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Технология Round-Robin DNS
Курс в НОУ ИНТУИТ: https://www.intuit.ru/studies/courses/3493/735/info
DNS ROUND ROBIN In Server 2012 R2
DNS ROUND ROBIN In Server 2012 R2
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How to configure Exchange Server 2016 (Load Balance with DAG)
In This video we will show you how to configure exchange server 2016 (load balance with dag), about the load balancer we use Zen Load balancer.
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DNS Round Robin
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Exchange: DNS балансировка VS HNLB  (Скорость переключения клиента)
Курсы для IT: http://www.rudilya.ru Решения в IT: http://www.miaton.ru Статьи об IT: http://www.itband.ru Сравниваем поведение клиента Outlook при отказе почтового сервера в случае DNS балансировки и в случае наличия аппаратного балансировщика. Онлайн курсы: http://itband.ru/2016/04/udemy-cource/
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Best High Availability Designs for Exchange 2016
Exchange 2016 is going to live longer so it should be deployed correctly. A simple misconfiguration can cause performance issue. Similarly, if we do not configure high availability correctly then HA might fail at the time of the requirement. This session will cover every basic design requirement which will configure your deployment in best High Availability. This is the Techstravaganza 2017 Exchange session. http://www.techstravaganza.com/techstravaganza-2017-history/
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Globally scalable microservices with Container Engine & Cloud Load Balancing (Google Cloud Next ‘17)
Running services in multiple datacenters comes with both benefits and complications. Benefits include higher availability and lower latency to global users. Complications, however, can mount, especially for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments that face considerable security and connectivity constraints. So you may settle for running your services in a single region or even a single zone. In this video, Sandeep Dinesh looks at how Kubernetes and containers can make systems easier to manage and deploy. Sandeep also take a closer look at Google Cloud's networking capabilities such as the global HTTPs Load Balancer and Cloud DNS services and shows you how to use these capabilities with Kubernetes to create a truly global service. Missed the conference? Watch all the talks here: https://goo.gl/c1Vs3h Watch more talks about Infrastructure & Operations here: https://goo.gl/k2LOYG
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Configure Autodiscover service in Exchange 2010
Configure Autodiscover service in Exchange 2010 1. Prepare - DC1 : Domain Controller(pns.vn), IP | DC2 : Exchange Server, IP - WIN101 : Clien (Domain Member), IP | WIN102 : Client (Workgroup), IP 2. Step by step : Configure Autodiscover service in DC2 - WIN101 : Logon HiepIT - Using Outlook Office === Auto discover - WIN102 : Logon Hiep102(local account) - Set DNS point to DC1 - Configure Outlook Office for VietIT(domain account) === Not available - DC1 : Create a Host A named mail.pns.vn(point to and a SVR record for autodiscover service + Server Manager - Tools - DNS - DC1 - pns.vn : + Right-click - New Host (A or AAA)... - Name : mail, IP address : + Right-click - Other New Records... - Select a resource record type : Service Location (SRV) - Create Record... : + Service : _autodiscover, Protocol: ._tcp, Priority: 0, Weight: 0, Port Number: 443, Host offering this service : mail.pns.vn - DC2 : Configure Internal and External URL (mail.pns.vn) + Start - Exchange Management Console - Servers Configuration - Client Access - Outlook Web App, Exchange Control Panel, Exchange ActiveSync, Offline Address Book Distribution - Internal and External URL : https://mail.pns.vn/owa + Start - Right-click Exchange Management Shell - Run as administrator, type : + Set-Clientaccessserver DC2 -AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri https://mail.pns.vn/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml # Set Internal for autodiscovery + Get-Clientaccessserver | FL AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri # Check Internal URL - WIN102 : Logon Hiep102(local account) - Set DNS point to DC1 - Configure Outlook Office for VietIT(domain account) === Auto discover ----------------------------------------------******************** Youtube.com/c/MicrosoftLab ********************-----------------------------------------
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Round Robin планировщик процессов
