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Macmillan Gateway: Using 'Inside Information' in the classroom
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Macmillan Gateway: Using the Teacher's Book guides
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Macmillan Education on YouTube
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Gateway Quick Tips Video 3  How to Bookmark  Resources on the Gateway
This short video demonstrates how to bookmark resources on the Gateway to 21st Century Skills and the benefits of using bookmarks.
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School Librarian Kate MacMillan Recommends Shmoop Teacher Resources
http://www.shmoop.com/teachers/ Kate MacMillan, Library Coordinator for Napa Valley Unified School District in Napa, CA talks about using Shmoop Learning Guides & Teacher Resources with students and teachers in her school district.
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How to register and access via MEE your online materials for Story Central
A step-by-step guide with easy to follow instructions on how to register for and download Macmillan Education Everywhere (MEE). Using the code found on the inside cover of the Teacher’s Edition or the Student Book, gain access to your Presentation Kit and downloadable resources or your Practice Kit. For further information please visit www.macmillaneducationeverywhere.com
Carol Higho: New for 2016
This webinar is for anyone interested in finding out about the new Macmillan Education courses and resources coming up in 2016, including Gateway 2nd Edition and Dex.
The Macmillan Education Shakespeare Special
Why teach Shakespeare? How can the Bard help to boost your employability? Watch this special webinar to mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death for a wealth of themed-ideas for the ESL classroom. Keep an eye on the Macmillan Readers Shakespeare page to get FREE resources and keep up-to-date with all our other Shakespeare activities throughout 2016: http://www.macmillanreaders.com/resources/self-study-english/shakespeare
Macmillan Methodology Hangout #3 (trailer with host Tamas Lorincz)
In our first Google+ Hangout this academic year, we invite you to share some of the exercises you enjoy using at the beginning or the end of the lesson to "warm up" or "cool down" the class. Join our host, Tamas Lorincz, and fellow ELT professionals to discuss a range of effective, quick and light activities for the classroom on Wednesday the 18th of September at 4pm (UK time): https://plus.google.com/b/107211160258991177189/events/ccelqakpvd98qttdjgcrbab4udg?partnerid=gplp0 Find out more about our entire #Back2School season of resources and events at: http://www.macmillanenglish.com/back-2-school/
Teacher Interviews: New Ways of Teaching
In this video, shot on location at Wimbledon School of English, onestopenglish author Luke Vyner asks teachers about new ways of teaching. Why not consider your opinions, then watch the video and offer your feedback in the comments section below? We would love to hear your opinions! Watch the full series over on onestopenglish: http://www.onestopenglish.com/community/teacher-talk/teacher-interviews/
Art 2_32710: Introducing the Textbook
Basic Review of course textbook, Gateways to Art, Understanding the Visual Arts by DeWitte et al. Second Edition.
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Approaches to Grammar, Huang Dian, Macmillan Education
Watch Huang Dian talk about her approach to teaching Chinese grammar, from Macmillan Education.
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Top Tips for Building Vocabulary - Michael Rundell
If you thought dictionaries were just about telling you what words mean, think again. Editor-in-Chief Michael Rundell offers a whistle-stop tour of vocabulary-building tools and resources from the Macmillan Dictionary Online to support teachers and learners.
