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BEST way to bleed diesel fuel system (step-by-step)
If you've ever ran your diesel out of fuel you know you don't ever want to do that again. In this video I show a step-by-step description on how to get the air out of the system and get your diesel running again. It's a pretty simple process once you understand how it works. Hope you find the video useful
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BEST ways to repair dorman nylon plastic fuel line tubing
You are working with your fuel system, then you Nick the nylon plastic gas line… what are you doing now? How do you fix plastic gas line. Once you know the tricks it's no problem. This video goes through the process on how to attach Barb fittings and the compression style fittings. Once you know the tricks your fix these nylon gas lines like a pro. Hope you find the video useful. Dare to repair!
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BEST automotive smoke machine you can build
An automotive smoke Machine is one of the most useful diagnostic tools you can have. There's a wide variety of different machines, but I built one with the features that I wanted. I want to see visually how much smoke is building up inside the machine, That is why I used a glass jar for this visualization. Another feature is I want to have control over how much pressure I use and when I apply the smoke. Hope you find a video useful.
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Fuel injector? Fuel regulator? Fuel pump? Learn fuel diagnostics
Don't just throw parts at a problem, In order to truly diagnose the problem with your fuel system you need to understand how it works. If your car has a slow start condition, chances are you are leaking fuel in one of three places. Fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, Or the check valve in the fuel pump assembly are the places you need to verify where the problem is coming from. In this video we will explore these areas to find where the leak is and then how to fix it. Hope you find the video useful
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Low Oil Pressure Warning Light - (Quick Fix)
The dreaded oil pressure light definitely the light that i do not want to see. This can cause the most damage and the fastest way to kill it engine. So i found a real easy way to fix this problem i simply drain out the oil and I take this pic and I start to feel underneath the oil filler tube. Then i use a toothbrush and I get in there and i scrub that screen really good. So then what I do is I close it all up then I'm going to take off the oil filter and put a tube right in the center of the where the oil filter goes. Ok now what I'm going to do is I take some clean kerosene and I go ahead and I get a pump and I start pumping it through this tube from where the oil filter was connected. And this is going to push more kerosene down onto that screen go ahead and pour more down the oil and then in the morning go ahead and dump out that kerosene and you're going to see a lot of grit come out and because of the night of soaking this is really going to help clean it. Now this is the grit that's the problem and this is causing that low oil pressure. So this was truly a quick fix I mean usually it's like two to three days because the oil pan off so 20 minutes doing this that's great. So go ahead and put the oil back in the car and at this point go ahead and turn on the car and there's no oil light so everything seems to be working great. So if you like what I've got here please like and subscribe.
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RESURFACE a warped cylinder head with low cost sandpaper at home
One of the most expensive parts of replacing the head gasket is machining, or resurfacing the warped cylinder head. Instead of $400 you can do the same job for about $10 in sandpaper. First you take a quarter inch piece of glass and glue three sheets 80 grit sand paper to it. Next you glide the cylinder head across the sandpaper until it is almost completely flat. Once you get close change out the sandpaper to 120 grit to finish it off. I actually think that the sandpaper does a better job than machining. I know this is a bold statement but I am able to remove material until it is just enough. Sometimes when machining more material than is necessary will be removed. The result is really nice when you're done and It doesn't take that long, only about 45 minutes to complete it. I hope you enjoy the video, please feel free to make any comments on any of your experiences. Transcript Ok, so my buddy rich he blew his head gasket on his car. So here we are, dismantling the car, and pulling off all the parts to get to the head. Going to start to take up the rocker arms. And of course the bolts to the head. So ahead and disconnect all of these things. Here we go with the head, pull it off and now let's take a look at this head gasket you can see it's blown through. So here's the magic to the whole situation is we put down about five dollars worth the sandpaper and you can see how we're starting to make some progress with the sandpaper. Now we’re going to take the 80 grit off, and we’re going to put 150 on it to kind of finish it up. And you want to work it until is just exactly perfect. You can see there's no lines at this point and it is darn near perfect at this point. Here's a feeler gauge so we just check it from different configuration and you can see the feeler gauges not popping through anywhere. So we were real happy about this and you know for ten dollars and sandpaper that's great. Now we're going to take the valves off since we've got everything apart and we're going to use a drill to put them lapping compound on there. And just kind of clean everything up so, when we do put it all back together it’s legit and ready to go. See how the grooves are taken out. Just keep working those and now we're going to go ahead and put some new valve seals on. Of course having everything apart you know it's really not that expensive to put valve seals on and the head gasket really just a couple hundred bucks into this project and of course labor our labor. This sandpaper trick probably saved about four to five hundred dollars and now that we have the car back together it purrs like a kitten. So hey, if you like what we've got here like or subscribe, thank you.
