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Big Business: Unlocking Value from Big Data with Analytics
Executives and data scientists from Baidu, LinkedIn, and Foursquare discuss how to generate real value from Big Data, and the importance of business leaders developing a vision of how Big Data is used in their organization. Susan Athey, Professor of Economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business, moderated this panel on "Generating Value from Big Data and Analytics" with panelists Li Fan (Baidu), Simon Zhang (LinkedIn), and Tianhui Michael Li (Foursquare) at the fourth annual China 2.0 conference hosted by Stanford Graduate School of Business on October 3, 2013. Learn more about the fourth annual China 2.0 conference: http://sprie.gsb.stanford.edu/docs/china20_2013 China 2.0 is an initiative of the Stanford Graduate School of Business focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in China. Learn more: http://www.china2.org/
Big Data Analytics: 11 Case Histories and Success Stories
http://www.patrickschwerdtfeger.com/sbi/ This video reviews 11 case histories where companies have used Big Data analytics to find profitable insights for their businesses. Companies are using analytics to find attribution and develop algorithms that they can monetize. They're looking for correlation and causation. Big Data analytics promises to make our world a more intuitive place and businesses need to develop their data analytics capabilities to capitalize on the trend.
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A New Approach to Unlocking Business Value From Big Data
YarcData LLC, a Cray company, delivers business-focused real-time graph analytics for enterprises to gain business insight by discovering unknown relationships in Big Data. Customers include the Canadian government, Mayo Clinic, Noblis, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Sandia National Laboratories, and the United States government, among others. YarcData is based in the San Francisco bay area and more information is at www.yarcdata.com.
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How to Turn Data into Business Value
https://www.capgemini-consulting.com/business-analytics-consulting Marc Chemin, Global Insights & Data Consulting Leader, shares his view on how our clients can exploit big data and analytics to enhance organizational revenues, customer satisfaction and business processes.
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How can financial services create business value with data and innovate their business models?
https://ibm.co/2PCiTYU Financial services can create business value by managing their enterprise data in a governed data lake. Industry models can help accelerate deploying innovative business models by leveraging industry expertise and best practices. Learn more about analytic data models and blueprints for the financial services industry at ibm.com/industry-models
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Creating Business Value with Analytics and Big Data
Blake talks about a senior level peer-to-peer roundtable that focused on best practices around building analytic capabilities, technologies, and planning and managing initiatives.
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The Challenge of Extracting Business Value From Big Data
http://www.datameer.com In this Big Data & Brews Perspective, Datameer CEO, Stefan Groschupf, discusses how businesses understand the benefits of big data analytics but they are now challenged with extracting value.
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The Business Value of Big Data
Jeff Kelly is Principal Researcher at Wikibon and has deep experience in big data, business analytics and data management. He tops Forbes list of "Top Influencers in Big Data" and we invite you to join Jeff in a discussion about the business value of using technologies like Hadoop and MapReduce. More Here: http://thinkbiganalytics.com/
Making data analytics work: Building a data-driven organization
"Big data: What's your plan?" sets out the imperative task: to develop a plan that brings together data, analytics, frontline tools, and people to create business value. Only by spending the time to craft a plan can executives establish a common language to focus on goals and on ways of getting started. As a part of our special package on advanced analytics, Matt Ariker, of McKinsey's Consumer Marketing Analytics Center, focuses on the human element: the skills needed; how to organize and integrate new capabilities, people, and roles; and the mind-set and behavioral changes organizations must make to become data driven. You can download a full transcript of all the videos from this series and find new content on our site at: http://bit.ly/McKAnalyticsVids Join the conversation via the Twitter hashtag, #McKAnalytics (http://bit.ly/McKAnalytics).
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Big Data Readiness Framework: Prove the Business Value of your Analytics Use Case
http://emc.im/6058BDhKk Learn how EMC Global Services Big Data Readiness framework enables the transformation of data into insights for business value creation. Customers in the ‘motivated’ phase will need help proving the value of their use case back to the business using real data on an analytic environment.
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Big Data Analytics for Consumer Products Sales
http://www.ibm.com/bigdata - For consumer products manufacturers, big data analytics is fueling improved business outcomes by applying new analytics capabilities on a vast amount of data. This demonstration illustrates the value of Big Data capabilities to improve sales performance insight and collaboration with retail customers. Through enabling better understanding of retail visibility, enhancing sales analysis, improving execution and profitability of promotional events, and optimizing spending, Big Data helps achieve CP company financial results.
