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Holy Mass at St.Peter's Catholic Church, Tombovo, Sabah
Eucharistic Celebration at St. Peter's Catholic Church, Tombovo. Fr. Dr. Peter Abas was presiding. He is the Rector (Pastor) of Holy Nativity Parish Terawi.
What is killing off your mango tree?
You may wonder why the branches of your mango tree wither and break off. What creature is causing this? How can you control this pest? There are many mango tree pests. Some attack the flowers and fruits, some the leaves and some the branches. The first affect the number of fruits, the second lead to a sick tree sick and the third can kill off your mango. Use insecticides and or cut off the infected branches and burn them.
Sunday Service at St. Peter's Catholic Church Tombovo, June 15, 2014
Sunday Service at St. Peter's Catholic Church Tombovo conducted by Seminarian Tony Bingkuan. June 15 is also Father's Day.
Gompizon Kinoizonon Posoihi - Take care of the Environment
It is of prime importance to take good care of the environment. If not, the beautiful countryside is destroyed, water sources are contaminated, landslides become common, and people experience increasing hardship. Everyone is entrusted with this responsibility. Tamangai no kinoizonon posoihi.
The Trip to the Tivung Mountain Cross, Penampang with Fr. Thomas Madanan
Fr. Thomas Madanan led this small group of parishioners from Holy Nativity Parish to visit the Cross on top of Tivung Hill, Penampang. Date: Sunday, July 13, 2014
New Bypass Road from Queen Elizabeth II to Penampang
The ride along the new Road ByPass between Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Kota Kinabalu and Siga, Donggongon, Penampang can be rough.
Fr. Thomas Madanan leading the Terawi Group on a Trip to the Tivung Cross, Penampang, 13 July 2014
The group from Terawi Parish led by Fr. Thomas Madanan on a Trip to the Cross on top of Mount Tivung, Penampang. The main purpose was to video-tape the history of this Cross starting 1893.
Fr. Thomas Madanan leads a group of Holy Nativity parishioners to the Tivung Hill Cross, Penampang
The main purpose of the trip is to record the history of the big Cross on Tivung Hill, Penampang.
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A Study of a Water Fowl aka Kuluvak
This water fowl was caught when it wandered into our house. My elder brother caught it. It was not hurt and was released after this beginner's video was taken. I hear its song almost every morning.
A Study of Tivung Hills
This is a short study of Tivung Hills at Penampang.
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Little Puppy Prepares Its Bed
Watch how this little puppy goes about preparing its bed at the edge of a fish pond. Smart little guy!
How Fierce The Sea Can Be
The angry waves of Meruntum Sea! If these waves look menacing, imagine how fearful a tsunami can be.
Maundy Thursday Celebration at St. Francis Xavier, Potuki, 29 March, 2018
Fr. Andrew washing the feet of 12 people chosen from among children and adults. He was assisted by Fr. Lawrence and altar servers.