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Qualitative analysis of interview data: A step-by-step guide
The content applies to qualitative data analysis in general. Do not forget to share this Youtube link with your friends. The steps are also described in writing below (Click Show more): STEP 1, reading the transcripts 1.1. Browse through all transcripts, as a whole. 1.2. Make notes about your impressions. 1.3. Read the transcripts again, one by one. 1.4. Read very carefully, line by line. STEP 2, labeling relevant pieces 2.1. Label relevant words, phrases, sentences, or sections. 2.2. Labels can be about actions, activities, concepts, differences, opinions, processes, or whatever you think is relevant. 2.3. You might decide that something is relevant to code because: *it is repeated in several places; *the interviewee explicitly states that it is important; *you have read about something similar in reports, e.g. scientific articles; *it reminds you of a theory or a concept; *or for some other reason that you think is relevant. You can use preconceived theories and concepts, be open-minded, aim for a description of things that are superficial, or aim for a conceptualization of underlying patterns. It is all up to you. It is your study and your choice of methodology. You are the interpreter and these phenomena are highlighted because you consider them important. Just make sure that you tell your reader about your methodology, under the heading Method. Be unbiased, stay close to the data, i.e. the transcripts, and do not hesitate to code plenty of phenomena. You can have lots of codes, even hundreds. STEP 3, decide which codes are the most important, and create categories by bringing several codes together 3.1. Go through all the codes created in the previous step. Read them, with a pen in your hand. 3.2. You can create new codes by combining two or more codes. 3.3. You do not have to use all the codes that you created in the previous step. 3.4. In fact, many of these initial codes can now be dropped. 3.5. Keep the codes that you think are important and group them together in the way you want. 3.6. Create categories. (You can call them themes if you want.) 3.7. The categories do not have to be of the same type. They can be about objects, processes, differences, or whatever. 3.8. Be unbiased, creative and open-minded. 3.9. Your work now, compared to the previous steps, is on a more general, abstract level. You are conceptualizing your data. STEP 4, label categories and decide which are the most relevant and how they are connected to each other 4.1. Label the categories. Here are some examples: Adaptation (Category) Updating rulebook (sub-category) Changing schedule (sub-category) New routines (sub-category) Seeking information (Category) Talking to colleagues (sub-category) Reading journals (sub-category) Attending meetings (sub-category) Problem solving (Category) Locate and fix problems fast (sub-category) Quick alarm systems (sub-category) 4.2. Describe the connections between them. 4.3. The categories and the connections are the main result of your study. It is new knowledge about the world, from the perspective of the participants in your study. STEP 5, some options 5.1. Decide if there is a hierarchy among the categories. 5.2. Decide if one category is more important than the other. 5.3. Draw a figure to summarize your results. STEP 6, write up your results 6.1. Under the heading Results, describe the categories and how they are connected. Use a neutral voice, and do not interpret your results. 6.2. Under the heading Discussion, write out your interpretations and discuss your results. Interpret the results in light of, for example: *results from similar, previous studies published in relevant scientific journals; *theories or concepts from your field; *other relevant aspects. STEP 7 Ending remark Nb: it is also OK not to divide the data into segments. Narrative analysis of interview transcripts, for example, does not rely on the fragmentation of the interview data. (Narrative analysis is not discussed in this tutorial.) Further, I have assumed that your task is to make sense of a lot of unstructured data, i.e. that you have qualitative data in the form of interview transcripts. However, remember that most of the things I have said in this tutorial are basic, and also apply to qualitative analysis in general. You can use the steps described in this tutorial to analyze: *notes from participatory observations; *documents; *web pages; *or other types of qualitative data. STEP 8 Suggested reading Alan Bryman's book: 'Social Research Methods' published by Oxford University Press. Steinar Kvale's and Svend Brinkmann's book 'InterViews: Learning the Craft of Qualitative Research Interviewing' published by SAGE. Text and video (including audio) © Kent Löfgren, Sweden
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5 Best FREE Online Tools to Transcribe Audio To Text -2017 [ METHOD-3]
Get Best Free Online Tools to Transcribe An Audio File to Text using Speech to Text Online Tools or using Free transcription providing websites,here is list Read Complete Article Here: http://mashnol.org/transcribe-an-audio-file-to-text.html ***************************************************************** Watch Method no. 1 & Method no. 2 To Transcribe Audio/Video To Text, Here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsxbDcWnsMhx8wYqoIsxIfWJf1rNQIN6W ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also Watch : 5 Best FREE Audio Video Format Converter Software [2017] : Here: https://youtu.be/2TyQDeWNDh8+----------- ***********************++++++++++++++++++++++++++ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TyQDeWNDh8&t=25s One Click Free Subscription Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-fNAuCVERzjxgqplP-HFgQ?sub_confirmation=1 Also Watch : 1. (100% Working) How To Reveal Hidden Password Behind Asterisk FREE Without Any Tool : https://youtu.be/zkPMUoJSbLA 2. ***How To Run Androids App on Windows PC [100% Working] : https://youtu.be/BNQTwqb0l-I 3. (100% Working) How To Roll Back/Downgrade Whatsapp to Get Back Old Status Features: https://youtu.be/BoLJ2JbLApY Thanks for Watching.. You can also subscribe our channel to get Latest Hack Trick & Tips directly :-) Background Music Credit, Ref:www.bensound.com
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Coding Part 2: Thematic coding
Thematic coding is one of the most common forms of qualitative data analysis and it is found in grounded theory, several forms of phenomenological analysis and framework analysis. The analyst tries to identify themes, categories or classifications of the data. Passages of the data (commonly an interview transcript) are coded to the themes - that is the passages are tagged or marked with the name of the theme. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
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Qualitative Data Analysis - Coding & Developing Themes
This is a short practical guide to Qualitative Data Analysis
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Automatic Transcription for Cloud Recordings
Zoom provides automatic speech-to-text transcription for your cloud recordings. Transcription makes it easy for your recording viewers to quickly locate and review relevant content. Viewers can scan and search the transcription and jump to parts. Requirements: Pro account member of a Business or high account, Cloud Recording enabled, Audio Transcription enabled Visit our support site to learn more: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115004794983-Automatically-Transcribe-Cloud-Recordings-
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Typewrite Transcription Video.wmv
For all your typing and transcription requirements. General transcription, Medical Transcription (MT) and Legal Transcription - Conferences - Hearings - Reports - Letters - Interview transcripts - Doctors' transcripts - Legal documents - Court transcripts - Minutes of meetings - Speeches - Any other recorded material Proofreading - Website copy - Articles - Poetry - Letters - Reports - Any written material Typing services -- typing and retyping of all documents including - Letters - Manuscripts - Reports - Minutes of meetings - Speeches - Any document you need converted to an electronic format - Word processing, data entry and research. - Proofreading and editing - CVs / Resumés expert with five years experience in recruitment I've worked for media companies, fire forensics teams, journalists, research companies, recruitment companies, students and other private individuals -- anybody and everybody needs my services. Contact me today to discuss your secretarial service requirements -- 083 442 4689 / mailto:[email protected] . TYPEWRITE TRANSCRIPTION AND TYPING SERVICES CC - http://www.typewritetranscription.co.za/ FREE TRANSCRIPTION - 10 MINUTES TRIAL ON YOUR FIRST AUDIO HOUR!
