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MumbaiPav.com - Manufacturing of Camera Lenses
Raw Materials Coating, Barrel, Housing for the camera lens, Lens mounts The Manufacturing Process Grinding and polishing lens elements 1 Optical glass is supplied to lens manufacturers by specialized vendors. Usually, it is provided as a "pressed plate" or sliced glass plate from which the elements are cut. The glass elements are shaped to concave or convex forms by a curve generator machine that is a first-step grinder. To reach the specifications for its shape, a lens goes through a sequence of processes in which it is ground by polishing particles in water. The polishing particles become smaller in each step as the lens is refined. Curve generation and subsequent grinding vary in speed depending on the frailty, softness, and oxidation properties of the optical materials. After grinding and polishing, the elements are centered so that the outer edge of the lens is perfect in circumference relative to the centerline or optical axis of the lens. Lenses made of plastic or bonded glass and resin are produced by the same processes. Bonded materials are used to make lenses with non-spherical surfaces, and these lenses are called "hybrid aspherics." The aspherical surfaces of these lenses are completed during centering. Coating lenses 2 Formed lenses are coated to protect the material from oxidation, to prevent reflections, and to meet requirements for "designed spectrum transmission" or color balance and rendition. The lens surfaces are carefully cleaned before coating. Techniques for applying coatings and the coatings themselves are major selling points for a manufacturer's lenses and are carefully guarded secrets. Some types of coatings include metal oxides, light-alloy fluorides, and layers of quartz that are applied to lenses and mirrors by a vacuum process. Several layers of coating may be applied for the best color and light transmission, but excessive coating can reduce the light that passes through the lens and limit its usefulness. Producing the barrel 3 The barrel includes the chassis that supports the various lens elements and the cosmetic exterior. Metal mounts, grooves, and moving portions of the lens are critical to the performance of the lens, and are machined to very specific tolerances. Lens mounts may be made of brass, aluminum, or plastic. Most metal barrel components are die-cast and machined. Metal mounts last longer, maintain their dimensions, can be machined more precisely, and can be dismantled to replace elements, if necessary. Plastic mounts are less expensive and of lighter weight. If the barrel is made of engineering plastic, it is produced by a highly efficient and precise method of injection molding. The interior surfaces of the barrel are also coated to protect them and to prevent internal reflection and flare. Assembling the lens 4 Other parts of the lens, such as the diaphragm and auto focus module, are produced as subassemblies. The iris diaphragm is constructed of curved leaves cut out of thin sheets of metal. The metal leaves are held in place by two plates. One plate is fixed, the other moves, and has slots for sliding pins. These slide the leaves back toward the barrel to open the diaphragm or into the center to close the opening as the f-stop ring is turned. The diaphragm assembly is fastened into place when the lens mount is attached to the end of the barrel. The auto focus is also added, the optical elements are positioned, and the lens is sealed. After final assembly, the lens is adjusted and inspected rigorously. It must meet the design standards for optical resolution, mechanical function, and auto focus response. Lenses may also be tested by subjecting them to shocks, dropping, and vibration.
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Interview with Shree Namjoshi, Freelance Photographer
Interview with Shree Namjoshi. Shree is Freelance Photographer with passion for Wildlife Photography. he is Born and brought up in Thane. He has done Diploma in Automobile Engineering. He started his hands on Camera in Natural surroundings of Karnataka, specially Hubli and nearby area. Shree has also done 2 months course in Advance Photography from National Institute of Photography, Dadar, Mumbai. Watch his Video interview to know more. His facebook profile is: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1395879301
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photographer at Gateway of India - Interview
Interview with Ramlakhan Chaudhary
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Why is Rupee falling against US Dollar?