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WHY you want to check your PCV valve regularly
FORGETTING to check your PCV valve is really easy to do. The job of the PCV valve is to regulate unburned fuel mixture back into your engine so there is less pollution. If the PCV valve malfunction‘s you can throw too much unburned fuel and oil right onto your intake manifold valves. When you see the valves in this video because the PCV valve went bad you want to run out to your car and check it. Taking off the intake manifold is not as easy as it used to be. Scraping off large amounts of carbon oil discharge is also not a fun job. Not only did we need to use a pic to scrape off these deposits but we used walnut shells in a sandblaster to safely remove these deposits from the intake valves. The diaphragm in the PCV valve was completely disintegrated and was allowing too much pressure from the crank case. Typically these PCV valve‘s are pretty inexpensive so periodically checking to make sure everything is operating correctly is a good idea. Hope you find a video useful. How to check and clean your PCV valve Bad PCV valve symptoms How to test your PCV valve How to know if your PCV valve is bad What does your PCV valve do Blow by PCV valve PCV valve stuck open PCV valve stuck closed PCV valve cleaning PCV valve replacement PCV valve oil consumption Check your PCV valve system Proper PCV valve maintenance Checking and servicing your PCV valve When should you replace your PCV valve What will happen if your PCV valve fails Crank case ventilation system
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front and wheel ALIGNMENT at no cost (effective and FREE)
Doing a proper front and alignment used to frighten me, and I would always take it into the big boys and have it done. After a while I started doing the alignment and then taking It to the big boys to check my work. Now with these methods I am confident that the job is done right. If you follow these techniques you will feel the difference of having a correct alignment. If you have any comments please feel free to let me know how I'm doing on these videos.
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6 Best Ways to Get an Oil Filter Off (Review)
Not getting an oil filter off can make an easy job something miserable. Over the years of maintaining cars I have put a compilation of my most effective ways of getting an oil filter off. I start off the video with my least favorite and then work up to my favorite methods that get oil filters off more consistently. I also talk a little bit about the positives and negative's of each method. I hope you enjoy the video and can get something valuable from this video. If you like the content or have better methods please leave comments. If there's a better way I would be able to benefit from your comments. Transcript over the years I have found six effective ways of getting oil filters ff now I'm going to share these my least favorite all the way to my favorite number six this is my least favorite so you find the right size and this is actually really critical and it does work but it does slip it slips quite a bit and this is why I don't like it one good thing however about this wrench is that it is compact number five there's a lot of these strap type wrenches and they can be effective they fit they grab but one of the big problems is the handle is so big that it gets in the way of all the other parts of the engine number 4 i'm not proud of it none of us are but we've all done it take the screwdriver the hammer and you tap it out and yes it is effective and it works it's just painful number three I really like this one it does a terrific job sometimes the handle is a little bit big but it really grabs and you can see it crushing this filter so yeah effective number two now we're getting down to my favorites this is really squishy it'll conform to every filter size and it actually because of the rubber it grips I mean it is just like using your hand fits into any of those tight spots and very very 6effective number one this is my favorite it conforms to any size actually welded these on to get it a little bit more grip and you put it on to the filter and every single time this one works you can see this one was on tight so if you like what I've got here please like and subscribe
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fix UNEVEN brake wear (mechanics SECRET)
Why are your brakes wearing an evenly??? It's usually because your brake pads are not fitting right. Yes I realize the brake pads are brand-new from the factory and should fit perfectly. Well they often don't!! Whatever you do don't just muscle them in anyway. All you're doing is creating a situation where your brakes will wear unevenly because they can't move in and out with the caliper. Take your time and file the metal tabs so they glide smoothly. Before I understood how the brakes worked I did not take the time to make sure they fit perfectly, and I threw a lot of money away. If you take the brakes back in for your lifetime warranty they say that they won't give you new brakes because they were improperly installed. Making them fit right will make them wear evenly. In this video I show the difference of when brake pads glide and do not glide. Once you understand the concept your brakes will work as they were intended. I hope you enjoy the video, please feel free to comment on any effective methods you have found through your experience.
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BEST ways to bleed brakes (one person VS. two person method)
Getting the air out of the brake lines is important but you also want to make sure that you get the old fluid out of the lines at the same time. I use the one person brake bleeding method to get the old fluid out, but in order to ensure you get all the air out, you need to use the two person method. There of been times where the bleeder screw itself introduces air into the system. This is frustrating, and this is why I use both methods to get the job done. Hope you enjoy the video.