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Creating business value with big data
Research has shown that companies who heavily rely on big data to support their decisions typically outperform others. Prof. Philippe Baecke teaches you how to create value with the data you have available in your organisation. http://bit.ly/15blO2a
How to Monetize Big Data | Mathias Lundø Nielsen | TEDxKEA
The exponential growth and availability of data has come to play a pivotal role in the manner in which individuals, companies and society at large operate. Big data has become a buzzword, and while businesses scramble to utilize the constant flow of information, a succesful formula for monetizing big data is yet to be found. 26-year-old serial entrepreneur Mathias Lundø Nielsen just might have discovered that magical formula. He is determined to show the world how we can utilize big data to bring unparalleled value to consumers and businesses alike, as he himself is doing at the moment with his latest venture in the luxury hotel industry. Mathias Lundø Nielsen is a 26-year-old serial entrepreneur, who has already enjoyed enormous success with several businesses across various industries, from fashion to hotel booking. He is currently using big data to revolutionize the way we book our holidays. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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How Can Data Science Drive Business Value?
Schedule a Consultation: https://ibm.co/2mGXxMA Learn More: https://ibm.co/2JVplWR Data science drives business value. This is the message you’ll hear from data science, analytics and business leaders at Revelwood, QueBit and Liberty Seguros in this teaser video. Model accuracy is only one factor – but true success depends on adoption. Learn how to maximize your value with data science and experience tangible results.
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Master Class ESSEC Asia-Pacific | "How to derive business value from Big Data"
www.essec.edu/asia | Led by Dr. Yan Li, Associate Professor, Information Systems and Decision Sciences and Associate Dean of Faculty (Asia-Pacific) at ESSEC Business School, this master class discusses Opportunities and Challenges of Big Data. What is Big Data in our digital era? What are the challenges posed by Big Data? How can companies turn the challenges of Big Data into marketing opportunities? How should we handle the massive flows of data that stream into companies from various sources? The paradox of Big Data is that there is a lot of data, while there are very few insights and actions companies can squeeze out of it. How should companies solve this paradox? This Master Class will address these issues and introduce cutting-edge methods, technologies and tools to derive business value from Big Data. Dr. Li will teach in the ESSEC Executive MBA Asia-Pacific programme, a unique course titled "Targeting Masses in Asia: Big Data and the Bottom of the Pyramid".
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Learn to Derive Business Value from Big Data Through Text Analytics
While the term Big Data is relative to each industry, most organizations’ big data efforts are focused on structured or operational data sources. But today as much as 75-80% of available data is unstructured text — it's growing at an explosive rate and contains much valuable human intelligence. Savvy organizations want to leverage those data assets to identify opportunities, make predictions, and solve organizational issues. Text analytics is the process of analyzing unstructured text, extracting relevant information and transforming it into structured information that can be leveraged to drive business insights. Organizations that successfully apply text analytics processes to their big data initiatives derive real business value. Join Tom Reamy, author of "Text Analytics: How to Conquer Information Overload and Get Real Value from Social Media", owner of the KAPS Group and Smartlogic partner, as he shows us how to derive value from unstructured data using text analytics. He'll walk us through the basics, real world case studies and strategies used by organizations that are successfully deriving business value using these processes.
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Leveraging Big Data to drive Business Value using EOI Framework
Learn how companies are using big data and analytics to drive business in major corporate functions such as product, sales, and marketing using the EOI (Enable-Optimize-Innovate) framework . If you want to learn how to design and build a high-performance big data analytics framework then check out the certified project-based big data training course here - https://www.dezyre.com/hadoop-hands-on-training/47
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Unlock the True Business Value with Big Data | Clavax
The amount of digital data is growing rapidly doubling almost every year and changing the way we live. Learn how to take advantage of Analytics & draw actionable insights from your business data. Connect with Clavax to carve out the meaningful competitive advantage in your business with your own data. http://www.clavax.com/solution/BigData
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Big Data & Analytics for Finance
Big Data & Analytics is a great opportunity for finance to bring more value to business. How companies can address this challenge? https://www.capgemini.com/consulting-fr/
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Energy Australia  - Harnessing big data to combat churn and improve business value
Energy Australia's Gaurav Singh talks from Oracle OpenWorld 2016 about how the company is using big data and analytics to combat high churn rates and improve the customer experience.
