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Value Creation:  Key Value Drivers
In this video, Professor Joe Perfetti explains the impact of the three value drivers (growth, ROIC and risk) on value and multiples.
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How a CEO Identifies the Real Drivers of Revenue Growth
Joining us for today’s show is Bryan Adams, the co-founder and Managing Partner for Integrity Marketing Group. Today we are going to demonstrate how to create clarity throughout the entire company by getting everyone laser-focused on the real drivers of revenue growth. Why this topic? Organizations that have too many objectives and priorities have none. They risk accomplishing nothing of significance. A CEO’s strategy often goes unexecuted because the sales, marketing, and product leaders are in their silos pursuing what they feel is important. This causes strategic misalignment and results in sub-par revenue growth. Bryan is an executive leader who rose through the corporate ranks as one of the youngest VP’s in his industry, and then, as an entrepreneur, started his own thriving business. He is an expert on building, growing, and scaling a business.  In the first segment of the program (6:18) Bryan shares the top goals of his business and the greatest challenges they face. He explains (8:03) how different types of growth earn different returns on capital, revealing that not all growth is equally value-creating. And, he walks us through (9:23) the process of converting revenue growth into a proportional growth in cash flows. Watch as Bryan describes (12:57) the three sources of revenue growth: Market Expansion, Market Exposure, and Market Share Performance. Bryan reviews each source and how it applies to his business, in order to understand the drivers of revenue growth. We wrap up the show (26:48) by discussing what strategic trade-off decisions should be made to prioritize long-term value creation. And Bryan discloses his willingness to forgo short-term profits to earn better return for shareholders (27:00) in the long-term.
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Driving Business Growth & Innovation with Best Selling Author, Tiffani Bova
Tiffani Bova is the growth and innovation evangelist at Salesforce and the author of the Wall Street Journal and bestselling book GROWTH IQ. Bova was recently named to Thinkers50’s Radar Class of 2019 and was Thinker of the Month in December 2018.  Tiffani Bova travels around the world helping companies solve their most vexing problem: how to keep growing in the face of stiff competition and a fast-changing business environment. Join this session where Bova will cut through the clutter and confusion that surround growth, and guide you to choose the right path to navigate in your business.
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The Core Value Drivers of Your Business
This video will introduce you to the core value drivers of your business. Improving these value drivers will increase the value of your business and help you make more money and increase the saleability of your business.
Top 5 Drivers of Business Value (V3)
http://www.rarebrain.com/video/top-5-drivers-business-value-v3/ This video details the top 5 drivers of business value that an owner should keep in mind before selling their business. Planning ahead and growing your business is crucial to getting the maximum value for your company when it's time to sell. The video is hosted by Gower Idrees, CEO of RareBrain Capital, a business growth + merger and acquisition expert advisor. You can learn more and get your free score + report at http://www.rarebrain.com.
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The 5 Rapid Growth Drivers for a Successful Business
In today’s video series for the corporate escape stories, I’m so excited to interview Paul Higgins from Build Live Give (BLG). In the interview, I picked Paul’s brain on his 5 rapid growth drivers to expedite business success, something he teaches his tribe at Build Live Give, and I know it’s going to help give you some clarity on what to focus on to build a thriving business. Read the full story here: http://screwthecubicle.com/growth-drivers-for-successful-business/ GET MORE Screw The Cubicle! FREE RESOURCES TO KICKSTART YOUR ESCAPE Get my 3-part video series ► Learn how to break free from the shackles of conventional work, so that you can quit your job and create your own path to freedom: http://screwthecubicle.com/video-series/ Create Your Dream Business ►Download my Dream Business Mindmap before you waste another day in the cubicle, and commit to a niche you can feel confident about in 30 minutes or less: http://screwthecubicle.com/create-dream-business/ LEARN MORE ABOUT ME http://screwthecubicle.com/ SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! https://www.youtube.com/screwthecubicle/c LET'S CONNECT! Website ► http://screwthecubicle.com/ Free Community ► http://screwthecubicle.com/the-unconventionalists/ Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/cubiclecrasher/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/screwthecubicle Linkedin ► https://ca.linkedin.com/in/lydialeevancouver Pinterest ► https://www.pinterest.com/screwthecubicle/ Welcome to my YouTube channel! I’ll be teaching you how to do work you love, start a passionate business, and create your lifestyle and career out of the cubicle.
