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SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer for Utilities
See how SAP Cloud for Customer can streamline your call center.
SAP Cloud for Customer and hybris Commerce - Overview
This video gives you a high-level overview of the advantages of integrating hybris Commerce solution with SAP Cloud for Customer.
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Initial Setup for SAP Cloud for Customer
This video walks administrators through the necessary steps to go from the initial welcome e-mail to creating a service agent to use for administrative set-up tasks in your new SAP solution.
Assigning User Access Rights by Roles
For Administrators: find out how to create roles that you can assign to users for easier maintenance of user access rights.
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Start Here for Sales
Find out how to walk through the sales cycle: starting with an assigned lead, converting it to an opportunity, and finally reporting on the closed deal.
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Setting Up E-Mail Channels
For Administrators: find out how to set up e-mail channels in your solution.
Creating a Knowledge Base Mashup
For Administrators: find out how to create a data mashup to connect the articles in your external knowledge base to your solution.
Setting Up the Home Page and SAP Customer Insight
Save your end-users time and give them immediate value by predefining home page content and layout by role. You can also customize the SAP Customer Insight app right from the browser. This video shows you how!
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Administrator Adaptation Tools
For Administrators: learn how to adapt the SAP Cloud for Customer user interface.
Working with Report Details
Find out how to modify a report in the Web Browser view and how to add it to your dashboard.
SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, extended edition
Experience how the responsive ui design functions seamlessly across all devices- desktop, tablet and smartphone. And, instantly feel at home with the consistent and harmonized app experience across different devices.
Managing E-Mail Campaigns
Find out how to create and manage direct e-mail marketing campaigns. For more information on template creation, see: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_sapcustomerondemand/1305/en/KTP/Products/BYD_COD/SalesOD/SalesOD_ADMIN/SalesOD_ADM_CAMP_EMAIL_TEMPL.html
Image Recognition Improves Retail Displays
Looking for a quick way to use technology to help you ensure that your products are being displayed accurately at customer sites? Image recognition compares your predefined planogram with your pictures of the actual shelf display and calls out any suggestions for changes.
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Defining Routing Rules for Tickets
For Administrators: find out how to define routing rules for tickets.
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Prioritizing Tickets with Service Level Agreements
For Administrators: find out how to use Service Level Agreements to prioritize tickets.
Using Feed
Find out where feed updates come from, how to post and comment on feed updates, and where to find private updates.
Setting Up Service Teams
For Administrators: find out how to set up service teams.
SAP Cloud for Customer and hybris Commerce - B2B Use Cases
This video shows you various use cases to integrate hybris Commerce with SAP Cloud for Customer, specifically for the Business to Business scenario.
Start Here for Retail Execution
Find out all about retail execution, including planning a visit, recording site information with surveys, and working in offline mode at the account location.
Integration: How to Use the Standard A2X Integration Interfaces
Watch this video to learn how to use the standard A2X integration interfaces offered by SAP Cloud for Customer.
Working in Fiori Client
Core Features in Fiori Client: https://uacp2.hana.ondemand.com/viewer/e3d4d4173c6f4231a6a35885511484ee/1705/en-US
Enabling Chat for SAP Cloud for Customer
For Administrators: find out how to enable chat using SnapEngage so that your service agents can chat with customers.
Start Here for Social Engagement
(This video has been updated for the August 2013 release of SAP Cloud for Customer and includes a brief tour of the new UI.) Find out the basic information you need to get working on tickets in SAP Cloud for Social Engagement.
Working with Tickets
Handle incoming phone calls, use the knowledge base to resolve issues, and respond to tickets.
Working with Leads
Lead and Opportunities https://uacp2.hana.ondemand.com/viewer/e3d4d4173c6f4231a6a35885511484ee/1705/en-US/9e823db59c374cc28e0932a6a8c0f74b.html
Adding Custom Fields to Reports
For Administrators: find out how to add custom fields to objects in the solution and then add those fields to reports.
Sales Features for May 2018
For more information about what's new and to interact with our community of experts, check out these links. What's New in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer: https://help.sap.com/viewer/637db7a0d01e47009d9420e9a927c571/1805 SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Help Portal: https://help.sap.com/cloud4customer SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer at SAP Community https://www.sap.com/community/topic/hybris-cloud-for-customer.html Twitter: https://twitter.com/SAPHybris or @SAPHybris
Working in the Ticket List
Sort and filter, escalate and assign tickets from the ticket list in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.
An Overview of Data Workbench
Data Workbench will enable you to import, update and export high volume of data. Find out more here: https://blogs.sap.com/2018/05/04/all-about-migration-using-data-workbench/
Adapting the User Interface
For Administrators: find out how to adapt the user interface by renaming and reordering fields, as well as how to determine which fields are visible.
Working with Opportunities
Use opportunities in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer to track the details the deals you're grooming. Learn how to use opportunities to track activities in your timeline, review follow-up documents, check out your sales team, and close deals.
SAP Cloud for Customer and hybris Commerce - B2C Use Cases
This video shows you various use cases to integrate hybris Commerce with SAP Cloud for Customer, specifically for Business to Customer scenario, when an SAP ERP system is not available.