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Lesson #4: Rules on Articles
This video is copyright of "Center for Technical Excellence Integrated School, Inc." - © "CTEISI-The Medical Transcription School". All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited. You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. Subscribe to our channel to learn more! You may also add us in facebook. Just type in CTEISI and click the join button.
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Phonetic Transcription in Hindi (हिंदी में)
Phonetic Transcription in Hindi (हिंदी में) इस विडियो में हम Phonetic Transcription सीखेंगे! इसमें सारे 44 English Sounds को हिंदी में बताया गया है और इन 44 Sounds को कैसे बोलना है ये सुब कुछ हम आसानी से सीखेंगें! इस विडियो के 2 भाग और भी हैं! यदि आप Phonetic Transcription को अच्छी तरह से सीखना चाहते हैं तो वो दोनों भाग भी जरुर देखें ! ये तीन भाग देखने के बाद आप अपने आप ही ये महसूस करेंगें कि Phonetic Transcription में आप को कोई मुश्किल नहीं है ! In this video we'll learn Phonetic Transcription. To learn Phonetic Transcription we must have the knowledge of English sound symbols and we must know how to pronounce any English Sound Symbol. To learn the pronunciation of any sound symbol we must know the place and manner of pronunciation for that particular sound symbol. With place and manner the spellings of that sound must be clear to us. In this video we will discuss the first two things. For spellings for the sound symbols I will upload two more videos. Out of those two videos one will be for the spellings of all consonant sounds and another will be for the spellings of all vowel sounds. In the video for the spellings of all vowel sounds we will learn the spellings of pure vowels, monophthongs and spellings of diphthongs. By Gramideo, (Ashok Kumar) -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "English Phonetic Sounds Symbols /p/ & /b/ and Their Spellings" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsnY-0rDHiA -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Phonetic Symbols & transcription in English
'Phonetic transcription /Phonetic symbols ' is a grammatical topic mostly asked in the competitive exams. Phonetic transcription - part ll https://youtu.be/-iVnjjrfGHo
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Sonix Transcription -  How to get Audio to Text
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Traffic Geyser Trail Offer - New Transcription Feature for Articles and Press Releases
http://tinyurl.com/trafficguyser With this new transcription feature in Traffic Geyser you will be able to get a quality speech-to-text rendering of videos. Traffic Geyser, the almost automated search engine optimization content submission software. Get you free trial here: http://tinyurl.com/trafficguyser
Enrich your audio content with transcription using NVivo 10 for Windows
Are you a researcher who conducts field interviews, focus group discussions, and surveys for later use in your research analysis? Are you faced with the challenge of transcribing your audio and video materials? Like many qualitative researchers, the large amount of time required to transcribe interviews by hand prevents you from progressing your research and analyzing results. So place a high value on efficiency and balance the need for accuracy, time and cost.
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Generate Unlimited Content: Convert Videos To Articles!
https://islandpalmmarketing.com/IMY Generate Unlimited Content: Convert Videos To Articles! Imagine Unlimited Content... Convert Videos To Text And Easily Create Unique Content! Never suffer from a LACK of content, EVER again. I.M.Y. Suite converts videos to text! Think about the possibilities here.... Turn any video, about any niche, into an article.. Generate Unlimited Content: Convert Videos To Articles! Transcribe your own videos, to create your own unique content.... Transcribe webinars and any ad lib videos.... Even start your OWN transcribing service.... I.M.Y. Suite makes all of this possible by offering simple solution, turning videos into text... Generate Unlimited Content: Convert Videos To Articles! There are two options available. The I.M.Y Suite Unlimited, and I.M.Y. Suite Basic. Each one is just a one time fee, but the Basic membership allows you only 25 video-to-text conversions per month. Generate Unlimited Content: Convert Videos To Articles!The Unlimited has no restrictions and it is ideal if you want to take full advantage of I.M.Y. Suite. Get what works best for you... The doors to unlimited content, and so much more have just been opened to you with I.M.Y. Suite. Our beta testers love it, our partners love it, we know you're going to love it!
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Download youtube video Transcription/Subtitles in Article Form
Download youtube video Transcription/Subtitles in Article Form
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Royal Thai General System of Transcription | Wikipedia audio article
This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: Royal Thai General System of Transcription Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken language has existed long ago. Learning by listening is a great way to: - increases imagination and understanding - improves your listening skills - improves your own spoken accent - learn while on the move - reduce eye strain Now learn the vast amount of general knowledge available on Wikipedia through audio (audio article). You could even learn subconsciously by playing the audio while you are sleeping! If you are planning to listen a lot, you could try using a bone conduction headphone, or a standard speaker instead of an earphone. You can find other Wikipedia audio articles too at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuKfABj2eGyjH3ntPxp4YeQ In case you don't find one that you were looking for, put a comment. This video uses Google TTS en-US-Standard-D voice. SUMMARY ======= The Royal Thai General System of Transcription (RTGS) is the official system for rendering Thai words in the Latin alphabet. It was published by the Royal Institute of Thailand.It is used in road signs and government publications and is the closest thing to a standard of transcription for Thai, but its use, by even the government, is inconsistent. The system is almost identical to the one that is defined by ISO 11940-2.
