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Personality Development How to Stand on Stage Part 1
Communication Skill and Soft Skill: How to stand on stage . This is the first step
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Personality development: Soft Skill -Overcoming Stage fear
Demonstration on overcoming stage fear. Overcoming inhibition.
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How to introduce yourself?  Personality Development Part 1
Communication Skill and Soft Skill video on How to introduce yourself
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Personality Development: How to Remove Stage fear 2
Remove stage fear; remove inhibition; simple techniques;
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What are Soft Skills? Soft skill kya hai? व्यवहार कौशल क्या है?
Communication, social behavior, etiquette, social sensitiveness, time and stress management, presentation,
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Basic English Language Skills: Demo video from VCANINSPIRE
A demo video of Basic English Language Skills and introduction to VCANINSPIRE
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Personality development ::how to look at the audience Part 2
Communication Skill and Soft Skill Video; Second part; How to look at the audience and introduce yourself
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Communication: How to make a  Conversation Part 1
Why do people do not converse among themselves? Why do people not communicate with each other face to face or on phone? Why does a father not talk with son? why do friends not talk face to face? What to say after you say Hello? What to speak about with others?
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Mantras for Life: Being Humble: विनम्रता : How and Why to be Humble?
Humbleness, Humility, are virtues to be followed. Ego does not lead to learning. Mantras for Life brings another element to lead a life of joy and happiness. How to be humble?
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Learn English: How to learn Basic English: Easy approach:
This is the easiest way to learn English to write and speak. No explanation of grammar. Learn offline or learn online. Contact us through our website vcaninspire.com. Learn in a short period correctly. Learn the Basics and contact us for Fluency course. We have a copyright module with complete lesson plan.
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Personality development:  Body language on   Greeting a visitor
Communication Skill and Soft Skill : How to develop your personality : How to shake hands with a visitor and not be busy with your cellphone
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Public Speaking for beginners -1:  Basic Three steps in Public Speaking
Remove stage fear by following these steps. Communicate to an audience by following the three basic steps. How to speak in Public. Soft skills video
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Career Confusion: करियर  उलझन: How to Solve?
Are you confused about your career? You do not know what else to do after preparation for Banking etc? What to do for my career? Additional skills like Computer skill and skills under Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Scheme. PMRY scheme etc. English language skill
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Spoken and Written  English: आश्चर्यजनक  सरल विधि !!!!! देखें तो जानें! 45 HOURS!!!
सरलं विधि!! Learn English to Speak, Write and Read. Wow so Easy!!! No Grammar !!! Exercise book, Audio, Video. LEARN IN ONLY 45 HOURS!!
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Mantras for life: Being on Time   2
Be on time; Do on time; Finish on time. One persons time saved is equivalent to a thousand hours saved!!
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vcaninspire introduction:  What is VCANINSPIRE?
WHAT DOES VCANINSPIRE DO? Language training, Soft skills and personality development, Career counselling, Training of teachers . A practical course on Commerce and Business
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Public Speaking: Level 2  How to use a  podium  Part 5
Public Speaking Skills by using the Podium; This is the fifth in the series of Level 2 of Public Speaking video; Communication skills
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Public Speaking: Level 2 Voice modulation :  Part 2 Soft Skills
This is the sixth in the series of Public Speaking. This is on Voice Modulation
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Anytime, Anywhere: Learn English the Simplest Way: : Write and Speak: Just 45 hours!!
Self learning: स्वयं सीखें : कहीं भी कभी भी ; Learn to Speak and Write English --- By yourself--- any time, anywhere. Basic English course in almost 45 hours ONLY!! without any grammar explanation. Books, Audio, Mentor Activity Book.
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Personality Development: How to Remove Stage fear-- 3
How to remove stage fear? This is the third in the series of videos on removing fear of stage or inhibition. How to be confident on stage. Methods which can be practiced easily anywhere.
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Mantras for life: Why and how to be self dependent? आत्मनिर्भर कैसे बनें?
Mantras for life: be dependent on yourself, on your abilities. do not beg and be dependent on others either for support or for money. develop your skills and knowledge, earn and study,
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Mantras for Life: how to live a happy life: आन्द्पुर्वक जीवन कैसे व्यतीत करें
Mantras for Life: How to lead a happy life? Be healthy, eat well, earn and spend, give to others. travel, do good to others. spend time on yourself.
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How  to introduce  yourself?: Personality Development--Part 2
Communication Skill and Soft skill video on How to introduce yourself Part 2
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Public Speaking: Level 2 Stage Movement with mic in hand: Part 1
A video on how to move on stage holding a mic for clear audibility
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How to Learn? : Mae hun ek Chhatr: I am a student
School education today, syllabus, routine and rote learning, what to learn? How to learn? Is uniform necessary? How to get freedom to Learn? Why evaluate in marks and grade only?
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What are soft skills?  Meaning and Use of Soft Skills
what are soft skills, communication, interpersonal, Body language, leadership, grooming, etiquette, social sensitivity, negotiating skills; why do we need soft skills? How to learn soft skills?
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How to Prepare for an Interview for Admission?
This is a video on How to prepare and appear for an Admission Interview for any college any discipline. How to Introduce oneself? How to answer the question, why did you choose this stream or discipline or course? Why did you chose this institute? We apologize for the sound quality.