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how to VERIFY your fuel filter is the problem  (don't just blindly replace it)
I hate it when people change their fuel filter and never tip it upside down to see if there's actually dirt in it that is causing your problem. If you find A lot of dirt in your filter you've just nailed your problem. In the video I show you how to verify that your fuel problem was the culprit in the diagnostics. It's easy. Hope you enjoy the video
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rebuild brake cylinders WITHOUT EXPENSIVE tools
You've always seen the rebuild kits for these brake cylinders, and I've always wondered how difficult would it be to just rebuild it and save the money. Or maybe you're rebuilding an old classic car and it's just difficult to find a cylinder to put on the car. It's a lot easier to find the brake cylinder rebuild kits. For whatever reason you're interested in rebuilding the brake cylinder this video shows how to do it without expensive tools. Hope you enjoy the video.
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How to Lubricate Caliber Slider Pins (Most Overlooked Mistake)
Lubricating these caliper slider pins are one of the most important parts of doing a brake job. I've seen a lot of brake calibers lock up because brake pads were installed without cleaning and greasing these pins. I still change my brakes myself because I know the job is done right, and that gives me confidence that the car will stop appropriately. If you're new to putting brakes on, please take the time to make sure these glider pins are smoothly operating. When I first started putting brakes on I didn't do this step and sometimes you can get away with it. It's not worth it, brakes are something you want right every time. I hope you enjoy the video, please comment with techniques you have found that have helped you while changing your brakes.
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fix SLOW moving or seized windshield wipers
Are your windshield wiper moving slow or not at all? If they are this video explains how to fix this problem without buying a brand new windshield wiper mechanism. Hope it helps, if it doesn't feel free to leave a comment below :)! How much does it cost to replace windshield wiper motor? Why do windshield wipers stop working? Non-Moving Windshield Wipers Stuck wiper arm Is my windshield wiper motor shot? Linkage seized? Rear wiper stuck Remove seized wiper arm How to fix windshield linkage Fixing windshield wipers Wiper spindle repair Wiper Transmission Linkage Windshield Wiper Transmission Linkage Removing seized wiper arms without fancy tools How to repair seized wiper spindles Why don’t my windshield wipers work? Freeing up the wiper mechanism Wipers stuck in the middle of the windshield Windshield wipers stop and motor makes noise Fixing slow non-moving wipers How to troubleshoot and fix broken windshield wipers Windshield wipers not working at all Windshield wiper problem Windshield wipers getting stuck Windshield wipers slowly stopped Wipers sticking Windshield wiper snapped off When shield wipers off track How to fix your wiper motor assembly Wipers move across the windshield slowly My wipers on any speed move across the windshield very slowly My wiper arm is rusted on Wiper arm installation How to fix a frozen wiper Diagnosing windshield wiper problems
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Best Ways to Get Rusty Nuts and Bolts Off (Effective Techniques)
How do I get this rusty bolt off? I have run into that problem hundreds of times myself, so here are a bunch of tips I have tried for loosening rusty bolts. Here are 16 ways to loosen rusty bolts. And if you happen to know a trick for getting stubborn bolts off that I did not mention, please let me know in the comments section below... because we all know how frustrating it is to be stuck in the middle of a project with a rusty bolt holding up progress.
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BEST way to install commercial outlet boxes
I've installed a lot of outlets, and seen a lot of outlets installed wrong. It may take a little longer to do the job right but it sure saves a lot of time trying to figure out what went wrong when it doesn't work.In this video I talk about the correct tools and how to use them. For years I did not know that the square drive screwdriver was the right tool for snugging lugs. I did not know that little hole in the wire stripping pliers made a perfect loop that fits around the lugs on the outlet. It took a lot of years understanding how to properly put these outlets in. Hopefully this will get you up to speed fast. If you have any useful techniques that you have learned over the years please let me know in the comments. We're going to install a 110 outlet so let's get started. We shut the breaker off, and now we're just checking with a voltmeter to make sure that the power’s off. Now we're going to go ahead and measure out about nine inches and then go ahead and cut it off. This is going to give us plenty of wire to be able to work with. Ok, now you notice these ears are on these outlets, where this is really for a plastic box, so for the industrial application we're going to be snapping little Mickey Mouse ears off so it’s going to be able to go inside that box. So we get all four of those off, and then the plastic is also designed to go into the plastic, and we're not going to need these either so let's go ahead and get those off. Then you can see that it we're going to take our wire strippers and you go ahead and strip off the wires, and just make sure that you’re careful not to nick the wire because, you know, the wire could snap off. Now this little hole here - a lot of people don’t know this but it actually makes a hook. Kinda cool, huh? So if you put that hook on then we're going to hook them up to the outlet. Now you'll notice the flathead screwdriver does fit and, if you have to, that works. And a lot of people use a Phillips and you know that works, too, but it's not actually designed for those. It's actually designed for the square bit here and when you use one like this