Macmillan Practice Online walkthrough for students
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The Solution Revolution: Paul MacMillan
SPEAKER: Paul Macmillan, Partner & Global Leader- Public Sector, Deloitte; Co-Author, The Solution Revolution: How Business, Government, and Social Enterprises Are Teaming Up to Solve Society's Toughest Problems (HBR Press, 2013) TOPIC: How Business, Government, and Social Enterprises Are Teaming Up to Solve Society's Toughest Problems Social Enterprise Experts Speaker Series @ Rotman Taped February 5, 2014 Located in downtown Toronto and part of the University of Toronto, the Rotman School of Management (http://www.rotman.utoronto.ca) is the top business school in Canada. Rotman offers a Full-Time MBA program, and several programs for working professionals, including the Morning and Evening MBA, Master of Finance, One-Year Executive MBA and Omnium Global Executive MBA. Whichever degree or program you choose, Rotman will give an edge in your career and help you make the most of your potential. #anewwaytothink #newwaytothink #Rotman #RotmanSchool
A Day in the Life of an NRC Resident Inspector (Cartoon)
A short video cartoon designed for students and teachers to learn more about the NRC's Resident Inspectors, their role and activities. See the additional "Day in the Life of an NRC Resident Inspector" resources that include a booklet and poster through the NRC website at http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/basic-ref/students/day-in-the-life-insp.html . For more information visit the NRC Student Corner web page at http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/basic-ref/students.html . Visit the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's website at http://www.nrc.gov/. To comment on this video go to http://public-blog.nrc-gateway.gov/2012/08/01/the-nrc-joins-youtube/
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Shakespeare for Life: Romeo & Juliet
Bring the Bard ‘back to life’ in your classroom with our brand-new Shakespeare for Life lesson series! First-up, we explore the language and legacy of the greatest (and saddest!) love story ever told – Romeo & Juliet. Download the accompanying lesson plan here: http://www.macmillanreaders.com/resources/self-study-english/shakespeare
Macmillan at Work – Training workshops
Macmillan at Work is here to help you prepare for and manage the impact of cancer at work. We know what an important part an employer plays. By joining you’ll be eligible to book one of our specialist work and cancer training and consultancy sessions, in addition to receiving free guidance and resources. Watch this video to find out more about the content of the training sessions. We can help you to confidently manage cancer in the workplace. Visit http://www.macmillan.org.uk/atwork for more information and to book your session. [VID14-112]
Macmillan OpenMind 2nd Edition Recursos del Profesor + Libro Digital
Aquí veremos los recursos que tiene disponible el profesor además de como se trabaja el libro digital
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Gateway to College Learning - Active listening
“Gateway to College Learning” is a free online course on Janux that is open to anyone. Learn more at http://janux.ou.edu. Created by the University of Oklahoma, Janux is an interactive learning community that gives learners direct connections to courses, education resources, faculty, and each other. Janux courses are freely available or may be taken for college credit by enrolled OU students. Lillian Miller, M.Ed., is the Director of Freshman Programs. Nicole Kendrick, M.Ed., is a Student Programs Specialist. Video produced by NextThought (http://nextthought.com). Copyright © 2000-2014 The Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma, All Rights Reserved.
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Macmillan Openmind 2nd edition Workbook online students
Aquí veremos el acceso al workbook en linea además de como se desarrollan los ejercicios y unirse a una clase virtual.
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The Mysterious Card - Part 1
Richard Burwell is on a trip to Europe and one night he visits a famous music hall in Paris. That evening, a beautiful, mysterious woman gives him a card with French writing on it. When he asks the manager of his hotel to translate the card, he is asked to leave the hotel at once! He tries to get the card translated, but everyone who reads the card gets furious with Burwell. Now the police want to speak to him, too. What's written on the card? Will Burwell ever find out? The Mysterious card is a short story from the Macmillan Literature Collections Mystery Stories. Enjoyed watching? Check out Part 2 of the series here: http://ow.ly/p0WI6 Subscribe to our channel now to keep updated on our new videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_centre?add_user=macmillanelt
Favourite 'Warmers' & 'Coolers' in ELT
Favourite 'Warmers' & 'Coolers' in ELT
Real Vocabulary: What does momentarily mean?
In this video, Scott Thornbury talks about the word momentarily: in what context is it appropriate to use this word? For more information, visit: www.macmillandictionary.com Images in the video are © Thinkstock.
