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30yr T-Bond Options Trade
Day Trading - How To Trade for a Living Software used in this video: http://www.TracknTrade.com Join my trading club: http://www.TradeMentors.com Research software used in the making of these videos: http://www.TradeMiner.com Fundamental research tool used: http://www.NewsMiner.info What's this channel all about? What's this channel all about? Day trading, Live day trading stocks, live day trading options learn to trade, live day trading technical analysis, live day trading stock charts. Our day trading courses have been tried and proven to mold absolute beginners into traders regardless if the stock market is up or down! Learn how we day trade Day trading strategies (momentum) Day trading requirements - how much money do i need to start? How to make $100 per day trading in the stock market! Watch all my day trading live videos at: www.TradeMentors.com Join our free day trading chat room here: http://thewall.tradementors.com Live day trading - the one hour work day. Day trading can be very volatile! Day trading with 1,000 dollars! Small account day trading live! How does day trading work? Day trading red flags! Day trading academy With over 10 years of experience, The Day Trading Academy was created to provide top notch education for day traders in all fields. S&P 500 (ES) futures. TradeMentors trading academy was born out of my own passion to achieve my dream Learn to avoid the mistakes I made. Day Trading Rules (only in Margin Accounts). There are many aspiring traders who believe that they can quit their day jobs and start day trading stocks to replace their monthly income. (Don't quit your day job!) Swing Trading: In order to become a consistent day trader you need to make sure you are finding the best day trading stocks for that day. Day Trading Stocks: Learn how to day trade online from an experienced trader,using low risk, high reward intraday strategies. Day trading is one of the most difficult ways to make money Before you start day trading, have a trading plan. Day trading is considered one of the more challenging trading styles to master, so use these 3 proven day trading strategies to improve your confidence. Trading and some basic approaches you can take in your day trading strategies to capitalize on the increased volume in the morning session. Today I'm going to show you one of the best day trading strategies for beginners as well as experienced day traders. Intra-day trading is a set of Forex day trading strategies that demand opening and closing trades on the same day. *Trading financial instruments, including Stocks, Futures, Forex or Options on margin, carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in any of these financial instruments you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. The possibility exists that you could sustain losses exceeding your initial investment. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading and seek advice from an independent financial adviser if you have any doubts. Past performance, whether actual or hypothetical, is not necessarily indicative of future results. All depictions of trades whether by video or image are for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular financial instrument. See full risk disclosure www.tradementors.com/disclaimer.htm
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What is the BEST control setup for Smash 4?
Support my work on Patreon ▶ https://www.patreon.com/mysmashcorner I compare all controls and controllers objectively, weighing the pros and cons! Twitter ▶ www.twitter.com/MySmashCorner Twitch ▶ www.twitch.tv/MySmashCorner --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Time stamps~ Tap Jump ON/OFF - 0:35 ↳ Double Sticking - 0:51 ↳ Tilting Shield Up - 1:22 ↳ Tap Jumping - 1:35 Right joystick Smash/Attack/Special - 1:49 ↳ Auto Smash/Tilt - 1:54 ↳ Aerial Momentum Loss - 2:17 ↳ Instant Dash Attack - 2:41 ↳ Buffered up Air - 2:58 ↳ C-Bounce - 3:12 ↳ Diagonal Tilt - 3:36 ↳ Easy wavebounces and b-reverses - 4:39 Controller comparisons - 4:53 ↳ Triggers - 5:04 ↳ Joystick Ridges - 5:55 ↳ Extra Button - 6:15 ↳ Input Lag - 6:30 ↳ Right Joystick Location - 7:07 ↳ D-pad Smashes - 7:58 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allen P's Wii U vs GC controller Latency Test: https://youtu.be/xtCgo7YR-LQ Remzi's Double Sticking Tech: https://youtu.be/BHnTF4GQQDA C-Bouncing on Smashboards: http://smashboards.com/threads/sheik-tech-c-bounce.409439/ Music by GlitchxCity: https://youtu.be/KCTDQr5nR60
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How to Setup Atom For C / C++ Development on Windows 10
This is a Instructional Video on how to compile C and C ++ programs in Atom Text Editor, one of the best open source text editors. Links shown in the video: Atom Text Editor: https://atom.io/ MinGW: http://www.mingw.org/ Gpp-compiler package: https://atom.io/packages/gpp-compiler Atom is opensource source code and text editor. Atom can be installed on Windows, Linux and OS X. Atom supports plugins written in Node.js and has embedded Git source control. Atom is developed by GitHub. Atom is build using web technologies and used as a desktop application. In this post we will see how to install Atom editor on your Windows 10 system. -------------------Online Courses to learn---------------------------- Blockchain Course - http://bit.ly/2Mmzcv0 Big Data Hadoop Course - http://bit.ly/2MV97PL Java - https://bit.ly/2H6wqXk C++ - https://bit.ly/2q8VWl1 AngularJS - https://bit.ly/2qebsLu Python - https://bit.ly/2Eq0VSt C- https://bit.ly/2HfZ6L8 Android - https://bit.ly/2qaRSAS Linux - https://bit.ly/2IwOuqz AWS Certified Solutions Architect - https://bit.ly/2JrGoAF Modern React with Redux - https://bit.ly/2H6wDtA MySQL - https://bit.ly/2qcF63Z ----------------------Follow--------------------------------------------- My Website - http://www.codebind.com My Blog - https://goo.gl/Nd2pFn My Facebook Page - https://goo.gl/eLp2cQ Google+ - https://goo.gl/lvC5FX Twitter - https://twitter.com/ProgrammingKnow Pinterest - https://goo.gl/kCInUp Text Case Converter - https://goo.gl/pVpcwL -------------------------Stuff I use to make videos ------------------- Stuff I use to make videos Windows notebook – http://amzn.to/2zcXPyF Apple MacBook Pro – http://amzn.to/2BTJBZ7 Ubuntu notebook - https://amzn.to/2GE4giY Desktop - http://amzn.to/2zct252 Microphone – http://amzn.to/2zcYbW1 notebook mouse – http://amzn.to/2BVs4Q3 ------------------Facebook Links ---------------------------------------- http://fb.me/ProgrammingKnowledgeLearning/ http://fb.me/AndroidTutorialsForBeginners http://fb.me/Programmingknowledge http://fb.me/CppProgrammingLanguage http://fb.me/JavaTutorialsAndCode http://fb.me/SQLiteTutorial http://fb.me/UbuntuLinuxTutorials http://fb.me/EasyOnlineConverter
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CppCon 2017: Michael Spencer “My Little Object File: How Linkers Implement C++”
http://CppCon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2017 — Ever wonder how the linker turns your compiled C++ code into an executable file? Why the One Definition Rule exists? Or why your debug builds are so large? In this talk we'll take a deep dive and follow the story of our three adventurers, ELF, MachO, and COFF as they make their way out of Objectville carrying C++ translation units on their backs as they venture to become executables. We'll see as they make their way through the tangled forests of name mangling, climb the cliffs of thread local storage, and wade through the bogs of debug info. We'll see how they mostly follow the same path, but each approach the journey in their own way. We'll also see that becoming an executable is not quite the end of their journey, as the dynamic linker awaits to bring them to yet a higher plane of existence as complete C++ programs running on a machine. — Michael Spencer: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Compiler Engineer Michael Spencer is a Compiler Engineer at Sony Interactive Entertainment where he has spent 6 years works on PlayStation's C++ toolchain. He is an active member of the LLVM community focusing on object files and linkers. He also serves as Sony's representative to the ISO C++ standard committee. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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Linux Understanding Shared Libraries
More videos like this online at http://www.theurbanpenguin.com If you need a little help understanding standard libraries ir shared modules in Linux then here we work with the Raspberry Pi and Raspbian Linux to show you how. We create a .so file from scratch and use it withing a program we link to the library. You will see ldd and ldconfig as well as the gcc options needed to make this work
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Parser and Lexer — How to Create a Compiler part 1/5 — Converting text into an Abstract Syntax Tree
In this tool-assisted education video I create a parser in C++ for a B-like programming language using GNU Bison. For the lexicographical analysis, a lexer is generated using re2c. This is part of a multi-episode series. In the next video, we will focus on optimization. Downloads: — https://github.com/bisqwit/compiler_series/tree/master/ep1 All the material associated with this episode can be downloaded here. Acknowledgements: — Picture: Processors :: Jason Rogers — Music¹: Aryol :: The Strategy Continues :: Kyohei Sada (converted into MIDI and played through OPL3 emulation through homebrew software) — Music²: Star Ocean :: Past Days :: Motoi Sakuraba (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — Music³: Rockman & Forte :: Museum :: Kirikiri-Chan and others (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — Music⁴: Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shōjo :: Dean’s Room :: Kenji Yamamoto (SPC-OPL3 conversion), original composition: Bach's Invention № 15 — Music⁵: Aryol :: Arrest :: Kyohei Sada (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — Music⁶: Ren & Stimpy Show : Fire Dogs :: Main Theme :: Martin Gwynn Jones and others (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — Music⁷: Aryol :: Warmup :: Kyohei Sada (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — Music⁸: Energy Breaker :: Golden-Colored Wind :: Yukio Nakajima (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — Music⁹: Wonder Project J :: House :: Akihiko Mori (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — SFX: Mostly from YouTube Audio Library. Some are recorded from video games like The Guardian Legend, Lunar Ball, and Super Mario All-Stars. — The graphs were created using Microsoft Visio. I have not found a suitable free tool to replace it, so I actually purchased a Visio license. The slides were created using LibreOffice Impress though, and the video was edited in Kdenlive, and the audio in Audacity. ¹ 00:37, ² 02:46 & 39:26, ³ 10:10, ⁴ 16:06, ⁵ 27:18, ⁶ 37:20, ⁷ 38:58 & 45:58, ⁸ 49:00, ⁹ 50:40 My links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealBisqwit Liberapay: https://liberapay.com/Bisqwit Steady: https://steadyhq.com/en/bisqwit Patreon: https://patreon.com/Bisqwit (Other options at https://bisqwit.iki.fi/donate.html) Twitch: https://twitch.tv/RealBisqwit Homepage: http://iki.fi/bisqwit/ You can contribute subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=eF9qWbuQLuw or to any of my videos: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCKTehwyGCKF-b2wo0RKwrcg ---Rant--- [9:35 PM] Bisqwit: Now uploading to YouTube. Within about 24 hours I will know if the rogue AI at YouTube slams the “limited or no advertising" stamp into it, or not. Actually, I only know if it does so *when* it does it. Then, I need to wait an additional 25 hours for YouTube staff to manually review it and clear the flag. If the flag does not appear, then it is possible that the bot just has not scanned it yet and I need to wait longer. Premature publication could mean that the bot will mark it after it has already been published, and then I will not receive any revenue for the first spike of views. It used to be 18 hours (since uploading that the bot does its evil deeds), but nowadays YT recommends waiting just 3 hours. We will see, we will see. #Bisqwit #Compiler #Tutorial
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Visual Studio Code Intro & Setup
In this video we will take a look at the Visual Studio Code text editor and talk about the features, how to navigate the editor, use the terminal. we will setup some of my favorite extensions and briefly look at version control. VSCode video created by my Discord server mod, Simen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-IaHeiP6AI DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/traversymedia 💖 BECOME A PATRON: Show support & get perks! http://www.patreon.com/traversymedia VISIT MY WEBISTE: Check Out My Udemy Courses http://www.traversymedia.com FOLLOW TRAVERSY MEDIA: http://www.facebook.com/traversymedia http://www.twitter.com/traversymedia http://www.instagram.com/traversymedia
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Robinhood App Review: One of the Best Investing Apps for Beginners?