you’re never going to go back. Ok, so now we're going to attach the wire to the lug on the outlet, and this gets a little tricky because the hook needs to go in the same direction that the screw goes in so it... it snugs up and tightens, so let's go ahead and get it into the right orientation and we're going to go ahead and put it onto the lug. And this is a little bit tricky but once you get in you're going to take the pliers this is tough at first and takes a little bit of practice), but you want to make sure that thing is snugged tightly around the lug. It's important for a good quality connection. Go ahead and take our square bit and tighten it up really nice. Alright, now we're going to do the exact same thing to the the next lug. Just the snug it in and notice the installation doesn’t actually go past the outlet and this is good because we don't want any stray wires in there. So go ahead and snug this one up as well. So the next thing to be taking the safety ground and getting that all prepped up. So we got this copper sleeve - that's code in a lot of places - and actually worked pretty good so we’re going to take back of the pliers and we're going to crimp that on nice and tight. Now I usually take another pair of pliers and I'm going to twist this and this is going to make everything really nice and secure and make sure that the safety ground wires aren't going to come apart in the box. This is nice and secure at this point. This is nice and secure at this point. Now we're just going to spread these wires out and this little hole actually makes the hook, I mean a lot of folks don't know this but pretty quick way to do it. Now it's important to put one of the ground wires at the back of the metal box because if a wire ever did come loose and it touches the metal box it's going to trip the breaker. If you don't have this wire here it will not trip the breaker. Now at this point what we're going to do is we’re going to go ahead and put the ground on the portion of the outlet and on the green lug so we are going to go ahead and tight it up get up. Now since this is going to be a double outlet box, we're going to go ahead and just put on another outlet so you just bring the wires from that outlet over and go ahead and snug it up. The next step is to take electrical tape and we're going to put on two wraps or at least to wraps and this makes sure that there's no lugs that are going to be inside the box that are going to be exposed so if there's any wire that moves around there's not going to be exposed wires. So we'll wrap the second outlet an electrical tape so everything's all tidied up, Now it's time to go ahead and put the electrical plate on.
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can you REUSE crush washers? (mechanics secret)
A lot of people ask me the question, can I reuse crush washers? With the right technique of making sure they are flat, you can. I have been reusing crush washers for years. The trick to reusing them is you need to remove the distortion they have when they were crushed on to your part. This distortion is what makes crush washers so effective. If you try putting a crush washer back on without taking the distortion out, there's a good chance it will leak. Hope you find the video useful.
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are my tie rod ends BAD??? (easy way to TEST)
Do you have a problem with your steering!! This video shows how to see if your steering tie rod ends are bad. It's actually pretty easy. Tie rod ends are not that difficult to replace and if you do it right, getting the alignment right afterwards it's pretty straightforward. Hope you enjoy the video, would love to hear your comments.
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BEST way to install brake lines (how NOT to round fittings)
Changing your brake lines can be a real tough job. The trick is to not round of your brake lines well trying to get them off. There's a few techniques that you can use to give you the best chance possible to get the lines out without frustration. If you're going to replace the line anyway, cut the line and get a six-point socket on the fittings. This will save you a lot of time. Hope you enjoy the video.
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error code P2293 (RESOLVED)
Error code P2293 deals with the fuel pressure on the second fuel pressure sensor or thrust sensor. The sensor is found on the fuel rail on the 2.0 T engines. There's a lot of things that can cause this error to happen like for instance a dirty fuel filter, the high-pressure fuel pump, The cam follower underneath the high-pressure fuel pump. In this case it was the fuel pressure sensor itself. There was a sensor change on these Audi and VW Volkswagen cars between 2006 and 2007. The right sensor needs to be in place to get the right feedback to the computer. Hope you find the video useful. If you have 2006 or lower year you need a 116 bar thrust sensor or pressure sensor. Part number (261 545 059) The sensor I used was a Bosch, but I'm sure there's other brands. The Audi I put this in was a 2005 If you have a 2007 or above you need a 126 bar thrust sensor or pressure fuel sensor . (06J906051D) (VW AG) The color of the sensor is orange.
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BEST way to fix plastic parts (PROVEN method)
When your favorite product breaks, and you're not quite ready to give up, this video will give you the skills necessary to fix it better than it was new. Most products are made out of a plastic called polyethylene or poly propylene. There's not and effective glue or solvent that breaks this material down so you can fix it. What makes the plastic great, makes it difficult to fix. I've developed a few techniques over the years on how to structurally fix these types of plastic parts. Using a propane torch and the right size paper clip will fix your favorite gizmo really well, so you don't have to give it up. These techniques have saved me lots of money over the years. I hope you enjoy the video. If you fix something cool please let me know I would love to hear other people Learning something useful from the videos.