Business Drivers for Sustainability
The first installment in an overview of the EEM Sustainable Management Framework. In this video we look at the stakeholder approach to identifying the business drivers for sustainable development.
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GfK consumer & market trends: driving business growth
GfK’s 90-seconds on how understanding today’s key drivers and tomorrow’s trends can reveal new business opportunities and support success.
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SAP CEO: Cloud business was main driver of growth
SAP CEO Bill McDermott discusses the main driver behind his company’s growth and how the technology giant plans to separate itself from Oracle.
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Drivers of Business Growth In emerging Markets "Insurance and Business Growth"
DBA - AMR Intl Conference, Held at The University Of Nairobi..
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5 Key Drivers to Retail Growth -  Exclusive video with Aaron Blackman
http://www.retalexpress.com.au/roi-challenge http://www.retailexpress.com.au Join Australia's leading retailers and gain more clarity and control of your business with Retail Express point of sale. Including: - Easy-to-use POS - Phone support - Loyalty features - Inventory Management - Custom eCommerce webstores - Powerful business reporting Retail Express is perfect for stores like yours including fashion, fashion accessories, footwear, bike stores, sporting goods, furniture, homewares, pets, fitness and supplements, toys and many more in general retail. Get your free live demo here: www.retailexpress.com.au
The 7 key growth drivers of small business success
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God's Intelligence - Drivers for Innovations and Business Growth
Thought leadership on God or Nature inspired innovations. Watch this video to learn 5 innovation mega trends. Companies around the world can benefit significantly from these 5 key areas of innovations and it can provide competitive advantage for them. It can also provide them multibillion dollar business opportunities. Here are 5 God inspired innovations. God's first intelligence: use monolithic design to make your products. God's second intelligence: use biodegradable materials to make the products. God's third intelligence: use renewable energy or green energy to make the product. God's forth intelligence: use smart materials to make the products. God's fifth intelligence: use continuous monitoring. Let me explain you God's first intelligence 'use monolithic design.' God uses monolithic design concept to design animals, and human beings, and plants. The monolithic design concepts bring significant competitive advantage for companies because the labor cost, the tooling cost, inventory cost, assembly cost are very little with this one-piece design. The industries which will significantly benefit with monolithic design concepts are automotive, aircraft, oil and gas, industrial equipment consumer goods, electronics and appliances. The key enablers for these will be the composites technology, casting and 3-D printing God's second intelligence: "use biodegradable materials." God uses biodegradable materials to make animals and human beings. There is no recycling issue or pollution issue with human beings or animals. There are several issues man-made products. The solutions for such are using the biodegradable materials. In future, cars, houses, and different laundry and personal care products will be made with green or biodegradable material. The industries which will be significantly benefited from such innovations will be the automotive, housing personal care, consumer goods such as laundry product. The key enablers for such thing will be the bio-based materials natural fiber. God's third intelligence: "use green energy." In future, wind, solar, ocean energy and bio-fuel will be the main sources of energy. There will be huge opportunity for companies to develop such renewable or green based energy sources for different types of product God's forth intelligence: "Use intelligent material" The solution for such thing will be the embedded sensors, and use of intelligent material. The key enablers for all of these will be the embedded sensors, smart materials and many other imaging technologies which will be having the self-healing technique. God's fifth intelligence: "Use continuous monitoring." Believe it or not, God uses continuous monitoring to monitor all human beings around the world as well animals. God punishes or rewards every one of us based on law of karma. In future, companies will monitor bridges and assets, government will monitor at centralized place all the bridge conditions, companies sitting at world headquarter will monitor the asset, government will monitor the actions of citizens, companies will monitor their customer behavior, the competitor's action using Internet technology, GPS technology. Key Enablers: Internet, Camera, GPS technology, video camera, eco-sounders and various damage determining equipment In conclusion, what we find that there is a significant gap exists between the God-made designs and man-made designs. I have provided five innovation ideas which are sustainable, eco-friendly and can provide huge growth opportunity for companies. It can also lead to competitive advantage for companies. We can all make a big difference by using biodegradable material or energy sources. In future, there will more God inspired innovations into markets place. Let's us invest in this ideas to drive growth and to make our environment efficient and safe. Thank you ! "God's Intelligence - Drivers of Innovations and Business Growth" - presented by Dr. Sanjay Mazumdar, CEO, Lucintel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m62F_zzQzXc
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Listen to Global Platforms Leader Abigail Storms explain how the work we led together uncovered demand drivers and highlighted the areas of focus that drove actionable go forward strategies
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Innovation as a driver for growth
Philip Grosch and Karen Forward, Partners at PwC Canada, discuss how innovation is essential to staying relevant and competitive in the new economy. To do this and achieve profitable growth, leading companies are prioritizing innovation. When implemented as a business discipline tied to growth, the most innovative businesses are maturing twice as fast as their competition.