💰 Robinhood Vs Stash App Comparison: https://youtu.be/YUPhoO_54EI 🔵 Try Robinhood App + Get A Free Share of Stock: http://share.robinhood.com/erikm53 In this Robinhood App review I discuss why the Robinhood app is a great investing app for beginners and experienced investors alike. You can learn more about the Robinhood app here: http://share.robinhood.com/erikm53 📗 The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing Book: http://amzn.to/2hdj2Qd ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🚨 ★★★ My Other Investment App Videos and Tutorials ★★★ 🚨 ► All My Investing App Videos: http://bit.ly/InvestingAppReviews ► Robinhood Vs Stash App Comparison: https://youtu.be/YUPhoO_54EI ► Robinhood 6 Month Review: https://youtu.be/TAd_azSrTGQ ► Robinhood Cryptocurrency Review: https://youtu.be/mNqlWWYFvHw ► Acorns Investment App Review: https://youtu.be/RmFxQTXP-mA ► Stash Invest App Review: https://youtu.be/iwV-eFDFBxY ► Coinbase Bitcoin App Review: https://youtu.be/tPAXAhpywxY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Robinhood Pros: - Commission Free Trading & Investing - No minimum amount to get started - Clean mobile interface - SIPC insured up to $500,000 - Great for beginners investing in the stock market ► Robinhood Cons: - No desktop platform (at the moment) - Less built in research and charts (for advanced users) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► My other favorite books on investing in the stock market for beginners: -- The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing -- http://amzn.to/2i3UGdP -- How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad -- http://amzn.to/2hV05pi -- The Little Book of Common Sense Investing -- http://amzn.to/2hV6iBz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching this Robinhood review. If you enjoyed it please consider subscribing to my other Investing YouTube channel for more investing app reviews, investing app tutorials, and investing principles. SUBSCRIBE HERE: ►►► http://bit.ly/InvestingAppsTV ___________________________________________________________ Connect with @InvestingAppsTV on Social Media: ► Twitter: https://Twitter.com/InvestingAppsTV ► Steemit: https://steemit.com/@InvestingAppsTV ► Official Website: http://InvestingAppsTV.com ___________________________________________________________ For business inquiries please reach me here: ★ http://InvestingAppsTV.com/reviews ___________________________________________________________ -- VIDEO GEAR I USE TO FILM YOUTUBE VIDEOS -- ★ http://ImmersiveTech.Tv/YoutubeGear __________________________________________________________ About this video: In this video Erik from Immersive Tech TV goes over the new Robinhood investing app, how to use the robinhood app, and answering the question if robinhood safe. He shares why it is a great investing tool for beginners and discusses his overall experience using the app so far. Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored and all the opinions expressed are my from my own experience. Some of the links in this description contain affiliate links, which help support the channel at no additional cost to you. Thank you for watching! If you have any questions about the Robinhood trading app feel free to drop me a comment below and I will do my best to answer it as soon as possible! #RobinhoodForBeginners #InvestingAppsTV #RobinhoodApp
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Should you buy a new or used car in the UAE?
It's a question many drivers have asked themselves in the UAE: are new or used cars the best option? As well as price differences there are other factors to consider, including finance plans, insurance and warranty questions. In this edition of Inside AB, Bernd Debusmann and Lubna Hamdan run through the options to find out which is the better option. Website: http://www.arabianbusiness.com/ Like Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArabianBusiness Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArabianBusiness Follow us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+arabianbusiness Follow Us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arabianbusi... Follow Us on LinkedIn: https://ae.linkedin.com/company/arabi... Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for Business News and Events in the Middle East Region: https://www.youtube.com/user/arabianb... Category News & Politics Category News & Politics Category News & Politics
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CppCon 2014: Herb Sutter "Back to the Basics! Essentials of Modern C++ Style"
http://www.cppcon.org -- Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2014 -- This talk revisits basic questions, such as how to declare and initialize a variable, how to pass a value to a function, how to write a simple loop, and how to use smart pointers, in the light of experience with C++11 and the latest C++14 refinements. This involves examining auto, rvalue references, range-for loops, uniform initialization, lambda expressions, unique_ptr and shared_ptr, and more. -- Herb Sutter - Author, chair of the ISO C++ committee, software architect at Microsoft. -- Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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Vinyl Cutter Buying Guide
Zach Ellsworth with Stahls' Equipment (http://stahls.com) reviews the top vinyl cutters and tells you what you need to know to choose the perfect vinyl cutter for your business.
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The Laptop/Desktop Plaza Of Qatar | Accessories | Epic Graphic Card Deals | Gamers Heaven
Hello people, im back with another vlog, in this video i have covered the sofitel building (i,e) the computer plaza where you get laptops, desktops, graphic cards, gamers stuffs etc. Store Details: iPlanet Computers Mail: [email protected] Contact: get in touch with me on my instagram or facebook :) Address: Hotel Sofitel, shop no.830, Doha - Qatar RECOMMENDED: 1.Watch the video in at least 480P quality/ best will be of course 1080p. 2.Use headphones for better sound and bike exhaust notes. 3.Subscribe to my channel Cheapest Mobiles in Middle East (Must Watch): ➤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0Ak-UnYHME&t=7s Drop a thumbs Up if you like this video, Share among people, and Subscribe to my channel for more content! Here is the subscription link: ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrbnQJJXDTwr9fUgJ5hqUVg?sub_confirmation=1 Click here for my previous video: ➤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzsibmoRnug Feel free to subscribe to my channel: ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrbnQJJXDTwr9fUgJ5hqUVg?sub_confirmation=1 Qatar Visa assistance: ➤ https://portal.moi.gov.qa/wps/portal/MOIInternet/services/inquiries/visaservices Stay tuned to my channel: ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrbnQJJXDTwr9fUgJ5hqUVg?sub_confirmation=1 Are you on Facebook? ➝ https://www.facebook.com/arbvlogs/?ref=br_rs Follow me on Twitter ➝ https://twitter.com/arbvlogs Check me on Instagram! ➝ https://www.instagram.com/arb_vlogs_/ Feel free to stick around because there is plenty more to come. I will always try to surprise you in every video, don’t miss out. Enjoy! My gears: Gopro hero4 silver: http://amzn.to/2zypsXE Tripod: http://amzn.to/2nxbA65 Gorilla Pod: http://amzn.to/2oM7PJY Essential GoPro Accessories: http://amzn.to/2j1nsQD GoPro Hero4 Silver Skeleton Housing: http://amzn.to/2hFKCZt Music by Dyallas: https://soundcloud.com/dyallas Subscribe my channel: ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrbnQJJXDTwr9fUgJ5hqUVg?sub_confirmation=1
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Analysing Compiler Optimization Effectiveness on Adapteva Epiphany, ARM and XMOS platforms
http://jpallister.com/wiki http://ww.cs.bris.ac.uk/Research/Micro http://kck.st/PtAZ9O http://www.adapteva.com Energy efficiency is the highest priority for modern software-hardware co-design. The potential for compiler options to impact on power consumption of running programs has often been discussed. However there has never been a comprehensive analysis of the magnitude of that impact, or how it varies between processor architectures and compilers. Our presentation will describe a project we undertook during the Summer of 2012 at the University of Bristol Department of Computer Science and funded by Embecosm, to explore the effect of compiler options on energy consumption of compiled programs. We used an innovative technique to examine the energy consumption of 10 benchmarks when compiled with 87 optimizations performed by GCC and run on five different embedded platforms. Hardware power measurements on each platform were taken to ensure all architectural effects on the energy were captured. A fractional factorial design was used to separate the effects of each optimization and account for interactions between optimizations. The use of this technique, not commonly used in computer science, has made it feasible to analyse 2^87 possible combinations of optimization over the short period of this project. We found that in the majority of cases execution time and energy consumption were highly correlated, but the effect a particular optimization may have is non-trivial due to its interactions with other optimizations. We also found that the structure of the benchmark had a larger effect than the platform on whether the optimization had an impact on energy consumption. No one optimization is universally positive for energy consumption, but for each benchmark and processor architecture we were able to find the optimization with the main effect on power consumption. There is clearly scope for further work on selecting the optimizations that are most beneficial for an individual program. Our presentation will discuss techniques that can potentially achieve this goal, and are the potential subjects of future research. This research was unusual, in that it was funded as a completely open project. A wiki detailed progress from week to week, the relevant open source communities were kept regularly informed, and the results will be published in open access journals.
