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In Home Caregiver Requirements: Our Hiring Process – Family Resource Home Care
http://www.familyresourcehomecare.com/for-caregivers/caregiver-qualifications Family Resource Home Care provides compassionate in-home care and companionship to seniors, the disabled, and the home bound in the greater Seattle, Washington area. Watch this video to learn about our rigorous hiring standards and how we have built a caring and competent workforce to provide the best home care possible. You can also learn more about us on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/familyresourcehomecare ) - Twitter ( https://twitter.com/FRHomecare ) and Google Plus ( https://plus.google.com/+FamilyResourceHomeCareSeattle ). Watch this short video featuring Sheila McKannay, FHRC’s VP of Client Care - Lorri Howe, our Director of Human Resources - and Shari Crossland, our Client Care Supervisor. Assembling a team of the best caregivers is no easy task – learn how we invest in our employees and caregiver staff and they pay it forward by providing caring and compassionate services to all our clients. This is the foundation on which FHRC was built and why our clients love us ( http://www.familyresourcehomecare.com/testimonials ). Check out how we select and screen caregivers to ensure that they have a spotlessly clean background not just in Washington State, but in every state they’ve lived. Our rigorous standards mean you can be comfortable and trust your Family Resource Home Care caregiver. Beyond background checks and skills certification, we look for a passion to serve and care for others. This is not just a job for FHRC caregivers – it’s their life’s work and what they want to do more than anything. This sensibility translates to an unparalleled quality of care. Learn more about our hiring process and why our caregivers love FHRC as an employer – and why you’ll love our caregivers. We do not use contractors or outsource any services. Every FHRC caregivers is an employee and treated with respect, paid well, and rewarded for consistently excellent service. Watch this short video on senior home care. Seattle area offices for FHRC include our main office near Northgate Mall, Tacoma, and Bellevue. Call us now at (888) 545-1092 if you or a loved one need senior home care in Seattle or companion services. If you’re a dedicated and passionate caregiver looking for an opportunity with FHRC, please call (206) 436-6299 to reach our job line. Click here: http://www.familyresourcehomecare.com/for-caregivers/caregiver-qualifications for a roster of qualifications to be considered for our caregiving team of superstars. Call or click here: http://www.familyresourcehomecare.com/contact-us for office locations – we are happy to come to you at home, in the hospital or other medical facility to discuss your needs and plan your care.
In Home Care Questions Answered – Family Resource Home Care
http://www.familyresourcehomecare.com/new-to-home-care/ Family Resource Home Care provides trusted and flexible senior home care. Seattle area seniors have trusted FHRC for 20 years with the short term, long term, and occasional in-home care and companionship needs. Watch this video for answers to some frequently asked questions and concerns about starting up in-home care. You can also read more about our services on our social media pages at Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/familyresourcehomecare ) - Twitter ( https://twitter.com/FRHomecare ) and Google Plus ( https://plus.google.com/+FamilyResourceHomeCareSeattle ). This short video begins with a message from Family Resource Home Care founder and President David Lawrence who discusses the primary concerns that Seattle, Washington seniors have when considering in-home care services. See what David has to say and learn more about the hiring standards FHRC uses from our Director of Business Development and Client Care Supervisor. You’re right to be concerned about who you allow into your home and FHRC understands that. Not only is every caregiver a trained and certified Nurse’s Aid, but they are also good people with perfect background records. We check Washington state and national agencies, sex offender registries, criminal and driving records, fingerprint and professional databases to ensure that every hire at Family Resource Home Care is a trustworthy caregiver. Beyond the rigorous background and certification checks, we only hire people with an absolute passion for caregiving and helping others. Watch this short video to learn just how flexible FHRC in-home care services can be. Some clients use us for just a couple of weeks while they recover from surgery. Some clients have us in a few hours a day a couple of times a week or every now and then. On the other end of the spectrum, some clients need help every day with the daily tasks of living and others need round-the-clock live in care. We accommodate all these situations – and can modify your services at any time based on your needs. At Family Resource Home Care, we understand that you want to stay in your home and living as independently as possible. We can help you with this goal. Call (888) 545-1092 now to discuss your needs and see how FHRC can help you. We have offices in Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue and provide services all around the greater Seattle, WA metro area. We can come to you at your home, hospital, or surgical recover facility to discuss your needs and plan your care. Call or click here http://www.familyresourcehomecare.com/contact-us to contact FHRC.
Family Resource Home Care - Who We Are
Family Resource Home Care is the preferred in-home care resource in the greater Seattle, WA area. Watch this video to learn about FHRC and why we’re committed to delivering compassionate care and companionship in your home or your loved one’s home. You can also check us out on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/familyresourcehomecare) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/frhomecare) or on Google Plus (https://plus.google.com/+FamilyResourceHomeCareSeattle). We are highly rated and our clients love us and love their caregivers. Watch this short video to see how Founder David Lawrence started FHRC after years as a Washington state educator. David has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to caring for others – and this includes FHRC clients, employees, and caregivers. If you or someone you love needs in-homecare or companionship, you can trust FHRC. Learn more in this brief “Who We Are” video and be sure to check out our reviews on Google, Yelp, and other trusted independent review sites to see how much our clients love the care they receive from FHRC. Home care services canrange from as little as two hours a week to constant live-in care based on your needs and can change at any time based on your preferences. Watch the video then contact FHRC at (866) 545-1092 during business hours or click here: http://www.familyresourcehomecare.com/contact-us to contact us anytime for a confidential discussion about your in-home care needs. Be sure to check us out at http://www.FamilyResurceHomeCare.com to learn more about our services, caregiver information, read client testimonials, and learn more about FHRC and our commitment to Seattle area seniors. We have offices in Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue and can come to your home to discuss your needs for senior home care. Seattle area caregivers are ready to help you get the care you need to stay in your home, improve your quality of life, and ensure your satisfaction. We can’t wait to hear from you. Call now (866) 545-1092 and let’s talk about how an FHRC caregiver can make your life better.
Family Resource Home Care - Getting Started with Home Care
Family Resource Home Care provides home care for as little as a few hours per week all the way to live-in care 24/7. We've helped thousands of people stay where they want to stay - in their homes. In this video key members of our team explain our process from what happens when we receive a call to the placement of caregivers and how they can help in the home. To find out more about our Services click here http://www.familyresourcehomecare.com/services
FRHC Mental Health Facts About Aging Depression
As part of Mental Health Month, we want to highlight that many seniors experience a spectrum of emotion from sadness all the way to clinical depression. It's not always recognized and responded to, but the good news is that there is help. While Family Resource Home Care doesn't provide mental health treatment, we do provide a variety of levels of support to help elders who are struggling and feeling down. Find out more in this video.