"Why does dollar price go up and down?". He explained me the reason. I am going to simplify same explaination here. Lets assume there are only two international traders between India and US. - Mr Patel in Mumbai who supplies Diamond Jewelry to a store in New York. - Mr. Brown in Chicago who supplies Industrial Robots in Noida. Assume dollar price today is 45 rupees. Today Patel sold 10 piece Jewelry set to NY store, cost of each piece was 1000 dollars. Total selling amount = 10,000 dollars. Now Patel wants to convert 10,000 dollars to Rupees. If rate is 45 rupees to 1 US dollar. After conversion Patel should get 4.5 Lakh rupees. Same evening Mr. Brown from Chicago, sells one industrial robot in Noida for Rs. 2.25 lakhs. As per 45 rupees to dollar rate, Brown is expecting to convert Rs. 2.25 lakhs to 5000 US dollars. So we have -- 10,000 US dollars to be converted to rupees. [After conversion worth Rs. 4.5 Lakhs] -- Rs. 2.25 Lakhs to be converted to dollars [After conversion worth 5000 US dollars] We have a problem. Demand for Rupees is more than that for dollars. In other words for this particular trading day, there seems to be more supply of dollars than that of rupees. Patel and Brown log to Foreign Exchange website to convert their currency. First 5000 dollars gets exchanged easily. And the rate is Rs. 45 to 1 US dollars. Brown is happy he got his 2.25 lakhs converted to 5000 US dollars, he logs out of website and goes home. Patel still has more 5000 US dollars to convert in to Rupees. He got some money on credit from a friend and promised to return him on time with small interest fee. Patel also wants to pay salary to karigar (people on manufacturing floor) who manufactured jewelry for him. Patel is now desperate to convert remaining 5000 dollars to rupees. Lets add one more character in to story now. Mr Desai who runs a Travel Agency and organises tours to countries like UK, USA, Asia etc. He logs to website and sees someone waiting to exchange 5000 US dollars to rupees. Desai knows that he will need US dollars sometime next month and was looking to buy some at good price. He offers a bargain. Last price for dollar was 45 rupees, but if someone sells dollars for 43 rupees, I will buy it. Patel being in rush, agrees to sell dollars for lower price. Patel converts remaining 5000 US dollars at rate of 43 rupees. 5000 x 43 = 2.15 lakhs. Patel doesn't mind loosing small amount because he will able to make payments on time. Now latest Exchange rate is: Rs. 43 to 1 US dollar. After few weeks , Desai (Travel agent) gets a big contract to organise tour for a group of 100 people. He needs lot of dollars, he logs in to website and sees Patel ready to sell 10,000 dollars for 47 rupees. Desai desperately needs dollars, he buys it. Now excahnge rate is: Rs. 47 to 1 US dollar.
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Interview with Ronnie Uncle - Technical Editor, Smart Photography
Hi can we know something about You? My Name is Rohinton Jal Mehta Poeple call me Uncle Ronnie. I am the Tchnical Editor for Smart Photography. I am with this company almost from the beginning. It's almost seven Years now. Are You into Photography as well? How did u get into Photography? Yes, I have been doing photography from last 40years now. And how I got into Photography is a Long Story but to tell you in short When I got Married I made a Promise to my wife instead of shooting with a Gun I will shoot with a Camera (Laughs). So from 1972 Onwards Photography is been my Serious Hobby. As you Said You have been doing Phototgraphy from 1972, which was the First Camera which you buy? I was from the Nikons Table. It was Called as Nikkormat. These were the SLR cameras. What was the first Picture you shot from You First ever Camera? The Fisrt ever picture which i shot from any of my New Camera was of the Most Religious Person "My Mother" Because Mother is More Secret to everyone. What According to you is more important the Good camera or the Good Knowledge? According to me Both is Necessary but more of Knowledge is needed of the subject you interested in. If you have the Best of the camera and the most expensive camera but if you dont know how to use, its functions wat it relates to then there is nothing you can do about it. So still you will be a bad Photographer. One advise you would like to give to the amateurs and the People who are about to start their carrier in Photography? My Advise is to study the Basics very well. Because if your basic are not strong then your building is going to fall. So the Basics have to be perfect. unfortunately today In this Country out of 100 Photographers 99.9 dont know their basics. That is the Problem. In Mumbai which are the best two places you suggest for Photography? I dont find any good places in Mumbai for Photography. First and foremost if you try to shoot the cops and Security will harres the Life out of you. So as far as Photography is concerned Mumbai is a Poor Place. Frankly there are many places to shoot in Mumbai but if at all you are not allowed to shoot and if you are troubled by security guys then its no good. Have you taken part in Photography Contest anytime? Yes I use to take part in the contest in the Past. But since many years I have stoped taking part reason behind this is I dont Like someone who doesnt know Photography himself to judge my Photographs. I have some Position in Life. What is your style of Photography? As a teacher of Photography every Genre of Photography is fine by me. But my Love is for Landscapes and Wild Life.
