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CommSec share trading gives you the ability to trade Australian shares. Historically, the Australian share market has offered better long-term returns than most other investments 1 , making shares an important part of a diversified portfolio. How it works. When you buy a share, you become a part owner of that company. You will receive similar benefits to owning any business, such as a share of profits distributed through dividends, and usually the right to vote at company meetings. Easy to get started. Choice of settlement account. With CommSec, you can choose any Australian bank transaction account to use for buying and selling shares. You can use your existing bank account, or open a cash account with us. Flexibility. Trade today without cash. Free live data and quotes. You can enjoy free access to live company data and quotes, regardless of how seldom you trade. Free research. Enjoy free access to market-leading research, plus the latest financial market news, including daily video reports and Twitter updates from the CommSec media team. Potential tax benefits. Diversification. You can use shares to build a diversified investment portfolio as entry costs are relatively low and there is a large range of shares and sectors to choose from. You might want to consider the CommSec share packs to invest in a portfolio of leading companies chosen by the CommSec Investment Management Team. Capital loss risk. If you sell shares when the share price is lower than you bought it for, you will make a capital loss. Liquidity risk. While most companies have many buyers and sellers, not all companies will have a buyer or seller at the price and time you want. Market and economic risks. Like property and most other investments, companies and the share market are affected by a range of factors. Some shares may be more volatile or sensitive to different factors. Rates and fees. Brokerage Fees.