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Brazilian Currency & Exchange Rate
What does Brazilian money look like and what is it worth compared to the US Dollar? Find out! The exchange rate is always fluctuating so there is never a set price, as of mid October 2018, the time of this video, it was around 3.576 to $1. Taxes are a large portion of the cost of living in Brazil, the taxes on fuel and the energy industry have been harsh for the people living here. Obviously, if you are a tourist, this does not effect you. PLEASE NOTE: My information comes from what I believe I am understanding with the language barrier.
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The Real Brazil #9 - What Brazilians Think of the USA
For our final Real Brazil episode I thought it would be fun to do a reverse style on y'all!
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The Real Brazil #5 Part 2 - Random Advice
This video is a continuation of the prior on the topic of random things in Brazil.
The Real Brazil #5 - Random Advice
In this fifth video I talk about random things that I have picked up over my time living in Brazil. Everything from greetings to Brazilian futbol and mistranslated Google Translate words.
The Real Brazil Amazon Jungle & Jet Lag Misconceptions
In this video I address misconceptions about Brazil and stereotypes about the whole country being Amazon jungle and beaches.
The Real Brazil #2 - Language
In this second episode I talk about Brazil's language and it's roots.
The Real Brazil #3 - Traveling in Brazil
In this 3rd episode of The Real Brazil I talk about what it is like to travel in Brazil and some of the issues with traveling. It isn't always the safest so we have to be smart while traveling around Brazil.
How to Teach English Abroad
I thought that maybe someone else needed some help on how to teach English abroad without a program or specific book. When you live abroad, it is vital to work with what you've got so I wanted to share my experiences with you!
What I Do In Brazil
I am a missionary who lives between the USA and Brazil. I wanted to make a video that would inform people about what I do while I am living in Brazil and how I got here.
The Real Brazil #7 - Economics
There are a lot of things to talk about and I cover some of them: trade, tourism, deaths, safety and starvation. Please remember that Brazil is a diverse country, not defined by a few things, just like any other country. My goal is to expose you to new things and experiences beyond the typical.
The Real Brazil #4 - Crime & Favelas
In this fourth video I talk about the crime and favelas in Rio de Janeiro specifically. There are some good details here to know especially if you are planning on going to the 2016 Rio Olympics. It's better to be safe and informed than find yourself in a dangerous situation.
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Brazilians & Rain
I've noticed just a few things about Brazilians and how they feel about the rain.
My Heart for Brazil
I wanted to share how I got to Brazil and my heart for the mission that God has set me on. I was just 16 when I first knew I would go to Brazil, and now I have lived there for almost 6 months total.
The Real Brazil Trailer
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Brazilian Wildlife
People expect certain things from Brazil, including what kind of animals you would see all the time around you.
The Real Brazil #8 - Beaches
Natal's beaches are different from most of the beaches in Brazil.
October Updates from Brazil
An update about my time in Brazil so far. October 2018.
Market Discoveries
Ever seen something in another country that makes you just go, "Huh?" or "What!?". I have.
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March Update
This is now my 5th time in Brazil. This was going to be my big move but unfortunately I was unable to acquire the appropriate documents, so I have 5 months here!
Hand Painted Christmas Cards
This Holiday season I have painted two packs of Christmas cards that are available for purchase via email and direct messaging on my social medias. There cards are very special to me because they will help fund the work that I do in Brazil. I plan to move permanently in 2019, but I need your help. This is a great way for you to get involved with the mission and send some holiday cheer as well!
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The Real Brazil #6 - Education
Our 6th video is on education here in Brazil and some of the reasons for homelessness and crime rates. Education here is tough but if you can pass the NA Test, there is a much greater possibility of you having a successful life.
July updates!
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