Данный планировщик также переводят как "карусель", и он не очень сильно отличается от уже описанного FCFS. В этом видео я на примере описываю отличия и рассказываю зачем он нужен. Видео про типы планировщиков: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86IwgWCualk Видео про FCFS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ0Dn-ct9xc Отблагодарить меня можно следущими способами: http://www.almost-university.com/postcard-for-volodya Яндекс деньги: 410012245557024 Webmoney-R: R327167873071 Webmoney-Z: Z345122673518 Paypal: [email protected] Paypal (рублёвый): [email protected]
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Zevenet open source load balancer 5
Zevenet 5.0 has taken a huge step easing even more sysadmins duties by displaying beautiful backends and farm settings on an intuitive new web user interface designed with Angular II, which is fast, agile and completely responsive. www.zevenet.com [email protected]
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Lync 2010  Implement DNS load balancing part77
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Exchange server 2013 Send, Receive connector and DNS Lookup
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3.1 Implementing DNS on Windows Server 2016 (Step by Step guide)
In this video series I am going to implement and configure networking with Windows Server 2016. In the third video from the series we are going to implement DNS. DNS is a core name resolution service required by every MS Active Directory domain. Proper DNS configuration is crucial for different services and applications to work. Tips and tricks: Get familiar with the new feature DNS Policy - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/networking/dns/deploy/dns-policy-scenario-guide
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All what you want to know about Exchange and DNS
في الفيديو السريع ده حنشرح ايه علاقة ال Smtp بال DNS و كل ما هو لازم لارسال الايميل بطريقة سلسة متضمنا A Records, MX records, SPF, Sender ID, DNS Blacklists و غيره
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История одного сбоя Exchange
Курс Поиск и устранение неисправностей в Exchange Server 2016. https://goo.gl/osJMnE Курс Проектирование и внедрение Exchange Server 2016. https://goo.gl/aIhyLI illegal duplicate key eseutil error -1605 hr=0x80004005,ec=1108
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Internet Browsing Slow? Speed up by Changing your DNS
http://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0000200.htm - Internet Browsing Slow? Speed up by Changing your DNS
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DNS Hierarchy with server 2012 r2
DNS Hierarchy with server 2012 r2
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DNS Configuration
DNS Configuration
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Incoming mail server load balancing
Incoming mail server load balancing ISP or even Big Organizations could get thousands of legitimate or Spam mail per hour. To reduce Load on Incoming Emails we need Load Balancing incoming mails with multiple Incoming Mail Server. so that senders could connect to all our Mail Server, we need to Assign DNS MX Record with Same Priority at the DNS server. If we assign all the Incoming Mail Server with Same priority, DNS server will respond to the senders Query with All the 3 IP with Round Robin Fashion. So that clients can connect to all our server evenly. Mail Server Design Series Videos: First: https://youtu.be/cXoSdqkJKio Second: https://youtu.be/eOZ19VSIvpQ Third: https://youtu.be/UitGGBuiXZ0 You can visit my Other Videos on my Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgy06NsQN3EoHo5DXUTp8Rg LinkedIn: https://bd.linkedin.com/in/munna1982 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mailserverguru Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mailserverguru website: http://www.mailserverguru.com
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How to create A Host record in Windows Server 2016 DNS
Professor Robert McMillen shows you how to create A Host record in Windows Server 2016 DNS.
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DNS Load Balancing for Thunder
In this video, you will learn how to configure basic DNS Load Balancing plus some optimization and security options for DNS at Thunder. You will learn as well how to verify all settings. GUI and CLI information are available as part of the content provided.
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Configure Secondary DNS (Domain Name System) in Windows Server 2012.
