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Ceramic Water Filter
http://wp.me/pdZo0-zM This is a factory in Bandung, Indonesia that manufactures ceramic water filters. The filters are then distributed by various organizations throughout Indonesia.
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Mining Sand from the Batang Hari River
http://wp.me/pdZo0-PF The Batang Hari River provides many benefits for the people of the Jambi Province. Not only does it contain fish, it also has sand and gravel, that is dredged out (often by hand) to be used for making construction. The river also contains a significant amount of gold. The Batang Hari River is the longest on the island of Sumatra, around 500 miles long. The source of the river is from the far western mountain range in the Jambi Province, known as the Bukit Barisan (row of hills). The video shows workers bringing a barge laden with sand to the bank of the river, which was then unloaded by hand. It is starting to become common to see heavy equipment used in these types of jobs, which is also reflected in the video.
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Situ Patengan
http://wp.me/pdZo0-qL Video contains information about Situ Patengan (Lake Patengan). It is a very scenic location, with the lake being surrounded by an enormous tea plantation.
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Kuala Tungkal
http://wp.me/pdZo0-Qt This video shows the River Tungkal (Sungai Tungkal) at the city of Kuala Tungkal.
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Fishing in Indonesia
http://wp.me/pdZo0-o7 Fishing pools in Indonesia
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Traffic in Indonesian Cities
http://wp.me/pdZo0-xx This is a video that shows the typical driving conditions in congested Indonesian Cities. The city shown is Bandung on the island of Java.
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Cupping / Blood Letting in Indonesia
http://wp.me/pdZo0-25c This medical practice is common in Asia and the Middle East. It is believed that if an area of the body hurts, it's probably because there are dead red blood cells there and they need to be removed. The practice of cupping will remove these dead blood cells. Although Islam has hadiths that suggest this practice is profitable, people of all religions in Indonesia believe there are medical benefits from the practice.
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Butterfly Park (Taman Kupu-Kupu)
http://wp.me/pdZo0-t7 This is a short video of the Butterfly Park just north of Bandng, Indonesia. It is a small park, and can be seen in about 1 hour time period. It would be very good to bring children to this park. It is very educational and the entire park is extremely well kept.
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Saung Angklung Udjo
http://wp.me/pdZo0-rv An overview of the puppet, musical, and dance performances at Saung Angklung Udjo (Bandung, Indonesia).
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Salak; Snake Fruit
http://wp.me/pdZo0-p8 Description of Salak, a type of fruit found in S.E. Asia.
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Erecting a Dome Over a Mosque
http://wp.me/pdZo0-1p4 See the previous link for more info. This mosque is located on the north shore of the Batanghari River in the City of Jambi (Island of Sumatra). The video shows the stages involved in building the dome. Previously the mosque had a traditional pointed roof.
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Kampoeng Radja
http://wp.me/pdZo0-1fq Click on the preceding link for more info about this video.
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Semagi Water Park
http://wp.me/pdZo0-2jW Possibly the largest and best water park in the southern part of the Island of Sumatra.
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Tahu Goreng (Fried Tofu)
http://wp.me/pdZo0-nA Fried Tofu in Bandung, Indonesia
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Museum Negeri Propinsi Jambi
http://wp.me/pdZo0-Cu This video illustrates various highlights of what can be seen inside the "Museum Negeri Jambi," which is located in the city of Jambi, on the island of Sumatra.
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Jambi Golf Driving Range
http://wp.me/pdZo0-2q1 This is the city of Jambi's only driving range. The local military detachment is the owner and manager of this driving range. Cost: Entry fee: during daylight hours when lights are not needed— Rp35.000 ($3.62 USD). Entry fee: after dark—Rp40.000 ($4.14 USD). You can rent clubs for Rp50.000 ($5.17 USD), or you may bring your own. A bucket of 100 balls: Rp.20.000 ($2.07) Caddy (who will set your balls on the tee—eliminating you from having to bend over): Rp20.000 ($2.07). INFORMATION ABOUT JAMBI'S 9-HOLE COURSE: http://wp.me/pdZo0-2pM
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Aroma Coffee Factory Bandung Indonesia
http://wp.me/pdZo0-qd Tour of the famous "Aroma Coffee Factory" in the city of Bandung, Indonesia, on the island of Java.
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Grave of Putri Ayu
http://wp.me/pdZo0-S7 This video shows the grave of "Nyi Mas Rahima," or as she is commonly known today, "Putri Ayu." There is a strong belief that her grave has "keramat," or spiritual power. Information from the caretakers at the grave of Putri Ayu indicate that no less than five people visit the grave every day. They pray for health, a spouse, fertility, employment, beauty, or any need they may have. Originally the grave of Putri Ayu was located just south of the former Dutch fort, which since was transformed into a public water tower, with the name of "PDAM Tirta Mayang." Due to the need to widen the road at that location, the remains were said to have been moved to Kemboja Street in 1980.