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Business Growth Driver #5 - Finance
Businesses with private equity funding have a 40% higher revenues over 5 years compared with listed companies without PE funding have a 15% revenue growth rate. As businesses grow, funding needs evolve. Funding a business through the various stages of growth is a complex process as it involves choosing the most appropriate source or a combination of sources (equity, debt, friends, and family, angel, PE, VC etc.). Involving external investors helps businesses in many ways: - it brings in domain knowledge and technical expertise - opens up networking opportunities - provides strategic direction to boost growth -improves financial decision-making -instills professionalism and -helps build credibility and reputation. Companies that have a well-structured leadership team to handle the corporate finance function are in a better position to manage strategic investments. Further, companies that have external investors have seen significantly higher growth and are better equipped to take more efficient financial decisions. Like, comment below & share.
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Business Growth Driver #2   Leadership
[VIDEO 2 of 7] Companies with a second line of leadership have 3.5x higher revenues on average that companies that don't have a second line of management. However according to a 2014 Gallup study 95% of entrepreneurs struggle with delegation. Neeraj Shah shares 3 ways in which you can build a second line of leadership that helps your company scale up faster. #Mentor #Business #Growth #GrowthDriver #BusinessOwner Here is a link to the seven steps to become an effective delegator: http://neerajshah.me/seven-steps-to-successful-delegation/
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Business Growth Drivers
Learn about the 18 business growth drivers proven to help a business grow.
Driving business growth in Tasmania
Small businesses are one of our state’s key drivers of jobs and investment growth, and we are further strengthening our focus on small business through the launch of the new Tasmanian Business Growth Strategy 2019-2023. This new Strategy will help grow our businesses and support the establishment of new enterprises with support and training for businesses and their employees.
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Revenue Models for Consumer Retail Companies
In this Revenue Models lesson, you'll learn how to build a revenue model for a consumer retail company. By http://breakingintowallstreet.com/ "Financial Modeling Training And Career Resources For Aspiring Investment Bankers" Chuck E. Cheese, a kids' restaurant chain that was acquired by Apollo for $1.3 billion, is used in this example since their data is readily available and easy to use Table of Contents: 0:39 Why Revenue Models Are Important 2:19 How to Set Up Revenue Models - Units Sold and Market Size Methods 3:39 How You Build a Revenue Model - Examples for Different Industries 5:03 Step 1 - Finding Historical Data 5:59 Step 2 - Assumptions for Stores Opened and Closed 8:02 Step 3 - Assumptions for Sales per Store Growth 9:03 Step 4 - Calculating Ending Stores per Year 10:30 Step 5 - Toggle Calculations for Sales per Store 11:08 Step 6 - Splitting Revenue Into Segments 14:20 Step 7 - How to Review and Tweak the Numbers 15:18 Recap and Summary Why Do Revenue Models Matter? It's a very common topic in case studies and interviews in IB, PE, HFs, and anything else in finance. Revenue models can come up in LBO case studies, 3-statement modeling case studies, normal interview questions, and, of course, on the job. Often, you have enough data to make MORE than just a simple % growth rate assumption for revenue... but not enough data to do the same on the expense side. Theoretically, you could just say 2%, 3%, 4%, etc. growth each year and project revenue like that. BUT it's much more credible to say, "We have 50 stores each generating $2 million in annual sales, on average, and we plan to open 5 new stores per year for the next 5 years -- based on that, revenue is expected to be..." rather than "We're assuming 4% revenue growth per year." The numbers you get will NOT necessarily be different or "more accurate" -- you're still predicting the future! But at least your numbers will have more real-world support behind them... What is a Revenue Model? It can be done many different ways, but most revenue models boil down to Units Sold * Average Selling Price, or Total Market Size * % Market Share. The best method depends on the available data, the work and research you've done, and what the company discloses. For this consumer/retail example, it makes the most sense to use a variation on Units Sold * Average Selling Price, since "market share" is almost impossible to establish for a large and fragmented market like restaurants. How Do You Build a Revenue Model? For retailers, you can divide revenue into into existing stores vs. new stores and assume a figure for average