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SUCKING yellow jackets right out of their nest (effective homemade trap for wasps and hornets)
What do you do when YELLOW JACKETS build their nest right in between your floor and your ceiling. There’s no way to access their nest. You’re certainly not going to tear out your floor or your ceiling, got to innovate a plan to get rid of them. If you suck the yellow jackets right out of their hive with a vacuum that will lower the population substantially. Then you can place poison powder right at the entry point so they’ll drag poison right into the hive. It’s never fun to have to deal with yellow jackets so close and personal. If anyone has had any other tactics that have worked please add your comments, it will help us all. Trap yellow jackets fast How to quickly trap yellow jackets Yellow jacket problem? What home remedy will kill yellow jackets How to get rid of a yellow jacket nest Simple ways to kill yellow jackets or wasps Effective nontoxic way to kill wasps and yellow jackets ground hornets How to kill a yellow jacket colony Best way to get rid of yellow jackets How to get rid of yellow jackets naturally Homemade yellow jacket killer Yellow jacket nest in wall How to get rid of yellow jackets under a porch Eastern yellow jacket Western yellow jacket
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REMOVE heavy oxidation so your car will SHINE
There’s an art to making a car shine. Sometimes the oxidation on the paint so bad, You’ll feel like it’ll never Shine again. With a little bit of skill in the right equipment it’ll shine. 1200 grit sandpaper is a good place to start when the oxidation is really bad. Then rubbing compound, and then finally polishing compound to really make it come alive. Hope you enjoy the video. How to polish a car by hand How to polish a car with a buffer How to buff a car by hand How to cut and polish a car by hand How often should I polish my car Restore your cars finish Give your car a glossy shine The perfect shine How to polish a car at home How to buff a car like a pro How to wet sand and polish a car Beginners guide to polish in a car How to remove oxidation from your car Car polishing tips and techniques Polish a car with guaranteed no swirl free finish DIY detailing tips Paint correction explained How to get the best shine and Luster from your paint job How to restore your car’s paint How to protect and restore your car’s paint Wet sand wetsand Color sanding wet sanding Car scratch removal How to restore paint
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toyota starter DEFECT  (hidden engineering flaw)
Toyota has a defect in their starters but a lot of people are not talking about yet. The starter Will malfunction and the problem is difficult to diagnose. If you take the starter into the auto parts store to have it tested it will pass, but when you put it back on your car it will fail. Toyota used a plastic gear in the starter that will prematurely fail and Will still perform its task but it will not be able to turn the engine over. This video shows the problem happening and goes into the details of showing exactly what fails.
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BEST way to use a FLARING TOOL kit (brake lines, HVAC)
The high-pressure line on my power steering started to leak. The flare on the steel tubing was cracked. I cut off the crack flair and re-created a new flare of that sealed up perfectly.
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WHY smoke test is better than a high pressure test
I LIKE using a smoke test to find a leak a lot better than using a high pressure test. If your Turbo has a boost problem a high-pressure test is normally what you do. I have found that any hard to find leak is useful to start with a smoke test.The pressure test can be pretty scary because if you have any of your plugs lose they can pop out at you. At the very least I would put a towel or something over the plug so if it doesn’t pop out and come come flying out at you. I also find that a smoke test is very visual. If there is a leak that smoke will start to come out. Then you can really see where it’s coming from. Then after you tried to fix it, you could puff some smoke and see and verify that you have the problem fixed. These are some of the reasons I prefer the smoke machine over a high pressure test.
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BEST way to remove broken or stripped bolts (proven method)
It's never convenient when a bolt breaks off. Knowing and effective method of extracting the broken bolt makes the job move forward again. There's definitely some skill involved, but once you have the technique it's just like clockwork. Hope you find the video useful.