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Candle Cupping
http://wp.me/pdZo0-25c According to Asian/Islamic beliefs, air can enter the body causing aches and flu-like symptoms. They believe that cupping will draw that air out of the body.
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Pencak Silat
http://wp.me/pdZo0-fW Demonstration of Pencak Silat in front of "Rumah Tuo" in the village of Rantau Panjang. This is in the Merangin Regency of the Jambi Province of Sumatra (Indonesia).
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Sultan Thaha Saifuddin
http://wp.me/pdZo0-AZ Sulatan Thaha Saifuddin (alt. spelling "Thaha Syaifuddin") was the last of the sultans in the Jambi Province on the island of Sumatra. Due to his resistance against Dutch colonialism, he has been given the title as a national hero in Indonesia. The Jambi airport has been named in honor of Sultan Taha, and a statue of him can be seen standing in front of the Governor's offices in the city of Jambi.
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Taman Budaya Mayang Mengurai (Mayang Mengurai Cultural Park)
http://wp.me/pdZo0-Xx This park is located across the road from the Governor's office in the City of Jambi. The park has a traditional home, with a few antiques inside the home, and a few examples of traditional clothing. The location of this park can be found with this link: http://wikimapia.org/#lat=-1.6051779&lon=103.5883605&z=17&l=0&m=b&show=/20306749/Mayang-Mangurai-Park-Taman-Mayang-Mangurai
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Candi Muaro Jambi
Additional info about this video: http://wp.me/pdZo0-St This video shows an overview of the ancient Buddhist temples that are located northeast of the city of Jambi, on the Island of Sumatra.
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Mesjid Agung
http://wp.me/pdZo0-wy This video is about the mosque in the center of Bandung, Indonesia, as well as the park outside the mosque.
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Fishing in Indonesia
http://wp.me/pdZo0-2d2 Read more about this type of fishing with the previous link.
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Taman ACI
http://wp.me/pdZo0-12u The proceeding link will give information about this video. This is a park on the east side of the City of Jambi, on the island of Sumatra.
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Markisa (Passion Fruit)
http://wp.me/pdZo0-2cR Passion Fruit is very popular in Indonesia where it's referred to as markisa.
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Jambi Oil Wells
http://wp.me/pdZo0-VQ The southern part of the City of Jambi has many oil pumps in operation. If you see a Caucasian in Jambi, they are almost always a consultant working with a major oil company.
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Madrasah Nurul Iman
http://wp.me/pdZo0-W3 Click the previous link to get more information about this Madrasah.
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Betuk Dam
http://wp.me/pdZo0-Zf This dam is located north of the City of Bangko, in the Jambi Province on the island of Sumatra. The dam was built to create a reservoir for irrigation. The lake and dam are considered a tourist attraction, though there are no other activities at this dam, other than the scenery.
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http://wp.me/pdZo0-IO This video shows the Islamic celebration of Idul Adha. This sacrifice took place in Tanjung Pinang, which is located on the east side of the city of Jambi, on the island of Indonesia.
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Jambi University (UNJA)
http://wp.me/pdZo0-Z6 This video is the original Jambi University in the City of Jambi, on the island of Sumatra. The new one is close to a 45 minute drive from this location.
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Grave of Putri Selaras Pinang Masak
http://wp.me/pdZo0-126 This video shows the grave of some of the people in some of Jambi's legends.
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Traffic Park (for children)
http://wp.me/pdZo0-yK In the city of Bandung, Indonesia there is a park that is specifically designed to teach children about road safety. The park is designed with many entertaining amusements to make their study of road safety more fun.
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Botanical Garden (Taman Anggrek)
http://wp.me/pdZo0-10L This is a large park located in front of the governor's offices in the City of Jambi, on the island of Sumatra.
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Grave of Orang Kayo Hitam
http://wp.me/pdZo0-ZZ Click the previous link to get more info about this video.
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JBD Squad
JBD Squad (Jasa Bunda Dance Squad) http://wp.me/pdZo0-2VX This dance group is currently operating out of the City of Muara Bungo, in the Jambi Province of Indonesia. Click the link at the beginning of this description to read more about this group.
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Taman Ria Semagi      Sound Track: JD Burns-Wings of Love
Click the following for a fuller description: http://wp.me/pdZo0-1n8 Taman Ria Semagi is located 37 kilometers on the west side of the city of Muara Bungo. This park has a small water fall that feeds the local village with water from the nearby mountains. The park at one time was very nicely developed, and it's still an interesting place to visit to enjoy the natural view, take a leisurely hike along the river and up into the hills, while enjoying the roar of the water. The river has several foot bridges built over the waterfalls, which creates an ideal place for taking pictures.