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Articles (a, an, the) - Lesson 1 - 7 Rules For Using Articles Correctly - English Grammar
In this lesson, learn the 7 rules for using articles in English correctly. Also see - MOST COMMON MISTAKES IN ENGLISH & HOW TO AVOID THEM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dax90QyXgI&list=PLmwr9polMHwsR35rD9spEhjFUFa7QblF9 For more FREE English lessons, SUBSCRIBE to this channel. Transcript: Hello and welcome. In this lesson, I will teach you the seven rules that you need to know for using articles in English correctly. Articles are the words ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’. There is a final quiz at the end of the lesson for you to test your understanding. OK, the first rule is about where to use ‘a’ and where to use ‘an’. So rule number one is use ‘a’ before a consonant sound, and ‘an’ before a vowel sound. So in all of these words – you see that they start with a consonant sound. Cat starts with /k/, dog starts with /d/, boy with /b/, girl with /g/, house with /h/ and tree with /t/. So we say ‘a cat’, ‘a dog’, ‘a boy’, ‘a girl’, ‘a house’, ‘a tree’ etc. Notice that in natural speech, we don’t say ‘a’, we say ‘uh’ – like ‘a cat’. In this next set of words, you see that, they all start with a vowel sound – apple starts with /ae/, engineer starts with /e/, ice-cream with /ai/, old with /o/, umbrella with /uh/. So we say ‘an apple’, ‘an engineer’, ‘an ice-cream cone’, ‘an old womman’, ‘an umbrella’ and so on. In speech, we don’t say ‘an’, we say /ən/. Let’s do a small exercise. You see ten items on the screen. For each one, I want you to say if you would use ‘a’ or ‘an’ before it. Stop the video, think about it, then play the video again and check. OK here are the answers. Did you get them all right? I want to focus on items number seven to ten because these are a little tricky. Number seven is ‘a university’ because even though ‘university’ starts with the letter ‘u’ the first sound of the word is not a vowel sound. We don’t say /ooniversity/. We say /yoo-nə- vər-si-ty/ so that first sound is a /y/ sound, which a consonant sound, so we say ‘a university.’ Number eight is similar. The word ‘European’ starts with a /y/ sound, so ‘a European tour.’ In number nine, the spelling has an ‘h’ at the start but that ‘h’ is silent. We don’t say /hau-ər/, we say /au-ər/. The first sound is an /au/ sound which is a vowel sound, so this is ‘an hour’. In the same way, in number ten, we say MA. ‘M’ starts with an /e/ sound which is again a vowel sound, so ‘an MA in English’. OK let’s move on to rule number two: Use ‘a’ and ‘an’ ONLY with singular, countable nouns. We say that a noun is countable if we can count it – one, two, three, four etc. All of these words on the screen are countable. We can say one elephant, three cars, ten teachers, five hundred onions and so on. Now if you talk about one person or thing, like one elephant or one car, then that’s called a singular noun and if you say ten teachers or five hundred onions, those are called plural nouns. Uncountable nouns cannot be counted in this way. Nouns like water, sugar, milk, love, anger, knowledge are some examples. If you think about it, you cannot say “I drank four waters” or “I want eight milks”. To a person, you can say “I love you” but you can’t say “I have five loves for you” – that doesn’t make any sense. So these are all uncountable. Alright, so the rule is - you can only use ‘a’ and ‘an’ if you’re talking about one person or one thing. Let’s do another quick exercise. Here are ten items again. This time, you see ‘a’ or ‘an’ before the nouns, but some of these are wrong. They should NOT have ‘a’ or ‘an’ before them. Stop the video, identify the mistakes, then play the video again and check. OK, here are the answers. Number three is wrong because ‘shirts’ is a plural and you cannot use ‘a’ or ‘an’ before a plural noun. Number five is wrong because ‘happiness’ is uncountable, so again, ‘a’ or ‘an’ cannot be used there. The same goes for number six – water is uncountable. Number nine is wrong because ‘doctors’ is a plural – you can say ‘a doctor’ but not ‘a doctors’. And finally, in number ten, advice is an uncountable noun – so you cannot ask for ‘an advice’. Now a quick note here: the article ‘the’ can be used with all kinds of nouns – singular or plural countable nouns, and uncountable nouns. OK, so let’s now talk about how to choose between ‘a’ or ‘an’ and ‘the’. Here’s rule number three: Use ‘a’ or ‘an’ to talk about a person or thing unknown to your listener. And use ‘the’ to talk about a person or thing known to your listener. For example, “My sister has two computers: a PC and a laptop. The PC is quite old but the laptop is brand new.” I say ‘a PC’ and ‘a laptop’ because that’s the first time I’m mentioning the two computers. That is, until this point, they are unknown to you, the listener.