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2018 Toyota Fortuner - interior Exterior and Drive
Toyota underlines its commitment to value Price reductions of at least $5,000 All grades receive added features - Review Toyota has embarked on an early Christmas for buyers of its seven-seat Fortuner range by adding features while cutting prices by a minimum of $5,000*. The emphatic price realignment comes as Toyota ramps up the style and convenience of Fortuner while maintaining its impressive off-road performance. Prices for the range now start at $42,590* - a reduction of $5,400 or 11.25 per cent - and all but the top-of-the-line Crusade are now priced below $50,000. The most-affordable GX variants have been improved with smart-looking 17-inch alloy wheels (replacing same-size steel wheels) and gain the convenience of rear parking sensors. Mid-range GXL is now equipped with satellite navigation#, Toyota Link## connected mobility and digital radio+ - all operated via a seven-inch display audio screen. Despite the new features, GXL prices have been reduced by $5,500 or more than 10 per cent. For added luxury, buyers of automatic GXL can opt for a dark brown leather-accented interior, which includes power-operated driver and front-passenger seats. At the top of the range, the Crusade is now fitted with a premium 11-speaker JBL audio system, heated and eight-way power-adjustable driver and front-passenger seats and LED instead of halogen fog lamps. Pricing for Crusade - now available exclusively with an automatic transmission - is down by $5,000. Toyota Australia's executive director sales and marketing said Fortuner's enhanced equipment levels would meet the expectations of people seeking a rugged off-roader with the comfort and style of an SUV. "Fortuner's updates are based on specific feedback from our dealers and our guests, reflecting Toyota's commitment to continuous improvement," Mr Cramb said. "The added features further boost the appeal of Fortuner, which is recognised for offering the space, comfort, convenience and quality of an SUV while delighting owners with its prodigious off-road ability," he said. Fortuner has a strong Australian DNA with its unique body, wiring and key underpinnings having been designed or extensively developed and evaluated by Toyota's local engineers. The rugged frame, high-torque engine, all-coil suspension and strong upper body have been proven in Australia under the world's toughest conditions - on tarmac and off the beaten track. In addition to its prodigious off-road ability, Fortuner delivers the compliant ride, interior space, convenient features and premium quality expected in a modern SUV. Fortuner is the turbo-diesel alternative to the similar-size petrol-only Kluger and offers an affordable choice for those who aspire to own a LandCruiser. It is powered by a high-torque 2.8-litre four-cylinder common-rail direct-injection turbo-diesel engine with a choice of six-speed manual or automatic transmissions. Maximum power is 130kW and peak torque is 450Nm for the automatic and 420Nm for the manual. Braked towing capacity^ is 3,000kg for manual and 2,800kg^ for auto variants. Fortuner uses just 7.8 litres/100km^^ for the manual, providing a theoretical range of more than 1,000km from the 80-litre fuel tank. Fuel consumption with the auto is 8.6 litres/100km^^. Fortuner's seven seats are arranged in a 2-3-2 configuration. The 60/40 split-fold second-row seat has a one-touch slide and tumble feature while the 50/50 third-row seats are stowable. Cargo capacity ranges from 200 litres to 1,080 litres when packed to the top of the seat backs. Standard equipment also includes durable fabric seat-coverings, projector-style headlamps, LED tail-lamps, an air-conditioned cool box, Bluetooth®‡ connectivity, six speakers, three 12V accessory sockets, audio and phone controls mounted on the steering wheel, eco and power drive modes and a multi-information display (MID) in the instrument cluster. Additional features in GXL include keyless smart entry and start, roof rails, reverse parking sensors, fog lamps, colour MID, privacy glass and downhill assist control. Manual versions have Toyota's innovative "intelligent" system that matches engine revolutions to transmission speed for smooth shifting. Auto variants have paddle shifters. Music Source: NCM Epic Music Ender Guney 2017 Offroad Test Drive "SUBSCRIBE NOW"
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C Programming, Disassembly, Debugging, Linux, GDB
A brief introduction to GDB and Assembly Language on Intel processors using the venerable C language and GCC compiler toolchain. This is probably more fun than it is informative (and not even all that fun), but maybe it will give somebody ideas... Documentation: man wprintf man gdb man objdump man hexdump Use pinfo -m instead of man for a nice, colorful interface that can be navigated by clicking or using the arrow keys. The IDE used in this video is actually the SciTE text editor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWYdVmULKW0&feature=related Making simple programs and analysing them with a debugger such as GDB is a great way to learn a little bit about assembly language and machine code. Why delve into machine code during an introductory video? Do we realy need to know that the stack grows downward in memory or that the arguments to a function are pushed onto the stack in reverse order, so they can pop back off in the right order? What's with the wide characters? Why complicate things by adding a function? First of all, functions and assembly are not that hard to grasp. It's just a push and call. We push an address to something onto the stack and call a function. What's so difficult about that? I'm sick of people trying to insulate us from the details. Besides, knowing a little bit about what goes on under the hood makes better hackers and better programmers. That's what we do while learning. We build things and we take them apart to see how they work. I know there is no compelling reason to use wide characters (C90 spec), but I just want to be prepared to understand them when I see them. Yes, it is probably better to use utf-8 and char now that most platforms support it. You can find simple "hello world" programs anywhere that use printf. I wanted my video to be different. And I wanted to let everyone know I'm OK. I haven't died. I've just been busy learning a little C. Oh, and I'll show you why I used a function in a little bit. There is a reason. We have used up nearly the full 10 minutes and it is still just a brief tour. We were only able to cover a small handful of the tools I wanted to demonstrate. Oh well, Linux is so full of toys that it even has a tool to help find them. Type "man apropos" or "pinfo -m apropos" in a terminal for details. Yes, GDB sucks at printing wide character strings, as this video shamelessly points out. It can do it if you include debugging symbols in your program, though, by compiling with gcc -g -o hi hi.c and by downloading a special script for GDB (http://www.linux.com/feature/51836) and putting it in your .gdbrc file. Great. Wide characters of type wchar_t are not necessarily unicode, but, depending on the implementation, do often represent unicode strings. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wide_character http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/unicode.html#utf-8 Resources: http://cs.baylor.edu/~donahoo/tools/gdb/tutorial.html http://www.iso-9899.info/wiki/Main_Page http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~benjasik/gdb/gdbtut.html http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Category:X86_Disassembly http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86_calling_conventions#cdecl http://www.linux.com/feature/51836 This video contains parts or visuals of a free software program. You may use it freely according to its particular license: This work is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This work is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
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GCC Laser Cutter: Einschulung
KAPITEL 0:00 Einführung - Was ist der Laser Cutter? 0:52 Materialien 3:44 Unterschied zwischen Vektor- und Rastermodus 5:02 Aufbereitung der Datei zum Schneiden und Gravieren 5:56 Linienstärke (Haarlinie) & Farbe einstellen 7:25 Druckereinstellungen öffnen 7:42 Materialspezifische Parameter einstellen (Speed, Power, PPI) 11:08 Raster- & Vektormodus einstellen 12:29 Zublasung einschalten 13:05 Auswahl und Reihenfolge der 16 RGB Farben 14:17 Materialgröße einstellen 14:58 Einstellung zur Ausnutzung des maximalen Arbeitsbereichs 15:11 Moduseinstellung (Manuelle Farbfüllung, 3D-Gravur, Stempelmodus) 16:28 Materialeinstellungen abspeichern 17:14 Druckvorschau & Platzierung des Druckjobs 18:24 Datei drucken 18:47 Absaugung 19:16 Laser Cutter einschalten & Totmann bedienen 20:10 Material einlegen 21:26 Fokus einstellen (Autofokus, Manueller Fokusstift) 23:29 Anfangspunkt festlegen 23:50 Druckjob starten Der Laser Cutter im Happylab kann unterschiedlichste Materialien schneiden und gravieren. Mit einem fokussierten Infrarot-Laserstrahl können feine Strukturen aus Plexiglas Holz, Karton, Leder, Stoff und vielen anderen Materialien ausgeschnitten werden. Außerdem können Beschriftungen, Schilder, Stempel, Gläser und vieles mehr graviert werden. Weitere Infos: http://www.happylab.at/ausstattung Happylab - Ein Ort, an dem Ideen mit Laser Cutter, 3D-Drucker, CNC-Fräse, Schneidplotter und Elektronik sofort umgesetzt werden können. http://www.happylab.at
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CppCon 2017: Nir Friedman “What C++ developers should know about globals (and the linker)”
Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2017 — Most C++ developers know that using globals (or singletons) excessively in code is usually a poor decision. But it is also hard to deny their usefulness in more than one situation: for loggers, factories, intrusive performance benchmarking, and other very useful applications, globals can be very helpful. Unfortunately, usage of globals in C++ ends up exposing details of the language not seen so often otherwise. Instead of dealing with our tried-and-true, well specified compiler, we often need to look more at the behavior of the linker, which can vary more between platforms and between different options such as static vs dynamic linking. This talk will look at some surprising pitfalls that can occur with globals: valid programs only a dozen lines long that can trigger segfaults when using the gcc linker. It will explore some of these issues using command line tools like nm and objdump. The talk will enumerate several pitfalls to be avoided. It will look at some of the different axes of the problem space such as: globals that are private versus public, eager versus lazy, global inter-dependencies, and quality of emitted assembly. Finally, solutions and idioms will be presented that address the major use cases, and make it easy for developers to use globals (only where necessary!) in a safe way. — Nir Friedman: Tower Research Capital, Trading Software Developer After completing a PhD in physics, Nir started working doing C++ in low latency and high frequency trading. He's interested in the challenges of writing robust code at scale, and highly configurable code that minimizes performance trade-offs. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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Breaking News: Everything There Is To Know About The 2019 Ford Ranger
CHECK OUT OUR NEWEST SPONSOR - CarMarshal. https://carmarshal.com/?utm_source=Fast-Lane Click the Link To $earch Over 100,000 New & Used Cars. ( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) Breaking News: Everything There Is To Know About The 2019 Ford Ranger. ( http://www.patreon.com/tflcar ) Please visit to support TFLcar & TFLtruck. Check us out on: Facebook: ( https://www.facebook.com/tfltruck ) Twitter: ( https://www.twitter.com/tfltruck ) and now even Truck Videos on YouTube at: The Fast Lane Truck ( http://www.youtube.com/user/tflcar ) and classic cars as well at: TFLClassics ( http://www.youtube.com/user/ClassicsUnleashed )
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Take a Self-Guided Tour of GCC!
You will start your tour in our brand new Student Success Center. If you are taking this tour as part of one of GCC’s Open Houses, you’ll find attendants at several stops to guide you through a specific location. Feel free to pause your tour and join the attendant for a quick walk-through. We do recommend you pause the tour as you walk up or down any stairs. Please proceed quietly and respectfully along the tour route so as not to disturb classes, meetings or other activities that might be in session, and please don’t enter any occupied rooms.
