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Full Metal Jacket - Show me your war face (5 versions)
Federal Law allows for the use of copyrighted material without the owners permission for educational, political, or satirical purposes. This video meets that criteria.
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This is Sparta - Vocoded in 8 different ways
The famous scene got vocoded in 8 different ways.
Views: 29866 MegaBojan1993
Home Alone Harry Shot - Vocoded in 14 different ways
Headphones are recommended for this video.
Views: 18524 MegaBojan1993
All Macedonian banknotes and coins (1992-2016)
Ever wondered how Macedonian currency looked like? Here you go, I show all of them in this video. The song used in this video is: Jabolko i Devojka - Ivan Terziev
Views: 74348 MegaBojan1993
Bonzi Buddy sings In My Merry Oldsmobile
Bonzi Buddy performing In My Merry Oldsmobile.
Views: 1294 MegaBojan1993
Kent - Extreme anger compilation
Kent is extremely angry because a girl used him for his money and disrespected him.
Views: 2397 MegaBojan1993
Most annoying sound in the world - Vocoded in 15 different ways
The most annoying sound in the world doesn't sound so annoying when vocoded.
Views: 8321 MegaBojan1993
Nokia E70 - Browsing the Web
Browsing the modern web on a phone made in 2006.
Views: 8824 MegaBojan1993
Airplane crash backwards from the movie "Alive"
Look at that plane. It's fixing itself :)
Views: 43466 MegaBojan1993
Nokia 9210 Unboxing and making a call
Nokia 9210 from the year 2001.
Views: 20493 MegaBojan1993
Bonzi Buddy sings Hello Ma Baby
Bonzi Buddy performing Hello Ma Baby.
Views: 2665 MegaBojan1993
German Mark Banknotes and Coins (Deutsche Mark banknoten und münzen)
In this video I am showing all the banknotes and coins from Germany which belonged to the last series of banknotes before the German Mark was replaced with the Euro. The music used in this video is the German national anthem.
Views: 20392 MegaBojan1993
Inspector Gadget reversed intro
Do you like this reversed version?
Views: 25421 MegaBojan1993
Star Wars 3 Crash Landing in reverse
They are back in space once again :)
Views: 1162 MegaBojan1993
Marv Scream vocoded in 15 different ways
Marv screams in a vocoded way :)
Views: 1301 MegaBojan1993
All Macedonian banknotes and coins (My small numismatic collection)
This video is old. Please see my newer video in which I show many new Macedonian banknotes and coins that aren't recorded in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpsZtPgXMfo
Views: 5817 MegaBojan1993
Agent Smith laughs faster and faster
His laugh sounds hilarious at the end :)
Views: 7515 MegaBojan1993
Nokia 9210 - Bounce game
Me playing one of the built-in games on the Nokia 9210.
Views: 25994 MegaBojan1993
Two Weeks scene - Reversed
The famous scene Two Weeks scene from Total Recall is hilarious when played back in reverse :)
Views: 1836 MegaBojan1993
Cat following me for whole 5 minutes
I can't explain why this cat couldn't stop following me for 5 minutes. I didn't had any food on me.
Views: 3890 MegaBojan1993
Nokia N95 - Browsing the Web
Browsing the modern web with a phone from 2007.
Views: 8352 MegaBojan1993
Angry cat transformed into a French cat
With the help of the magic of video editing, this cat can be "taught" to speak french. (English subtitles added)
Views: 1610 MegaBojan1993
Alcatel OT 311 ringtones (Alcatel OT 310)
Ringtones of Alcatel 311 and 310 which are basically the same phone.
Views: 12895 MegaBojan1993
Back to the future train scene backwards 720p HD
I don't own the movie, or any part of it. Reversed or not. If you like this video, please subscribe to my channel. It means a lot to me and it motivates me to make new funny videos.
Views: 658959 MegaBojan1993
Sony Ericsson P990i
Booting up the Sony Ericsson P990i and making a call.
Views: 3737 MegaBojan1993
Kent Extreme anger mega-compilation
This is part 2 of the famous Kent extreme anger compilation which can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJlM8PGv01g
Views: 356 MegaBojan1993
Stromboli's laughing song - YTPMV
Stromboli is in one of his cheerful moods :) Thank you Quistoff for letting me use this video.
Views: 4291 MegaBojan1993
Sony Ericsson P990i - Web browsing
Browsing the modern web on a phone made in 2005, but released in 2006.
Views: 6068 MegaBojan1993
Hitler gangnam style backwards
He was funny forwards but he is even funnier in reverse :)
Views: 16338 MegaBojan1993
New La La dog - Vocoded (electronic sounds)
The original La La dog's relative has been vocoded also.
Views: 6631 MegaBojan1993
What's this - A nightmare before Christmas (Vocoded)
The famous song from the movie A nightmare before Christmas vocoded. I think it's sounds awesome.
Views: 1066 MegaBojan1993
Srekjni Kocki kompilacija od smeshki 15 April 2015 Среќни Коцки
Smesni momenti od Kvizot Srekjni Kocki so Dragan Vucic.
Views: 3859 MegaBojan1993
Indestructible Nokia 5210 survives burning
Nokia phones have amazing durability
Views: 4039 MegaBojan1993
Dumb and Dumber - Crazy reversed ride
Harry and Lloyd are having one crazy ride. The most annoying sound in the world is also here at 01:02 :)
Views: 817 MegaBojan1993
Cyriak's cat movie
Pure trippy madness.
Views: 23271 MegaBojan1993
Neo dodging bullets - Vocoded
Neo dodging "musical" bullets :) For best experience please listen to this video via earphones.
Views: 721 MegaBojan1993
Nokia 9210 ringtones
Old monophonic ringtones of Nokia 9210
Views: 5979 MegaBojan1993
Lord of the....staying alive
When lord of the rings mixes with Bee Gees, this is the result :)
Views: 1228 MegaBojan1993
Russian Anthem - Techno Version
Warmest greetings to all Russian citizens from me.
Views: 4816 MegaBojan1993
Stewie Kisses Baby Lois - Vocoded
All content belongs to the creators of Family Guy & FOX entertainment. This is for entertainment purposes only.
Views: 1246 MegaBojan1993
Siemens A65 Ringtones
Ringtones of Siemens A65 from 2004.
Views: 2065 MegaBojan1993
Smoking the hottest pepper - Reversed version
The original video was made by Ted Barrus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB1zUlVGfxU
Views: 2677 MegaBojan1993
Musical Realcigreview
As a big fan of Dan's reviews I wanted to made this video.
Views: 2596 MegaBojan1993
Scatman's World reversed
Awesome reversed version.
Views: 3302 MegaBojan1993
Cat Back Scratch (my edited version)
The famous cat video now in a remixed version.
Views: 2125 MegaBojan1993
Trololo Can Can - Reversed
The original video was awesome, so I've decided to make a reversed version of it. I hope you like it :) R.I.P. Eduard Khil. Your song will never be forgotten.
Views: 3131 MegaBojan1993
Misery - Fight scene reversed
The ending climatic scene from the movie "Misery" in reverse. No copyright infringement intended. FAIR USE. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.
Views: 1243 MegaBojan1993
Nokia E70 Ringtones
Built-in ringtones of Nokia E70
Views: 4259 MegaBojan1993

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