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Personality Development- How to Focus and Concentrate 2 : एकाग्रता कैसे बाढा यें?
यह छोटी सी विडिओ आपको एकाग्रता बढाने में मदद कर सकती है| एक आसान और सफल उपाय| यह दूसरा पार्ट हैं| this is the second part on How to Focus and Concentrate. A very simple technique to increase creativity, imagination,
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Personality Development: How to Focus and Concentrate and Remove stage fear
Personality Development: Method of Focus, Concentrate and Removing Stage fear, Speak Systematically; Simple exercise of breathing deep, and closing your eyes to focus.
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Feedback and Testimonials of Teachers' Training at DAV Godda
Teacher Objectives, teaching outcomes, teaching objectives, Lesson Plan preparation , Classroom effectiveness, How to teach children of Primary level ---Complete workshop conducted at DAV Godda , Jharkhand on 19th and 20th of August 2017
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How to Learn Basic English--Self Learning Course: स्वयं सीखें: कहीं भी, कभी भी;
Learn Basic English by Yourself: simplest way: Anywhere and Anytime; Learn through our Module, Audios and mentors. Step by Step. in 30 days or 45 hours.Highly Useful for Teachers, Office goers, Students, Housewives,.
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What is PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT? How to Develop Personality?
Personality development : meaning;'; How to develop the Personality What is Personality Development; Attitude, Solution Based approach, Communication, Gestures and expressions, Grooming, etiquette,
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Public speaking for beginners--2 Removing stage fear, voice modulation
How to reduce stage fear, what is public speaking, what are the steps to learn public speaking, how to read a speech, modulation, demonstration of public speaking
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Presentation Skill for Beginners-Part 2 How to prepare PPT
Second part of Presentation skills. How to prepare PPT. Color, design, visuals, text, animation, narration, video.
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Public speaking: Level 2:  how to understand the audience Part 4
Public Speaking video to understand different audience and speak. This is the fourth in the series of Soft Skills. How to speak in a small auditorium; How to speak in a big crowd?
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Personality Development : How to behave on Stage: part 3
Communication Skill and soft Skill ; How to behave on stage; What not to do on Stage
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Pronunciation: उच्चारण: Letters and Words: Learn Basic Pronunciation
How to pronounce English or Other Letters and English words? A, B, F, O, W, V,. How to use the tongue, lips and mouth?
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Mantras for Life: How to have Positive Attitude - 3
How to be Positive? Are there methods by which this can be achieved? Watch this video. Staying positive, allows us to think new ways of living, gets us out of our problems, finds solutions.
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Mantras for lIfe: 6 How To Lead A Meaningful Life: अर्थपूर्ण जीवन कैसे गुजारें?
Mantras for life : Video on how to lead a life full of purpose and enjoyment. A balanced life of work and pleasure. Live with family and live for others
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Public Speaking: Level 2 How to give a speech Part 3 Soft skill video
This is the fourth video in the series on Public Speaking
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Career Counselling: How to Know about Careers?
Career Choice, How to think about careers? What careers are there for anyone? Careers around us. Career Selection. How to know about careers?
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Presentation Skill for beginners Part 1: Power Point Presentation
How to make a Power Point Presentation? Ratio between time and no. of slides. Amount of content in each slide. Where should you stand and deliver?
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Public Speaking: Level 2- Part 1:  How To Use a Microphone :
This is the first in the series of videos on Public Speaking Level 2 How to hold a Microphone
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How to become an Effective Teacher/Good Teacher? Part 1
Objectives of a Teacher and of Teaching; Pedagogy i.e. teaching and learning methods: Use of Teaching tools, Psychology of children.. Classroom effectiveness;
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Public Speaking for beginners---Part 3 Stage Presence
This is the 3rd in series of videos on Public Speaking for Beginners. This is part of Communication skills and Soft skills. See Level videos also
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Mantras for Life: Why and how to maintain cleanliness - 4
Mantras for Life bring simple truths and doable activities to make life more comfortable and easy for us. It is inclusive in nature. The video uses both Hindi and English for communicating. This is about the general behavior of cleanliness both external and internal.
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New Year Resolution: नया  साल : नया प्रस्ताव : नयी सोच : Welcome 2019
New Resolution: New Year 2019; Do not lose your friendship; Do not hate on social media; मन मुटाव छोडिये; असली मुद्दों पर चर्चा कीजिये; शिक्षा, गरीबी, स्वास्थ्य, घर, भोजन;
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How to start a Business: Establish or व्यवसाय कैसे शुरू करें?   Part 1
Business---Starting---Step by Step process to set up a Trading Store or a Retails Store or a Retail Shop
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Presentation Skills  for Beginners Part 4 How to prepare for Delivery of the Presentation
Preparation for Delivery of the presentation is highly recommended. Normally it should be at least three times for experienced people or seven times for beginners. Timing, modulation, expression, style becomes better on preparation
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Mantras for Life: 5  Do not live others' lives : दूसरों कि ज़िन्दगी मत जियो!
Do not live according to how others' want you to live. Do not get upset by any criticism or who says what. Live your own life as you want it. दुसरे क्या चाहते हैं, क्या सोचते हैं आपके बार मे , यह बहुत फर्क नहीं पड़ता| आप अपनी जीवन जीना सीखिये|
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