How to register and access via MEE your online materials for Happy Campers
A step-by-step guide with easy to follow instructions on how to register for and download Macmillan Education Everywhere (MEE). Using the code found on the inside cover of the Teacher’s Edition or the Student Book, gain access to your Presentation Kit and downloadable resources or your Practice Kit. For further information please visit www.macmillaneducationeverywhere.com
Download Instructor Resources for Your WW Norton Textbook
Visit http://wwnorton.com/instructors, check out more related video tutorials at http://youtube.com/dkpnorton or get tips, or like our digital media facebook page for tricks, technology news and more at http://www.facebook.com/wwnortonemedia In this tutorial you'll learn how to download instructor resources from our website.
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Human Resources - Recruiting Engineer
GINNY MILLER with Management Recruiters of Indianapolis-North has a job opening for a Human Resources - Recruiting Engineer. 317-582-0202 Ext 1224 [email protected] www.mrindianapolis.com
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Teaching Absolute Beginners, Macmillan Education
How do you teach Chinese to beginners? Dr. Zhu Zhu of the University of Edinburgh gives her top tips for approaching first lessons.
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Macmillan Dictionary Tutorial
A short introduction to the Macmillan Dictionary which is one of my favourite resources for English learners. Watch the video to see why and take a look at the dictionary yourself at: http://www.macmillandictionary.com/
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Macmillan English Campus - Using the news items
This video offers some suggestions for incorporating the popular news items into your students’ learning journey.
03 Vocabulary - Grammar Reference
Recommended resources: Grammar in Use: http://amzn.to/1QrKYNE Practical English Usage: http://amzn.to/1zX3GCn
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The Palliative Hub - Connecting Palliative Care in Ireland and Northern Ireland
The Palliative Hub has been developed by AIIHPC (www.aiihpc.org) with a number of palliative care stakeholders to act as a gateway to information and resources about palliative care on the island of Ireland. Find out more: www.thepalliativehub.com
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The water treatment process
We head inside one of our water treatment centres to find out the journey from raw water to our taps in this step-by-step guide to the process and all the work that is involved to deliver high quality water to our customers. For more information visit: https://www.wessexwater.co.uk
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Listening skills in the real world
Open Mind and Mind series co-author Steve Taylore-Knowles shares tips for perfecting learners’ listening skills in this fourth video from the ‘Skill up in language and life’ video series. From using specifically-created course materials to taking advantage of the rich listening resources at our disposal in this ‘golden age of access’, which include exposure to different accents, varieties of English and even, as with natural speech, with mistakes, Steve gives ideas on how to help students succeed in this challenging yet vital language skill.
🇬🇧/🇺🇸 Macmillan Publishers relies on Searchmetrics Suite
Alan Hyndman - Digital Marketing Executive at Digital Science - explains why Macmillan Publishers relies on the Searchmetrics Suite as an innovative, interactive enterprise SEO platform. More informations and more testimonials on http://www.searchmetrics.com/en/customers/video-testimonials/. Find out more about Searchmetrics on https://www.searchmetrics.com Facebook: https://de-de.facebook.com/Searchmetrics/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/searchmetrics/ LinkedIn: https://de.linkedin.com/company/searchmetrics-inc Twitter: https://twitter.com/searchmetrics
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Ogden City Business Development Department - Ogden, Utah
The Ogden City Business Development Department of Ogden, Utah is committed to making the community stronger by creating and utilizing physical, financial, and social assets to generate improved and broadly shared economic well-being and quality of life. We do this by leveraging the City's resources to drive economic growth, increase capacity, create jobs, and improve quality of life. If you are looking to starting your own business, or a business looking to relocate or expand, please contact us: 801.629.8910 www.OgdenBusiness.com
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Chicago Teen Creates An Online Community for Teens Who Have Lost a Parent