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Interview with Dr. Dinesh Maskeri WildLife Photographer from Mumbai.wmv
Dr.Dinesh Maskeri and Enthusiast Wildlife Photographer from Mumbai. Apart from Teaching, Photography and Making Fish tanks are his Hobbies. a true nature Lover who also loves to shoot Nature. Who also advises his Patients to enjoy the nature and world around to heal and forget the Mental ailments. An Ex student Of National Institute of Photography- NIP and was Lucky enough to lean under the guidance of Mr Manohar Desai (Founder of NIP)
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Best of Mumbai in 60 seconds
Vipul Mekhya (founder of MumbaiPav.com) and Yogesh Tank (BrandTurtle.com) Travels 107 Kilometers in a single day across different corners of Mumbai. Watch more then 60 beatiful places of mumbai in 60 seconds. if you like it then share it Places covered: Siddhivinayak, Dadar flower market, Shivaji park, Mahim kohliwada, mahim church, Nehru planetorium Mahalaxmi Race Course, Atria Mall, Haji Ali, Ambani House, Breachcandy Hospital, Priyadarshini Park, Banganga Tank, Walkeshwar, Hanging Garden, Queens Necklace view, Chowpatty, Tarapore Aquarium Marine drive flyover, Wankhede Stadium, Brebon stadium, Jaihind College, Sydhnem stadium, Churchgate staudium, Nariman Point, Vidhan Bhavan, Colaba Causeway, Apollo Bander, Gateway of India, Jehangir Art gallery, Kala ghoda, Fort, Camera Galli, Military Cafe, Bombay Stock exchange, High Court- Oval Ground, CST station, GPO building, J J School of Arts, Zaviers College, Metro Cinema, Fashion Street, Mohd Ali street, Mangaldas Market, Chor Bazar, Mumbadevi Mandir, Maratha Mandir, Crawford Market, Red light Area, Bandra Bandstand, Bandra Linking rd, Juhu Chowpatty Credits: Camera: Vipul Mekhya Editing: Dipesh Chauhan Model: Yogesh Tank Video made by www.BrandTurtle.com for www.MumbaiPav.com
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Interview with Jegan - Travel Photographer from Tamilnadu
Hi can we know something about You? Hi I am Jegan (Jegannathaan JN) I am into Travel Photography for last 9yrs. I specialize into Portraits, Indian Festive Photography and also specialize in street Life Photography. I travel a lot for Photography. I am from Tamil Nadu. Graphics Designer and Photographer by Profession. I keep Traveling chasing People, Lights and lot of Landscapes. Landscape is a little bit of thing but generally I specialize in Portraits. Some of my Portrait Pictures are of people from different raises in the Himalayan Plateau which includes Pictures of Nomads, Kids, Monks and the localities. So in short I am a Travel Photographer. How did u get into Photography? I happened as an accident to me. I did my Post Graduation in Advertisement and Graphic Designing so had a subject of Photography. I didn't knew that the Passion was hidden in me. The Moment I took my camera I started Traveling, turned in to photographer by profession. Any one Photographer whom you look at and you like his/her style of Photography? Steve McCurry is one of the best Portrait Photographer and my all time Inspiration. I follow his working style and you can see this in Pictures as well and apart from that I have my buddy Photographers Erick from Germany and few Photographers from Tamil Nadu as well. So I keep their work as reference Material, when I go for Portrait Photography I keep their Guide lines with me and keep executing them. So which Place do you like for Photography -- will it be Tamilnadu or Mumbai? I would so India is full of variety and surprises. Every-time I travel to a new place I see so much diversity and culture. Luckily, I live in a Country where I get different types of flavors state wise. Like in Calcutta I get different things, In Mumbai I get street life to shoot specially the street food. Tamil Nadu I get Landscapes to shoot, I Like the color of Tamilnadu, the Rich culture and festive. I specially cover festivals of Tamilnadu. What According to you is more important the Good camera or the Good Knowledge? I would say the Person behind the Camera. Camera is just the recording medium. And the Person behind the camera directs the camera to Look not just see. One advise you would like to give to the amateurs and the People who are about to start their carrier in Photography? I am not well