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Cobra Exhaust Sound Clip
nothing extremely exciting here, just a sound clip of my car at idle and a few revs.
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Smoke em if ya got em!
a little video i threw together of my 2003 cobra and me sending the tires off properly! nothing like a smokey burnout to to finish em off!! The music in the video is Rev Theory's "Wanted man". FYI- the burnout was done in second gear at around 4500rpm. the eaton just screams!!!
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Lambo VS 68 Charger
nice lambo taking on a 68 charger that is built very well.
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2003 SVT Mustang Cobra Burnout
Ok, please read for the details. This burnout was done on the old set of radials just before putting on a fresh set of drag radials. It was done in second gear while using my line lock. The car does have a ported blower and supporting mods. Please see my profile on the autolog for all the mods to the Cobra. http://www.theautolog.com/profile.php?member=azsonicsnake&vehicle=4322 Just wanted to upload the unedited version of my video so it could be enjoyed by mobil users as well.
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515rwhp 2003 Mustang Cobra
here is my cobra putting down 515rwhp and 522rwtq at the performance solution dyno day. this car has a ported eaton running 16lbs of boost.
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Kenne Bell Beast!
a kenne belld' stang layin down some numbers on the dyno. car is owned and tuned by Devin Cline of Performance Solution Racing.
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99 camaro ss
a sweet 99 camaro ss putting down some 1/4 mile times.
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Dans Cobra
the PSR race car getting it done in the 1/4 mile!
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Cobra on the flats
took the cobra of on tortilla flats. yea, no front sway bar makes for fun. not going too fast in these, as i am holding the camera and driving. mainly wanted to get across the sound and feel.
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Coyotes prospect camp 2011
Phoenix coyotes prospect camp 2011. Video features andy miele, evan bloodoff, brandon gormley and others.
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Ported Cobra Run
heres a pass with my cobra at full weight. this is a new best with the car at fullweight. [email protected]
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shanes mach 1
heres shanes fastest run of the night in his mach 1.
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Devin's 2nd Run
devin making a pass at speedworld
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AFSC Easy Street Finals
here is the finals from the may 3 race of the arizonas fastest street cars race held at speedworld in surprise arizona.
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T-28C Trojan Start up and Warm up
A video from falcon fields open house 2014.
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SST Phoenix Stadium Super Truck final lap 2013
The final lap from the Stadium Super Truck final.
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Jay's Mach 1
my good friend jay's mach 1 makin a pass down the 1320.
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Tony's 2003 Cobra Dyno Run
my terminator putting down some number on the dyno at performance solutions. 445whp,454wtq
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Tony's 11 Second Pass!!
finally i pulled it off with my cobra! ran [email protected] with a 1.72 60' time. now for the ported blower!! big thanks to performance solutions for all thier help with my car!
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Ported Cobra Run
here is a practice pass in my cobra. this was ran full weight and was dialing in the car for an 11.50 class that i run in. the time at the end is and [email protected] this was done with a 1.66 60' time.
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quick viper
one fast ass viper
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tony's cobra
my 03 cobra putting down some 1/4 mile runs
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Tony Gets Booted
me taking my ported eaton cobra down the track. the 60' time was 1.50. i was asked to either slow down or go home do to not having a cage yet. its now cage time!! the time was [email protected]
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Dan's Cobra
here is Dan from Performance solutions layin down one impressive run with his cobra.
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cobra can't shift!
here is me messing up my elimination pass at the AFSC shootout on feb 9th. hit the gate on the 2-3 upshift. dangit!
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Dan's Cobra
dan crackin' off a 9.70!
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99 camaro ss
here is a very sweet 99 camaro ss putting down some kick butt times on the track.
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New Personal Best
here is my cobra running a ported eaton running a new personal best. the 60 was not the greatest due to doing dry burnout, and not getting the left rear hot, but the time was still a new best. the 60' was a 1.62. time is an [email protected]
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Tony's Monsoon Pass
here is my pass at the copperstate mustang club's monsoon madness friday night drags.
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AFSC Outlaw finals
here is the final race from the june race of the arizonas fastest street cars in the outlaw class.
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Turbo Dave at AFSC may 3 Race
makin a true street pass in his nova.
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50 bmg's belt goes away!
blower belt destruction on the dyno!
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mach vs mach
a fine pair of machs getting it done in the 1/4 mile!
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Blue Mach 1
a beautiful azure blue mach 1 making a pass at firebird.
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Adam's Jetta
my good friend adam running his badass jetta down the 1/4 mile. once he figures out the launch, this car will be well into the bottom 13's!
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dyno run
my 03 cobra ran on the dyno at xact dyno. put down 440/440, it was 90 degrees out, and we had just gotten done running it fairly hard for recording audio for a video game. so, not the greatest numbers it could put down, but respectable for the circumstances.
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Andrew's Mach 1
my friend andrew takin his beautiful azure blue mach down the track.
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Shane's mach 1
heres a run of two machs. shane is piloting the one on the left.
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Jay's Record Setting Run
jay running his 03 to an impressive 11.59 on a 100 shot of nitrous.
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Diehard's Pass
diehard mustang gt with a whipple making a 1/4 mile pass.
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AFSC Outlaw Finals
The finals from the may 3 race of the arizonas fastest street cars.
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Hostile's run down the track!
a very nicely done supercharged gt making a run down the 1320 along side of an olds 442....did not get the times though. sorry.
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AFSC Easy Street Finals
here is the finals from the easy street class at the june 14th race of the arizonas fastest street cars.
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psr cobra
here is the psr cobra making a pass on the 1320
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Jay's Mach 1
my friend jay making a pass in his mach 1.
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tony's cobra at the shoot
just a video of my cvar being ran to record audion for a video game.
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Tony's Cobra
here is my new best. this is with the newly installed ported eaton 2.76 upper, 2lb lower, and other supporting goodies. big thanks to all the guys at Performance Solutions for halping me make my car as fast as it is.
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Tony's 2nd pass with the termintor
the second time down the track with the beast. only ran a [email protected], and that was with missing a shift and a bad 2.05 60' time. leaves plenty of room for improvement. Thanks to Bryant Peters for the handy video work!
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Tony vs. Rambo
this was my match up vs. rambo in the 1st round of the palo verde hot rods summer bracket race. unfortunatly rambo turned on the red light, and passed me the win right away. but it was his first night out on the new setup, and he was dialing it in still.
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Stadium Super Truck Heat 1 Phoenix
The first ever heat race from Robby Gordon's SST Phoenix!
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