Demonstrating Vinyl Cutting Software Features and VinylCut Craft Design
VinylCut software also offers an open trial at no expense to you. Visit http://www.vinylcut.co.za/ to download your copy today with no registration required. Download Link: (Windows & Mac Version) http://cncu.co.za/Other-Softwares/AM.CO.ZA%20VinylCut%20Craft%20Design%20and%20Vinyl%20Cutting%20Software/ AM.CO.ZA offers great services and software that goes along with their machines. Feel free to give their website a visit. What is the most popular and most used vinyl cutting software in South Africa? The answer, of course is VinylCut, developed by AM.CO.ZA the legendary V-Series, V-Smart and V-Auto Vinyl Cutter manufacturer and retailer. VinylCut made its debut early in 2016 and has sold an incredible 1 thousand copies in its first year; proving its worth with every sale! Why do so many companies choose VinylCut Craft Design and Vinyl Cutting Software above others? The obvious reason is it’s the default software for the vinyl cutters sold and manufactured by AM.CO.ZA, who also provide local service and support. In South Africa, AM.CO.ZA has sold more vinyl cutters than anyone else! VinylCut is not just a Windows based software that supports all new Windows versions, it is also compatiable on Intel-based Mac and Macintosh OSX machines. With more features than most vinyl cutting software available on the market today. With an easy to use interface - VinylCut software is becoming the de facto software of choice for most clients. Here are some of the main features this powerful and affordable software provides: 1. A simple to use interface with clear navigation of each function. Apart from designing from scratch, you will also be able to import popular vector designs like AI, EPS, DXF, SVG and PDF files. For bitmap images like, BMP and PNG, you can also use the built-in software Trace Image function to vectorise the image before cutting. Various options within the Trace Image tool allow you to adjust and preview the trace result for the best possible vectorising solution. A traced vector file can also be exported. 2. VinylCut Craft Design and Vinyl Cutting Software includes a large library of ready-to-use, drag and drop editable graphic elements too. 3. All TrueType and OpenType fonts installed in your OS will be loaded with a built-in typing tool. Typing and cutting any font from your computer has never been this seamless! 4. All vector designs can be edited from scale to resize, flip, rotate, and edit individual nodes. 5. Multiple vector objects can be edited individually or layer by layer. They can be grouped, ungrouped, aligned to their edges and arranged in different layers. Objects can also be merged, merging overlapping vectors and letters together. VinylCut has a similar look and feel to the popular vector editing software like CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator etc. 6. For the vinyl cutting part, it not only supports vinyl cutters from AM.CO.ZA, but also generic drivers from HPGL and DMPL language driven vinyl cutting machines. This means 99% of vinyl cutters in the market are able to use the VinylCut software. 7. Cutting results can be previewed in a “what you see is what you get” function. You can also cut multicolour designs with the Cut by Single Colour output mode, cut big designs on multiple vinyl rolls with the tile function with overlap options, cut multiple copies with spacing to maximise your vinyl material, and add weeding lines and weeding boxes for stress-free vinyl weeding. All AM.CO.ZA Vinyl Cutters come with a Pen Holder and a Blade Holder and these can be easily switched in the software interface too. The blade compensation setting is also accessible with the over-cut options. 8. Print and Cut, which is also called Contour Cutting is easy to use as well. There’s also a built-in calibrator for an even more accurate cut giving your vinyl cutting machine increased performance. Apart from the system print function, you can also choose to output as a TIFF or PDF file to print on large format printers, flatbed printers and other 3rd party printing programs. Choose VinylCut Craft Design and Vinyl Cutting Software from AM.CO.ZA, as their Vinyl Cutting machines will easily impress you with its rich feature set, whilst not break the bank! With dozens of effects already built-in, your artwork will reach new creative heights and functionality using effects such as 3D Rotate, 3D Extrude, Barrel Distortion, Knockout, Line Fill, Object on Path, Pierce, Puzzle Generator and Weeding to name just a few. VinylCut software also offers an open trial at no expense to you. Visit vinylcut.co.za/ to download your copy today with no registration required. Direct Download Link: (Windows Version) am.co.za/software/vinylcut.exe (Mac Version) am.co.za/software/vinylcut.pkg If you wish to register, contact AM.CO.ZA/ on 060 600 6000 or visit our website to order. Thank you for watching this introduction video brought to you by AM.CO.ZA. AM.CO.ZA - Achievement Matters.
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How to use threads in C++11 (multitasking, mutual exclusion, etc.)
In this tool-assisted education video I explain the tools that C++11 introduced for creating multi-threaded programs. We will study each concept individually from #threads to condition variables and from futures to promises. ENGLISH-LANGUAGE CLOSED CAPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE. The source code and other materials can be DOWNLOADed here: http://bisqwit.iki.fi/jutut/kuvat/programming_examples/cpp_thread_tutorial/ You can contribute subtitle translations at: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=_z-RS0rXg9s If you want to help me with money, I have a Patreon page at: https://www.patreon.com/Bisqwit Music used in the video, in order of appearance: – Wizardry V :: Artifacts (Kentarou Haneda) – Star Ocean :: Calm Time (Motoi Sakuraba) – Wonder Project J :: House (Akihito Mori) All music was converted into MIDI and played using OPL3 simulation with homebrew software. The exact process is described here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IeO7CYFd9E Footage music (also played through homebrew software): – Cave Story :: Geothermal Cameras used: Canon EOS 1200D, Canon PowerShot SX110IS Lens: Tokina AT-X PRO 11-16mm F2.8 DX Programming footage in: DOSBox Resampling with: ffmpeg Video editing in: kdenlive Audio editing in: audacity & kdenlive Muxing in: mkvmerge Production dates: 2015-12-03 through 2016-01-22 Desktop computer is: Raspberry Pi Secret code: OwjQkUo9Bgk Compilers used: GCC 5.3.1 Robot is: Nao V4 If anything in the video requires clarification, please write a comment. I try to reply to every unique comment that contains a question addressed to me. Please make sure your privacy settings (possibly found as far as in Google+) will not prevent me from actually replying. The editor used in the video, with Mario and all, is a 16-bit homebrew editor that only runs in 16-bit DOS. You can download it at the download page, but note that it is only designed for video making. It’s not meant for actual use, but it does work and is largely modelled after Joe. Joseph Allen’s “Joe” editor makes an appearance at 21:11. You can find Joe at: http://joe-editor.sourceforge.net/ . It is my primary editing environment, both in Linux and in Cygwin. I am not using any other IDE. Linux is used under DOSBox (for purpose of video production only) by using a modified version of DOSBox that provides forkpty() functions as DOS interrupts, and a homebrew terminal program running in DOS, that supports xterm-256color escapes. The terminal program is useless without the patched version of DOSBox (and furthermore this patch will only work in Linux). Nonetheless you can find both on the download page, linked above. Reference material used and highly recommended: http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/thread/thread http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/thread/future http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/thread/async http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/thread/mutex http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/thread/unique_lock http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/thread/condition_variable http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/thread/promise http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/string/basic_string/operator%22%22s About author: Joel Yliluoma is an author who publishes videos in YouTube under the name “Bisqwit”, ranging diverse topics from programming to gaming and from cats to religion. He has been programming since 1992, and for most years since then, it has been his primary, sometimes only hobby. Though most of his professional life has been spent developing business web applications, he prefers working with low level code targeting older systems. In 2014―2015 he was also a coach driver working for Savonlinja in Finland. He is also known for founding TASVideos.org, a website and community centered around making “tool-assisted” speedruns of classic video games. Outside Internet, he is known for teaching Israeli folk dance in Finland. Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealBisqwit Patreon: https://patreon.com/Bisqwit (alternatives at http://iki.fi/bisqwit/donate.html) Twitch: http://twitch.tv/RealBisqwit Homepage: http://iki.fi/bisqwit/ The source code and other materials can be DOWNLOADed here: http://bisqwit.iki.fi/jutut/kuvat/programming_examples/cpp_thread_tutorial/ You can contribute subtitle translations at: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=_z-RS0rXg9s If you want to help me with money, I have a Patreon page at: https://www.patreon.com/Bisqwit Note to self: Possible topics for a hypothetical second episode: – Thread-local variables – Memory order declarations – What the standard says about memory interactions between threads – What the standard guarantees about when variable changes are committed into RAM – Clustering – CPU affinity #Bisqwit #ThreadProgramming #Tutorial #Parallelism #Programming
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Glue-less! No Hair Left Out! Full Lace Wig Customization - EvasWigs
Knot Bleaching - 0:55 Customizing The Hairline - 1:49 Lace Tinting (Tea Bag Method) - 8:18 Cutting The Lace - 8:44 Applying The Wig - 9:13 Styling The Wig - 11:55 Gel - Gorilla Snot Wig Used In This Video: EVASWIGS.COM http://www.evawigs.com/all-wigs/157-goddess-body-wavy-custom-full-lace-human-hair-wig-with-baby-hair.html sku: bhc1093 Hair Color: Natural Black Hair Length: 24 inch Hair Density: 130% Baby Hair Options: All around perimeter, Bleached Knots Option: 'Without bleaching' Lace Color: Light Brown Cap Construction: Cap 3A - Glue Less Full Lace Cap Without Ear Tabs & An Adjustale strap in the back Cap Size: Average DISCLAIMERRRRRRRR: This video is sponsored but y'all know i always keep it a hunnid thouuuuuu. Instagram: Jaemajette Twitter: Jaemajette Snapchat: Jaemajette Business Inquries: [email protected] Music By: Buddha by Kontekst https://soundcloud.com/kontekstmusic Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/b6jK2t3lcRs Camera - Canon EOS Rebel T5i Editing - Final Cut Pro
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How to Static Link An SFML2 Project on Windows Using MinGW GCC
Ever wanted to compile a program that doesn't depend on external DLLs at the cost of a larger executable file size? Static linking is the way, and you've come to the right place to learn how! In this video, you'll use CMake to generate the SFML build files, build the SFML files using GCC, and write a makefile and test program to compile a static linked SFML project. The two files used to make this tutorial can be downloaded here: https://github.com/GanonCode/SFMLWinGCCStatic
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CppCon 2017: Matt Godbolt “What Has My Compiler Done for Me Lately? Unbolting the Compiler's Lid”
http://CppCon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2017 — In 2012, Matt and a colleague were arguing whether it was efficient to use the then-new-fangled range for. During the discussion a bash script was written to quickly compile C++ source and dump the assembly. Five years later and that script has grown into a website relied on by many to quickly see the code their compiler emits, to compare different compilers' code generation and behaviour, to quickly prototype and share code, and investigate the effect of optimization flags. In this talk Matt will not only show you how easy (and fun!) it is to understand the assembly code generated by your compiler, but also how important it can be. He'll explain how he uses Compiler Explorer in his day job programming low-latency trading systems, and show some real-world examples. He'll demystify assembly code and give you the tools to understand and appreciate how hard your compiler works for you. He'll also talk a little about how Compiler Explorer works behind the scenes, how it is maintained and deployed, and share some stories about how it has changed over the years. By the end of this session you'll be itching to take your favourite code snippets and start exploring what your compiler does with them. — Matt Godbolt: DRW, Senior Software Engineer Matt Godbolt is a software engineer with trading firm DRW, and the creator of the Compiler Explorer website. He is passionate about writing efficient code. He has previously worked at on mobile apps at Google, run his own C++ tools company and spent more than a decade making console games. When he's not hacking on Compiler Explorer, Matt enjoys writing emulators for old 8-bit computer hardware. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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How to Easily Make, Sell, and Market Personalized Scrubs Now!