versed with other style of Photography but when it comes to Portraits the simple tip is don't just barge to get the Picture and then move on. Instead just Spend time with the subject know about them get a bit close by knowing them and about their life. Before you start shooting the Person for the Portrait you should have a good bond with them. Always a portrait should have a story behind it or else the Portrait Picture is just a Picture with no feelings. Can you explain one of your Portrait Picture to the viewers? Alright I have this Picture here this Girls name is Tashi, I met her near Le Ladakh Streets. One thing I like about this girl is she keeps talking a lot of various topics. It took nearly 20mins for me to capture this Portrait Picture, as she was continuously talking with me. I could not get her Picture soon. I got to know many things about Tashi she is good in illustrations good hand in drawing and many more things about her and the most important thing is she has the cutest smile I have ever come across. So this is one of the best moment I had while on this trip.
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Best of Mumbai city: short film
Got 60 seconds? Also check out - Best of Mumbai in 60 seconds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXamTFEciFw MumbaiPav.com - rediscovers life in Mumbai. Meet people from all walks of life inside Mumbai.
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Prabhat Colony Chowk Aagman Sohala 2015
Prabhat Colony Chowk Sarvajanik Ganeshutsav Mandal Aagman Sohala 2015 started from Lalbaug Vijay Khatu's workshop till Santacruz East Prabhat Colony.
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Senorita in Marathi
Why name Mumbai Pav? 1) Easy to remember, sounds viral. 2) 'Mumbai Pav' name is coined from famous 'Vada Pav'. Gives a good Aamchi-Mumbai touch. 3) If you love Vada Pav, you will love 'Mumbai Pav' 4) I was once asked "what would you like to have if world was going to end in a minute?" -- I thought about it and said one Vada Pav. What's in MumbaiPav.com? A simple website, where you get to spend free time and know about some common person like you and me. What's not in MumbaiPav.com? No high-profile-celebrity-type-news or journalism. Why did you start MumbaiPav.com? Wanted to add some fun in my life and the best thing I could do is meet common people from all walks of life and ask them few simple questions. What is best time to check MumbaiPav.com? 1) when you have got 5 -- 10 minutes and nothing important to do. 2) A cup of tea or coffee in hand makes this website more interesting. What's in for you in MumbaiPav.com? I don't know. All I know at this point of time is -- it feels cool to meet and talk to people from all corners of Mumbai. How can we help you? Visit MumbaiPav.com Facebook Page and hit 'Like' button, this way you will be able to keep in touch with all cool stuff happening on this website. It will also help me spread the word about this website. You know what, there is something and I want to get in touch? Sure drop me an email vipul (at the rate) MumbaiPav.com or call me on +91-9833710832
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3 minutes with Mumbai Dabbawala
MumbaiPav.com - meet people from different walks of life in Mumbai city. Today we spoke to two Mumbai Dabbawalas.
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Ganpati Bappa Morya
Prabhat Colony Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav Mandal, Santacruz -East
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Mohammed Ali Road  Ramzan
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Interview with Dhanshree Avlaskar
Dhanshree Avlaskar lives in Kalyan. Uses Photography to spread message regarding Nature conservation. She is student of NIP (National Institute of Photography, Dadar, Mumbai). Took Photography training directly from Mr Desai(founder of NIP). Dhanshree believes Creativity is key to good Photography. Her advice to upcoming photographers is: "Do not just go around clicking pictures just because you can. Thinking is crucial. Think before you Click" I was personally impressed to see some of the Bird pictures taken from Mumbai outskirt. While living in busy City life, we forget that Natural surrounding is all around Mumbai and we need to be more receptive towards it.