Sales per Square Foot/Meter, or Sales per Store, and then make assumptions for new stores opened, stores closed, and how the sales per store figures change over time. Here's what we cover in this example for Chuck E. Cheese: Step 1: Get the historical data you need -- in this case, the # of stores opened and closed in prior years, and the average sales per store type. These are all taken from the company's filings. Step 2: Make assumptions for the # of stores opened and closed each year -- companies often disclose their plans in their filings, or you can extrapolate from historical data. In this case, CEC told us directly how many stores it planned to open over the next 4 years. Step 3: Assume a growth rate in Sales per Comparable (Existing) Store, and Sales per New Store. Step 4: Calculate Ending Stores each year, with support for the sensitivity toggles built in so that we can easily modify the assumptions. Step 5: Now, make similar "post-toggle" calculations for Sales per New Store and Sales per Existing Store. Step 6: Now, divide the revenue into segments, if applicable... it is very much applicable here! There are different margins for entertainment vs. food and beverages, and there's a clear trend in one direction (away from food and beverages). Step 7: Now, go back and check your numbers, fill in the miscellaneous and smaller items, and see how equity research estimates (and other sources) compare to what you've come up with. Go back and tweak your numbers as necessary. What Next? Pick a company you're interested in, in an industry that's relatively easy to analyze, and project revenue based on what's in their filings. It doesn't have to be super-complicated -- for most companies, revenue comes down to less than 5 key drivers. Avoid conglomerates, companies with tons of business lines, or industries that are more complex, such as oil & gas, commercial banking, etc. Suggestions: Airlines, technology, consumer/retail, industrials/manufacturing, healthcare is iffy because it can get very complex to model a company with a huge drug portfolio. Further Resources http://youtube-breakingintowallstreet-com.s3.amazonaws.com/CEC-Revenue-Model.xlsx
Business Growth Accelerator for 2019
Helping business owners with too much to do and struggling with how to grow their business ‘No Obligation’ 90 Minutes confidential review –Looking at your HR, Sales, Marketing and Profit Drivers –Outlining how to grow your business Business Growth Programme –Full business review – 12 point plan –Growth acceleration programme –Profit drivers – where/when/how –Sales & Marketing/ Customer performance Flexible and affordable pricing Call or email now to book your no obligation 90 minutes chat- e: [email protected] m: 07909 926078
Business Growth Driver #6: Risk Management
An often neglected but very important area that impacts the growth of emerging businesses is risk management. Risk remains a non-priority until a disaster strikes or a big opportunity is missed. Sustainability of a business depends heavily on how well possible risks are managed. 50% of companies that have set up a strong corporate governance structure have managed to attract external investors vis-à-vis ~10% of the companies that have not. All the companies that are confident of their readiness to mitigate risks have heavily invested in technology to manage risks and focus more on teamwork according to a recent EY report. In this video we look at: 1. How to set up a strong corporate governance framework. 2. How to identify risks to your business. 3. How technology can mitigate risk What business risk are you going to address? Like, Share & Comment below #Risk #Manangement #Technology #BusinessGrowth
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Business Growth Driver #1 - Be Customer Centric - 5 Steps to be more customer centric
[VIDEO 1 of 7] Customer centric companies have 2x higher revenues on average than companies that are not. Neeraj Shah shares 5 simple ways in which your company can be more customer centric. #BusinessMentor #SmallBusiness #Revenue #GrowthDriver Scalable growth requires companies to keep customers at the centre of decisionmaking. Getting a product-market fit right is a challenging, time consuming and often iterative process. Working closely with customers to understand their needs and wants is a fundamental requirement for every entrepreneur. This helps in gaining a real-time and end-to-end view of the purchase/consumption cycle and where the organization can focus on to create value. Click here for an overview of the 7 Growth Drivers: http://neerajshah.me/7-growth-drivers-scale-business/
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Business Growth Driver #3 - Employee Engagement
Emerging businesses often face challenges when it comes to hiring the right people, building a formidable team and, more importantly, retaining talent. Building an efficient talent pool that is capable of taking on job responsibilities independently is essential to drive growth. One way of addressing the majority of people-related issues is enhancing employee engagement. #Challenges #Entrepreneurship Here is the link I mentioned at the end of the video: http://neerajshah.me/video-3-powerful-questions-for-hiring-the-right-team-member/