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Parrot Park on the Hill (Taman Burung Bukit Tiung)
http://wp.me/pdZo0-3bq This mini-zoo is located in the Indonesian City of Bangko (Jambi Province). The park has an assortment of birds, as well as monkeys. The cost to enter the park is Rp6,000 ($0.60 USD). If you want to park your motorcycle it's an extra Rp3,000 ($0.30 USD).
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Angso Duo
http://wp.me/pdZo0-TQ Two geese (Angso Duo--in the local dialect) have become symbols of the Jambi Province. To read about the legend, go to this link: http://wp.me/pdZo0-Hk
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Tourism in the Village of Kedotan
Things to Do and See in this Village http://wp.me/pdZo0-2Hc: Sacred Grave of Moyang Suduto http://wp.me/pdZo0-2Im: The Magic Sword http://wp.me/pdZo0-2II: The Magic Stone: http://wp.me/pdZo0-2Ay; The Ancient Dutch Canon.
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Hero's Cemetery (Taman Makam Pahlawan)
http://wp.me/pdZo0-Wm This cemetery is located in the City of Jambi. It is for soldiers and police. The location of this grave can be found with this link. http://wikimapia.org/#lat=-1.6083149&lon=103.6217862&z=18&l=0&m=b&show=/16220434/
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Fishing on Sumatra
http://wp.me/pdZo0-2d6 This shows how competition fishing is conducted in many Indonesian cities.
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Jambi Province Traditional Homes
http://wp.me/pdZo0-Bw This video is about "Taman Rimba," a park in the city of Jambi. This particular video shows the traditional homes that can be seen in this park. There is also another area in this park that has a zoo. We made a subsequent video about this zoo, and it's titled "Jambi Zoo."
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Indonesian Wedding
http://wp.me/pdZo0-1oB This is a traditional Indonesian wedding that took place on 6-8 April 2012.
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Taman Wisata Indah Jambi
http://wp.me/pdZo0-12I Click this link to get more info about this video.
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Dutch Graveyard in the City of Jambi
http://wp.me/pdZo0-I7 On the N.W. side of the Makalam bridge, in the City of Jambi, there is a graveyard that contains the remains of a number of Dutch, Japanese, American, and Chinese graves. The official name of the graveyard is "Makam Belanda (Kerkhof)." The literal translation from bahasa Indonesia into English, of the first two words is "grave" and "Dutch." The third word, "Kerkhof," is a Dutch word, and using an online translator, we discovered it to mean "cemetery." We looked diligently for the oldest and the most recent tomb stone, and the oldest we found was dated 1918, which was that of "Elisabeth Victoria Clementine." The most recent we found was a 5 year old child, buried in 1987, whose first name was "Tamas" (probably a derivative of "Thomas"). The size of the graveyard is a little under 1 acre. At this time many of the graves have fallen into disrepair, and only a handful of the writings on the tombstones are legible. It is evident that many of the people who are buried there were not soldiers or representatives of the Dutch colonial authority, but were perhaps descendants of the Dutch, who chose to remain in Jambi after Indonesia gained its independence in 1945.
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Sengkawang (Singkawang) Public Cemetery
http://wp.me/pdZo0-RJ This video gives a view of what cemeteries are like in Indonesia. The one shown in the video is located on the west side of the City of Jambi. It is known as "Pekuburan Sengkawang" (Sengkawang Cemetery), or "Taman Pemakaman Umum Singkawang" (Singkawang Public Cemetery).
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Japanese Bunker
http://wp.me/pdZo0-Hz WWII INVASION OF JAMBI: During WWII the Japanese Imperial forces entered the Indonesian islands, supposedly to free them from Dutch colonial domination. The Jambi Province of Indonesia was not exempt from the Japanese incursion. There were no significant battles fought in Jambi, but the Japanese did take over the area and set up a heavy gun emplacement on the eastern edge of the airport. The airport (Bandara Udara Sultan Thaha Syaifudin) is located in the southern part of the City of Jambi. The airport was built during the Dutch colonial time period. The bunker is positioned very strategically at the highest elevated piece of land in the area, with a clear view of the surrounding area. Link to satellite photo of the bunker. The bunker is made with very thick concrete walls, with three openings facing the airstrip, giving the guns a clear line of fire. At the top of the bunker are four ventilation pipes.
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http://wp.me/sdZo0-risk This is a video of a typical barber shop in Indonesia. The barber shop is located at the top of Jl. Ciumbeluit. The man who runs it is a good friend of ours (Eri). He treated us to a nice meal at a Padang Restaurant a couple days before we left the city of Bandung.
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