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STOP fighting rusty parts DISSOLVE THE RUST
RUST is one of the most frustrating challenges when fixing your vehicle. You wish you could find that magic bullet to snap your fingers and have all the rust gone. In this video I discovered a technique for removing rust almost completely. It’s not as fast as snapping your fingers, but this technique can be done before you start the job. You don’t even need to remove the part from the vehicle. By placing containers around your rusty part you can pour an acid like vinegar around the park and let it work. When you’re done soaking, it seems like magic to see all that rust gone. How to remove rust on car parts quickly and safely Removing rust with vinegar How to remove surface rust from your car parts Rust remover Remove rust from your car parts the easy way How to remove rust from metal Remove rust quickly How to clean old car parts Rust removal Rust removal guide Homemade rust remover DIY rust remove Freeing seized parts Rust off How to remove rust without damaging the part Oxidation remover for metals Best rust remover solution How to clean rust off your parts Full rust removal Nontoxic rust removal Environmentally safe rust removal Eliminating rust Rust repair Remove rust without sanding or grinding
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HIT deer! (CHEAPEST way to fix your car)
So I hit a deer. Even though the damage looks pretty severe, it's actually not that difficult of repair, especially if you can find the right color parts from the junkyard. I have hit several deer and the parts usually cost about five to $600. Of course there's labor, your labor. Some of the parts under the hood might need to be bent back into shape, I use a hydraulic Porta power to straighten things back up. You can definitely do the job for less than your Insurance deductible. I hope you learn something in the video and please feel free to comment on any of your experiences. Transcript So I borrowed my dad's car and of course I hit a deer. Well let's go ahead and get started. The hood is pretty crunched up, and of course the headlights. They're smashed. This one's really bad shape yuck. So this one is not near as bad but we're going to go ahead and replace it because everything is cracked off. We’ll take the cross-memberoff, and you can definitely see it's dinged up, and bent. And the condenser. It has not broken a hole in it. So I'm going to go ahead and take two by fours and clamps, and go ahead and start to pull it back in. Here's a new cross-member from the junkyard. Now I'll get creative with this and will start to stretch the parts of the car back into shape. further and then retract it so the holes will line up. Ok, now when this thing retracts back the bolt just lines right up. So go ahead and put that in and i’m going to start getting the new hood put back on. Wow, does that look a lot better! It matches and was not really that expensive. So you can see now that the hood is starting to go together. Now we're going to start getting the headlights put on. So we'll get this rivet it out of the way. Start to pull back some of this the plastic portion to gain access to the lower bumper. You take off the bolt and basically just snaps right off pretty easy once you get that bolt out of there. So we can start to get those old broken headlight pieces and start to straighten up the frame and get it ready for the headlight. Check these out...brand new headlights and they weren’t that expensive... 40 bucks a piece. They even came with the headlights in them. Now that's incredible. So let's go ahead and start to put in and get the bulbs all position and get everything lined up. And while it's opened up I mean you can even clean the light bulb make sure they're all good to go. And there it goes. It fits right into place and then we'll start to bolt them. It is sure nice to have the little pieces ready to go. And we'll bolt the top one in. And it's starting to look like a car again. Lets go ahead and snap the bumper back and it goes right into place. Ok, so now we're going to start to put the lower part of the bumper back into place, bolt it in and then start to work the plastic back in. Then we're going to put the rivet back in. And that's pretty much what it takes. There... now we're going to go ahead and get the other light bulb in. And it is having a little bit of the alignment problem. I can kind of see by feeling both of them and looking at the spacing so we're going to go back with the porta power and start to do some fine adjustments because this whole thing needs to come forward in order to make this bolt line up. So here we go... let's crank it out. You can see it move. Bring it a little bit further than you feel like you should and then when it retracts back in, the hole is going to line up so let's see how this goes. It looks like we're all lined and ready to go. So I'm going to go ahead give it a little bit of a flex and put the bolt back in. And there it is. Ok now that we've got them both, it's time to pull off that plastic and expose those brand new headlights. Now it's really starting to look like it used to. So my dad gets his car back. That's going to be great. So we'll close the hood and now we're just going to test the lights and just make sure that everything's in good shape. There we go... those lights work... those guys work... excellent! It looks like we're good to go. If you like what I'm doing here please give me a thumbs up and also please subscribe. Thank you.
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LOW-COST hydraulic hose solution  (don’t buy custom made hydraulic hoses)
I used to only buy hydraulic hoses whenever one started leaking, because custom hydraulic hoses are so expensive.then I discovered that if you and by standard fittings and hoses for a fraction of the cost. Now I don't take chances with pushing a hydraulic hose too far. If it looks like it needs repaired, I just replace them all. It's great!
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replace coil springs (the LOW-COST way)
SOMETIMES you can have a broken coil spring and not even know it. The cars not quite driving right but you’re not sure why. One trick to verifying a broken spring is to look at the other side and compare. Putting a new spring on your car isn’t hard when you understand the basic concepts. In this video I go through the basics so you can feel confident to safely install coil springs. Hope you enjoy the video. How to replace coil springs How to change coil springs How much does it cost to replace coil springs Do coil springs where out? How to install coil springs Coil spring replacement Why replace coil springs How to tell if your coil spring is bad How to safely install coil springs Replacing coil springs Coil spring compressor How long to replace a coil spring Do I need new coil springs Suspension coil springs Replace coil spring without replacing strut Coil springs replacement and installation Easy way to install coil springs Rear coil springs When is it time to replace my coil springs Suspension springs Struts and shocks absorbers Replacing the back coil spring Coil spring install Complete strut assembly Guide to replacing coil springs Helical coil springs Clunking noise when you’re driving Broken coil spring
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GREEN!, GREEN!, GREEN! lawnmower runs on old car battery
These electric lawnmowers are really nice until that expensive battery dies. I converted this worx Electric lawnmower to run with a 12 V car battery instead of the original 24 V battery that came with the mower. Although it has only 12 V the most the grass fine, And it last a lot longer than the original battery, but it doesn't have as much power. This mower was donated to science so I had nothing to lose. Hope you enjoy the video.