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ContentRev, driving business growth
ContentRev was founded by Andy Soloman in 2012, and while the company maybe young, it comes backed with decades of global experience in managing, creating and developing content strategies. Our background covers all key media platforms including print, online, video and audio. We have worked for numerous local, regional and global media organisations. We are long-standing digital converts and have worked almost exclusively with digital publishing businesses for more than 15 years. But let's not forget the traditional print media — we also understand newspapers and magazines. But our passion crosses over all media channels. That passion is content. Content is the beating heart of all media, be it traditional or digital; magazines or Twitter; newspapers or YouTube, content is central to how customers are acquired, nurtured and ultimately sold to. At ContentRev, we understand content, and how content is at the heart of any modern business. The internet has proved to be one of the greatest disruptive influences of modern business, and all organisations need to take a close look to see how they can improve their reach and engagement with not only existing and potential customers, but also within the online communities relevant to their business sectors. Traditional marketing is changing, and the new discipline of content marketing is in the ascendancy. Content is the key to getting close to the customer. It is the single most powerful method for building brand engagement to place your business at the heart of the target segments. But this is not something that comes easily. Content strategy needs to be carefully planned, an ROI needs to be attached to every piece of content, and content needs to be carefully aligned to business goals. ContentRev is your ideal partner to help strengthen existing customer relationships or carve out new areas of business influence. ContentRev can help develop emerging market entry strategies and it can develop new content propositions to support numerous business functions.
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Ola uber business growth 2016 To 2019
दोस्तों ये ओला उबेर के साथ होना ही था क्योकि परेशानियां दोनों तरफ बढ़ी है ग्राहक संतुष्टि कम हुई और driver भी परेशान है अभी भी टाइम रहते ola uber ने अपनी growth ko सही नहीं किया तो मुश्किल हो सकती है। God bless you brother's and sisters khush raho te khush rakho
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In Business: Bharat Forge Q4: Key Growth Drivers
Bharat Forge is in top gear this quarter. The company has seen a 138 percent surge in profits and revenues. To discuss the numbers and the road ahead, Bloomberg TV India talks to Baba Kalyani, Chairman and MD, Bharat Forge. This video is originally sourced from Bloomberg TV India, you can watch it here: http://www.btvin.com/videos/watch/7310/Bharat-Forge-Q4%3A-Key-Growth-Drivers
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Driving Women’s Business Growth in India - Madhuri
Stories from our Driving Women’s Business Growth in India project in Maharashtra, a partnership between the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Mann Deshi.
Are you putting the power of momentum into your business growth?
A lot of us know what we should do to achieve results.. The issue is we get caught in the chaotic day-to-day demands.. We end up spending all of our time working on other peoples urgent issues, answer client calls, emails, talking to employees, etc... We have to learn to look at the important drivers in our business.. and set aside time every week and make working on them URGENT! Most of the drivers of business are not urgent until we make them urgent, and when we do it consistently we start to build momentum. If you would like my help growing your business, send me a message so we can schedule a short discovery call.. On the call we can figure out if we are a good fit, and if it makes sense to work together.
7 Growth Drivers To Scale Up Your Business
Do you want to scale up your business? Do you want to grow faster? Neeraj Shah shares 7 growth drivers to scale up your business. This is the first in a series of videos. Here Neeraj gives an overview of the 7 growth drivers. Leave a comment below on which of the 7 drivers do you need to focus on in 2017 to scale up your business. Here is a link to the 7 steps to successful delegation that Neeraj mentioned in the video: http://neerajshah.me/seven-steps-to-successful-delegation/
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Driving Women’s Business Growth in India - Sunita
Stories from our Driving Women’s Business Growth in India project in Maharashtra, a partnership between the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Mann Deshi.