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First Movie of Human Mitochondrial Transcription
Structural basis of mitochondrial transcription Hauke S. Hillen, Dmitry Temiakov & Patrick Cramer https://www.nature.com/articles/s41594-018-0122-9
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A Simple Way to Automatically Transcribe Video/Audio to Text
Here is how to auto generate subtitles from any video with Google docs. It also works if you want to convert audio to text. Useful for creating subtitles and closed Captions for all your Youtube videos The trick here is to make the recording and playback devices same. This will give good quality and help you automatically transcribe video to text. Download links Soundflower https://github.com/mattingalls/Soundflower/releases/ Record Audio Coming out of your PC (Without Stereo Mix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4tGhf6K8qQ I use Audio from YouTube audio library. Cut Trance - Cephelopod by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100273 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ You can reach me here Website - http://techwiser.com/ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/techwiser Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/techwiser Twitter - https://twitter.com/TechWiser Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/techwiser
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Data Entry |Earn Up To $245 From Transcription Data Entry| Online Jobs
Hi in this I have given a tutorial on a transcription data entry job site where you can work and earn up to $245 per month. -LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/bAEKmG -SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/debroytechnical -GOOGLE+ : https://plus.google.com/102602024389341612787 -Follow us on Twitter: https://goo.gl/EQnhMv ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 📺WATCH OUR OTHER VIDEOS:- 1) Best Data Entry Job Websites For Beginners 2017 Part #3 https://youtu.be/0CsdMLRb114 2) Best Data Entry Job Websites For Beginners 2017 Part #2 https://youtu.be/WWosh8iP7Ls 3) Best Data Entry Job Websites For Beginners 2017 https://youtu.be/WmTWx-kkClE 4) Free online shopping ||Get free products from Xberts online shopping website|| https://youtu.be/dR03jJWPS-4 5) What is URL? ||How does a URL works|| Explained https://youtu.be/MuZu-V_TY08 NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL AND INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES I OR DEBROY TECHNICAL CAN'T GUARANTEE YOU THAT YOU CAN EARN UNLIMITED MONEY FROM THIS WEBSITE/METHOD. About Debroy Technical Debroy Technical is a pure technology-based channel. This channel makes videos on Mobile Technology, Computer & Information Technology, Mobile Applications, Software, and the Internet. Also, this channel upload videos on tips & tricks related to day to day life gadgets use, so make sure to subscribe Debroy Technical for daily useful tech videos. LIKE, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE Regards Lekhapriyo
Weak Forms - How to Pronounce Weak Forms in English
Weak forms are an important part of English pronunciation. The same word can have very different pronunciations depending on what it does in the sentence. Understanding weak and strong forms in English will really help your English speaking and listening. See the full version of this lesson here: https://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/weak-forms-english. Contents: 1. Which Words Have Weak Forms? 1:53 2. When Should You Use Weak Forms? 5:47 3. When Should You Use Strong Forms? 8:02 4. Practice with Weak Forms 11:11 This lesson will help you: - Be able to recognize which English words have weak forms. - Understand when to use weak forms in English. - Know when to use strong forms in English. - Practice English pronunciation of weak forms. - Understand how to recognize different sounds in weak and strong forms. You can find more great, free lessons like this on our website: https://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/.
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Словарь к уроку "Транскрипция"
https://english03.ru/transkripciya Словарь к уроку транскрипция английского языка. Английский язык бесплатно онлайн. Видео курс Альберта Кахновского для начинающих по красному Мёрфи. Вводный курс 'Первые встречи' https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUBkKOXwm-789gaUxu-yOLhaYrGM0W6GU
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Why do young people feel so lonely? Listen to 6 Minute English
Visit our website: http://www.bbclearningenglish.com We all live in an over-crowded world which is fast approaching eight billion people. Despite that many individuals feel alone and isolated. The BBC did a survey about loneliness involving 55,000 people from all over the world. Neil and Sam discuss the findings and teach you new vocabulary. Vocabulary isolated far away from other places and people stereotype the noun for a simplistic view of person or group based on certain characteristics such as their nationality, age, profession and the like intensely strongly plagued by something it causes you problems and difficulties figure something out trying to understand something to regulate to control You'll find the transcript here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/features/6-minute-english/ep-181108 [Cover: Getty Images] Learn English with BBC Learning English. Every day we help you to learn English with our brilliant mix of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, news and inspiring English programmes. We also produce regular 'extra' videos across the week so come back every day to see what's new. Regular content MONDAY: The English We Speak MONDAY: English in a Minute TUESDAY: News Review WEDNESDAY: LingoHack THURSDAY: 6 Minute English FRIDAY: Editor's Choice Please use English when you comment. For more videos and content that will help you learn English, visit our website: http://www.bbclearningenglish.com
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Quick Start to Captioning and Transcription with 3Play Media
This short video shows you how to get started in the 3Play Media account system. We encourage you to watch other videos about features that are important to you. For more detailed information on any topic, please read our support articles and feel free to contact us with any questions.
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Introduction to Text Analysis with NVivo 11 for Windows
It’s easy to get lost in a lot of text-based data. NVivo is qualitative data analysis software that provides structure to text, helping you quickly unlock insights and make something beautiful to share. http://www.qsrinternational.com
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Real-Time Observation of Transcription Initiation and Elongation on an Endogenous Yeast Gene
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Изучаем транскрипцию английского языка.
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Learn German - Pronouns, Genders and Articles, Verbs
All about German personal pronouns (I, you, he/she/it...), genders and articles and some basics about verbs! See my blog (http://learngermanwithg.wordpress.com/) for the transcription
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Find themes and analyze text in NVivo 9 | NVivo Tutorial Video
Learn how to use NVivo's text analysis features to help you identify themes and explore the use of language in your project. For more information about NVivo visit: http://bit.ly/sQbS3m
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Артикли английского языка (articles) - первое знакомство.