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Interview with Chintan Vora- Photographer & Marketing Expert
Chintan Vora who is a Co-founder of "DigitalLatte" which is a creative Agency in Mumbai and also a Part time Photographer. Chintan has done his Photography course from "National Institute of Photography" Dadar-Mumbai. Very much interested in Fashion and Outdoor Photography. Tell us something about yourself? Hello People I am chintan Vora born and brought up in a city that never Sleeps Mumbai. I live in Ghatkopar and I am a Co-founder of Digital Latte areative digital agency. I am an entrepreneur and we have started this company 6 months back. We at Digital Latte beleving brewing fersh ideas for our clients.Right from social media Marketing to the website development we give the service. What got you into Photography and how is your journey in Photography Industry? To be honest Photography started when I was working with my Previous Company. I always use to buy Images form the Online websites of Images. so had a though in mind I myself will also work on it and will start my own Image Gallery one day.so to do that I thought to get some basic knowledge of Photography. I Joined National Institute of Photography-NIP and did my Basics and Advance Course from Dadar-Mumbai. from Past one year I am exploring differennt areas of Mumbai for street Photography and other stuff. Each day learning new things with My camera. What Genera of Photography are you most Interested in and why? I am More inclined to fashion and Product Photography. I have been trying my hand on my friends who are interested in Fashion and modelling. I have been renting the Photo studio and have done a couple of shoots. so still learning and the long way to go. Equipments or Experience - What matters more and why? It is the Knowledge which Matters. If you have your Basics clear then equipment doesnt matter. what Camera do you use and what is one special thing which you Love about that camera? I am using Canon 550D with 18-135mm Lens. I am More a Friend of canon than a Nikon. I am using 18-135mm Lens and also 50mm Prime Lens. 18-135mm lens helps me to shoot Fashion and also Product. 50mm again for Product Photography. What advice would you like to give Amateurs Photographers & new-comers who wants to start making career in Photography? I am not in such a Good Position to give advice as I myself is a amateur Photographer. the more and more you click you will get a hong on it. It is said that your first 1000 pictures would be a trash I was too stubborn to believe it and I use to feel very happy of whatever click i had. but after comparing my pictures with other Photographers and Artists I realised that I stand nowhere and i need to learn more and more. now after clicking almost above 5000pictures I compare it with my old pictures and I get to know how I am Improving day by day. Most common mistake you see Photographers doing in their work? The Only Mistake which most Photographer do is that they are not giving more importance to Lighting. Do you thing the Post Production softwares have made the Life of most Photographers Easier? Actually thats a tricky Question. Unless and Untill you havent clicked something Good then the Post Production software will not create any magic for you. it offcourse it gives a boost and also the fine tunning makes the picture more livelier. Anything more you want to share with Mumbaikars and also with readers of MumbaiPav.com? This city has seen a Lots from 1993 Bomb blast to the terrorist attcaks. but the Poeple have always stuck together thats the great thing about this city. People are really united here. And to the MumbaiPav.com viewers is that the team is really doing well they are digging every part of Mumbai and getting some things out. Otherwise a common person like me would have never been featured on internet.