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Netflix: Big data and analytics and future challenges | VCA Spaces
The king of the video streaming industry, Netflix, is on a winning streak with the great help of Big Data and analytics which guide the company towards a profitable streaming portfolio and optimized user-friendly service. With planned investments of $8 billion in 2018, will Netflix be able to create enough top-notch productions to sustain its spendings? Will Netflix’s winning streak be cut short by its own ambitions? Let us know what you think in the comments and leave us a thumbs up! If you are interested in curious business topics, please visit us at www.vca-spaces.com to know more. VCA Spaces is a new innovative online environment that sets a new standard for business professionals to learn, work and interact. VCA-Spaces (VCA stands for Value Chain Analysis) focuses on topics such as value creation of today's organizations, business transformation or leadership, and change. After signing up for the platform, you will gain exclusive access to original business and research content. See you at VCA Spaces!
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Data Dimensions: Big data: The value beyond the hype
Data Dimensions features leading Capgemini experts each adding their own dimension to the discussion around big data. Edwin Steenvoorden looks beyond the hype at how to drive real business value from big data. He explains that high function analytics have been available in the market for some time but as new technologies become mainstream and are able to deal with massive data volumes, organizations need to shift their focus to realize this value. Follow the whole series: http://www.capgemini.com/bigdata
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Matt Denesuk - Compounding Business Value Through Big Data and Advanced Analytics
Chief Science Data Officer of GE Matt Denesuk explains how to get business value and better productivity from Big Data at the Rethink Technology conference.
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2014 Big Data, Analytics, and Insights
Big Data, Analytics, and Insights Prof. Tom Davenport, MIT Center for Digital Business moderator Barry Morris, NuoDB Darrell Fernandes, Fidelity Investments Don Taylor, Benefitfocus Puneet Batra, LevelTrigger Many organizations are excited about the possibility of developing a competitive advantage from the use of advanced analytics on "big data". In this session a panel of experts who will address their concept of big data and what their organizations are attempting to accomplish with it. They will also discuss the role of the data scientist in extracting value from that big data using advanced analytics tools and techniques. Examples will be presented from firms that are aggressively pursuing big data initiatives for predicting or optimizing future outcomes. The panelists will describe how using big data sets for analytics and data management differs from previous approaches utilizing small data sets. Finally, the panel will address key factors that big and small data analytics have in common. @bsmorris @nuodb @dontaylorsc @benefitfocus @gpbatra @tdav @mitcdb @fidelity
Think Big Analytics On Realizing Business Value from Hadoop
Rick Farnell explains how Think Big Analytics' professional services help enterprises realize business value from Hadoop by identifying, seizing on compelling Big Data use cases.
Deriving Business Value from Customer Logs - Big Data Use Cases
A joint webinar with Hitachi Data Systems
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Delivering the Business Value of Analytics
A rebroadcast of one of the best reviewed sessions at this year's Predictive Analytics World. Learn the critical success factors in delivering business value with advanced analytics.
Unlocking Business Value with Big Data and Hadoop
Creating business value with big data and hadoop - Understand how apache hadoop solves the big data problem and helps organisations drive business value by leveraging analytics. Want to learn how to leverage analytics using hadoop , check out this project based hands-on hadoop training - https://www.dezyre.com/Hadoop-Training-online/19
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Big Data and business value - the 80/20 rule
Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice Engines, explains how the fourth "v" of Big Data - Value - is the most important one to focus on (the others are volume, variety, velocity). In many cases, companies should focus on getting 80% of the answer so they can extract value more quickly from Big Data, rather than always trying for the much more complex and time consuming 100% answer.
Federico Rosenhain, Big Data Evangelist at Big Data Analytics Conference June 2017
At Whitehall Media’s 10th Big Data Analytics conference, we showcased Big Data use cases and techniques that drive the greatest business value. With an emphasis on real-life implementation of Big Data technologies, this practical business forum provided bold vision from leading innovators across the data-driven spectrum. To join hundreds of C-suite executives, business strategists, data scientists and analytics professionals to leverage the opportunity to harness your data for competitive advantage, please visit www.whitehallmedia.co.uk/bda.