Have you decorated scrubs for the many medical professionals out there that wear them daily? Scrubs are often overlooked when it comes to customized apparel or uniforms in the heat printing world. Using heat transfer vinyl, your cutter, and some creativity, you can create personalized scrubs and add to your business line up! WHAT DID WE USE? • The GCC i-Craft Vinyl Cutter • Imprintables Pink Craft Heat Press • SPECTRA® Eco Film heat transfer vinyl (On sale this week for 15% off*) • Weeder • Heat Printing Pillow HOW DID WE MAKE IT? We cut our vinyl using the 12" i-Craft cutter because we were only creating one small left chest design. The sticky mat makes it super easy to use up scrap materials from your larger cutter and eliminate wasting any vinyl. We were able to cut the white Eco-Film and the at the same time! Remember to mirror your designs when working with our cut only heat transfer vinyl! We weeded the design next. Since Eco-Film heat transfer vinyl has a sticky backing, the fine letters were zero trouble. If they peel up a little, or even all of the way, you can just stick them right back down into place. Next step, we heat pressed the design onto the scrub top. We used a heat printing pillow since there were several heavy seams around the area we wanted to apply to. The heat printing pillows absorbed all of the seams and created a level surface for our application. Had we not used it, we wouldn't have gotten even pressure on the vinyl. Uneven pressure can cause your vinyl to not stick initially, or worse, fall off after the customer gets the garment. Not sure where to buy blank scrub tops? A lot of the companies that you are already getting blanks from will have scrubs available as well. Save that shipping and add them onto your next order! SanMar© has a few sets. We also found a site called wholesalescrubsets.com that offers a ton of different styles and options, however, they have a $150 minimum order. So now that you have the know-how, mock up a few design options and show your customers what you can do! Post pictures to your Facebook, Instagram, and website showing that you can offer these custom scrubs. Have an Etsy shop? Throw them on there too! Remember to update your SEO on your Etsy shop so you get the most visits possible! Check out our infographic that shows you all of the healthcare professionals that wear scrubs to work every day! Find it HERE to get ideas of where you can land some scrub uniform jobs. visit our website http://www.imprintables.com/creating-custom-easter-buckets-with-duracal-prints Like Us On Facebook http://www.imprintables.com/scrub-top-heat-transfer-vinyl Follow Us On Twitter https://twitter.com/imprintablesWH Royalty Free Music from Bensound.
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CppCon 2017: Louis Brandy “Curiously Recurring C++ Bugs at Facebook”
http://CppCon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2017 — I've spent the last few years watching Facebook's C++ codebase grow by several orders of magnitude. Despite constantly improving abstractions, constantly improving tooling, frequent internal courses, and ongoing internal discussion, there are bug-patterns we simply cannot stop from being reintroduced into our code. My hope is to show some of the most common (and infamous) bugs in our history, and the surprising complexity that arises in some apparently simple situations. This talk serves the dual purpose of educating the intermediate (and perhaps the occasional advanced) C++ programmer about some really nasty common pitfalls, as well as serves as a plea to experts to help further improve the language, libraries, and best practices to help educate and eradicate some of these problematic patterns. — Louis Brandy: Engineering Director, Facebook My team is responsible for the overall health of the Facebook C++ codebase, both the tools and the libraries. We work on: compilers, static/dynamic analysis, linters, large scale changes, and the core libraries. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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SBI Green Channel Counter Fund Transfer Process
SBI launches its 'Green Channel Counter' facility Funds Transfer. Once the customer selects the type of transaction by entering the option, the message ‘Enter the Amount’ is displayed. The customer is asked to confirm the input amount followed by a message “Please Enter the PIN’. When the PIN is entered by the customer, the transaction gets transferred to the terminal of SWO who after entering the denomination of the cash to be paid / received, pays / receives cash and the transaction gets completed. To start with, three types of transactions have been enabled through this facility viz. Cash Deposits, Cash Withdrawals and Funds Transfer. The transaction amount has been fixed as Rs 40,000/-. This would be the most economical alternate channel for the Bank as the device used to capture the customer transaction data is also inexpensive. # एटीएम बीमा नि:शुल्क दुर्घटना और मृत्यु बीमा ATM Insurance Get Free accidental and Death Insurance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vxNd07bMhA # IRCTC Registration Process , Train Tickets Online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz-p_mtKHZw # Train Tickets Booking Process & Train Enquiry Ticket Avelable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_hIS6DVZAY # Sbi freedom mobile banking Registration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suY9qFuLIMI # Sbi Buddy How To Register , Activate & Use app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARLb-m99T40 Plz... Like / Share & Subscribe Thankyou.
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Part 1: GNU Parallel script processing and execution
GNU Parallel version 20100620 http://www.gnu.org/software/parallel/ is a shell tool for executing jobs in parallel locally or using remote machines. A job is typically a single command or a small script that has to be run for each of the lines in the input. The typical input is a list of files, a list of hosts, a list of users, a list of URLs, or a list of tables. If you use xargs today you will find GNU parallel very easy to use as GNU parallel is written to have the same options as xargs. If you write loops in shell, you will find GNU parallel may be able to replace most of the loops and make them run faster by running several jobs in parallel. If you use ppss or pexec you will find GNU parallel will often make the command easier to read. GNU parallel makes sure output from the commands is the same output as you would get had you run the commands sequentially. This makes it possible to use output from GNU parallel as input for other programs. For each line of input GNU parallel will execute command with the line as arguments. If no command is given, the line of input is executed. Several lines will be run in parallel. GNU parallel can often be used as a substitute for xargs or cat | bash.
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Pokemon Trading Card Game Match: Rantoul, IL Battle Road Game 1
My NEW Videogames website: http://WittzGaming.com Welcome to another recorded match! Today's games feature 2 more interesting and less-played options: Cinccino/Kingdra vs. Feraligatr/Blastoise! Enjoy! Stop2Shop now has Emerging Powers singles at great rates! Click the link below to check it out, and get a 10% off anything you buy from the store at checkout! (This link adds the discount in your checkout bin automatically now) http://store.yahoo.com/cgi-bin/clink?my1stop2shop+G2nWXt+pokemon-emergingpowers.html+card-of-the-day The Prof-It! Theme Song is finally available for .mp3 download, for FREE! Just click here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1VS08W5F All card scans used on Prof-It! are courtesy of http://PokeBeach.com . Want to follow the latest prof-it! updates in other forms of media? Follow me at: facebook.com/thejwittz twitter.com/thejwittz and as JWittz on Pokegym, Pokebeach, Sixprizes, and Heytrainer
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Best Saudi Arabia Binary Brokers to Trade with: StockPair, IQ Option, 24Option 2017
http://thebinaryoptionstrade.com ◄= Best Music Production Software – The signals software is currently the most popular auto trading solution for binary options in the world; – They work with the top 15% of brokers in the industry, it is the only automated software that work with these reputable and regulated brokers: StockPair, 24Option, OptionRally and many other brokers; – It is highly recommended because it is like an Expert Advisor and you can use it complete free, and if you want to trade without it you can simply stop it and use your own strategies; – Fully web-based and compatible with mobile devices. You do not need to download anything to your computer. You can use the robot anywhere and at anytime; Best Saudi Arabia Binary Brokers to Trade with: StockPair, IQ Option, 24Option 2017 - Binary options signals are a form of professional recommendations for traders who may not have the necessary skills or time to conduct the analysis of financial assets themselves. - To succeed in the world of trading many years of experience are needed. Signals can be used as an additional piece of information during the trading process that helps traders decide on their next move. - The signal includes strike price, expiry time, asset and prediction of direction in which the price could move. People can use these signals to confirm their own prediction or to place a trade directly, by using signals software. Best Saudi Arabia Binary Brokers to Trade with: StockPair, IQ Option, 24Option 2017 https://youtu.be/UbfsL4-6m90
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CppCon 2017: Rong Lu “C++ Development with Visual Studio Code”
http://CppCon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2017 — If you’re looking for a fast and lightweight code editor, Visual Studio Code has you covered. Come get an overview of Visual Studio Code along with the C++ extension that enables editing, building, and debugging your C++ code across Windows, Mac, and Linux. — Rong Lu: Microsoft, Senior Program Manager Rong Lu is a Program Manager in the Visual C++ team at Microsoft. She has been working on the Visual Studio team for the past 10 years since she graduated with her master degree in computer science. She is currently working on Visual Studio tools for game development, Visual C++ tools for mobile development, and the C++ experience in Visual Studio Code. She has been a frequent speaker at many conferences since 2007. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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How To Deposit Cash easily in SBI Cash Deposit Machine
Instagram - www.instagram.com/pibini_photography Watch the new updated 2018 video here : https://youtu.be/gHbAnYJRtNs #SBI #pibini #Money For Cardless Deposit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NveO_v5vPkk The same method can be followed for new 500 and 2000 notes. You cannot deposit old 500 and 1000 rupees now. :) Watch the new video to know more. To Exchange your Old Rs.500 and 1000 notes, Download this form from here right now and get ready. http://ay.gy/1fVmFE Watch "How to deposit money without ATM card" @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJYnyGrdCrA You can find your nearest CDM/ATM by clicking here: http://ay.gy/1dkLLk Official SBI Website : http://ay.gy/1dkLWi This is the most convenient way to deposit cash to any State bank account 24x7 without worries. No need of waiting in queue anymore. Feel free to comment. Thanks to Karthik B for helping me in making these tutorial videos. Important things to do before entering Cash Deposit Machine 1) Make sure the money which you are depositing is purely genuine. 2) There must be no folding or crimps of notes, and make sure you make it all clear perfect before you deposit. 3) Only Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs.1000 notes are accepted and not any other than that. You can deposit any multiples of 100.