https://english03.ru/artikli-article Кратко об артиклях в английском языке. Особенности произношения. Английский язык бесплатно онлайн. Видео курс Альберта Кахновского для начинающих по красному Мёрфи. Вводный курс 'Первые встречи' https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUBkKOXwm-789gaUxu-yOLhaYrGM0W6GU Плэйлист видео уроков по красному Мёрфи https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUBkKOXwm-78CnM8kxdJE3ZoIwWsCRoe5
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UnderTheLens - 04 24 19 - MAY -  Macro Outlook
Made Available to Subscribers 04-24-19 Notification Sign-Up: http://bit.ly/2y63PvX-Sign-Up Transcription w/ Slides: Available: 05-08-19 at MATASII.com (Articles & Key Focuses Tab) Thank you to all Macro Analytics/Gordon T Long YouTube followers. I will continue to add the following message to each video, which many have already seen to help all of those that haven’t learned of the new update. Thank you again for your support! To all Macro Analytics/Gordon T Long subscribers: YouTube recently made an update that can cause you not to receive notifications when a new video is published, even if you previously subscribed to this channel to receive updates. If you would like to continue to receive notifications when we upload new videos, please do the following: click on the Subscribe button, click the bell icon, and select send me all notifications for this channel and then click Say Focus Tab)
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Transcription Technologies in the Law Firm
A Speakeasy Solutions presentation on Transcription Technologies in the Law Firm. This video is based on a presentation Alexandria Carstens gave before an audience of Legal office professionals. The focus of the presentation is to provide an overview regarding the various transcription solutions available today, incorporating Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition and/or a professional dictation solution (Olympus or Philips). While a lengthy video, it does move fairly quickly in order to cover as many pertinent points as possible. =More About Legal Dictation & Transcription Solutions= Please visit the Speakeasy Solutions website here: http://speakeasysolutions.com/solutions-legal/ =More About Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional= Please visit the Speakeasy Solutions website here: http://speakeasysolutions.com/products/dragon/dragon-professional/ =More About Digital Voice Dictation Solutions= Please visit the Speakeasy Solutions website here: http://speakeasysolutions.com/products/digital-recorders-and-transcription-kits/ =Legal Blog Articles= The Myths & Realities of ROI in Implementing Speech/Voice Recognition Technology (Dragon) in Law Firms: http://www.speakeasysolutions.com/blog/2011/06/01/the-myths-realities-of-roi-in-implementing-speech-voice-recognition-technology-dragon-in-law-firms/ Dragon NaturallySpeaking Transcription Solutions in Legal Practices: http://www.speakeasysolutions.com/blog/2010/08/09/dragon-naturallyspeaking-transcription-solutions-in-legal-practices/ Five Top Uses for Dragon in Law Offices: http://www.speakeasysolutions.com/blog/2010/07/17/fivetop-uses-for-dragon-in-law-offices/
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$13- $15 NonPhone Work@Home: Data Entry/Transcription and More 2016
Full and Part time [email protected] positions available with Well-known Corporations such as Enterprise, Directv, Comcast, CenturyLink, AT&T and more. Subscribe today and learn how to work from the comforts of your own home. VOEX IS NOT ABLE TO CONTRACT WITH THOSE IN THE FOLLOWING STATES: CT, MD,MA,NY,OR,WI Subscribe to my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/tnetcliff09 Facebook me! https://www.facebook.com/tnetcliff Email me! [email protected] Want to know more about Virtual Assisting? www.exeadmin.com Popular Videos MASSIVE LIST /NON PHONE JOBS http://ow.ly/YLHzy Technical Requirements http://ow.ly/YLHCd Companies that HIRE Internationally http://ow.ly/YLHDR Subcontracting Opportunity Explained http://ow.ly/YLHFn Who is Toni Tondalaya? http://ow.ly/YLHH6 PS: I love you ♥ May your [email protected] be Blessed. Social Media Moderators/ Web Research Evalutators Appen https://erec.appen.com/sap/bc/webdynp... Lionbridge http://www.lionbridge.com/our-company/ Isoftstone http://issworld.isoftstone.com/JobDes... Leapforce https://www.leapforceathome.com/qrp/p... Writing and Editing Blue Mountain Arts: Greeting cards http://www.sps.com/c_u+LxzbkoAqQsOAAE... Freelance Writing http://www.freelancewriting.com/ Avanti Press http://www.avantipress.com/ Text broker : Articles and Content writing. https://www.textbroker.com/ Pay Per Post https://payperpost.com/ Get paid to listen to calls Humanatic http://www.humanatic.com/pages/tour.cfm (use referral [email protected]) Call Center QA/ $5/call http://www.callcenterqa.org/employmen... Data Entry ClickWorker http://www.clickworker.com/en/clickwo... Virtual Bee https://workers.virtualbee.com/ DionData Solutions http://www.diondatasolutions.net/oppo... Speak Write http://cms.speakwrite.com/web/sw/empl... Quicktate https://typists.quicktate.com/transcr... Amazon Mturk https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome Transcripting AccutranGlobal http://www.accutranglobal.com/ Cambridge http://ctran.com/transcriptions/ Fantastic Transcripts http://www.fantastictranscripts.com/w... Mass Transcription http://www.masstranscription.com/empl... FastChart http://www.fastchart.com/about/careers/ Terescription http://www.terescription.com/site/ter... QVC FLEX PLAY http://www.qvc.com/PayOverSixMonths01... Home Shopping Network Flex pay http://www.hsn.com/shop/desktops/ec0031 Speed Test http://www.speedtest.net/ Contact Toni [email protected]
Speech To Text Video Transcription
With Marketing Viral Video, you can turn any video into a website action tool in under a minute. http://www.videoinformationproducer.com/articles/3972/1/Free-Viral-Video-Website-Traffic/Page1.html All you have to do is to paste the video URL into one of out online software tools, then simply set the action or a multi choice selection of actions you want viewers to perform and copy the code to add the video pretty much anywhere that accepts the video code simula to the YouTube code which in my experience goes anywhere. Dont even think about this action - just click this banner below and get started on your viral video marketing this is a great opportunity to multiply your number of video views in no time, and direct your viewers exactly where you want them to go. To Your Success, As the Web advances, so does the way people market items and also solutions online. With the increase of websites like YouTube, and also the convenience of linking video clips into internet sites, increasingly more smart online marketers are making the most of a brand-new way of connecting with possible clients and also clients. Merely a few short years ago the Web was essentially a text based phenomenon. People set up pages and web pages of textual details, as well as individuals were utilized to finding their on the internet details in this style. Yet the popularity of video websites reveals that the Web is evolving far from totally message based information. Lots of marketing professionals now have sites that contain a combo of both textual and also video information. Video clips offer marketing professionals with the one-of-a-kind opportunity to really show themselves to their prospective customers. But more than that, it is a means site visitors to their site can get to know them in a more intimate method than is feasible through checking out alone. A marketing professional could claim whatever she or he really wants in words, yet there is always a proximity or a void between the marketing expert and the viewers. People are curious regarding exactly what they check out, however they are a lot more curious regarding the individual behind the words. When a marketing professional puts his/her face before a video camera as well as talks directly to their target audience, the audience gets an actual insight into the individual behind words. That is exceptionally effective! Nonetheless, producing a video or video clips for a website should be done very carefully. As a marketing professional marketing a product or service, it is crucial to be completely honest as well as enthusiastic regarding what you do and just what you claim. Audiences will certainly identify insincerity a mile off, which will certainly kill any sort of advertising efforts. Similarly, if you can not discover as natural as well as well-versed by means of a video clip medium you may also find it difficult to associate with your audience. If you look uneasy, your customer will certainly feel uneasy. YouTube Video Link: http://youtu.be/MPqTR-13Bgw VideoInfoProducer YouTube channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/VideoInfoProducer/
