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Official Sizzle Reel Over The Rainbow
Over The Rainbow is a hilarious feature film starring an alluring cast including an Emmy winning actress, as well as music from a Grammy nominated artist. Blyss is on the roller coaster of life, and constantly is exploring new experiences; as well as seeming to live in a world of juxtaposition....While experiencing the freedom and struggles of being a young, independent woman in the big city-she is constantly discovering new ways to thrive and survive as she is on the brink of living her dream of being a working, successful performing artist and finding her true destiny. Blyss experiments during the weekend of Southern California's biggest music festival weekend of the season with profiting off all of the new phone apps developed in Silicon Beach to get ahead in life, yet instead she finds herself in a whirlwind of chaos. Over The Rainbow will be announcing it's feature screening during summer 2018! Subscribe to our channel for updates. Thanks for watching our sizzle reel!