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Earn 70,000 Income After One time Investment with LIC Jeevan Akshay VI policy | Best Investment Plan
Hey Guys, Today I am going to show you the Plan where you need to Invest your money for only One time and Get Return Income of Rs. 70,000 Every Year. It is a good Plan From LIC to Make Money. I consider this as one of my best investment plan among All plans for earning Money with LIC.
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Is Buying a New Car a Good investment? Honda and Toyota the Most Reliable Vehicles
Buying a new vehicle might feel good and you're more likely to have less mechanical problems with a new vehicle, but you are often paying a huge price for the convenience of driving that brand new car off of the lot. Dealers mark-up the prices sometimes 5 to 10% above the invoice price and also new vehicles can depreciate sometimes 10 - 20% within the first year or two from when it was purchased new. We make the argument that new is not always better for your pocketbook when it comes to buying a car or truck. We also look at the most reliable vehicles such as Honda, Toyota, and more. Links to news sources are here: https://bullboom.blogspot.com/ Leave me a tip: https://www.paypal.me/bullboombearbust Also, please help our channel grow by clicking like, commenting, sharing our videos and subscribing to our channel. Come back here for more videos on: housing news, investing tips, business and financial news, Precious metals, cryptocurrencies, housing bubble and real estate market analysis, stock trading, market timing, and lots more. Thank you to all viewers and subscribers. I apologize that I do not typically have time to answer questions that are posted in comments. Also, I cannot offer specific investment advice due to the complicated and detailed nature of everyone's personal, unique financial and life situations. Although I usually include sources, charts, data, and links to the subject matter in my videos, the views expressed in my videos are often "one man's opinion" and should not be taken as financial advice, in any way. I urge you to seek professional counsel and for everyone to do their own due diligence prior to making any significant decisions regarding financial and investment matters.
Best Short-Term Investment Options (for high return 🚀)
⁉️ Does this sound familiar: You've got some money sitting around in cash and you want to invest it and make a decent return. BUT 💭 you don't want to tie up your money too long 💭 you don't want to lose it Are there opportunities that even exist in today's low interest environment for short-term investing? There are a ton of you that are in this same situation with money sitting in cash- but you don't know what you options are. Today I am going to talk about this very topic in response to a reader question I received. 💻 My reader, Tien asked "What is the best thing to do with my money for short-term grown when I still want accessibility?" I offered a few tips for Tien: ✳️ Even with low interest rates, keep enough in savings for emergencies ✳️ Don't be tempted by short-term growth ✳️ Peer-to-peer lending is not a short-term investment ✳️ Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - They are low cost and offer a variety of options. Keep an emphasis on short-term bond ETFs in the 1-3 year range. You can get all the detailed information on each of these options in the video. 😉 ➡️ You can start your Betterment account here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/betterment-youtube-invest-10k.php ★☆★ Want More Good Financial Cents? ★☆★ 💻 Check out my blog here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/ Listen to my podcast here: 🎙 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/good-financial-cents-podcast-investing-building-wealth/id775107294?mt=2 Pick up my best selling book, Soldier of Finance, here: 📗 http://amzn.to/2xOH78V Connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jjeffrose My most favorite inspiration T-shirt line, Compete Every Day: 👕 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/compete
The 4 Best Investment Ideas You Can Make (for 2018)
It's THAT time... Happy New Year party people 🎉🎉. If you've got money to invest in 2018 but no idea where to put it? This video is for you... yes, YOU. 