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CppCon 2017: Jason Turner “Practical C++17”
http://CppCon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2017 — C++17 adds many new features: structured bindings, deduction guides, if-init expressions, fold expressions, if constexpr, and enhanced constexpr support in the standard library. Each of these features are interesting, but what will be their cumulative effect on real code? We'll explore how each feature may (or may not) help in real code for enhanced readability, compile time performance and runtime performance. — Jason Turner: Developer, Trainer, Speaker Host of C++Weekly https://www.youtube.com/c/JasonTurner-lefticus, Co-host of CppCast http://cppcast.com, Co-creator and maintainer of the embedded scripting language for C++, ChaiScript http://chaiscript.com, and author and curator of the forkable coding standards document http://cppbestpractices.com. I'm available for contracting and onsite training. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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Analysts react to oil price recovery
(18 Jan 2018) LEAD IN: Analysts have been reacting to the recent high in oil prices. The rise to a three-year peak of over 70 US dollars a barrel is predicted to benefit GCC countries. STORY-LINE: Brent Crude, used to price international oils, reached 70 US dollars a barrel last week, the highest they have been since December 2014. Today, it was trading at 69.20 a dollars a barrel. GCC analysts expect the recent increases to benefit the region's economy. "We're looking at a much much bigger profit and GDP coming straight from the oil sector," says Issam Kassabieh, a Dubai-based analyst at Menacorp Finance. OPEC, the organisation which represents 12 major oil producing countries, cut production in the wake of the price crash. Research company JBC Energy monitors activity in the market. Their analyst David Wech is not convinced that reduced production alone is responsible for recent price rises. "It's difficult to attribute it directly to the cuts because the cuts have been there for years' time," he says. Instead, he credits a "combination of factors" including demand and the global economy as well as the drop in production. He expects oil producers - and particularly US shale producers - will up production to take advantage of the recovery if current prices continue. "We would see an additional half million barrels per day of oil production in the second half of the year from the US." Many countries in the Gulf are heavily reliant on oil for revenue. And Menacorp analyst Kassabieh says prices above 60 US dollars a barrel would be "extremely favourable" for GCC countries. "We can see government spending increasing on infrastructure and that will boost the private sector." The plunge in prices three years ago put serious financial pressure on Gulf nations. Since then, they have been working to diversify their economy away from oil. The UAE and Saudi Arabia introduced a 5 percent tax on most goods and services at the start of 2018. The UAE expects to raise around 12 billion dirhams (3.3 billion US dollars) from the tax. But with the high oil prices come higher petrol prices in a country where living expenses are already increasing due to the VAT. And Kassabieh says the removal of state subsidies has left people with less disposable income, but he thinks a boosted private sector should compensate for that by paying higher salaries. He predicts political tensions in Iran will play a major role in the upcoming months. "If the US decides to impose sanctions on Iran because of what is happening politically, and because partially of the nuclear programme that they have, we can see oil prices inch higher because then we might see that oil exports from Iran will vanish," he says. And JBC Energy's analyst believes oil is still king on the world's highways. "Electric driving options have had the headlines over a long time of 2017. But at the same time I think the market is realising that all this will take time," Wech says. "If you look for example at the car show in Detroit at the moment. They are all showing only the very big cars, they are not showing electric cars. They are talking about potential investments in the future but for the time being that is not a major concern for the oil industry". So oil prices are going to be a big player in the world economy for years to come. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/1840e77b55ba0e2e2defa4398f9fef05 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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2015 GMC Acadia Review - تجربة جي ام سي اكاديا   - Dubai UAE by Motopedia.ae
For the latest UAE Car Reviews checkout Motopedia.ae or our Youtube channel Motopediauae Intro While GMC's are more popularly associated with their hefty trucks, they've made their presence felt in the SUV market with the Acadia. Exterior The 2015 Acadia has had a facelift that gives it a more chiseled look both in the front and rear. The face is outlined with chrome from the grill to the headlamps and even the fog lamps. Choose a dark color and they will really stand out. The front headlamps have a horizontal split that gives them a much sleeker and meaner appearance. The front grille stands out like a bullet proof vest, ready for anything and the rear wraparound glass gives it a futuristic, curvy look. I like the side profile better than most because it doesn't give a minivan feel found in the Mazda CX9 and Chevrolet Traverse. Instead, it looks like a 4 wheel drive ready for the family or the wadi! Performance The Acadia Denali is equipped with a 3.6 liter V6 engine that produces 288 horsepower with 270 pounds of torque. This seems impressive enough, but considering its heavy weight, the Acadia can seem a bit sluggish when in the first few gears. As you move on, the 6 speed automatic does power through and gives strong acceleration on the road. The 4 wheel independent gives a surprisingly responsive handling and drive and makes the car pretty easy to maneuver. Interior We have the Acadia Denali, which is known for its reasonably luxurious trimmings, but at a pretty steep price. You'll enter into perforated leather seats that can be cooled and premium materials throughout the cabin. Some of the extras you'll get for that price are a heads up display and a Bose 10 speaker system. The cabin is especially quiet and as soon as you sit inside, the dash is thoughtfully laid out, but not very exciting in its design. The seats are super comfortable both front and rear and the navigation, entertainment and climate control are close at hand through the 6.5 inch High definition touch screen which works pretty smoothly. Comfort & Safety The Acadia is ideal for a family providing 7 seats that can be moved in a variety of ways to accommodate that pram, new furniture from Ikea or picnic gear. With second row sliding seats, leg room is not much of an issue, although that leaves the third row for much younger passengers. If you fold the third row up, you're only left with very little cargo space, but with all of the seats down it plenty spacious. The Acadia is built for the family and is one of the safety SUV's on the road with not just passive, but active safety features like blind spot monitors, cross traffic alert and lane departure warnings. The good news is the the rearview camera system is standard and useful because the Acadia can be a challenge to park and back up. Car Rating Performance - 3 Styling - 4 Drive & Feel - 4 Technology - 4 Price - 3 Fuel Economy - 3 Summary Pros Spacious for 7 people Premium interior Stylish looks Cons Heavy car It's a fair bit to pay for the options you get, and one may consider a more premium brand like Infiniti, but the GMC is built well, is very practical and the Denali gives its owner luxury that they can feel. Don't just settle for one, check out other reviews of the Infiniti QX60, Chevrolet Tahoe, Toyota Fortuner, Jeep Grand Cherokee and others on Motopedia.ae.
CppCon 2014: Cheng & VanLoon "Boost: a Bridge from C++98 to C++11; An introduction to using Boost"
http://www.cppcon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2014 -- Rachel Cheng & Michael VanLoon "Boost: a Bridge from C++98 to C++11; An introduction to using Boost" -- This is a two-part tutorial. Part one is for those who are stuck with a C++98/03 compiler, but are interested in using more advanced C++11-like strategies. We will discuss some of the differences between C++98 and C++11 while demonstrating how strategic use of Boost libraries can bridge the gap, allowing more modern programming paradigms in many cases. Part two is a deeper dive into some interesting Boost libraries for those who may be new to Boost usage. We will explore how C++98 and C++11 can be enhanced and extended by the additional richness of Boost libraries. We will use as example some of the boost libraries used in the F5 Networks code base. If there is time leftover, we will discuss our experience upgrading GCC. This will be co-presented by Michael VanLoon and Rachel Cheng. -- Rachel Cheng is a recent graduate from The Evergreen State College and employed at F5 Networks, working in control-plane, monitoring, and RBAC. Outside of development, she mostly spends her time with friends, working on her car, doing random side projects, traveling, eating, and napping. -- I have been developing software for roughly 30 years. Yes, I started before I was born. I have been doing C++ for roughly 20 years, not very well at first, and slightly better now. I work at F5 Networks, and have worked at Disney, VMware, Yahoo!, and Microsoft, among many others. I have benefited from a wide range of experience and personalities. I have a personal grudge against code that does not strive to reach a high standard. I am dismayed at code that does not reach its potential. And I firmly believe that writing code well creates a better, more stable, more maintainable product. -- Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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Do You Know What's Making You Fat?