Business Growth Driver #7 - Leveraging Technology
Technological changes have always reshaped business models. However, what is strikingly different now is the pace at which technology is changing and in turn disrupting all areas of doing business. But, are business models keeping pace with technological changes? Companies that utilise technology to power their business model see a 3x higher growth rate than companies that don't. Companies that use data for decision making compared to companies that do not have 20% higher employee productivity. According to an EY report, 52% of Fortune 500 companies have been affected by digital disruption since 2000; businesses are failing to use ~80% of their customer data; and the top 20 firms in most sectors will be disrupted by sector-specific data platforms by 2018. According to the survey, although most entrepreneurs acknowledge the impact of technological changes on their business, they either are not ready or have not made it a priority to take necessary steps to transform their business model to stay relevant. First generation entrepreneurs who have prior corporate experience are more open to adopting technology than the older generation entrepreneurs. How will you leverage technology to power your business model? Watch this video, like share and comment below. #Technology #Disruption #BusinessModel #BusinessMentor #BusinessGrowthDriver #Innovation For the 7 Growth Drivers to Scale Up Your Business watch this: http://neerajshah.me/7-growth-drivers-scale-business/
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The 7 key growth drivers that will grow your business ... FAST
a short video outlining the 7 key drivers that will grow your business
Tools to help you focus on the growth drivers in your business
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The 7 Key Growth Drivers That Will Grow Your Business...Fast
The 7 key growth drivers that will help grow your business fast
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KIMconference 2016 | Innovation as a business growth driver
KIMconference 2016: “Innovation as a business growth driver” 14/06/2016 Palau Macaya, Barcelona The KIMconference is the most important knowledge transfer event celebrated in Spain. It’s an event to discover and share new ideas about innovation, financing, commercialisation, internationalisation and much more. http://kimglobal.com/en/kimconference/
Why It's Crucial To Understand Organic Growth & Stock Drivers When Investing (i.e.In Retail Stocks)
Please subscribe! In today's Vlog I discuss Why It's Crucial To Understand Organic Growth & Stock Drivers When Investing (Using Retail Stocks as An Example). Download my free book on how to get anything you want in business here: http://harounventures.com
Ortwerth Says Global Business Is Driving FedEx's Growth: Video
June 16 (Bloomberg) -- Daniel Ortwerth, an analyst at Edward Jones & Co., talks with Bloomberg's Mark Crumpton about FedEx Corp.'s fourth-quarter earnings, expense-reduction strategy and global focus. The world's largest air-cargo carrier forecast annual profit that trailed analysts estimates as rising health-care and pension costs climb in a "moderate" economic recovery. (Source: Bloomberg)
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Key Business Growth Strategies for New Businesses - Project Management Training
If you want your company to grow, you need a strategy. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=GrowthStrategiesForNewBusinesses shows you how to know if there's opportunity and, if so, how to develop a successful strategy to exploit it.
Driving Women’s Business Growth in India - Vaishali
Stories from our Driving Women’s Business Growth in India project in Maharashtra, a partnership between the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Mann Deshi.
Why Cognitive Health Is The Driver To Future Business Growth - Dr Jenny Brockis
In this Video Seminar Dr Jenny Brockis discusses the topic of 'Why Cognitive Health Is The Driver To Future Business Growth'. As a leader at the top of your game, it's imperative to be attuned to the present, knowing how to achieve today's desired results, while remaining future focused for longer term strategies for continuing business growth and success. This is where cognitive health (how well you think, learn and remember) comes to play. It's about thinking fast with the mental agility and flexibility to solve problems and make consistently good decisions, while also thinking critically. In the full Video Seminar Dr Jenny Brockis explores 4 questions: 1. Why Is Cognitive Health Relevant To Business Today? 2. What Is The Impact Of Poor Cognitive Health At Work? 3. How Can Cognitive Health Be Implemented In The Workplace? 4. What's the ROI? This video is an extract from the full IIDM Video Seminar - Why Cognitive Health Is The Driver To Future Business Growth presented by Dr Jenny Brockis. The full Video Seminar is available from: http://www.iidmglobal.com/elearning/video_seminars
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Driving business growth with consultant support - In a nutshell
