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Reaction to Chicago Kidnapping sparking hashtag  #BLMkidnapping
Purely observation and opinion. I am so sad for this kid who was assaulted.
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Amazon Alexa 30 apps and skills in 30 days. SLEEP SOUNDS!
Also beneficial for writing, meditation, napping babies, etc.
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How to enable text to speak in Microsoft Word 2016
Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! www.dailydollartools.com
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Alexa reads kindle books. Who knew? Now you do.
Alexa reading THE PLANT by Penn Ame / TK Kinney http://amzn.to/2lUuHXZ Now the best way to sell your book as an audiobook without hiring a voice actor. Let Alexa do it!
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Starting a t-shirt campaign in LESS than 10 minutes.
GO HERE: https://www.bonfire.com/welcome/0e513d700c784/ Come back and watch the How-to collection for more but this video covers the basics and will get you earning if you are ready to work!
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Biker Helmet Stickers... say it.. because you still can!
A short tour through the mild to wild, wonderful world of sticky sarcasm known as http://www.thatsticker.com. Have fun and as always Ride/Drive/Play/Stay safe! UPDATE 06/06/13 see: http://downtothepenny.blogspot.com
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Level Rewards - Not I told you so. I'm telling you so.
http://bit.ly/Level2018 Note: I uploaded that video about people trying to cheat Level Rewards on 12/28/17 https://youtu.be/CuqMO4GC2Iw
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Pinning a post on BLOGGER the easy way!
TK Kinney Author Page http://amzn.to/2FiBQ14 www.DailyDollarTools.com
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10tshirts.com teespring t-shirt unboxing with sticker direct from teespring.com campaign.
First look at a freshly printed on demand teespring t-shirt and sticker. Get the shirt at 10tshirts.com get the free fiverr gig at dailydollartools.com. GO HERE FOR FREEBIE: http://bit.ly/1UzhbWA
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Amazon Alexa apps and skills 30 in 30 days 3/4/17 TD Ameritrade!
Trade like a boss... with Alexa gathering some data with the TD Ameritrade skill. Here is a link to the dailydollartools.com blog post with the big 100 list of things to do with Alexa!
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How to possibly increase pageviews per visit to your blog
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Quick basic babystep walk through :Teespring
Get started here...don't wait until January 1st to change your life. https://teespring.com/invites/jg0hkg Watch how simple it is to go from making a t-shirt to a mug and then a hoodie!
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Bret Michaels Sterling Heights Michigan SterlingFest 7/29/17
Mainstage at Sterlingfest. Look what the cat dragged in.A little shaky cam due to being pushed to and fro by a happy crowd!
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#Teespring It's that easy
My personal Teespring Invite link: https://teespring.com/invites/jg0hkg Discount Code FOR PURCHASES: BIG25 WWW.DAILYDOLLARTOOLS.COM
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working mans opinion of www.thatsticker.com
UPDATE 06/06/13 see: http://downtothepenny.blogspot.com
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How you could earn $50 a day ($1500 a month) or more with Level Rewards.
Sign up: http://bit.ly/GetLevelwithTK (my affiliate link) Reach out for help: http://www.tkkinney.com
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Amazon merch tshirt unboxing... unbagging and review. 2/22/17
Search 10tshirts on Amazon to find out shurts, see pricing, and get some!
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Changing the name from Alexa to something else and why.  Amazon
Here is a blog post with 100 things to do with your Alexa.. or whatever you choose to call her now. http://bit.ly/2mDAGk7 Just go into settings in the Alexa app and change the wake word once you select your Echo, Dot, or Tap. It's simple!
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Electroneum $40M cap... yes, you missed the boat.
The Electroneum .01USD token sale did not go until 10/31 as expected. What are your thoughts? #FreebieFriday grab http://bit.ly/TKs100k0920
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Wondering about those 10tshirts.com stickers made by teespring?
Here is what the indoor outdoor vinyl stickers look like. Get yours at 10tshirts.com. Free shipping code is FREEDOM2017 Want your own line of wearables or stickers with little or NO INVESTMENT? http://bit.ly/1UzhbWA
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Woodbaby Fantasypuppet.com
Clearly, this is not a paid ad since I barely knew where he came from. Enjoy a look and if you have a #Woodbaby, please drop a link to a video or pics of yours in the comments. I adore mine.
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Saturday morning Social Media marketing Update 1/12/13
UPDATE 06/06/13 see: http://downtothepenny.blogspot.com This was pretty much a ramble but hope you learn something. Don't forget to subscribe. I have oodles of ramble and you just might pick up something, dust off the gibberish and make it work for you! http://downtothepenny.blogspot.com/ http://www.thatsticker.com http://www.booshaka.com http://www.facebook.com/thatstickerfanpage (that Digital Video Camera is still up for grabs, feel free to like the page and up your chances. US Residents only due to postage and customs implications) Have a great week!
