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2018 Talent Acquisition Trends
As organizations focus on ways to find younger and top-tier talent, work productivity in HR will increase as technology assists HR with time-consuming responsibilities.
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eSkill Online Skills Assessment Overview
Explore eSkill’s online assessment solution for outstanding testing flexibility, highest accuracy and validity.
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Interview with eSkill Chairman and CEO Eric Friedman
At the Profiles International Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, Eric Friedman, Chairman and CEO of eSkill, explains the importance of hard skills testing for the hiring process. Eric describes the benefits of using eSkill's testing software, which lets you build customized job-based tests for jobs that require multiple skills and test a candidate's real-life ability to use specific software through simulations. http://www.eSkill.com http://blog.eSkill.com
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How does an eSkill test work?
You select the test you want and send it to your job candidates or employees via email or a post on your website or job board, so they can take it online. We offer a large selection of subjects from many subject areas that can be combined into customized tests that fit your business needs. You can generate a multi-subject test in seconds, hand-pick your favorite questions, or even upload your own test content. Our library also offers hundreds of single-subject predefined tests, suitable for testing candidates at all levels. Or you can choose from our job-based assessments, which cover the skills needed for a wide range of job positions. From Customer Service Representative to Data Entry Operator or Office Manager, our job-based tests are the quick solution to get you started on assessing candidates right away. Try eSkill for free: https://www.eskill.com/s/eskytv !
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eSkill Multitasking Simulation Test
We were the first skills testing company to introduce Multitasking Simulation Tests that provide objective data on how quickly and accurately potential candidates respond to demands in a realistic computer desktop environment.
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eSkill Webinar: Conducting a Job Analysis – Best Practices for Results and Compliance
Watch our free webinar and learn how to: * Complete a job analysis using the best current practices, as the basis for the construction of a legal selection process. * Deploy your selection process, using information from the job analysis. * Manage your selection process results. * Ensure your process meets regulatory standards. * Address legal department concerns. Speakers: Kelly Painter VP of Sales at eSkill Corporation, with 12 years’ experience working in Talent Management. Eric S. Dreiband Partner at Jones Day, former General Counsel for the EEOC (the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), with an impressive career in civil rights and employment laws. Dr. Ben Shaw Industrial & Organizational Psychologist Chairman & CEO of BF Shaw Consulting. For more webinar, visit out website: https://www.eskill.com/webinar/.
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eSkill & iCIMS Webinar: 5 Tips for Identifying Perfect Fit Candidates
Did you know that the average cost of a bad hiring decision is estimated at 30% of the employee’s first-year potential earnings? The powerful force of technology has permanently changed the way people apply for jobs and how employers hire. Today, the old tools and the “status quo” approach no longer work. Speakers Kelly Painter VP of Sales at eSkill Corporation, with 12 years’ experience working in Talent Management. Brandon Theinert Business Analyst at iCIMS, Design, development, and release of iCIMS Platform features.
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Find the best fit candidates for your jobs with skills testing
eSkill pre-employment assessment tests can reduce your selection time by 50% while increasing hiring accuracy and EEOC compliance.
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How is eSkill’s customer service?
Since 2003, eSkill has helped over 4,000 organizations including Zappos, GE, Coca Cola Bottling, Paychex, and FedEx configure online skills tests that map to their jobs’ requirements, and tested millions of candidates without legal challenge. If you’d like to learn more about our skills assessment services for clients of all sizes, please visit us at: https://www.eskill.com/s/eskytv !
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Why eSkill?
Simply put, eSkill is the premium market leader in online skills assessment solutions. More than 4,000 organizations around the world use our job skill assessment tests in their hiring and training processes, including Coca-Cola, Zappos, FedEx, LG, and Paychex. Our fully customizable skill assessment tests cover specific and core job requirements across multiple industries, such as HR, IT, Admin, Sales, Accounting, Hospitality, Healthcare and more. Ready to learn more about eSkill skills assessments? Give us a call at: +1-978-649-8010
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What sets eSkill apart?
eSkill pioneered job-customizable online tests back in 2003, and we've focused on nothing but being the most powerful cloud-based skills testing service since then. Our main advantages: • Customization of relevant tests, down to the actual questions. • The latest testing technologies, such as simulation tests that allow for multiple correct solutions. Skills testing is what we are all about. • Very accessible customer service and training services, to ensure that every client has the tests they want and a process they’re happy with. Watch the video to find out more and visit our website: https://www.eskill.com/s/eskytv !
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eSkill Team Scoring - For unbiased, efficient candidate selection
Involve Your Team in Your Hiring Decisions with eSkill. The team scoring component of the eSkill application allows an HR team to “blindly” grade responses to questions individually. An HR administrator manages the entire flow of the evaluation process, assigning different in-house experts to assess pertinent responses, and then approves the final overall score.
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Why do you need eSkill?
Our pre-hire testing has been shown to improve hiring effectiveness in many ways: • More Accurate Hires Giving each candidate an eSkill test, usually before an in-person interview, quickly filters out frivolous applicants that aren’t remotely qualified. • Increased Fairness and EEOC Compliance By having each candidate answer the same set of questions to qualify their knowledge, you’re creating a level playing field for all applicants. • Cutting Manual Work by 2/3rds Research shows that you can save significant time and resources when you use an employment testing service. eSkill’s pre-employment assessments help save your staff valuable time—and, as you well know, their time is money. • Reduced Hiring Risks Hiring more highly-skilled candidates is likely to reduce critical staffing errors, especially as an organization gets larger. Try eSkill for free: https://www.eskill.com/s/eskytv !
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Why use eSkill for skills training?
Over 4,000 organizations, including Coca-Cola, Zappos, FedEx, LG, and Paychex, have used eSkill to test for training success and assess prospective employees’ skill gaps. eSkill offers fully customizable, multi-subject tests that let you measure skill levels pre- and post-training to assess both training needs and training improvements. You’ll have a dedicated Client Success Manager who can help you design the tests and assessment workflow for an ideal result. Ready to learn more about eSkill skills assessments? Give us a call at: +1-978-649-8010
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