Driving business growth with consultant support - In a nutshell. Great advice from Chris Lorimer from http://in.a-nut.sh/SouthWestGrowthService Don't miss new In a nutshell videos... subscribe by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=BEInaNutshell Find out more about this video... TRANSCRIPT Driving business growth with Consultant support –- in a nutshell It really is “"lonely at the top"” when you'’re running an expanding business– - everyone has diverse and demanding requirements, expecting you to have all the answers. In this situation you are heavily constrained by your most precious resource - –time. Engaging a business consultant can be one of the best ways to give yourself additional capacity and help drive the business’s growth. Business consultants can help bring additional expertise in areas where your business needs a boost - whether it’s defining the strategy, sales and marketing, operational improvement, or funding your growth. They will be able to offer a valuable alternative perspective and a good one will help you think strategically –- moving you away from the detail of the day to day –- and, ideally, holding you accountable for achieving long term goals. Although rapport with your consultant is important, you will gain more from one that provides honest feedback than one that just makes you feel good. Using external expertise to objectively assess new opportunities can be a great way to identify the critical path to success –- it could also help you avoid some expensive mistakes. Ideally use their skills across the business –- providing coaching and training, increasing staff skill levels, motivation and, critically, impact. So before you engage a consultant, interview them carefully and assess what they can do for you. Don’'t be afraid to hire someone without your business sector experience -– a broader knowledge across multiple industries will be more helpful in achieving a jump start against your competition. Also consider what contacts they might have - –their network should become yours. Finally, although you may have initially engaged a consultant for a short term project, it is not uncommon for the most valued input to evolve into interim management or non executive support, potentially being a catalyst for exceptional business performance. Chris Lorimer South West Growth Service http://southwestgrowthservice.co.uk/ [email protected] 01392 691699 ........................................ CONNECT WITH BITPOD Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bitpod Twitter - https://twitter.com/bitpod_uk Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/bitpod/ Linkedin - http://www.linkedin.com/company/bitpod Bitpod - http://www.bitpod.co.uk SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNELS http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=BEInaNutshell http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bitpod
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Increase your bottom line profit with the 3 key growth drivers
http://leslieeriera.avnbook.co.uk/index.html Business is made up of numbers. Just about everything in business that matters is a number -- your sales, your margins, your customer base, your costs, your profit, your cash flow. They're ALL driven by numbers. And when it comes to growing your business there's a mathematical model which sits behind every business. When you understand this model, you start to truly understand what drives your sales -- and what drives your profit. In this short video I'll share with you how an understanding of this model will dramatically accelerate the growth of your business. Here's the big secret... You can make a massive difference to your profit line just by understanding and deploying seven simple but powerful growth drivers. And this understanding is essential to building and growing a successful small business. To illustrate, let me explain this with a really simple version of the mathematical model using some simple numbers. Imagine a business which has 10 customers. Each of those customers spends £10 each time they buy, and each of those customers buys from the business ten times each year. So, we have 3 growth drivers here: • The number of customers • How much they spend on average each time, and • How often they spend. When you multiply these 3 elements together you get total sales. So, total sales for this business would be 10 x 10 x 10 = £1,000. In other words, each customer spends £10 ten times a year, so they each spend £100 in a year. And if the business has 10 of those customers all spending £100 each year, total sales for the year become £1,000. If this was your business, you could undertake some sales and marketing activities to improve any of those numbers. Let's imagine you are able to increase the number of customers by 10%. This means you will have 11 customers rather than 10, and total sales now become... 11 x 10 x 10 which is £1,100. In other words, increasing the number of customers by 10% increases sales by 10%. Maybe you decide to focus instead on increasing how much they spend by 10%. If you do this, your customers will spend £11 each time they buy rather than £10. Total sales now become... 10 x 11 x 10 which is £1,100. In other words, increasing how much your customers spend by 10% increases sales by 10%. No big surprise there. And if instead you focus your efforts on getting your customers to increase how often they buy from you by 10% -- so they buy 11 times a year rather than 10 -- then again, your sales increase by 10%. So, here's the rule: If you increase any single key growth driver by 10% your total sales will increase by 10%. So what happens if you increase all 3 of the sales drivers by 10% at the same time? In other words, customer numbers go up from 10 to 11, each spending £11, and now buying 11 times a year. By how much would sales increase? I've heard some business owners suggest 10% and others 30%. But actually when you do the maths sales will grow from £1,000 to £1,331, which is a 33.1% improvement. What's happening here is something called synergy. And the key learning point is this... your business will grow much faster when you make small improvements in each of your growth drivers, rather than focussing on just one area. The common mistake many businesses owners make is to focus only on getting more customers.
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APEC CEO Survey 2013 - Drivers of business growth in Asia Pacific region
Dr. Vijaya Rajendram, Founder and Managing Director, Neptune Bio-Innovations discusses the drivers of business growth in the Asia Pacific region in the next 3-5 years.
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Business Growth Accelerator
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