7.4 million adolescents lose a parent before the age of 16, a statistic that became personal for Genevieve Liu when, at 13 years old, she witnessed her father drown while saving two boys in Lake Michigan. Genevieve is the creator of SLAP’D, a social media platform for teens who have lost a parent. SLAP’D offers a space for teens to find each other, memorialize their parents, and share their experiences surrounding loss. It also serves as a gateway for teens to find professional bereavement support locally. So far, the website has had over 43,626 users and has garnered significant local and national media coverage, earning Chicago Innovation’s Up and Comer Award. Genevieve manages the organization’s staff and speaks at bereavement centers and conferences, camps, entrepreneurial conferences, and schools to raise awareness about childhood grief. Nominations for the 2019 Awards open at dillerteenawards.org
GB Tech Summit 2017 | Dr. Donovan Moxey: Technology Industry the 3rd Pillar of the Economy
GRAND BAHAMA TECH SUMMIT 2017, FREEPORT, BAHAMAS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Grand Bahama Technology Summit was held on November 9-10th 2017 at The Grand Lucayan Convention Center, Freeport, Grand Bahama. It connected entrepreneurs to local and international industry leaders, creating opportunities and access to resources and intellectual capital. The theme for the 2-day event was ‘Making Grand Bahama the Gateway to Innovation and Technology’, specifically the development of Freeport as an offshore technology hub similar to Silicon Valley. The event attracted and inspired local and international IT professionals, developers, innovators and stakeholders. FREEPORT, GRAND BAHAMA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In 1955, the Bahamas pioneered the revolutionary Hawksbill Creek Agreement, which established a new city and unique free trade zone on the island of Grand Bahama; a model later embraced by Singapore, Panama, and Dubai. In the city of Freeport - 100 miles from the US coast - there are no taxes on income, capital gains, real estate, or private property, and no customs duties. More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeport,_Bahamas EVENT LINKS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grand Lucayan Resort, Freeport: http://www.grandlucayan.com Invest Grand Bahama: http://www.investgrandbahama.com/ TITLE SPONSORS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GB Port Authority: http://www.gbpa.com/ Aliv: https://www.bealiv.com/ SUPPORTING SPONSORS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grand Bahama Island: http://www.grandbahamavacations.com/ Quantum Data Solutions: http://grandbahamatechsummit.com NSCG: https://m.facebook.com/NSCG242/ Global Sun: http://www.globalsunintegration.com/
PLEXUS. Formación a medida para profesores
Descubre Plexus. - Evaluación - Planificación - Formación eficiente - Seguimiento
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John Wiley and Sons LTD - Engineering Education for the World
John Wiley and Sons is committed to publishing the best in engineering education. Whether on print or online, Wiley is spreading engineering knowledge globally. With impressive authors, their online system Wiley Plus, and their commitment to having global reach, Wiley has a direct hand in educating the great engineers of today and of tomorrow. http://www.wiley.com
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Vocabulary Booklet 3 Completo
Vocabulary Booklet 3 Completo
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The Discovery of Fire
A celebration of mankind and Fire - our most enduring ally. Its discovery was the most important moment in our species' history. Together, we would spread to every corner of the planet.  Fire carried mankind through every desert, ice age, and mountain range, and man spread fire throughout the world to places it had never seen. Fire was the gateway drug that spurred a technological revolution.  From stone tools to satellites - fire started it all. Download the song: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/banishing-dark-discovery-fire/id1083498466 Sources: Peter Weyland TED 2023 (narration) Quest For Fire 10,000 B.C. Saints and Strangers Human Universe Baraka Mankind: The Story of All of Us Showtime: Forge Bonobo - First Fires Audi - Rainmaker Ubercut - Burning man Variable - Rocket Wars Atomic Bomb Blast Interstellar Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/fUXK/
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Wiley Publishing Australia *Promotional Video*
www.wiley.com Produced by Hit 66 Sound & Screen for marketing use
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Lindsay Warwick - Switching on the Lightbulb: Getting Students to Come up with Ideas
Academic English can be very challenging for learners who find themselves having to get to grips with its formal style and the language that accompanies it. But it is not just what to say or write that learners find difficult when completing an academic task. Often, before they even get to this stage, they find themselves struggling to know what to say. This webinar focuses on practical ways that a teacher can encourage learners to develop their thinking skills in and out of class so they are able to produce their own opinions and ideas in an academic setting which will help them to focus on developing their language skills beyond an intermediate level.

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