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Interview with Rahul Guha- Adventure Photographer from Udaipur (Rajasthan).wmv
Can We Know something about you? Hi My name is Rahul Guha I am a serious Amateur Photographer. Presently I am form Udaipur-Rajasthan. And I work with Govt of India In an Organization called Directorate General of Mines Safety. So Basically I am a Mining Engineer by Profession and Photographer by choice. So how did u get into Photography and what initially inspired you to get into Photography? Its was a Long Long time ago when I was in college that is during 1975 and 1980 we had to work on our Geology classes we had to do some Photography, Some dark Room Black and white Photography. so that's how I got more and more interest in Photography. I also Love Traveling. So traveling with Photography comes together. And then here I am as a adventure Photographer. Any One Photographer who you Look upon and you Like his/her style of Photography? There are many whose work is really good. As a Traveler I generally Like to do More of Nature, Landscape Photography. So when the term Landscape Photography comes we all remember Ansel Adams who is a Mind Blowing Landscape Photographer. and Presently International standard Landscape Photographer I admire is Marc Adamus and Guy Tal. These are Excellent Photographers in their Field. Galen Rowell is one of the Photographers from whom I got highly Inspired. He was Legendary Mountain Photographers and I really Like his style of work. Not many people know him but he was and amazing Mountain photographer. So I can say he is my inspiration as I love adventure, Nature and Landscape Photography. I even do abstract Photography sometimes. So the Pictures which you have exhibited here in Photo Fair 2011 can you explain and tell the story behind the click? Here are few Photography which I have Exhibited in Photo Fair 2011. I Like to even shoot Water so in both the Pictures you will see I have shot Water body ie. the moving water like silky effect. The above one which you can see is the abstract of Moving water which I clicked it in North Sikkim and the one down below that is been clicked in Valley of flowers in Garhwal which is one of the beautiful places where one can be and Photography. What according to you is Necessary A Good Camera or Knowledge? Thanks to today's Technology we can see large number of people have Digital slr's or Digi cams with them. But to use these SLR's you should have some basic knowledge on how to use it. Understanding the different situations and places. Reading a lot of things related to Photography will improve the skills day by day. So if you want to start reading then start with John Shaw who is again a Legendary Teacher you can read and learn the basics very clearly. and if you are into Nature Photography then visit the website which is called Mountain Light, there again you can see the best explanation in how to do Natures Photography. Which Camera do you use and the best Part of it? I am a Nikon Lover from a Long time. I have one full frame camera and one APSC. So that's one Nikon D700 and other Nikon D300 One advise you will Like to give the New comers and Amateur in Photography world? Everyone has the choice they will need to choose as to which type of Photography they like and read a lot of stuff over the Internet and the books on Photography. And Lastly Practise whatever you like.
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Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja - MumbaiPav.com hands
Present video is dedicated to great Mithunda. If you see this video please give me call. MumbaiPav.com - In search of best eggs in Mumbai Lanes. Interviews of people of Mumbai. People from all walks of life. Jimmy jimmy jimmy aaja aaja aaja Jimmiy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja Aaja Aajare meri Paas, ke yeh jaggy jaggy raath pukar tuje soon, soona de woh hi dhoon Jimmy jimmy jimmy aaja aaja aaja Jimmiy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja Aaja Aajare meri Paas, ke yeh jaggy jaggy raath pukar tuje soon, soona de woh hi dhoon
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Interview with Aditya Amin
MumbaiPav.com Interviews people from all walks of life. In this video we spoke to Aditya Amin.
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Interview with Yash Pancholi - MumbaiPav.com
MumbaiPav.com - Interviews people of Mumbai from all walks of life. Today's guest is Yash Pancholi. Yash has dreams of opening his Chain of Restaurants.
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Interview Girish Kadam - MumbaiPav.com
MumbaiPav.com - Interviews people from all walks of life. In this video we spoke to Girish Kadam.