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3 Main Types of Analytics in Big Data
If data is unrefined, it can’t be used. It has to be changed into a valuable entity that drives profitable activity. So, data must be analyzed for it to have value that can be used for business. That is why Big data is nothing without analytics. Here is 3 types of Analytics in Big data that you have to know! For more insight about Big Data you can visit our website! http://dattabot.io/ The music of the video here: https://www.bensound.com/
The three '..tives' of business analytics; predictive, prescriptive and descriptive
There are major changes afoot in the world of analytics as the familiar concept of business analytics yields to the less familiar world of predictive analytics. As it turns out, predictive analytics holds the key to unlocking the business value of Big Data, as the foremost analytics authority, Harvard Business School visiting professor Tom Davenport, reveals. For more information, visit http://enterprisecioforum.com.
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Avi Freedman:  Cisco Tetration Shows Network Big Data's Business Value
Kentik CEO Avi Freedman explains how Cisco's Tetration Analytics announcement means that big data is the platform to turn infrastructure data into business value.
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The Power of Insights - Using Analytics to Create Business Value
Now is the time to turn the explosion of data into actionable insight in order to achieve competitive advantage. Organizations need to harness the value of data coming from increasingly complex sources, especially the data coming from the new breed of IoT. The use of advanced analytical techniques, such as machine learning and predictive modelling, will reduce operational costs and improve customer centricity as well as increase sales and customer value. It is basically about how data, technology and analytics can deliver a real impact to your bottom line and improve shareholder value. Speaker: Naeem Sarwar
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How big data, analytics can give your business a competitive advantage
Is your company using big data and analytics to its fullest potential? On this CNBC Africa edition of CGMA Management Accounting Series a panel of experts look at how companies can leverage data and analytics for financial reporting. They also discuss collecting the right information to make valuable business decisions.
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Case Study: Unlocking business value with Data Analytics in DBS Bank
Welcome to My Random Life! Most footages here are raw and unedited! :) As most footages are under creative commons, please feel free to use the footages for your own project. Really appreciate if you can credit my Youtube channel! Cheers! Like my Facebook page @ http://bit.ly/towkaynewfb Follow me on Instagram @ http://bit.ly/towkaynewinsta Best Online Courses @ http://bit.ly/tkn-udemy Visit my personal blog @ http://notchbad.com/
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NASSCOM: Big Data & Analytics Summit 2017 - Session III: Used Case Mash-up
The Power of Customer Insights: Using Analytics to create Business Value Speakers: Melissa McSherry, SVP Global Analytics and Data Product, Visa Sachin Pendse, Global BI Data Modeling & Architecture lead, Mondelez International Syed Atif, SVP & Head-Data Sciences & Next Gen Analytics, Citibank Moderator: Sunder Muthuraman, CEO-APAC, Gain Theory
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Creating Value with Big Data Analytics
Creating Value with Big Data Analytics: Making Smarter Marketing Decisions, by Peter Verhoef, Edwin Kooge and Natasha Walk. http://bigdatasmartmarketing.com
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Big Data = Big Benefits for Today's Businesses
Organizations are increasingly grappling with the "Big Data" challenge. What is Big Data How did "Data" evolve into "Big Data"? Smart devices, improved Internet connectivity, Social Media, and cheaper storage have contributed to a significant increase in the volume, velocity and variety of data generated every single day. Almost 80% of this data is unstructured -- photos, videos, sound, media, e-mail, social feeds, blogs, locations, appliance sensors, text messages, and more. This "Big Data" is an incredible source of intelligence for organizations and a potential source of competitive advantage.
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Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business | HKPolyUx on edX | Course About Video
Take this course for free on edX: https://www.edx.org/course/knowledge-management-big-data-business-hkpolyux-ise101x#! ↓ More info below. ↓ Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edX Follow on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/edxonline Follow on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/edxonline About this course The business landscape is changing so rapidly that traditional management, business and computing courses do not meet the needs for the next generation of workers in the business world. Most traditional methods are of repetitive and of a rule-based nature will be gradually replaced by Artificial Intelligence. In the knowledge era, the most value added job will be to manage knowledge which includes how knowledge is created, mined, processed, shared and reused in different trades and industry. At the same time, the amount of data and information (pre-requisites of knowledge) is exploding exponentially. By 2020, IDC projects that the size of the digital universe will reach 40 zetabytes from all sources including, websites, weblog, sensors, and social media. Big data will transform how we live, work and even think. These trends and more will have a profound effect on how we see the world and create policies. In this course, the following topics are covered: What is knowledge management? How is knowledge captured, elicited, organized and created in business? What is big data and how can we use data analytics from a laymen perspective? What is Open Linked Data and how can it support machine reasoning? What defines the era of Science 2.0? How can new knowledge be mined from big data? What are the technical and social problems with big data? What is cloud computing and cloud services? What are examples of applications? The course is offered by the Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Center (KMIRC) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Most of our research are company and industrial based. Capabilities and competencies of the KMIRC are further strengthened by the international alliances it has formed with leading practitioners whom many are regarded as in the "Hall of Fame" of knowledge management, and renowned research centers worldwide. The course is suitable for participants with background in humanities, management, social science, physical science or engineering. No prior technical background is assumed.