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does DIRT on your battery drain power??? (here's PROOF)
I've always heard that if there's dirt on the top of the battery it will drain power from the car battery. I had a really dirty battery so I figured I would run the test and see if it was true. When I put my volt meter on the positive battery terminal and the top of the dirty battery there was about a 4V drain. Once I clean the battery that drain was gone. So it appears that it's a good idea to clean the top of your battery to stop power from draining off. I would imagine there aren't very many amps going through the dirt and Grease on the battery but that would be another good test to try. If you have any comments please feel free to let me know any of your thoughts.
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how to FIX a rust hole in a rocker panel (fast, low-cost method)
Fixing a rust hole on the rocker panel can be expensive. I've done body work on cars for a lot of years, and have developed some techniques to make the job fast, easy and cheap. If you're trying to get a car through inspection and you want to car to look acceptable there are some shortcuts that are effective. Most rust on a car happens on the rocker panels. I use structural foam to fill the holes and then coat them with Body filler to give it some nice structure. Then I paint the bottom black so there is no finish work. The entire process takes about an hour. And it only cost about $20. Hope you enjoy the video.
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BEST way to replace wheel bearing on Volkswagen / Audi
Replacing these rear wheel bearings on Audi and Volkswagen can be a bit tricky. In this video I go through some of the pitfalls on the job. Most of the job is straightforward. It is important to not try and remove the speed sensor because it is rusted. It's easy to pop out the backseat and disconnect the sensor. If you try to remove the sensor you will break it and you will need to replace it. That's the first pitfall. Next it is important that you use a floor mounted press to get this wheel bearing press out. As much as I would want to remove it on the car it's not practical, You will destroy the bearing remover tool. Before I put the bearing in I threw it in the freezer so it is contracted to its smallest size before pressing it in. I also grind the old bearing down just a little bit so I can use it to press in the new bearing, then it just drops right out. It is also necessary to press in the wheel hub while the assembly is off the car or you will hammer out the bearing when installing it on your car. I make sure to support the bearing while pressing in the hub. Hopefully this video helps. A wheel bearing replacement or ball bearing replacement is the kind of job you might hire someone to do, but the wheel bearing cost itself is not very expensive. You can save yourself most of the wheel bearing replacement cost by doing the work yourself. You'll see the car wheel bearing behind the wheel hub. You usually will know when yours needs replaced when you hear a wheel bearing noise. If your car bearings are wearing down, you should probably start calling around to get a rear wheel bearing replacement cost. You will probably find the cheapest wheel bearing replacement price online. SCRIPT: Now here we have a wheel bearing problem and you can see the wheel shake, and also when you're driving it you can really hear it hum. Ok well let's get started with the wheel on the ground we're going to take the axle build off with an impact wrench, and then go ahead and let's remove the wheel. We will pull the caliper off get the brake pads out of there and let's go ahead and remove the caliper different caliber folds out here's the next one and the piece for the caliper. Go ahead and pull the rotor off and the rotor shield. Ok so now we're going to take the wheel hub off and you just kind of Hammer it of and it comes right off. Now we're going to take the wire for the ABS sensor off because you definitely don't want to take out the sensor from the hub because you'll ruin it every time. So we pull out the seat and go ahead and disconnect the wire and then we're going to wrap a string around it and pull it through and then when we pull the new wire through it's going to work just fine. Ok so now we're going to take off the knuckle and you just pound this bottom portion out and this is actually where the alignment happens. And then go ahead and start to pulling off all the parts that connect the knuckle. Ok so now we just take all these cases off and then you just kind of wiggle it and it comes out. Ok so now that we have it off the car we're going to go ahead and start pressing out the old bearing there it goes. Ok so now we're going to take the old ball bearing and we're going to start grinding it down just a little bit because we're going to use this actually push the new bearing into place and be able to get it out. So go ahead and tap it with a plastic hammer. Let's put the ground down ball bearing on to the new bearing and then we're going to use the press to go ahead and start pressing the new wheel bearing into the wheel hub. So this concludes our wheel bearing replacement and there's no wheel bearing noise. That is great. Hey, if you like what I've got please and like and subscribe. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wheel bearing replacement - Wheel bearing cost - Wheel bearing replacement cost - Car wheel bearing - Wheel hub - Car bearings - Rear wheel bearing replacement cost - Ball bearing - Wheel bearing noise - Wheel bearing - Wheel bearing replacement price
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BEST way to solder wires (PROVEN method that works)
Soldering wires together is a skill, But with a few basic techniques you can make solder joints that you can hang of. A lot of people think that flux is necessary to make good strong solder joints but if you tin the wires properly you will be amazed how strong a solder joint can be. Hope you enjoy the video.