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Interview with Virendra Yadav (Taxi driver) - MumbaiPav.com
MumbaiPav.com - Interviews Mumbai people from all walks of life. Today meet our guest Virendra Yadav. Virendra drives Taxi and has some interesting message for all of us
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Interview with Kiran Parab, Photographer, Group "The Rising"
Kiran Parab is a aspiring Photographer, one of the active members of a Facebook group " THE RISING" ( It's all about photography ). The specialty about this group is they are not limited to virtual web world. Some of the members from group teamed up and organized Photography Exhibition. First Exhibition was help in Mumbai and next one starts tomorrow (13th Dec 2011) in Pune . Read more about Exhibition here. http://www.mumbaipav.com/2011/12/04/the-risingphotography-exhibition-2011/ If you love Photography and want share ideas with Like minded people join this Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/203986992973374/ Kiran lives in Lalbaug. Works for Times of India as Mechanical Engineer. Loves Widlife and Nature Photography. You can get in touch with Kiran on his Facebook wall Lets here from him (Interview in Marathi) Heres the schedule of Exhibition to be help in Pune Exhibition @ Pune 13 & 14 Dec. 2011. Time -- 1000-2000hrs. Location- Balgandharv Kaladalan, J.M. Rd., Near Sambhaji Baug, Pune. Key Contact Person -- Vijay Bingewar- 9028406945
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Interview with Saurabh Kulkarni, Potrait Photographer, Pune
Get in Touch with Saurabh Kulkarni on: Mobile: +91 9028086020 Email : [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spkforu/info Twitter: #spkforu LIKE Saurabh's work on : Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SPKphotography Flickr Photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spkforu/ Tell me about yourself and your journey in Photography Industry? Hi I am Saurabh Kulkarni. Born and Brought up in Pune.I studied my BE Electrical from PVG college of Engineering. Later joined Reliance energy worked for one & half year.Currently working with Tata Motors. Apart from that my Hobbies are Photography and Traveling & Music. And About my Photography journey I shall say, I had been to Kerela that time I had a second hand Digicam (Sony H50) which was a kind of a Semi-Professional Camera. I used it for the first time in Kerala and was amazed with the results, the picture quality was amazing and i had got some really good pictures that time. That attracted me more to Photography and then I started sharing the pictures on social Media and Photography sites. I was really happy with the response from people. started Gathering more information on Photography, started learning Basics as in what is Shutter speed, Aperture and other things are and that's how I got the Knowledge. Have you been to any institute to learn Photography or you are self learnt photographer? I am Proud to say that I am a Self Learnt Photographer. I bought my first DSLR camera one & half year back and trying my hands on different Genre of Photography. What is your Genre of Photography? I am very attracted to Portraits. Hence I Like Portrait Photography specially like to capture the moods of people. Candid shots are more story telling than the Posed one's. Tell us something about your recent tour to Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in Nagpur And how was the Experience? The Experience was Mesmerizing! My friend Rohan Taware who isa Founder of Gypsies Outdoors started this company. Its just 6months old company. Gypsies Outdoors are basically in arranging the Photography tours which includes Jungle safaries to Bandhavgarh national park, Tadoba tiger Reserve, Kanha national park and many other places. Rohan was looking out for some candidates who can Volunteer or co-Leader with some Photography knowledge to the groups in the safaries. He called up with this offer and I was really excited to be the part of this tour. Out tour was from 2nd May to 7th May'2012. Very nice arrangements from the Gypsy outdoors for the safaries. Have got loads of Pictures with me which I will upload on my Facebook Wall. 3 things which Amateurs Photographers must Learn? I observe People and find that they don't know how to frame the Picture. There is Lack of Composition. Many times People dont know their own Camera & Camera settings. These things should be taken care off first as these are the basics of Photography. Wild Life Photographer or Potrait Photographer, whom would you like to join if you get a chance to assist? (Laughs) that's a tricky Question for me. But Frankly speaking My first preference will be Portrait Photographer. Has Post production Software have made Photographers work easy? Yes the Post production Software have made Life easier for Photographers. but I will Still Prefer the Raw Pictures than the Edited ones. Which Camera do you use? I am using Canon 550D with 18-55mm kit lens and also 50mm Fixed lens for the Portraits.I also had sigma 70-300mm Telephoto lens. Planning to buy a new 100-400mm telephoto lens. Share some advice for a new-comer who wants to start career in Photography? First thing is to do the best with your own Gadgets instead of just looking out for new new gadgets. Second things is Divine Light and composition is the Key Element of Photography so these things should be very clear. Two Places in Mumbai which you recommend as Photography places? Pawna Dam & Sinhagad fort which are very close to Pune are the best places to do Photography.
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Interview with Dinesh Parab
Interview with Dinesh Parab
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