot's theme (which I might add is really good and totally fits her. It sounds like a megaman theme XD)
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Octo selfies! (speed paint)
A little quickie! I was too lazy to use a ref but in return, have my take on a male octoling. I have finally filled the entire vid with music instead of having the last minute be silent XD Music: Splatoon - Octoling invasion, final boss phase 1, defeat
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YEAH BOI let's go watch Off the Hook! (speedpaint)
A recording of one of my pieces for the Shoalcial media zine!!!! Check out my awesome pieces lol: http://lilowoof.tumblr.com/post/167636174504
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Tower Control - speedpaint
I haven't been making pictures that take a lot of effort, so I made this! Kinda didn't feel like recording the whole thing, sorry :( Music: Undertale - Metal Crusher and Death by Glamour
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WHen you collab with a cool person who made some killer linearts but your colours are kinda meh
I spent 20 years on Kidou lmaooo. Chibi-shibi (aka Shibu, who did the lines!!!!!!!!!): http://etherealshubunkin.tumblr.com
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OH boy I love it when a teammate d/ced
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PIKACHU Holy shit a video!
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Damn that Dynamo
Well, that was pretty wild! But dang, I am a barrel of excitement and swears XD
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This a speed paint video 'cause I was sad
I wasted 40 damn minutes pooping out this shitty art. Sorry for the horrendous quality. Journey askblog: http://ask-the-mute-journeyer.tumblr.com/ The damn music is "The streets of Ubar" from Uncharted 3. No, I didn't feel like using a song that fit the video length.
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