Click right away to fix Windows networking issues. Secondary DNS also used as "Fault Tolerance" Server. In case Primary DNS crashes, this Secondary DNS will come to the rescue to the clients. The best practice to maintain your network is to have Secondary DNS server installed and configured which will act like a Backup Server. ******************************************************************** Updated on 15th February, 2018. Microsoft recommends NOT to change as LoopBack Address will ensure connectivity with DNS (Domain Name System). But should be used only when there is ONE DNS Server running on your network. You should not use for FIRST DNS Server. But when it comes to "Secondary" and "Tertiary" DNS you can certainly use The rule is Loopback Address should not be used as "Preferred DNS Server", it should always be "Alternate DNS Server". If you use "" as "Preferred DNS Server" which is "Active Directory Integrated DNS" server will slowly start and it will not find any "replication partner". However some people still use reliable Private IP Addresses for data replication and performance. The range of reserved Private IP Addresses are mentioned below:- A Class :- - B Class: - - C Class: - - In this video I chose "B Class" address . However, I will create video for "Secondary" and "Tertiary" DNS using LoopBack Address. Loopback Range - .
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20345 1 Demo26 Configuring A L4 LoadBalancer For Client Access Services
This demo looks at using a virtual load balancer (Zen community) for Exchange Server 2016 Client access services
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Session Affinity
A conceptional introduction to the Session Affinity or Sticky Session or Affinity Routing
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Exchange 2013 to 2016 Migration - Part 3
See more at http://www.blaks.dk This third part of this series shows how to configure the Virtual Directories, creating new databases and adding them to a new DAG instance. We moves the Mailboxes from Exchange 2013 to the new Exchange 2016 Databases, and migrates the mail flow to this new servers. Last we decommissions the Exchange 2013 Servers, and test the new environment. • Configure Exchange 2013/2016 CAS coexistence • Create New Mailbox Databases on Exchange 2016 with DAG • Move MailBoxes • Migrate mail flow to Exchange 2016 • Decommission the Exchange 2013 Servers PowerShell: • Configure Exchange 2013/2016 CAS coexistence View Settings: Get-OutlookAnywhere -Server EXCH1-16 Get-EcpVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | select * Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | select * Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 Get-OabVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 Get-MapiVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 Configure Settings: Get-OutlookAnywhere -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-OutlookAnywhere -InternalHostname mail.blakout.dk -InternalClientAuthenticationMethod Ntlm -InternalClientsRequireSsl $true -ExternalHostname mail.blakout.dk -ExternalClientAuthenticationMethod Basic -ExternalClientsRequireSsl $true -IISAuthenticationMethods Negotiate,NTLM,Basic   Get-EcpVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-EcpVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/ecp -ExternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/ecp   Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/owa -ExternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/owa   Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/EWS/Exchange.asmx -ExternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/EWS/Exchange.asmx   Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync -ExternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync   Get-OabVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-OabVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/OAB -ExternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/OAB   Get-MapiVirtualDirectory -Server EXCH1-16 | Set-MapiVirtualDirectory -InternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/mapi -ExternalUrl https://mail.blakout.dk/mapi -IISAuthenticationMethods Negotiate • Create New Mailbox Databases on Exchange 2016 with DAG New-MailboxDatabase -Server EXCH1-16 -Name "DB01" -EdbFilePath C:\DB01\DB01.edb -LogFolderPath C:\Log01\ New-MailboxDatabase -Server EXCH2-16 -Name "DB02" -EdbFilePath C:\DB02\DB02.edb -LogFolderPath C:\Log02\ Mount-Database DB01 Mount-Database DB02 Get-Service MSExchangeIS -ComputerName EXCH1-16,EXCH2-16 | Restart-Service   Get-MailboxDatabase Remove-MailboxDatabase "Mailbox Database 1764891455" -Confirm:$false EXCH1-13: Get-ChildItem 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox' EXCH1-13: