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Belize Now - February 15, 2019
Episode 64 1. Belize and Taiwan strengthen bilateral cooperation through Investment Exchange Missions 2. Ministry of Health holds appreciation ceremony for medical relief mission 3. Belize hosts press conference for 2019 Taipei Lantern Festival 4. Marie Sharp launches new pepper sauce with a special purpose 5. US Embassy donates new ambulance to Belize Coast Guard
The Belize Visionary Foundation of Baseball and Softball
For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/ If you are looking for family entertainment this weekend this event is for you. The Belize Visionary Foundation of Baseball and Softball continues to work to revive the sport of baseball and softball in Belize. They will be hosting an International Friendly Senior Baseball Competition. The competition will be held at Roger's Stadium on Saturday at 2:00pm. The Belie Visionaries will face off against the Quetzales of Guatemala. Entrance is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children. Carlyon Flores, President of the BVFBS talked with us about their plans for the organization.
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How the Universe Works - Blow your Mind of the Universe - Space Discovery Documentary
Explore the biggest question of all. How far do the stars stretch out into space? And what's beyond them? In modern times, we built giant telescopes that have allowed us to cast our gaze deep into the universe. Astronomers have been able to look back to near the time of its birth. They've reconstructed the course of cosmic history in astonishing detail. From intensive computer modeling, and myriad close observations, they've uncovered important clues to its ongoing evolution. Many now conclude that what we can see, the stars and galaxies that stretch out to the limits of our vision, represent only a small fraction of all there is. Does the universe go on forever? Where do we fit within it? And how would the great thinkers have wrapped their brains around the far-out ideas on today's cutting edge? For those who find infinity hard to grasp, even troubling, you're not alone. It's a concept that has long tormented even the best minds. Over two thousand years ago, the Greek mathematician Pythagoras and his followers saw numerical relationships as the key to understanding the world around them. But in their investigation of geometric shapes, they discovered that some important ratios could not be expressed in simple numbers. Take the circumference of a circle to its diameter, called Pi. Computer scientists recently calculated Pi to 5 trillion digits, confirming what the Greeks learned: there are no repeating patterns and no ending in sight. The discovery of the so-called irrational numbers like Pi was so disturbing, legend has it, that one member of the Pythagorian cult, Hippassus, was drowned at sea for divulging their existence. A century later, the philosopher Zeno brought infinity into the open with a series of paradoxes: situations that are true, but strongly counter-intuitive. In this modern update of one of Zeno's paradoxes, say you have arrived at an intersection. But you are only allowed to cross the street in increments of half the distance to the other side. So to cross this finite distance, you must take an infinite number of steps. In math today, it's a given that you can subdivide any length an infinite number of times, or find an infinity of points along a line. What made the idea of infinity so troubling to the Greeks is that it clashed with their goal of using numbers to explain the workings of the real world. To the philosopher Aristotle, a century after Zeno, infinity evoked the formless chaos from which the world was thought to have emerged: a primordial state with no natural laws or limits, devoid of all form and content. But if the universe is finite, what would happen if a warrior traveled to the edge and tossed a spear? Where would it go? It would not fly off on an infinite journey, Aristotle said. Rather, it would join the motion of the stars in a crystalline sphere that encircled the Earth. To preserve the idea of a limited universe, Aristotle would craft an historic distinction. On the one hand, Aristotle pointed to the irrational numbers such as Pi. Each new calculation results in an additional digit, but the final, final number in the string can never be specified. So Aristotle called it "potentially" infinite. Then there's the "actually infinite," like the total number of points or subdivisions along a line. It's literally uncountable. Aristotle reserved the status of "actually infinite" for the so-called "prime mover" that created the world and is beyond our capacity to understand. This became the basis for what's called the Cosmological, or First Cause, argument for the existence of God. #universedocumentary #spacedocumentary #Universe
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Marie Sharp’s Pure Love Pepper Sauce Spreads Love to Domestic Violence Survivors
For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/ Belize’s most famous entrepreneur Marie Sharp has teamed up with the U.S. Embassy in Belize to raise funds for victims of domestic violence. Sharp has crafted a new pepper sauce called Pure Love – and the monies made from the sales of this special pepper sauce will be used to fund the Haven House. This is a safe shelter for battered women and their children where they can get transitional help such as skills and counseling. The new pepper sauce was launched today in Belmopan at the residence of the U.S. Charge d’affaires and News Five was there. Reporter Andrea Polanco tells us more.
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The San Pedro Town Council is preparing for their annual Carnival
For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/ The San Pedro Town Council is preparing for their annual Carnival. "Mejorando la Tradicion" takes place from 2-6th March. Hector Alamilla, Councilor responsible for Events, talked with us about what visitors can expect for this year's event.
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Open Your Eyes 2019 Valentine Day Special Show
For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/ What a show! Thank you to our couples for sharing their experiences with us this morning! We thought they bared their souls and candidly spoke about what it takes to ensure love endures. Thank you as well to our performers for bringing the musical vibes on set this morning. On set: Deon and Deanne Robinson Victor Miranda and Dionne Chamberlain Miranda Performers: Marlyn Vansen and Jael August
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Solid Waste and Solid Waste Management
Copy of Environmental Science Project :")) - Created using PowToon -- http://www.powtoon.com/ .