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Big Data: Mined + Refined + Delivered = Value
http://www.ibmbigdatahub.com - Big data is a new natural resource. Like other natural resources, big data needs to be successfully mined, refined and delivered in order to create value. • Organizations first need to mine big data through Exploration. Exploration is finding, connecting and understanding the value of all available data. • Refining big data is accomplished with advanced analytics made possible with improved Performance. Big data can be transformed into actionable insights in seconds rather than hours— affordably enough to make an impact on every project and decision. • Delivering big data is ensuring its Consumability. Organizations can accelerate time to value with big data systems that are flexible and intuitive. • Business users can easily understand big data insights to apply to their initiatives. Exploration, Performance and Consumability. These ensure that big data as a resource for fueling smarter business decisions is used in the most efficient and effective way possible. To achieve this, IBM's Big Data Platform brings together an interlocking system of capabilities—delivering remarkable insights and better results at the speed of business.
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The Value of Big Data and Analytics in Government - Oracle  Session 3: Big Data 2014 - A PSP Forum
The Value of Big Data and Analytics in Government - Oracle Session 3:Big Data 2014 Speakers: Mark Johnson, Director, Engineered Systems and Big Data Programs, Oracle Corporation Wayne Babby, Deputy Director Office of Research, CA Dept of Corrections, Abdul Shaik, BI/Reporting Manager CA Dept of Corrections Thumbnail: The question of why the Public Sector should embark on a Data Discovery program is being asked at all levels of Government. This session will focus on the benefits of implementing a Big Data Program and the capabilities it builds in Public Sector Organizations. This session was presented at the 2014 PSP Big Data Forum -- Managing Government Information Effectively. Extended Description: As Public Sector Leaders evaluate the costs of the effort, they have a difficult time evaluating the benefits of investing in Big Data Infrastructure. This session will focus on the benefits of implementing a Big Data Program and the capabilities it builds in Public Sector Organizations. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has embarked on providing Big Data capabilities in its organization to address several challenges in assessing programs and policies. The key challenges identified were disparate data systems, localized data, volumes of data, data received from external agencies in flat files, inconsistency of format and the amount of time needed to get the desired results. This session will discuss why CDCR embarked on the Big Data adventure, the key steps to launching the effort and what the next steps will be in taking advantage of the Big Data foundation within the CDCR. A brief demo of CDCR's application of Big Data tools will be shown along with the main benefits the tool brings to CDCR. For Facebook and Linked In -- http://youtu.be/SlVK3ywDIWA This video was filmed at the Jan 22, 2014 Big Data-Managing Government Effectively: A Public Sector Partners Education Forum. If you would like information on any future PSP Forums, please visit our event site at www.pspinfo.us Contact Information: Russ Hicks, President Public Sector Partners, Inc. [email protected]
Analytics: the real-world use of big data
This new study, from the IBM Institute for Business Value in partnership with the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford, explores how organizations are leveraging big data to create competitive advantage in the marketplace and reflects input from more than 1,100 business and IT executives, in 95 countries, combined with executive interviews and case studies. To download this study go to www.ibm.com/2012bigdatastudy
Big Data Analytics: The Revolution Has Just Begun
http://www.sas.com/en_us/insights/analytics/big-data-analytics.html Analytics 2012 keynote speaker, Will Hakes, shares his thoughts on the big data revolution and how smart businesses are positioning themselves for the changes ahead. BIG DATA ANALYTICS: WHAT IS IT AND WHY DOES IT MATTER? Big data is now a reality: The volume, variety and velocity of data coming into your organization continue to reach unprecedented levels. This phenomenal growth means that not only must you understand big data in order to decipher the information that truly counts, but you also must understand the possibilities of big data analytics. LEARN MORE ABOUT BIG DATA ANALYTICS http://www.sas.com/en_us/insights/analytics/big-data-analytics.html SUBSCRIBE TO THE SAS SOFTWARE YOUTUBE CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sassoftware ABOUT SAS SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions, SAS helps customers at more than 75,000 sites improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. Since 1976 SAS has been giving customers around the world The Power to Know.® VISIT SAS http://www.sas.com CONNECT WITH SAS SAS ► http://www.sas.com SAS Customer Support ► http://support.sas.com SAS Communities ► http://communities.sas.com Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/SASsoftware Twitter ► https://www.twitter.com/SASsoftware LinkedIn ► http://www.linkedin.com/company/sas Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+sassoftware Blogs ► http://blogs.sas.com RSS ►http://www.sas.com/rss
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Ask, Measure, Learn: How to Extract Significant Business Value from Big Data
SPEAKER: Lutz Finger Director of Data Science at LinkedIn, Co-author of the Book, Ask Measure Learn n his keynote presentation, Lutz Finger, Director of Data Science at LinkedIn and co-author of the book, will show how to work with data to obtain usable results and influence customer behavior. DISCOVER the "Ask-Measure-Learn" system that helps you ask the right questions, measure the right data, and then learn from the results. LEARN how to use social media analytics to understand and influence customer behavior. FIND specific ways to apply social media analytics to marketing, sales, public relations, and customer management, using examples and case studies.