Remove-Item -Recurse -Force 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox\Mailbox Database 1764891455' • Add Exchange 2016 to Database Availability Group (DAG) New-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Name DAGCLUST01-16 Add-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer DAGCLUST01-16 -MailboxServer EXCH1-16 Add-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer DAGCLUST01-16 -MailboxServer EXCH2-16   Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy DB01-16 -MailboxServer EXCH2-16 -ActivationPreference 2 Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy DB02-16 -MailboxServer EXCH1-16 -ActivationPreference 2   Get-MailboxServer | Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -ConnectionStatus Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -Identity DB01-16 • Move MailBoxes Get-Mailbox -Arbitration | New-MoveRequest -TargetDatabase "DB01-16" Get-Mailbox -Database "DB01" | New-MoveRequest -TargetDatabase "DB01-16" Get-Mailbox -Arbitration Get-MailboxDatabase Get-Mailbox -Database "DB01" Get-MoveRequest Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus Completed | Remove-MoveRequest -Confirm:$false Get-MoveRequest | Get-MoveRequestStatistics • Migrate mail flow to Exchange 2016 Get-SendConnector | fl Name,SmartHosts,SourceTransportServers,AddressSpaces Set-SendConnector "Internet Send Connector" -SourceTransportServers litex02 • Decommission the Exchange 2013 Server Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus Get-MailboxServer | Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -ConnectionStatus   Remove-MailboxDatabaseCopy DB01\EXCH2-13 -WhatIf Remove-MailboxDatabaseCopy DB02\EXCH1-13 -WhatIf   Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer "DAGCLUST01" -MailboxServer EXCH1-13 -WhatIf Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer "DAGCLUST01" -MailboxServer EXCH2-13 -WhatIf   Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup "DAGCLUST01" -WhatIf
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How To Create DAG In Exchange 2013   Step By Step Tutorial
In this video described how to create DAG in Exchange 2013 step by step. if you like guys Subscribe My Channel. Thanks) For Online IT training can contact me at my Email: [email protected] Hindi/Urdu Exchange server 2016 Lynce server 2013 Skype for Business 2015 SCCM Server 2016 Vmware Vspher 6.5 Virtulization windows Server 2016 CCNA
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Cloud Load Balancing Deep Dive and Best Practices (Cloud Next '18)
Google Cloud Load Balancing enables enterprises and cloud-natives to deliver highly available, scalable, low-latency cloud services with a global footprint. Learn how you can use Google Global Load Balancing to deliver global reach and scale. Reduce toil by deploying your application backends in single or multiple regions wherever your users are, front-ending these with a single anycast VIP, and growing or shrinking your backend resources with intelligent Autoscaling. For your private services, learn how you can scale them using Internal Load Balancing (ILB) for clients in Google Cloud or on-prem across Interconnect/VPN. You will leave this session with a comprehensive understanding of Cloud Load Balancing including Load Balancing (LB) Flavors (HTTP(S) LB, TCP/SSL proxy, Network LB, Internal LB), GKE Load Balancing, LB Security features (Multiple certs, custom SSL policies, DDoS defense), modern LB capabilities (HTTP/2, gRPC, QUIC), LB Telemetry (Stackdriver logging and monitoring) and Network Tiers. You will see demos and learn how enterprise customers deploy Cloud Load Balancing and the best practices they use to deliver smart, secure, modern services across the globe. Event schedule → http://g.co/next18 Watch more Infrastructure & Operations sessions here → http://bit.ly/2uEykpQ Next ‘18 All Sessions playlist → http://bit.ly/Allsessions Subscribe to the Google Cloud channel! → http://bit.ly/NextSub
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Understanding File Permissions in windows
This video explains the different permissions that can be applied on files and folders in Windows (SMB,NTFS,Access Based Enumeration)
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Overview of the Domain Name Service (DNS)
In this video Prof. Patterson introduces the role and basic operation of the Domain Name Service or (DNS). The domain name service is the system responsible for translating human readable names like (www.djp3.net) to IP addresses like ( The process has many hierarchical layers, and caching mechanisms to improve redundancy and resiliency and reduce latency in the system. This video was filmed to support UC Irvine's Master's of Human Computer Interaction and Design (MHCID) program.