A Story Of Two Meals Let's find out what’s really making you fat? So, it’s time for breakfast and you have two options. A plate of bacon & eggs or a bagel with low-fat cream cheese. Which one do you think will make you fatter? We know you're thinking bacon & eggs, but you're wrong! *Bacon & Eggs Fat doesn’t start breaking down as quickly as other foods. **Bagel with Low-Fat Cream Cheese Carb in your stomach digest faster than most other nutrients. *Bacon & Eggs Fat takes a long time to digest. **Bagel with Low-Fat Cream Cheese Carbs used for energy are digested, flooding your bloodstream with glucose. *Bacon & Eggs Your body dissolves the fat into droplets then into fatty acids and glycerol. **Bagel with Low-Fat Cream Cheese Your body rapidly secrets insulin, which signals your body to store fat. *Bacon & Eggs There’s no dramatic blood-glucose spike and no insulin spike. **Bagel with Low-Fat Cream Cheese Insulin tells your fat cells to pull in fat from the bloodstream, making you fatter. *Bacon & Eggs What happens to the fatty acids? Some are used for Energy and some are distributed and stored. **Bagel with Low-Fat Cream Cheese Insulin tells your fat cells to prevent fatty acids from leaving, preventing you from becoming leaner. So you see, eating that bacon doesn’t make you fat. But eating a bagel full of carbs tells your body to keep storing more fat, making you fatter. Tell us what's your pick for a HEALTHY breakfast? Based on an Infographic designed by Column Five for Massive Health ✔ WEBSITE: http://www.curejoy.com/content/ ✔ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/CureJoyInc ✔ INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/curejoy ✔ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/curejoy ✔ PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/Curejoy/
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CppCon 2017: Herb Sutter “Meta: Thoughts on generative C++”
http://CppCon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2017 — Two years ago, I started to focus on exploring ways that we might evolve the C++ language itself to make C++ programming both more powerful and simpler. The only way to accomplish both of those goals at the same time is by adding abstractions that let programmers directly express their intent—to elevate comments and documentation to testable code, and elevate coding patterns and idioms into compiler-checkable declarations. The work came up with several potential candidate features where judiciously adding some power to the language could simplify code dramatically, while staying true to C++'s core values of efficient abstraction, closeness to hardware, and the zero-overhead principle. The first two potential candidate features from that work to be further developed and proposed for ISO C++ are the <=> unified comparison operator (minor) and what I've provisionally called "metaclasses" as a way to generatively write C++ types (major). This talk is about the latter, and includes design motivation, current progress, and some live online compiler demos using the prototype Clang-based compiler built by Andrew Sutton and hosted at godbolt.org. — Herb Sutter - Software architect, Microsoft Herb chairs the ISO C++ committee and is the primary author or co-author of a number of Standard C++ features, including nullptr, enum class, parallel algorithms, C++17 structured bindings, and the in-progress unified <=> comparison operator. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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roll to roll label die cutting machine LC-350 Golden Laser
Label die cutting machine EMAIL [email protected] | roll to roll label laser kiss cutting, dieless laser cutter for labels, stickers, paper, polyester, polypropylene, polyimide, polymeric film, etc. label converting for printing & packaging industry GOLDEN LASER Site http://www.goldenlaser.cc Golden Laser has applied industrial laser technology in the field of self-adhesive labels die cutting. With excellent technology advantages, perfect marketing and after-sales service network, more than 1000 sets Golden Laser machines installed in 30 countries and regions. Our laser technology represents a success steadily increasing. Golden Laser always has the most cost-effective laser solution that brings you maximum benefit. Smart Laser Cutter for roll adhesive labels Why laser •In printing label industry, the traditional cutting way is knife die cutting, which is suitable for cutting simple design but with very high maintenance cost and many limitations. Laser cutting will be the best solution to solve these problems. •Laser cutting is non-contact type and heat process, it can cut whatever your labels design, realize individual design, makes your products different from others. Many customers need their samples cut with laser machine. •With our optical laser cutting system you can cut very precisely; adhesive labels, printed labels, paper, etc. Our own special software continuously checks “mark points” in the design and automatically adjusts the pre drawn shape for distortion or rotation and will cut out your design quickly with the finest quality cut. The “optic cut” option can also be used with roll materials with our roll feed or conveyor options. Laser UNIQUE Advantages for adhesive labels cutting •Stability and Reliability Sealed Co2 RF laser source, the quality of cut is always perfect and constant over time with low cost of maintenance. •High Speed The Galvanometric system allows the bean to move very quickly, perfectly focalized on the entire working area. •High Precision The innovative Label Positioning System controls the web position on the X and Y axis. This device guarantees a cutting precision within 20 micron even cutting labels with an irregular gap. •Extremely Versatile The machine is very appreciated by label producers as it can create a huge variety of labels, in a single high speed process. •Suitable to work a wide range of material Glossy paper, matt paper, cardboard, polyester, polypropylene, polyimide, polymeric film synthetic, etc. •Suitable for different kinds of work Die cutting any kind of shape - cutting and kiss cutting - perforating - micro perforating - engraving - numbering •No limitation of cutting design You can cut different design with laser machine, no matter the shape or the size •Minimal Material Waste Laser cutting is non-contact heat process. tt is with slim laser beam. It will not cause any waste about your materials. •Save your production cost & maintenance cost Laser cutting no need mold/knife, no need to make mold for different design. Laser cut will save you a lot of production cost; and laser machine has long using life, without mold replacement cost. Label Laser DieCutting Machine Technical Parameters & Main Configuration A. Main Technical Parameters Working Area 350mm X 350mm (Width 350mm, Length ∞) Speed reference 20m/min - 275Watt 60m/min - 500Watt Cooling system Constant temperature water chiller Exhaust/filter 4 stage filtration and exhaust Consumption 5KW Power supply 275Watt - 220V single phase 50Hz / 60Hz 500Watt - 380V three phase 50Hz / 60Hz Dimension 3200mm(L) * 1100mm(W) * 1700mm(H) Weight 1500Kg B. Main Configuration 1. Unwinder Maximum Web Diameter 600mm Maximum Web Width 370mm Core 3 inch Pneumatic Expanding Shaft 3 inch Tension Control MEROBEL DGT-300 France Splice Table Automatic Clamp Web Guide MAXCESS FIFE-500 USA 2. Laser System Laser Source Sealed CO2 RF Metal laser tube Laser Power 275W / 500W Laser Wavelength 10.6 micron Laser Beam Positioning Galvanometer Laser Spot Size 210 microns 3. Matrix Removal Back side slitting Matrix Rewinding Pneumatic Expanding Shaft 3 inch 4. Rewinder Tension Control automatic Pneumatic Expanding Shaft 3 inch 5. Options Varnishing unit with UV dryer Laminating unit Slitting unit * Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications. Contact Info ************************************************** Wuhan Golden Laser Co., Ltd. Email: [email protected] [email protected] Skype: goldenlaser.yoyo WhatsApp: +86 15871714482 Website: http://www.goldenlaser.cc Alibaba: http://www.goldenlaser.com.cn YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Goldenlaservideo **************************************************
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2013 Honda Civic EX Drive Review and Road Test
People assume that car companies know their competition's ever move as if there was some sort of mission impossible crew sent in every weekend to monitor R&D progress. While there are no doubt some less-than-ethical information exchanges in the industry, on the whole, a car manufacturer like Honda finds out what the competition's latest widget looks like around the same time as we do. Need proof? Look at the 2011, 2012, 2013 Honda Civic. The 9th generation Civic was intended to debut as a 2011 model, but the financial implosion caused Honda to go back to the drawing board and the re-design to land as a 2012 model due to the need to re-design the redesign. In the perpetual game of auto-leapfrog, Honda miscalculated the direction Ford, Hyundai, Kia and even Nissan were headed. The result was bashed by Consumer Reports and raked across the coals by most of the press. Did buyers care? Apparently not since the 2012 Civic was purchased in impressive quantities by real-people. Honda could have found solace in their sales, but instead they did something unusual: they re-re-redesigned the Civic for 2013. Say what? The 2013 Civic isn't just a second-year options package shake-up, and it isn't even a mid-cycle color and trim shuffle. The changes after only a year on the market land somewhere between a refresh and the ever-so-popular redesign-on-the-same-platform. How can I call it a redesign? Well, if Lexus can call the "new" LS a new car... But I digress. While I didn't hear as many complaints from my comrades in the auto-biz about the Civic's curb appeal, Honda took the opportunity to graft the chrome smile from the 2013 Accord onto the Civic, redesign the bumper covers (front and rear), add some smoked tail lamps, new wheels and finished it off with a trendy honeycomb grille. While I didn't have a single issue with the way the old Civic looked, I have to admit this one looks better, especially from the front or back where Honda spent some cash to have the tail lamps cross onto the trunk lid giving the Civic's heinie a more premium feel. From the side it would appear that noting has changed with the same four-window silhouette, but the difference is in the glass: it's thicker this year for improved sound isolation. The problem with the 2012 Civic wasn't the exterior. And, in my mind, it wasn't the interior design OR the interior plastics quality. Yep, you heard me right with that. The old Civic's plastics weren't great, but they were easy to clean, textured attractively and I just didn't expect anything different from an $18,000 car. What I did have a problem with was a lack of color-matched bits and ill-fitting panels. Our 2012 tester's four main dash components sported four different variations of the same target color. For 2013 Honda cranked the thumbscrews on the parts suppliers and all the colors in our Civic EX were the same. In addition to the color change, Honda had an eye on touch points, swapping out the hard doors and dash "faces" for squichy-injection molded units with fake stitching. Keeping costs d0wn, the same gauge cluster and dash structure remain from last year as well as the dash parts farther from your reach, but they have all been re-cast to texture-match the new bits. Even the radio's plastics have received a color and texture upgrade to look classier. The change has brought the Civic from slightly below average to a solid contender running neck-and-neck with the new Focus and Elantra. Honda continues to integrate a fairly exaggerated lumbar support contour in the front seat backs, something I prefer, but since it isn't adjustable you should spend some time in the Civic to be sure you can live with the shape. As with most cars that have families in mind, the Civic's rear seats are close to the floor and the door openings are wide and tall making ingress/egress easy with or without a child seat in tow. Honda has a reputation for function over form, and that pays dividends in the rear with a high roofline that allows a more upright seating position and adequate head room, more than can be said of the Elantra. Fold those 60/40 rear seats down and you'll notice an area Honda didn't touch: cargo. The Civic's trunk pass-through is still somewhat small and oddly shaped preventing larger items from riding along. The trunk's 12.5 cubic feet is in line with the Focus and Corols, but it's a few Cubes behind the Elantra and Sentra. When it comes to bag carrying, the Sentra has a further trick up its trunk: a 24-inch roller bag can ride vertically in the Sentra's cargo hold allowing you to carry a surprising seven carry-on sized rollerbags, try that in your Panther replacement. Music by Kevin MacLeod Statistics powered by ChannelMeter http://channelmeter.com
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Bentley Continental Supersports  2010
Excellent condition,Full Options,GCC Specs For Best price Just Call 0097143208777 ***************************************************************************** Located in New Auto Market Block 6 - Showroom 60, Used Cars Complex,Ras Al Khor, Dubai ,United Arab Emirates. Tel : +97143208777 Fax : +9713208787 Website : www.diabltomotors.com Email : [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] visit our online showroom: http://www.diabltomotors.com Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/diabltomotors Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Diabltomotors CHECK OUT our YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/diabltomotors Follow us on instagram: http://instagram.com/diablto
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Review of SkyWay Production Facility
Workshops of SkyWay pilot production facility continue to be equipped with the most sophisticated equipment. The lathe/turning center (processing machine) from HAAS became one of the latest machines commissioned in operation. On completing all of the required start-up and adjustment work with it, the Company’s specialists have launched the first pilot batch of components for Yunitskiy’s SkyWay rolling stock. In the near future, this machine will be additionally equipped with tools for more flexible processing of parts of different grades and various configurations. In our previous news reports, we have already introduced to you the equipment that had been installed earlier at the production areas of the SkyWay project designing organization, including: • Balancing machine designed to balance the rotors of electric motors and motor-wheels of rolling stock. • Machine for metal laser cutting to manufacture parts and semi-finished products of sheet metal. • Sheet bending machine that allows to produce a wide range of sheet metal products of varying complexity. • Five-axis milling machine, on which practically the whole range of bodywork members of rolling stock and parts of complex configuration are made. • Five-axis coordinate machine to work with MDF used to mill model tools for subsequent manufacture of bodywork parts made of composite materials. All of the above equipment in combination will allow the developer-company to produce independently all the necessary components without applying for services to contractors, which, in its turn, significantly optimizes the production process, reduces the production period and cost of products, as well as decreases energy and logistics expenses. SkyWay website: http://rsw-systems.com/ Dr. Anatoly Yunitskiy website: http://www.yunitskiy.com/ License Creative Commons «Attribution» 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
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GNU Parallel script processing and execution
GNU Parallel http://www.gnu.org/software/parallel/ is a shell tool for executing jobs in parallel locally or using remote machines. A job is typically a single command or a small script that has to be run for each of the lines in the input. The typical input is a list of files, a list of hosts, a list of users, a list of URLs, or a list of tables. If you use xargs today you will find GNU parallel very easy to use as GNU parallel is written to have the same options as xargs. If you write loops in shell, you will find GNU parallel may be able to replace most of the loops and make them run faster by running several jobs in parallel. If you use ppss or pexec you will find GNU parallel will often make the command easier to read. GNU parallel makes sure output from the commands is the same output as you would get had you run the commands sequentially. This makes it possible to use output from GNU parallel as input for other programs. For each line of input GNU parallel will execute command with the line as arguments. If no command is given, the line of input is executed. Several lines will be run in parallel. GNU parallel can often be used as a substitute for xargs or cat | bash.