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WebMD! Amazon Alexa can hook you up!
30 apps and skills in 30 days. March 6, 2017 Don't forget to go see the list of 100 things Alexa can handle here http://dailydollartools.blogspot.com/2017/02/here-are-some-fun-things-you-can-ask.html
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I (heart) Ebates and here is why!
UPDATE 06/06/13 see: http://downtothepenny.blogspot.com Very pedestrian quicky to show how easy it is to get deals on the internet as well as rebates. Those commercials on TV aren't kidding. Look at the list of stores and see! http://bit.ly/Tz6Utd *** Silent movie to make room for the music of your choice! ;-)
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dailydollartools overview 720p v2 1 1
Adding fresh and current information that could lead you to your own version of financial freedom. The blog just posted the November 15th list and not a survey site on it!
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When all else fails... sit on the skunk?
Www.10tshirts.com presents... stinky dinner guest steals food from masked bandit.
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Things Amazon Alexa can do for you.
Thunderstorm sounds.
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Week 1, day 1 of 12 week year //
www.dailydollartools.com If you aren't familiar with the 12 week year process, please pick up a FREE copy of the audiobook and devour it. It's a game changer. Read blog post http://bit.ly/2step2017, grab the trial and then the audiobook and stop dreaming and start doing things that get you closer to your dreams.
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Make more money with your smartphone? www.smartphoneincome365.com
Ready to actually make money online? This WILL help. www.smartphoneincome365.com
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Have you ever been serviced by MCA? Motor Club of America
Looking for comments. Have you ever been towed, had a battery jumped, tired changed, lockout services rendered, gas delivered through MCA? Comment below.
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New mug from #SeriouslyArmed
Get it here. rice for a limited time only! http://bit.ly/2osNIVg
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Clickbait is ruining society. It's not about information anymore.
Demand news for the sake of news. Clickbait is making this activity profitable and acceptable. You deserve better.
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Amazon Echo 30 apps/skills in 30 days.
2/18/17 Day 1
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Motor Club of America: Here's some brutal honesty
bit.ly/TKMCA2017 If you are considering MCA, I feel it is important for you to have access to my observations as a new ISA. Let's talk! Signing up to be sponsored by Team Kinney? Don't forget to join the Facebook group! http://bit.ly/2fcCiz1 Link to glassdoor MCA page: http://bit.ly/2fcCYV5
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I'm building my MCA team and here is why....
www.bit.ly/TKMCA2017 There is a laundry list of reasons why but the most effective one is money = security. More money= more security. MCA is the opportunity I've been looking for. Join me and we'll navigate that first year together. MCA all the way. www.bit.ly/TKMCA2017
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Why I will NOT promote MCA as a business. Motor Club of America
LOOK HERE: [email protected] 222,000,000 licensed drivers in 2016? Are you really benefiting from putting your energy into a downline?
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MCA unboxng today. 9/28/2017 Getting ready to do the most epic scam ripoff report ever.
See how pretty that awesome MCA card is in real life. Ask questions from someone who isn't just trying to get you signed up for the $80. We're in it so we can both win it! #TKs100k
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Level Rewards UPDATE and REVIEW 12/16/2017
www.dailydollartools.com www.tkkinney.com http://bit.ly/workathomesweethome
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How to enhance your Teespring products to sell more.
Feel free to jump in. Teespring has made some incredible changes that are going to help you sell and then sell more. https://teespring.com/invites/jg0hkg and then thumbs up and subscribe for more tips and observations!
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Google express $10 merch credit just for trying it out!
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Not much to see but SO MUCH to gain!
Here is that link! http://bit.ly/2pe8w05 http://www.dailydollartools.com/
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A quick look at the SeriouslyArmed.com line and DISCOUNT!
The post I was speaking about in the video can be found at bit.ly/iwishyouwould 17% Discount code for all products at thatsticker.com/seriouslyarmed.com is VETERANSROCK.
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Dollar Tree® Haul? Are you a Dollar Store flipper? Ambassador of Arbitrage?
Here is the post where you will leave your tales of WHOA! What's your best DTA or DSA story? Could be worth a $20 gift card. Go HERE to add your story to the comments section! http://dailydollartools.blogspot.com/2017/06/20-dollar-tree-arbitrage-challenge.html
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Royaltie Gem & The Beach Boys crowd of 4300 - Royalty
http://bit.ly/levelme Yes, these things do sell themselves. Join Teamkinney and I will share the 3 ways I know to earn with this new gizmo!
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