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Adding a Secondary DNS Server to a Zone in Windows Server 2012 R2 ( a read only copy of zone )
Adding a Secondary DNS Server to a Zone in Windows Server 2012 R2 ( a read-only copy of zone ) 1. Prepare - DC11 : Domain Controller ( pns.vn ) ; IP - DC12 : Domain Member ; IP - WIN81 : Workgroup ; IP 2. Step by step : Configrure DC12 become a Secondary DNS Server to domain pns.vn - DC11 : Configure allow DC12 transfered + Server Manager - Tools - DNS - Extend DC11 - Extend "Forward Lookup Zones" - Right-click pns.vn - Properties - Zone Transfers tab - Check "Allow zone transfers :" - Choose "Only to the follwing servers" - Edit - Type to "Click here to add an IP Address or DNS Name" : - OK - DC12 : Install DNS role and Configure Secondary DNS Server + Server Manager - Manage - Add Roles and Features - Server Roles : Select DNS Server - Add Features - Next to Install - Close + Server Manager - Tools - DNS - Extend DC12 - Right-click "Forward Lookup Zones" - New Zone... - Zone Type : Choose "Secondary zone" - Zone name : pns.vn - Master Servers : - Finish - Refesh === Display records - WIN81 : Join to domain pns.vn - DC12 : Start - Administrative Tools - DNS - pns.vn - F5 (refresh) === Check transfer
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Configuring and Understanding NIC Teaming in Server 2016
In this movie we show how to configure NIC teaming in Server 2016 and explain the different teaming modes. NIC teaming gives us load balancing and redundancy with our networking and is very easy to configure in Windows Server 2016. This is just a sample of the training available at http://itdvds.com For complete training please go to http://itdvds.com
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Primary and Backup mail server
Primary and Backup mail server in this video we can learn about How to design primary and backup mail server, how they work together to create a failover scenario for incoming emails, if primary mail server goes down then the Backup mail server will take over to receive all incoming emails. it will receive all email and stores at its Queue, it will wait for the Primary to come alive then deliver all email to the primary server. Primary server is the functional server for the organization who delivers all email to the users. Mail Server Design Series Videos: First: https://youtu.be/cXoSdqkJKio Second: https://youtu.be/eOZ19VSIvpQ You can visit my Other Videos on my Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgy06NsQN3EoHo5DXUTp8Rg LinkedIn: https://bd.linkedin.com/in/munna1982 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mailserverguru Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mailserverguru website: http://www.mailserverguru.com
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Windows Server 2008: clear dns server cache
This video also works on Server 2003. We so frequently install DNS with Active Directory, we forget that it is a full featured service on its own. This video is just one aspect of many features available from Windows DNS. This how-to video on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 domain name service (DNS) shows how to clear the DNS cache. A DNS server will keep a record of lookups it has performed. Sometimes it becomes a requirement to clear those resolved records. Providing training videos since last Tuesday. http://www.technoblogical.com Thanks for watching.
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How to Manage Distribution Groups in Exchange Using PowerShell
In this snip, Anthony shows us how to manage distribution groups in Microsoft Exchange using PowerShell. Using the New-DistributionGroup, Remove-DistributionGroup, and Set-DistributionGroup cmdlets he shows how to create, remove, and modify distribution groups. He also shows how to manage distribution group membership using the Add-DistributionGroupMember and Remove-DistributionGroupMember cmdlets. To get access to all of our free screencasts like this one, head on over to techsnips.io today!
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Надёжность сайта, нагрузка на сайт
Курс в НОУ ИНТУИТ: https://www.intuit.ru/studies/courses/3493/735/info
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Course Preview: Designing/Deploying Exchange 2016 (70-345): Client Access
View full course: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/designing-deploying-exchange-2016-70-345-client-access Join Pluralsight author Paul Cunningham as he walks you through a preview of his "Designing/Deploying Exchange 2016 (70-345): Client Access" course found only on Pluralsight.com. Become smarter than yesterday with Paul's help by learning about designing and deploying client access namespaces; managing SSL certificates; configuring high availability and load balancing; managing mobile devices; and performing troubleshooting. Visit Pluralsight.com to start your free trial today to view this course in its entirety. Visit us at: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pluralsight Twitter: https://twitter.com/pluralsight Google+: https://plus.google.com/+pluralsight LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pluralsight Instagram: http://instagram.com/pluralsight Blog: https://www.pluralsight.com/blog
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37 - Round Robin [NGINX - Español]
En este tutorial conoceremos otro método de seleccion, el cual es el método por defecto en NGINX para el balanceo de carga. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CodeStackVT Twitter https://twitter.com/CodeStackVT ------------------------------------------------------- Donaciones: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=UM8BAAMDNLBFJ
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Circle Adds Zcash / Petro Coin Giving Discounts / ETH Sharding!!!