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La Transcription (Animation)
La Transcription (Animation) Télécharge le livre "Génétique rappels de cours exercices et problèmes corrigés" https://livresdebiologie.blogspot.com/2017/04/genetique-rappels-de-cours-exercices-et-problemes-corriges-pdf-gratuit.html Télécharge le livre "Aide-mémoire de biologie et génétique moléculaire - 3ème édition" https://livresdebiologie.blogspot.com/2015/03/aide-memoire-de-biologie-et-genetique.html Télécharge le livre "Mini manuel de génétique 2e édition" https://livresdebiologie.blogspot.com/2017/04/mini-manuel-de-genetique-livre-pdf.html Pour plus d'informations visitez notre Blog : http://lecoindesbiologistes.blogspot.com/ Retrouvez-nous sur Facebook . https://www.facebook.com/lecoindesbiologistes Vos suggestions (Articles, livres, cours,offre d'emploi, bourse d’étude.....) sont les bienvenues veuillez rejoindre notre groupe Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/Lecoindesbiologistesgroupe
SEO Hack: Duplicate Content Strategy
The best strategy for duplicate content.►Subscribe: https://goo.gl/ScRTwc Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neilkpatel/ Read more on my blog: https://neilpatel.com/blog 0:05 It's Neil Patel for another Q and A Thursday video. I'm here with Adam from https://viewership.com/. This week's question is: "Hey, Neil. Great video as always. I have one doubt. When you use the same article from a blog on LinkedIn article or something else, does Google see it as suspicious, like duplicate content?" 0:25 Here's the thing with duplicate content they don't care so much about duplicate content, they more so care about the user experience. So if you're just jacking someone's content, and you're just taking it word for word, and you're not providing any other value, you're not going to get penalized, you just won't rank that high for that article. 2:10 A strategy that David invented for us, and this strategy worked really well, and we're still doing this today, I used to take my blog content and put it all on LinkedIn verbatim, the introduction sells the rest of the article, and he always took the introduction and he put at the end of it: click to continue reading, and it drove traffic back to the website. Not only, yes, but it's also duplicate content, Google didn't care. We still ranked well on Google, but we are generating traffic from LinkedIn, and more importantly, we're generating conversions, right? Traffic without sales doesn't matter. 3:00 Now if you're releasing content on social media: videos, audio clips, and you're just putting them on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, whatever it may be, put them everywhere. It doesn't matter if the text is the same, the videos are the same. Even though there's overlapping in audiences, you'll find that you'll get more viewership in general by just putting the same content everywhere. 3:30 We put our Youtube videos on Youtube, right, when you compress them, and you set them up, and you optimize them for us. We do Youtube, we do Facebook, and we do LinkedIn. And funny enough, Youtube does well, Facebook's does well, but we've been getting more views, than anywhere else right now, on LinkedIn. 3:45 LinkedIn, even though we have fewer followers on LinkedIn, they lack video content, so they're pushing it harder than any other channel, and they're doing free marketing for us. So make sure you're pushing out your content everywhere. Social media doesn't matter on duplicates. 4:00 Now if you want to take that same video and audio content that you put on social media sites on your website, like neilpatel.com, yes, you'll get engagement, but you probably won't get as much engagement as you will from the social sites, and you'll find that the video content that you put out on your website and the audio content that you put on your website, even if you add in the transcriptions on your site, it won't get much Google love. 5:00 I create videos for both my companies, put it on Youtube, and then we have a writer take the main points of that and extrapolate it, and make a different article and a longer article for SEO. Curious, would that make sense to do? That works well. I don't know if you're doing this, but I would do that plus take the video format and embed it into the articles. 5:50 By adding your videos to your website, your time on site increases, your user metrics go up, and you'll find that your overall Google rankings will increase, but the key is not to just have videos on your site, it's text, as Adam was mentioning, and embed the videos, so that that way people watch videos on your website plus read the text, the time on site increases, user metrics go up, which overall increases your rankings for your whole site. So thank you guys for watching. If you like it, make sure you subscribe, share the video. If you have a question for next week, leave a comment below, we may answer it. We may answer it in another Q and A Thursday video or worse case, we'll at least, or I'll at least respond to your comment and answer the question.
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You Tube Video Transcription
[You Tube Video Transription] How to put a proper Transcription on your You Tube videos Hi Guys, Derek Armson at APD Internet Marketing here and I just wanted to make this very quick video for you about how to correctly put a transcription on your You Tube videos. Now this is obviously very key in terms of Search Engine Optimisation of videos these days and there's been a lot of debate and consternation about how you do this correctly. What sort of file types you need whether you need to put it through a proper transcription service? I'm going to show you how to do it with a text file and it's actually very, very easy to do once you know how and where to click. So, here's one of our videos that we have on one of our You Tube channels about Dormer Windows - amazing what you can make money with. Lee's amde this one and you can see that he has transcribed the actual text that is on the video into this transcription here which is absolutely right. I'm just going to click on that so I get the transcription up in the file here copy that and save that back. Now I'm going to open notepad. Note pad opened and I'm going to paste that into there and I'm going to file, save as "dormer windows transcription" and I am just going to save that into my file. I'm going to close that. Once you've done that you need to go into your Video Manager. So, it;s the Dormer Windows one here, I'm going to edit that. And then you need to go here - Captions. Click on Captions and then you get this box come up here "Upload Cpation File or Transcript". And it says upload a transcript.txt. But there's a little trick that you need to know. So, let's upload that. So find the transcript. Now what you must do is you must click that - transcript file. Upload and there you go, that's done it's processing it. And that way you have a properly SEO'd transcription in the back end of your video. I hope you found that helpful I'll be back with more, very, very soon. http://authority-force.com Related Videos https://youtu.be/WXY6pCRgpFs
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Dissertation interview transcription
http://www.interviewtranscriptionstar.com/dissertation-interview-transcription.html InterviewTranscriptionStar delivers their transcription on time , with infallible accuracy, delivering dissertation transcription in desired University formats, transcription platform to access and send data securely and many more http://www.transcriptionlive.com/dissertation.html‎
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UnderTheLens - 01 23 19 - FEBRUARY   2019 Tipping Points, Themes & Thesis 2019