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Wine 3.10 + DxVk 0.60 - Overwatch EPIC Quality - Practice Range - Linux
FPS without recording: low 51, max 78 FPS with recording: low 36, max 62 LSS - Like Share and Subscribe - if you find this video helpful... or make a good reddit post about it =) Overwatch on Linux ("Practice Range") ... using Lutris with Wine staging 3.10 and DxVk 0.60 Remarks: The recording is taking some CPU time (15%) - some frames are lost in the process (up to 20 fps depending on CPU load and core availability) [My CPU is quite old compared to today standards. :)] My PC configuration OS: Kubuntu 18.04 - kernel 4.15.0-23 - 64 bits CPU: I5-3570k OC 4.1GHz GPU: NVIDIA Gtx 970 - driver: 396.24.2 - Vulkan: 1.1.73 Options used: Game: EPIC Settings Wine: Use GLSL "disabled" (*) [use only with Nvidia cards] CPU: Scaling governor set to "performance" Rendered in 1920x1080 (100%). Recorded with SimpleScreenRecorder at 1080p 60fps. Edited with Kdenlive. Software references: Lutris: https://lutris.net/ Wine: https://www.winehq.org/ DxVk: https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/releases SimpleScreenRecorder: http://www.maartenbaert.be/simplescreenrecorder/ Kdenlive: https://kdenlive.org/en/ (*) As stated on Wine site: "disabling UseGLSL might slightly improve Direct3D performance and reduce shader compilation stuttering ... but that has a chance to work only with the Nvidia proprietary driver." PS: All trademarks cited here or used in the video are the property of their respective owners.
Let's Play Monster Hunter: World Part 59 - High Rank Kirin
Watch more Monster Hunter: World! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5dr1EHvfwpPDPAPns-NNaYyEcONpk99c Support what I do by subscribing on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/SebastianSB My Twitter: https://twitter.com/SebastianSB Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/CxtuCpW Buy Monster Hunter: World on PS4: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0102-CUSA07713_00-0000000000000000 Game Description: Welcome to a new world! Take on the role of a hunter and slay ferocious monsters in a living, breathing ecosystem where you can use the landscape and its diverse inhabitants to get the upper hand. Hunt alone or in co-op with up to three other players, and use materials collected from fallen foes to craft new gear and take on even bigger, badder beasts! Monster Hunter: World is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Capcom. A part of the Monster Hunter franchise, the game was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles worldwide in January 2018. A version for Microsoft Windows is scheduled for later in 2018. In Monster Hunter: World, the player takes the role of a Hunter, tasked to hunt down or trap monsters that roam in one of several environmental spaces. If successful, the player is rewarded through loot consisting of parts from the monster and other elements that are used to craft weapons and armor, among other equipment. The game's core loop has the player crafting appropriate gear to be able to hunt down more difficult monsters, which in turn provide parts that lead to even more powerful gear. Players may hunt alone, or can hunt in cooperative groups of up to four players via the game's online services. Monster Hunter: World is an action role-playing game set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective. Similar to previous games in the series, the player takes the role of a Hunter that travels to the "New World", an unpopulated land mass filled with monsters, to join the Research Commission that study the New World from their central command base of Astera. The Research Commission tasks the Hunter to hunt down and either kill or capture large monsters that roam outside Astera to both protect the Commission and to study the monsters there.[2] The player's character does not have any intrinsic attributes, but instead these are determined by what equipment the character is equipped with. This includes a weapon which comes from one of fourteen archetypes (such as long sword, bow, or hammer), which then further defines the types of combat moves and abilities the player can use, and pieces of armor, which can lead to beneficial or detrimental combat skills if matched properly. While some basic equipment can be purchased using in-game money, most equipment is built from loot obtained by slaying or trapping monsters, rewards from completing quests, or items gathered while in the field. This creates a core loop of gameplay that has the player fight monsters they can beat to obtain the right loot to craft improved weapons and armor to allow them to face more powerful monsters and the potential for even better equipment. Monster Hunter: World is considered a main installment in the Monster Hunter series, according to the game's producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and co-director Yuya Tokuda. Tokuda and co-director Kaname Fujioka were also directors for Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Development of World started about three years prior to the E3 2017 reveal, following a year of brainstorming on what the next main game in the series would be. With the series more than a decade old, Capcom re-evaluated where they wanted to take the series, and realized that with the hardware capabilities of the new consoles, they could realize a different vision compared to the handheld entries.
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Building Science with CMake
Google Tech Talk October 8, 2015 (click "show more" for more info) Presented by Bill Hoffman ABSTRACT Since 1998 Kitware has been developing scientific computing software with a strong focus on reproducibility and testability. Kitware was initially founded to grow and support the open source Visualization Toolkit (VTK). Over the past 17 years developers at Kitware have played a role in important scientific research in HPC & visualization, medical computing, data & analytics and computer vision. Behind all of this work has been an evolving set of tools to build, test, verify and deploy software. The cross-platform build tool CMake originally created for the Insight Toolkit (ITK) has become the most popular build tool for C/C++ in the world. In this talk I will describe the new innovations in the CMake family and give several examples of tools and techniques successfully deployed to advance a wide range of scientific and commercial activities such as Google Project Tango, ParaView, Slicer, VeloView, Netflix, and others. In particular the talk will describe how these tools are used to facilitate continuous testing and tracking of both code quality and algorithm performance in a world of distributed software teams and ever-growing datasets. ABOUT THE SPEAKER Bill Hoffman is a founder of Kitware and currently serves as Vice President and Chief Technical Officer. He is the original author and lead architect of CMake, an open-source, cross-platform build and configuration tool that is used by hundreds of projects around the world and the co-author of the accompanying text, Mastering CMake. Using his 20+ years of experience with large software systems development, Mr. Hoffman is also a major technical contributor to Kitware's Visualization Toolkit, Insight Toolkit and ParaView projects.
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2014 Audi Q5 S-line (Full Option 3.0 V6 Supercharged)
2014 Audi Q5 S-line (Full Option 3.0 V6 Supercharged) AED 1,488 / month with Low Down Payment Bank Finance or AED 95,000 (VAT Inclusive) Mileage: 68,000 km Specification: GCC Al Nabooda Audi Dubai (Drive this car home with low Down Payment and easy low monthly repayments. We can arrange Bank Finance and tailor re-payments to suit your needs) Call Us For More Details!: Gordon – 054 708 0105 Ryan - 054 448 0107 Murray - 054 448 0106 [email protected] Warranty: Extended warranty available at additional cost. Service History: Full Al Nabooda Audi Service History Major Service Recently Done This 2014 Audi Q5 is a full option S-Line with 3.0 V6 Supercharged engine, along with the Bang and Olufsen sound system and panoramic roof to name a few. The car is in showroom condition and comes with full Audi Service history having just had its major service. • 2 Original keys with book packs • 305bhp V6 Supercharged • 2 Tone Black and Tan leather sports seats • Bang and Olufsen Sound System • Panoramic Roof • Navigation • Keyless Entry and Start • Electric opening tailgate • Blind Spot Warning • Xenon Headlights As ever, the 2014 Q5 is based on the A4 sedan, and that works wonders for its driving character. The Q5 naturally rides higher and holds more cargo than the A4, yet it hugs the pavement like a hatchback. People often buy these vehicles so they can sit up high and feel safe, even if it means sacrificing some handling capability. In the Q5, the sacrifice is so small that most drivers won't even notice. The Audi Q5 is now a bigger standout in the competitive luxury crossover segment thanks to the addition of the high-performance supercharged V-6. Location: Empire Heights, Business Bay, Dubai https://goo.gl/maps/S3PCno6eua82 Follow us to keep up to date with all our new exciting stock: Web: http://www.rmamotors.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rmamotorsdubai/ Instagram: @rmamotorsdubai RMA Motors Dubai, the future of car sales. A digital prestige car dealer with over 25 years of experience in the UK & UAE exotic, sports and prestige car industry. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best selection of pre-owned prestige vehicles at the best prices. As well as bringing convenience, customer satisfaction, transparency and trust with the products which we sell.
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C Program Tutorial : All About Compilers (Tamil)
This video will teach you C Programming in Tamil. let you understand vairous concepts of C and will make you a good C programmer.. In this session we will be discussing about Downloading and Installing C compilers on Windows and how to test C compilers on Windows.
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(Guide) How To Get Pokemon Cards You Want on The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online
From start to finish, where I get most my cards. I recommend looking on EBAY for better deals if you can wait for them to be mailed to you.
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12 8 Magic Vinyl Templates Button
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