Petro coin continue to fight for history. Zcash and Fintech Circle want to kill Coinbase. Ethereum sharding continue to come out crypto mouths. Cryptocurrency Consultant: www.britvrcrypto.com How to Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum: https://www.coinbase.com/join/55b100a569702d463a0000f9 https://changelly.com?ref_id=dc0cf1a9f479 Cryptocurrency Wallet: Exodus.io Mining Ethereum Here: https://www.genesis-mining.com/ Use code for 3% off: (WSwDpG) Cryptotrader Trader bots: https://cryptotrader.org/?r=638 For Crypto-Mining equipment: http://bit.ly/2wAMUxO Eobot Cloud Mining: https://www.eobot.com/new.aspx?referid=589710 Minergate Cloud Mining & Mining Pools https://minergate.com/a/a18738811c9bb150e37c0899 Crypto Art-Gallery: https://britten-adams.pixels.com/collections/cryptocurrency Bitcoin Kids Ebook "My First Bitcoin": https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072F444B9 "The investments and services offered by us may not be suitable for all investors. If you have any doubts as to the merits of an investment, you should seek advice from an independent financial advisor." Read more: A Guide To Risk Warnings And Disclaimers https://www.investopedia.com/articles/fundamental-analysis/08/risk-warnings.asp#ixzz53di8YrWK Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook
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Microservices in the Cloud with Kubernetes and Istio (Google I/O '18)
Are you building or interested in building microservices? They are a powerful method to build a scalable and agile backend, but managing these services can feel daunting: building, deploying, service discovery, load balancing, routing, tracing, auth, graceful failures, rate limits, and more. This session will show you how the Kubernetes container management system and Istio service mesh can simplify many of the operational challenges of microservices, including an in-depth live demo. Rate this session by signing-in on the I/O website here → https://goo.gl/Ba7duU Watch more GCP sessions from I/O '18 here → https://goo.gl/qw2mR1 See all the sessions from Google I/O '18 here → https://goo.gl/q1Tr8x Subscribe to the Google Cloud Platform channel → https://goo.gl/S0AS51 #io18
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How Does the Internet Work?
• Support CultureCrash on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/CultureCrash • Official CultureCrash Store: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/CultureCrash In today's video, Culture and Crash take an in-depth look into the internet, the world-wide web, and how exactly this incredible thing functions. --- --- --- Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/culturecrashyt --- --- --- SEND US MAIL: P.O. Box 149 Park Orchards Victoria Australia 3114 --- --- --- MORE CULTURECRASH: List videos: https://goo.gl/Ba7uXf Rants: https://goo.gl/BI6luj Thought experiments: https://goo.gl/wq3BOu Skits: https://goo.gl/2npQDV --- --- --- Written by: Mark Rowland (interestedguy) - (https://goo.gl/e9ysC7) Visuals by: Stephanie - (@ceci.105 on Instagram) & Braydon W. - (http://braydoi.com/) Voice of "Culture": Mark Rowland (interestedguy) - (https://goo.gl/e9ysC7) Voice of "Crash": Viewtiful Valentine - (https://goo.gl/XKOO5B) CultureCrash Theme by: http://goo.gl/f5u8Oo CultureCrash Intro Voice by: BillyBCreations (https://goo.gl/2fUxZB) SOURCES: https://i.gyazo.com/59a22d0f9ab189589e8f6105d8877fe7.png --- --- --- WHO IS WHO?! "CultureCrash" channel = Braydoi (Braydon W.) "interestedguy" channel = Voice of Culture (Mark Rowland) "Viewtiful Valentine" channel = Voice of Crash (Valentine Stokes) --- --- --- WHAT DO WE USE? Mark: Rode NT1A Condenser Microphone - http://go.magik.ly/ml/5jum/ ART USB Dual Preamp - http://go.magik.ly/ml/5jun/ Valentine: RODE NT2A Condenser Microphone - http://go.magik.ly/ml/5jtz/ Golden Age 73 MK3 Preamp - http://go.magik.ly/ml/5ju0/ Focusrite Scarlett Solo Interface - http://go.magik.ly/ml/5ju2/ Braydon: Wacom Cintiq 24HD Tablet - http://go.magik.ly/ml/5ju3/ Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 Tablet - http://go.magik.ly/ml/5ju5/ Paint Tool SAI - http://go.magik.ly/ml/5ju6/ Sony Vegas Pro 14 - http://go.magik.ly/ml/5ju7/ The above products are affiliate links; purchasing from the links provided helps support our show! --- --- --- Special thanks to our Patreon supporters: Mai Chan Official Nick King Cheeky Bum DoodLbot Claire baiotto Jeremy Peng Robin Michaelsen ADHDavy Kristy Dalman MrUltimateTrex
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IoT Weather Application
