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4 Dividend stocks to buy and hold forever
This video goes over some some of the best dividend stocks to buy and hold for life.
Views: 76212 financial success
3 REITs to buy in 2018
My favorite REIT investments to buy in 2018
Views: 11820 financial success
How I Paid off my mortgage in under 3 years by understanding these concepts
This is about how i paid off my mortgage in under three years in my 20's. If you understand a few key concepts you can too! its not as hard as you think.
Views: 18887 financial success
A complete portfolio, with these 4 ETF's
This video will show you how to create a balanced and diversified portfolio with using just 4 Exchange Traded Funds.
Views: 5082 financial success
Should you pay off your mortgage faster, or invest? I have the answer.
I answer this question and provide the rationale.
Views: 903 financial success
Why I Want to Start a Rental Property Business in 2018 (part 1)
This series documents my personel endeavor into rental property investing
Views: 832 financial success
Investing in REITs
This is a basic overview of REIT investing.
Views: 305 financial success
What every parent needs to know about saving for college (how to set up a 529 plan)
What every parent should know about saving for college. How to use the 529 college saving plan and what you should know before setting your 539 plan up.
Views: 47 financial success
Options House Platform Review
Check out my review of one of the most popular trading platforms Options house.
Views: 365 financial success
Etrade platform review
Is E*Trade worth the high commission costs? Check out my review!!
Views: 1672 financial success
Why the stock market is based on how healthy the middle class is.
this video explores how the stock market is affected by how big and healthy the middle class is.
Views: 40 financial success
Worst advice from Dave Ramsey
Some pieces of advice from Dave Ramsey that i do not agree with.
Views: 210 financial success
3 stocks for January 2018
My 3 picks for stocks to buy in January of 2018
Views: 222 financial success
Gambling  vs Stock Market Investing
This video explains the clear distinction between the Stock Market Investing and Gambling
Views: 105 financial success
3 Stocks to buy in October 2017!
3 stocks to buy in October of 2017. Plus an honorable mention.
Views: 1012 financial success
Why you should be investing in dividend sotcks
This video explains why dividend stocks are the best choice when it comes to investing in the market.
Views: 270 financial success
Setting Up My Rental Property Business (part 2)
This series documents my personel endeavor into rental property investing
Views: 260 financial success
5 Easy Ways to Spend Less Money
5 ways to reduce your spending, without sacrificing your lifestyle
Views: 99 financial success
Robinhood trading app review
Review of the Robinhood trading platform.
Views: 134 financial success
3 Books Every Investor Needs to Read
Rich Dad Poor Dad https://goo.gl/8dUZy9 Positioning: https://goo.gl/j7WZfn The Intelligent Investor: https://goo.gl/ftY2u2
Views: 126 financial success
3 stocks to buy in November of 2017
In this video I discuss three stocks that I love for November of 2017
Views: 1648 financial success
Is your house really an asset?
The investment Book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" as referenced in this video can be found here: https://goo.gl/8dUZy9
Views: 62 financial success
Why you should be wary of the financial industry
In this video I discuss what active mutual funds are, and why I believe the financial industry pushes them on us.
Views: 52 financial success
5 Reasons Bitcoin Is the Future of Money
This video discusses the reasons why bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the future of money, and why it could benefit our financial system
Views: 81 financial success
3 Stocks I'm Buying, December 2017
The top three stocks that I'm looking to buy in December of 2017
Views: 958 financial success
Stock Market Investing and Taxes
The fundamentals about investing in the stock market and taxes.
Views: 50 financial success
Great stocks and investments for newbies / beginners
This video discusses great entry level stocks and investments for beginners
Views: 108 financial success

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