The Forward Thinker: Creating Value through Big Data and Analytics - IBM Session 1: Big Data 2014
The Forward Thinker: Creating Value through Big Data and Analytics - IBM Session 1: Big Data 2014 Speaker: Kevin Brown, Solution Architect - IBM Federal Analytics Solution Center; Jeff McTygue -- Franchise Tax Board; Carolyn Hogg -- CIO City of Fresno Thumbnail: Big Data requires an understanding of the desired business outcomes in order to have value. This educational session from the 2014 Big Data Conference looks at case studies from the Federal, State, and Local Government perspective. The speakers examine the business drivers and challenges that needed to be solved and the process they went through to use Big Data Analytics to create solutions. This is a great overview for executives that are trying to identify how to start down the path of incorporating Big Data Analytics into their program operations. Extended Description: Big data, defined as large volumes and wide varieties of data - sometimes delivered at high velocities, is already being collected by most government organizations. In addition, the different types of new data being generated is increasing at rapidly accelerating rates. The ability to perform analytics on this data enables government organizations to improve existing processes and operations and engage in entirely new types of analyses that weren't possible before. The types of data that governments may want to analyze include records about citizens, businesses and transactions stored in core systems and data warehouses; text documents including email, blogs, social media, chat-room exchanges or medical notes; and other data such as videos, broadcasts, images, sensors, and geospatial and weather information. Join IBM for this session and learn from a panel of Public Sector leaders and IBM experts who will share how they are working to leverage data in new and innovative ways to improve service, cut costs and increase transparency. You will also gain valuable insight into what to look for when evaluating and selecting a predictive analytics platform. This session is not to be missed! This video was filmed at the Jan 22, 2014 Big Data-Managing Government Effectively: A Public Sector Partners Education Forum. If you would like information on any future PSP Forums, please visit our event site at www.pspinfo.us Contact Information: Russ Hicks, President Public Sector Partners, Inc. [email protected]
Big Ideas; Big Tech: Big Data Business Model Maturity Index
The Dean of Big Data EMC's Bill Schmarzo discusses how to measure the degree to which your organization has integrated big data and advanced analytics into your day to day business model. Watch all the Big Ideas videos at http://bit.ly/EMCBigIdeas
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Think Big, The Leader in Big Data
Think Big implements big data applications that create measurable business value. Energize and accelerate your career by joining Think Big. Apply now at thinkbigcareers.teradata.com
IBMs Big Data Platform
http://www.ibm.com/software/data/bigdata/ To extract maximum business value from Big Data you need to think beyond Terabytes, Petabytes and Exabytes Big data is not just about volume, if you want maximum competitive advantage from big data, you need to be thinking in 3 dimensions - Volume, Velocity and Variety. These 3 dimensions are driving IBM's approach to Big Data, giving you the ability to get maximum value from your data, using InfoSphere Streams to capture and act on all your business data, all the time, just in time and InfoSphere BigInsights our scalable analytics platform for extracting deep insight from massive volumes of raw data. In this demo we are going to show you an example from the telecommunications industry where we extract business information from big data to improve customer service.
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