See the Dzone article "Cheaper Alternatives to IoT Cloud Services" for an introduction to this video: https://dzone.com/articles/cheaper-alternatives-to-iot-cloud-services The SMQ Weather Application illustrates how a web-based user interface can be synchronized with the user interface in a device. The SMQ Weather Application consists of three parts: the server application, the thermostat device, and the browser user interface. Start by downloading the simulated thermostat device for Windows, run the self extracting archive and unpack it to any directory. https://realtimelogic.com/downloads/SMQ/WeatherApp-install.exe 00:29 The simulated thermostat device should start as soon as the self extracting archive completes packing up the files. To synchronize a web interface with the device, click the menu button and then click the "Start Browser" button. A browser window should then open and synchronize with the device. You can also manually synchronize a browser user interface by simply navigating to the online thermostat user interface, clicking the menu button, clicking "Connect", and then enter the device key in the browser. You may synchronize any number of web user interfaces with the device. We are connecting a second browser window to show you how all synchronized user interfaces are updated in real time at the same time. 01:16 This figure illustrates the messaging between the device and the two browser windows. All communication goes via the SMQ broker running in the server. 01:33 The Weather Application also consists of a dedicated server side application implemented in the Lua scripting language. The server side Weather Application is in charge of creating a dedicated connection island for each connected device. Each connected device can separately be controlled by any number of browsers. The server side Weather Application is also responsible for connecting to third party services such as IP address to geo-location service and a Weather Database. These third party services can be accessed by using H.T.T.P and REST. Note that the Weather Database used is Open WeatherMap. This service can be slow and does not always return correct results. 02:08 Note that clicking the thermostat +/- button in any of the synchronized user interfaces is automatically replicated to all other connected user interfaces, including the device. The synchronization is managed by sending SMQ messages via the broker and the server side Weather Application. 02:20 Let's go ahead and change the location to the North Pole. When you click the submit button, a message is sent to the server side weather application, which in turn queries the weather database. When the weather database responds, the server side weather application relays this data to the device and all connected browsers. 02:38 Let's change the location to a city where it is currently raining. Notice how all user interfaces are updated as soon as the weather database responds. All user interfaces receive the current weather and a seven day forecast. 02:58 When you close a browser interface, the server side weather application is notified via the SMQ broker. The browser's connection ID is then removed from the connection island. 03:06 Notice what happens in the browser when we terminate the device. The thermostat is removed since we are no longer connected to a device. When a device terminates or disconnects, the connection island associated with this device is terminated in the server application. 03:18 We have so far given you the impression that there is only one online server. There are in fact four online servers and four public IP addresses associated with the domain name simplemq.com. This is known as Round Robin DNS. The SMQ server application is configured as a cluster, where each cluster node is connected to all other nodes. We have configured the DNS server such that you can navigate to a specific cluster node by entering the cluster node name followed by the domain name simplemq.com. For example, to navigate to cluster node 2, enter node2.simplemq.com in the browser. 03:56 Let's go ahead and synchronize the two browser windows with the device by entering the device key in the two browser windows. Notice that browser window 1 is connected to cluster node 1 and browser window 2 is connected to cluster node 2. We do not know what cluster node the device is connected to since the device connects to simplemq.com. The DNS for this domain resolves to four IP addresses and the device selects one of the four IP addresses. Clustering enables us to scale a server solution horizontally. Clustering also provides redundancy.