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FLAT tire repair (how to use a tire repair kit)
Oh no!!! You walk out and your tire is flat. A lot of folks spend hours getting something like this down to the mechanic. There's a lot of jobs that are just easier to do yourself. This is one of those jobs. Here in the video I go through the basic steps on how to find the leak, and then how to fix it. I hope you find this useful and quick to understand. If you have any comments or suggestions I would love to hear them. Thank you for your time.
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SAVE time and money learn how to plastic weld car parts
Plastic welding with a soldering iron is a skill, but when you get good at it, you will use it all the time. This technique will save you not only time but money. Hope you find the video useful
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BEST way to remove airlock in radiator  (remove air bubbles)
Here's an easy way to get the air out of your coolant in your car after working on the cooling system. The car will eventually belch out all the air, But sometimes the car will start to overheat because of this air. For years I have struggled to find a way to get the air out of the system especially when the radiator is lower than some parts of the engine. I found this funnel device that brings the coolant higher than the highest point of the engine. I usually run the car for about 15 minutes and watch the air bleed out of the system. Hope you enjoy the video please feel free to comment on your experiences.
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FIX almost any switch for pennies
I find it’s EASIER to fix a switch that is broken, then trying to find the right switch, then you have to wait for to come in then hope it’s the right one, Then replace it. Almost every industrial switch is made the same way and fail the same way. There are contacts made out of silver, and after turning on and off the machine so many times these contacts become pitted. Then your switch becomes intermittent or won’t work at all. It’s easy to fix this problem by pulling out these contacts and cleaning off the pitted and corroded contact. Sometimes I think it’s easier to clean the contact because they are easy to get out, sometimes trying to get the blade terminals off is more difficult than just taking up the terminals. Once the terminals or clean this repair works as good as a new switch. So why buy a new switch take that money and put it into something else you’d rather. Hope you found the video useful
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brake drums WON'T come off?!!! (RESOLVED)
There's a reason why brake drums get stuck on the car. Once you know the trick, you won't have this problem anymore. Are used to think drums rusted on the car and that's why they were so hard to get off. It's not so much the rust but a ridge that is formed on the outside of the rotor. Now that you can identify this Ridge, you can take care of the problem. Hope you enjoy the video
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BEST way to remove engine sludge (prevent low pressure)
One of the biggest culprits that causes low oil pressure is engine sludge. Especially when it builds up on the pick up tube in the oil pan. Do you want to be proactive when it comes to keeping the sludge out of your engine. Changing your oil every 3000 miles is a good start. Even if synthetic oil starts to look dirty it's a good idea to change it. This video shows an effective method on how to get the grit out of your engine. Hope you enjoy the video.
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BEST tips on how to change brake shoes
When working on automotive brakes everything is important, but there are some things more in important than others. This video shows the overall concept of how to change drum brakes and shoes. Hope you enjoy the video.
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using a drill as a PRECISION lathe
You have a Percision part you need to have made. You don't have a lathe, and you don't want to pay an arm and a leg to have it done. With a Power drill, calipers and a metal file you can do amazing things. In the video I show how to make a precision part for a gear puller. Hope you enjoy the video.
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LOOK INSIDE the common hairdryer (surprisingly useful parts!!)
Some of the most valuable components come out of the most unlikely places. A hairdryer for instance contains a powerful DC motor. The applications for a component like this is exciting. If you like building exciting projects out of piles of junk you’ll love this video.
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car battery charger (PROVEN method)
If the lights get left on and the battery gets drained all the way down, you might be able to jump it to get it home but the battery won't be fully charged. It's best to put a battery charger on the car and top of the power so you have the confidence to drive the car without the concern of a dying again.
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Resurface Old Rotors In 8 Minutes (Save 80$)
These days it's not even worth paying to have your rotors Resurfaced. If you could do it yourself it would be worth it. Especially if it only took eight minutes a rotor. I've used this technique and it works well in most cases. Hope you find this information useful.
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