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Rocker Switch Useless Machine
This is another version of useless machine. You can find some details here: http://www.jumbleview.info/2013/06/competition-in-uselessness.html and here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Useless-Machine-in-the-Pumpkin-Mask/
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Outdoor Lens Exchange Protector
This simple solution protects DSLR or hybrid cameras from dusty or sandy wind during outdoor lens exchange
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Useless Machine with Super-Capacitor
This is variation of useless machine, which does not have micro-switch to stop it at the end. Instead, while moving forward, it stores energy in capacitor and uses that energy while moving backward. After lever is stopped at the end the rest of energy dissipates on motor winding. Some details you can find here: http://www.jumbleview.info/2017/11/rumination-of-uselessness.html and here https://www.instructables.com/id/Supercapacitor-Useless-Machine-or-Dialog-With-Smar/
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Three in a Row played by an Atmel Microcontroller
This toy uses ATmega 168 as a central processor. Some details of implementation you can find here: http://www.jumbleview.info/2013/07/atmel-microcontroller-plays-tic-tac-toe.html
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Useless (toggleless) Machine
This project was inspired by Brett Coulthard's publication "The most useless machine" (Issue 23 of Make Magazine). What distinguishes this version from the Make publication? 1.Instead of toggle switch it uses momentary pushbutton, custom made out of two lever switches. 2. It works not once but rather counts the number of pushes and repeats it before turning itself off. 3. It uses micro controller Pololu Baby Orangutan B-168 (it still completely cut itself off power when working cycle ends). I believe that despite of differences it demonstrates the same level of uselessness. Recently I published the post with some details of this project: http://www.jumbleview.info/2014/07/useless-machines-atmel-controllers.html .
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Sit-n-Stand Computer Desk Hutch
This is DIY hutch for a computer desk with the ability to switch from sitting to standing position within seconds.
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Monitor sit-&-stand desk
This is DIY computer monitor desk which allows to switch from sitting to standing position with no job interruption. You can find some details of this project here: http://www.jumbleview.info/2013/05/how-did-i-join-uprising.html
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Buttermilk Race Car
This is rubber band powered car made out of buttermilk paper bottle. You can find build details here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Buttermilk-Race-Car/
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Program to set Windows Background
This is the demonstration of jumbleview.exe: program to set windows background from command line, batch file or task scheduler. The project is publicly available at https://bitbucket.org/jumbleview/jumbleview. Thanks to www.openmusicarchive.org for music for this clip ("In The Dark-Flashes" by Bix Beiderbeck performed by Jess Stacy ).
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Useless machine simulator
This is useless machine simulator which I have used as proof of concept to build Rocker Switch Useless Machine. More details here: http://www.jumbleview.info/2013/06/competition-in-uselessness.html
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Useless Machine in the Pumpkin Mask
This is Useless Machine ready for Halloween Party. You can find some details here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Useless-Machine-in-the-Pumpkin-Mask/
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Trash Rubber Band Race Car
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Moon with the Bat Silhouette
This is Halloween decor: bat on the background on moon phases simulation. Sound track is from Mussorgsky Picture at an Exhibition provided by musopen.org
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