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TestOut 4.4.4 Create OUs
This LabSim will show how to create OUs by using active directory users and computers.
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how to verified weight and priority in DNS Server in command line
This video i will show all of you, how to verifed weight and priority in DNS Server in command line on windows server 2012 r2 standard
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inter process communication | part-2/2 |operating system |
operating system inter process communication part-2
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THIS IS THE LIVE TRAINING VIDEO FOR HYPER-V CLUSTER ON WINDOWS SERVER 2016, THIS IS THE FIRST PART(PART-A) OF THIS SERIES AND IN THIS PART WE WILL SHOW YOU , HOW TO INSTALL A VM, INSTALL CLUSTER AND HYPER-V ROLES AND HOW TO CONFIGURE THEM. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Subscribe and like video | Press bell icon to get notification of latest updates. About : MASTER OF ACTIVE DIRECTORY is an Education YouTube Channel, where you can find technical and learning videos on Active directory, Windows and windows tips and trick for basic and advance levels, New Video is Posted after two days :) You can also learn our AD replication trouble shooting videos from below links: How AD replication works | understand AD replication workflow step by step, click on:-- https://youtu.be/uEjTIUVmIio --------------- Journal wrap error | Event ID: 13568 | How to fix Journal Wrap errors, click on link- https://youtu.be/u3ZqLMsi29w --------------- The target principal name is incorrect | Error 2146893022 | Active Directory, click on-- https://youtu.be/poTmrh4vPTY --------------- Lingering objects | how to remove lingering objects in active directory, click on-- https://youtu.be/fWbkUun92Ec --------------- Lingering objects in active directory | ERROR 8606 | event 1988, click on -- https://youtu.be/FHC4ku9_XBQ --------------- Active directory replication | Insufficient attributes were given to create an object, click on-- https://youtu.be/wc67atudWEM --------------- You can find even more videos on below link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC72oDEad1en8xIPACvyJ8sw/playlists ============================================================ Please Subscribe and like video | Press bell icon to get notification of latest updates. About : MASTER OF ACTIVE DIRECTORY is a YouTube Channel, where you will find technical videos on AD and Windows for basic and advance levels, New Video is Posted after two days :) You can also learn our AD replication trouble shooting videos and interview Q & A on other topics from below links: ---------------- TOP 60 Active directory interview questions and answers | BASIC AND ADVANCE LEVEL, click on :-- https://youtu.be/3vpKwY4H2WY ----------------- Group policy interview question and answers | Basic to advance level, by master of active directory, click on :-- https://youtu.be/CVI6_MRxk1A ----------------- DNS QUESTION AND ANSWERS | FREQUENTLY ASKED DNS INTERVIEW QUESTION & ANSWERS L2,L3,L4, click on:-- https://youtu.be/WnRe7mSVVRc ---------------- How AD replication works | understand AD replication workflow step by step, click on:-- https://youtu.be/uEjTIUVmIio --------------- Journal wrap error | Event ID: 13568 | How to fix Journal Wrap errors, click on link- https://youtu.be/u3ZqLMsi29w --------------- The target principal name is incorrect | Error 2146893022 | Active Directory, click on-- https://youtu.be/poTmrh4vPTY --------------- Lingering objects | how to remove lingering objects in active directory, click on-- https://youtu.be/fWbkUun92Ec --------------- Lingering objects in active directory | ERROR 8606 | event 1988, click on -- https://youtu.be/FHC4ku9_XBQ --------------- Active directory replication | Insufficient attributes were given to create an object, click on-- https://youtu.be/wc67atudWEM --------------- You can find even more videos on below link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC72oDEad1en8xIPACvyJ8sw/playlists #windowsserver2012 #windowscluster #windowscluster2016 #hyperv