Made Available to Subscribers 01-23-19 Notification Sign-Up: http://bit.ly/2y63PvX-Sign-Up Transcription w/ Slides: Available: 02-13-19 at MATASII.com (Articles & Key Focuses Tab) Thank you to all Macro Analytics/Gordon T Long YouTube followers. I will continue to add the following message to each video, which many have already seen to help all of those that haven’t learned of the new update. Thank you again for your support! To all Macro Analytics/Gordon T Long subscribers: YouTube recently made an update that can cause you not to receive notifications when a new video is published, even if you previously subscribed to this channel to receive updates. If you would like to continue to receive notifications when we upload new videos, please do the following: click on the Subscribe button, click the bell icon, and select send me all notifications for this channel and then click Say Focus Tab)
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Closed Caption
Closed Caption from Zoom allows users to assign transcription duties to a Zoom participant. Assign Closed Caption and the participant will be able to type in a transcript of the event. Watch this brief training video to learn more about how to use Closed Caption with Zoom. To learn more, visit our support article here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/207279736-Closed-Captioning To register for training, please visit https://zoom.us/livetraining
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RNA purification
For more information, log on to- http://shomusbiology.weebly.com/ Download the study materials here- http://shomusbiology.weebly.com/bio-materials.html Source of all articles published in description is Wikipedia. Thanks to original content developers. Link- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page This video describes the purification process of mRNA using oligo dT column. Polyadenylation is the covalent linkage of a polyadenylyl moiety to a messenger RNA molecule. In eukaryotic organisms, with the exception of histones, all messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules are polyadenylated at the 3' end. The poly(A) tail and the protein bound to it aid in protecting mRNA from degradation by exonucleases. Polyadenylation is also important for transcription termination, export of the mRNA from the nucleus, and translation. mRNA can also be polyadenylated in prokaryotic organisms, where poly(A) tails act to facilitate, rather than impede, exonucleolytic degradation. Polyadenylation occurs during and immediately after transcription of DNA into RNA. After transcription has been terminated, the mRNA chain is cleaved through the action of an endonuclease complex associated with RNA polymerase. After the mRNA has been cleaved, around 250 adenosine residues are added to the free 3' end at the cleavage site. This reaction is catalyzed by polyadenylate polymerase. Just as in alternative splicing, there can be more than one polyadenylation variant of an mRNA.
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A Career In Medical Transcription Is It For You +  ( New Galaxy S8 Plus! )
★★★ Enter your information ✉ now to Get a Brand New New Galaxy S8 Plus! FREE ►► http://ow.ly/mFim30dJO7I ★★★ A Career In Medical Transcription Is It For You You’ve very likely heard of someone who is making a good living as a medical transcriptionist. He or she might even be working from the comfort of their home. And you’ve probably asked yourself if this might be a career option for you. It may well be. Let’s take a look at the facts. What exactly is medical transcription? In the course of their work, doctors and other healthcare professionals make dictated recordings of various things including physical examination observations, patient history, operative reports, referral letters, discharge summaries, observations regarding imaging data and so on. A medical transcriptionist listens to these recordings and transcribes them into medical reports, correspondence, etc. She listens to a segment of recording, pauses the playback and keys in what is said before moving on to the next segment. She may do some editing for better grammar and clarity. The transcribed document is sent back to the health care provider who then reviews it for accuracy and gets it signed. These documents become part of the patient’s medical history records and perhaps insurance records. To be effective at this job, you should understand medical terminology well. That includes anatomy, pharmacology, diagnostic procedures, treatment assessments and more. Many distance education programs, colleges and vocational schools offer post-secondary training in medical transcription. Having a degree is not essential. With a home-study course, you can usually pick up the necessary knowledge within a year, often in less than nine months. You can find work in hospitals, laboratories, physician’s offices, firms offering transcription services, government medical facilities and so on. Working from home is also a possibility and many employers offer work-at-home options for transcriptionists. Apart from that, many individuals work as independent contractors. With experience, it is possible to move into supervisory positions, which include editing work, teaching, consulting, etc. What equipment would you need, if you wanted to do medical transcription at home? Not very much -- a computer with a medical spellchecker, printer, a transcriber and reference books are about all you need. To help you save on the actual typing, a word expander utility might help. If you are on a tight budget, buy second hand equipment will do just as well. Medical transcription work does call for certain skills and mindset. Apart from basic computer skills, you must be detail oriented. If detail work bores you to tears, this might not be the career for you. You must know typing, although speed will come with practice. You should also have excellent listening skills and grammar skills. If you’re planning to work from home, it is essential to be comfortable with working alone and meeting deadlines. You must be a self-starter who can work consistently without being driven by a boss. Given the growth in health practices and hospitals and the need for standardization of records, the demand for medical transcription services is likely to keep growing. You should carefully analyze the pros and cons of this field before venturing into it. Medical transcription provides a rewarding and fulfilling career for many people and it can do the same for you too. SHARE, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FREE STUFF *****************************************************
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Spanish Captioning and Transcription
This video will show you how to submit your Spanish video files for captioning and transcription. If you have Spanish language media files, you can now upload them to 3Play Media for captioning and transcription with guaranteed 99% accuracy. Once your files have processed, you will have access to the same tools and features that are available for English files. About 3Play Media: 3Play Media provides cost-effective, premium quality video captioning, transcription, and translation solutions to hundreds of customers in higher education, enterprise, media companies, and government. Our mission is to simplify the captioning process by providing a user-friendly account system, flexible API's, and integrations with a multitude of video players, platforms, and lecture capture systems. 3Play Media is based in Cambridge, MA and has been operating since 2008. Connect with 3Play Media on Social Media: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/3PlayMedia Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/3PlayMedia LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/3play-media Google+: http://gplus.to/3PlayMedia http://www.3playmedia.com
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Артикли (article) в английском языке (v2) - первое знакомство
https://english03.ru/artikli-article Артикли в английском языке, особенности произношения с озвученными примерами британскими и американскими дикторами. Английский язык бесплатно онлайн. Видео курс Альберта Кахновского для начинающих по красному Мёрфи. Вводный курс 'Первые встречи' https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUBkKOXwm-789gaUxu-yOLhaYrGM0W6GU Плэйлист видео уроков по красному Мёрфи https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUBkKOXwm-78CnM8kxdJE3ZoIwWsCRoe5