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https://youtu.be/6VMhqOjfvi8..... Formal Letter writing is very easy if you understand the correct format and prepare carefully. In this video of formal letter writing I have explained how to write a complaint letter. Watching this video will give you a clear idea about formal letter writing. https://youtu.be/6VMhqOjfvi8..... How to start a conversation?? https://youtu.be/rUp7XNxGVA0 ESSAY WRITING https://youtu.be/iPNfQULltxc
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How the Universe Works - Black Hole - Space Discovery Documentary
Black holes can be big or small. Scientists think the smallest black holes are as small as just one atom. These black holes are very tiny but have the mass of a large mountain. Mass is the amount of matter, or "stuff," in an object. Another kind of black hole is called "stellar." Its mass can be up to 20 times more than the mass of the sun. There may be many, many stellar mass black holes in Earth's galaxy. Earth's galaxy is called the Milky Way. The largest black holes are called "supermassive." These black holes have masses that are more than 1 million suns together. Scientists have found proof that every large galaxy contains a supermassive black hole at its center. The supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy is called Sagittarius A. It has a mass equal to about 4 million suns and would fit inside a very large ball that could hold a few million Earths. #universedocumentary #spacedocumentary #Universe
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How to Write a Letter of Complaint
Watch more How to Write a Letter videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/92204-How-to-Write-a-Letter-of-Complaint They say the pen is mightier than the sword, so if you’ve had a bad experience with a company, use your mightiest weapon to get satisfaction! Step 1: Go straight to the top Address your letter to the company’s CEO. His secretary will likely forward it to customer service with a personal note, sending your complaint to the top of the pile. In fact, research has found that this trick can triple your chances of a successful outcome. Step 2: Include back-up State the problem and include any back-up materials, such as a sales receipt or any previous correspondence. This will show that you are a serious person who will not be ignored until your complaint is resolved. Tip In addition to your address and phone number, include your email address for a speedy response. Step 3: Be specific State exactly what the company can do to keep you as a customer, whether it’s a refund, store credit, or a replacement. If all you do is complain, chances are all you’ll get back by way of apology is a form letter. Tip Include a reasonable date by which you expect to have a response--two weeks is fair. This will reduce the chances your complaint will land in someone’s to-do-whenever pile. Step 4: Talk up your loyalty If you’re a longtime customer, say so! (And even if you aren’t, it doesn’t hurt to fudge a bit.) Companies do not want to lose loyal customers. Tip Research shows that colorful words like 'appalled,' 'stunned,' or 'shocked,' get better results than quieter ones like 'upset.' Just don’t use more than three of these words, or you’ll end up sounding hostile. Step 5: Make a vague, veiled threat Hint--in a polite, friendly way--what will happen if they don’t make things up to you. For example, say, 'I am surprised that no one has complained yet about your customer service in the online reviews I’ve read' to imply is that you might just add a disgruntled account. Step 6: Keep it short Keep your letter short and to the point. Studies show that after about a page, or 200 words, people lose interest--and sympathy! Step 7: Spell check Don’t forget to spell check your letter. Misspellings make the reader perceive you as unintelligent, which may make them not take your complaint as seriously. Step 8: End on a positive note End by thanking the person 'in advance' for resolving the matter. Did You Know? Transportation services, like planes and trains, receive the most consumer complaints, according to a survey of professional online complaint services.
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Waste Management and Recycling
This clip shows how household trash are recycled and processed. More info can be found @ www.wm.com Please subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/user/ScienceChannel Copyright belongs to Discovery Communications LLC. Please support Cable TV and subscribe to the Science channels.
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FIFA’s Forward Fund 2.0
For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/ FIFA is also making available to the country access to twelve million dollars over the next four years, from 2019 to 2022, to assist the federation with these projects. That assistance is extended to all member countries across the world. Jones explains how the process works and the accountability measures which come along with it.
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An Update on F.F.B. Projects
For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/ Today, the Football Federation of Belize hosted the media in a roundtable discussion inside the conference room at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex in Belize City. The purpose was to update the media on where the federation is in terms of finances and the various programmes that it has launched since a new management team took office back in 2018 when Sergio Chuc became president. The federation has gone through a restructuring exercise where district centres have been installed across the country. There is also renewed focus on youth football with rehabilitation projects at the F.F.B. headquarters in Belmopan. General Secretary Earl Jones spoke about the plans going forward into 2019.
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Water Shortage on La Isla Bonita Should be a Thing of the Past
For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/ Belize Water Services is presently undertaking works to upgrade the supply for San Pedro by expanding the existing storage capacity. In July 2018, the company began the construction of an additional one-million gallon ferro-concrete storage tank. During extended peak demand periods such as Easter, Ambergris Caye has experienced prolonged water shortages and supply restrictions. The construction of the tank will help to alleviate that problem.
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