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2011 Triumph Speed Triple - GPR exhaust
G.P.R. single low exhaust with carbonox finish, fitted to 2011 Speed Triple. Couldn't rev it much, close proximity neighbours start freaking out. It's a lot louder than the stock setup.
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GPR exhaust sound 2011 Speed Triple
Finally got a recording of the GPR exhaust sound on the move. Yes, the camera angle is complete arse, but it was the only place I could fit it at the time. Wasn't too bothered though as my intention was to bag the audio which I think came out ok.
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Motorcycle vlogging attempt...
Seeing as I'd spent the money on a camera, I thought I would have a go at the jibber jabber on the road. Felt very odd, didn't plan what I was going to talk about, mic was in the wrong place, lots to improve on. Camera is a Drift HD Ghost, software is Premiere Elements 9
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Trip to H Cafe
Testing the Drift HD Ghost on a sunny Winter's day.
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Drift HD Ghost video test
Dying of man-flu, had to get out and find some relief. Had a quick play with my new helmet cam. Will test the mic properly another day when I can talk without it feeling like I'm swallowing wasps.
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Asys - Acid Squid
Released in 1996 on Cybertronic Records. Produced and written by Frank Ellrich and Kai MacDonald. Acid Squid was the A-side of the 12" vinyl (Psychedelic Gate on the B-side). This track and others like it available on the double CD, Acid Tunes Vol. I on the Legoan label.
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Roland Aira TB-3 TR-8 day one...
New toys arrived today - very intuitive. An absolute blast!
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Acid and fractals
Using XaoS (free download) to render newton ^4 fractal, backed with some basic Rebirth (free download) looping. Video captured with CamStudio (free download), audio with Audacity (free download). Bodged together with Premier Elements (not free, but Movie Maker will do pretty much the same job in this instance, and it's free). Just messing around but it's fun.
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Roland Aira TB-3 TR-8 day one
More messing around with these amazing toys. Can't get enough of that acid!
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