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The Nature Of Medical Transcription Work At Home
http://gosocialjobs.com Among the many work at home opportunities that we find today is that of medical transcription. So what does a medical transcriptionist do anyway? Medical transcription is a highly specialized work at home job. And as such, anyone who wishes to land a medical transcription work at home job does need certain types of skills and training. Above all, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Those ads that say that a medical transcription work at home job is something that needs virtually no skills, no experience, but instant cash returns don't know what they're talking about. At most, they're scams and they're only out there to rip you off for your money. The Job Medical transcription work at home job is a real job with real responsibilities which are handled through the use of real skills. It is not some simple matter such as stuffing envelopes or assembling items. The work at home job of someone in medical transcription is that of a medical language specialist. This means that part of your responsibility as a medical transcription work at home employee is to interpret and transcribe dictation by medical professionals. As a medical transcription work at home employee, you will most likely be handling dictation. These dictations cover pretty much everything that takes place between the health care provider and the patient. All the information you would need are usually recorded either into a tape or onto digital voice processing systems. Your work at home job therefore is to transfer this information using word processing. Medical transcription work at home jobs can certainly pay well. However, you must be prepared to work for it. As stated in this article earlier, medical transcription work at home jobs are no simple matters. It is not something that you can learn in four or six weeks. Fortunately though, there are several training programs out there that specialize in medical transcription work at home jobs. The Skills When you decide to take a medical transcription work at home job, there is a general set of skills that you need. First is your keyboarding skill. Since medical transcription work at home opportunities deal mostly with typing, you will thus need to have data entry skills. Two other important skills to have are grammar and spelling skills for obvious reasons. You will also need high retention as your primary work at home job in medical transcription is recording information. It is most often the case that companies like to hire people with previous in-house experience for their medical transcription work at home jobs. This means that they want to get someone who has worked in medical transcription in a hospital or clinic before they will hire someone to work at home. In fact, many of these companies ask for applicants who have at least a year or two of experience working for the medical community. Experience therefore is necessary in order to propel your chances of landing a medical transcription work at home job. If you're worried of not getting the job because you have no experience, then the solution would be to do volunteer work. You will find that a lot of organizations are frequently looking for volunteers in medical transcription work at home field.
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Failed english transcription - portuguese accent
This was a video generated with a software which is not working very well. Today, we’re excited to bring Listen, our Text-to-Speech feature, to iOS. It’s the hands-free way of returning to everything you’ve saved in Pocket. You can start listening from anywhere in the article, skip paragraphs with ease, and adjust the reading speed for when you want to fly through an article or let it slowly soak in. Plus, it has automatic language detection, making Listen available in all languages. To listen to any of your articles, just open your article of choice and tap the ●●● button in the bottom toolbar. Then, select Listen (TTS). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtLfEJBc8Zg&feature=youtu.be
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Where is Lyme Disease Found?
Your doctor may say Lyme disease doesn’t exist in your area, but odds are it’s there. Learn how widespread and underreported Lyme is from Dr. Bill Rawls. You can learn more about Lyme disease and view the transcription here: https://rawlsmd.com/health-articles/is-there-lyme-where-i-live Ready to Jumpstart Your Recovery? Sign up for Dr. Rawls’ free 6-day email series to discover hidden culprits behind Lyme, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue, along with powerful natural solutions: https://rawlsmd.com/jumpstart Subscribe to my regular newsletter to get helpful articles and information on optimizing your health holistically here: https://rawlsmd.com/newsletter Check out these popular articles -- My Chronic Lyme Disease Journey: https://rawlsmd.com/health-articles/my-chronic-lyme-disease-journey Boiling Point: The Lyme + Fibromyalgia + Chronic Fatigue Connection https://rawlsmd.com/health-articles/chronic-immune-dysfunction-lyme-disease *This content is to be used for informational and educational purposes and is not intended to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All viewers are advised to consult a healthcare professional before altering their nutrition, supplement, or lifestyle regimen.
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How to Earn Money online by Transcription work
This Video show you how to earn money online by transcription work Website links :- https://www.rev.com/freelancers https://scribie.com/freelance-transcription#intro https://gotranscript.com/transcription-jobs
LONGWave - 12 12 18 - DECEMBER - Approaches to Asset Selection
Made Available to Subscribers 12-12-18 Notification Sign-Up: http://bit.ly/2y63PvX-Sign-Up Transcription w/ Slides: Available 12-19-18 at MATASII.com (Articles & Key Focuses Tab) Thank you to all Macro Analytics/Gordon T Long YouTube followers. I will continue to add the following message to each video, which many have already seen to help all of those that haven’t learned of the new update. Thank you again for your support! To all Macro Analytics/Gordon T Long subscribers: YouTube recently made an update that can cause you not to receive notifications when a new video is published, even if you previously subscribed to this channel to receive updates. If you would like to continue to receive notifications when we upload new videos, please do the following: click on the Subscribe button, click the bell icon, and select send me all notifications for this channel and then click Save
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How to make money with transcription - Areful Eeslam Presents
Today i discussed about how you can make money with transcription service. In this video series i show some quick & easy money making ways. Some on them will be free, some on them will require investment. Video transcription service: fiverr, upwork Transcription service network: http://crowdsurfwork.com/ https://www.workmarket.com/register/campaign/0629085B373ED63CA153A57D116D9313 https://crowdsurf.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204658080-Full-General-Guidelines-5-18 If you like this video, please like, share and subscribe. Don't forget to click the notification bell. And if you have any question you can comment or ask in my group below. Send me a message in my page or comment below to let me know your problems of work, i will discuss in those. If you have any question feel free to send me a message on my facebook page. You can also comment below. If you want to learn marketing A-Z you can join my online university www.aepresents.net ★ Connect me in facebook i am more active there. https://www.facebook.com/ArefulEeslamPresents/ Follow me on Instagram: @areful.eeslam If you are non bengali & need online marketing help join my facebook group/page & ask me question. Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/marketingwitharef Subscribe & Watch Other Videos: https://www.youtube.com/ArefulEeslam1 https://youtu.be/2tlCyQMAQRo © Areful Eeslam Presents ♂