🆕UPDATE - Be sure to check out my new video with the best investments for 2019 here: 🆕 ✅ The ABSOLUTE Best Investments [for 2019 and beyond] 🎦 https://youtu.be/Qs49EIwuuEI I'm sharing my 4 best investment ideas with you as we ring in 2018. ▶︎ #1 - INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET While everybody may say to invest in the stock market... the reality is, a lot of people do not even do it. Do you? ▶︎ What is "dollar cost averaging"?? And how is it going to calm your fears with the ups and downs of the stock market? ▶︎ Where do I think you should invest? #FreeAdvice *** HERE ARE MY FAVORITE PLATFORMS TO START INVESTING *** ✅ Betterment - Best company if you don't want to choose the investments. They do all the pickin' for you! https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/betterment-youtube-roth-ira-millionaire.php ✅ Ally Financial - Pick stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, etc with the help of their tollfree number! https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/ally-youtube-best-investments-2018.php ✅ TD Ameritrade - The best online broker for online stock trading, long-term investing, and retirement planning. https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/tdameritrade-youtube-best-investments-2018.php ✅ Etrade - You're in full control of your financial future with them. They have the information, the analysis, and the online investing & trading tools you need. Have at it. https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/etrade-youtube-best-investments-2018.php ▶︎ Individual Stocks? STAND BACK, YO! ✋ ▶︎ #2 - INVEST IN PEER TO PEER LENDING Do I sound like a broken record yet? I'm always talking about peer to peer lending and the benefits. A few peer to peer lending providers I like include: ✅ Lending Club - It's a place where borrowers and lenders alike can connect and make magic happen. https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/lendingclub-youtube-best-investments-2018.php ▶︎ #3 - INVEST IN REAL ESTATE This is the part where I lost my butt investing and I'm really hoping I can save you from making the same mistakes I've made. ▶︎ Without being a landlord... there are other ways to invest in real estate - check it out! ▶︎ What is Fundrise? And why am I recommending it as part of your investment strategy? GET THE DETAILS ➡ ✅🏘 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/fundrise-youtube-best-investments-2018.php ▶︎ #4 - INVEST IN YOURSELF Surprised that I'm calling that a real kind of investment? Whether it is reading more or taking an online course on a site like Udemy or Skillshare, investing in yourself is the best thing you can do in 2018. ▶︎ What course I paid $3,500 for to learn something... CRAZY? No way! ▶︎ Bitcoin? My thoughts are all here... and here's WHY I'm not investing in it, yet. ★☆★ Want More Good Financial Cents? ★☆★ 💻 Check out my blog here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/ Listen to my podcast here: 🎙 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/good-financial-cents-podcast-investing-building-wealth/id775107294?mt=2 Pick up my best selling book, Soldier of Finance, here: 📗 http://amzn.to/2xOH78V Connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jjeffrose My most favorite inspiration T-shirt line, Compete Every Day: 👕 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/compete
30 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment & High PROFIT
Introducing top 30 small business Ideas with low Investment & High Profit. Earn Part Time - How to Get Rich with Blogging - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df2VUmGN6AM These 30 small business ideas specially dedicated to all indian business owners and small business entrepreneurs. If you are thinking to start your own business in 2017 or 2018 then, you can start with these 30 small business ideas. These business ideas are set as low investment and High profit. If you found any questions or issues for starting any business then, feel free to ask your questions in comment box. Thanks for watching 30 small business ideas with low investment and high profit.
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How to Invest $100 [for 2018] 💵 | Investing for Beginners When You Don't Have a Ton of Money
Have $100 to spare? Alright... Let's get this investing party started. Be sure to subscribe to get more tips on making more money and building wealth: ✅ http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=goodfinancialcents Here’s how I’d suggest you start investing with just $100. And I’m not talking about just putting that crisp $100 bill into a fancy savings account. I'm talking about investing it into something that matters. I have a funny story about this topic, but before that, here's some info that will you started investing: ★☆★Resources Mentioned in Video:★☆★ Best Investment Platform Where They Choose Investments for You: 📈 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/betterment-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Best Investment Platforms Where you Choose Investments: 📍MM1 http://jeffrose.com/mm1 📉 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/ally-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php 📊 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/tdameritrade-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Micro-Investing Platform: 🤝 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/stash-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Okay, back to that funny story 😆... Back a year or so ago, I caught one of our boys sneaking through my wallet. And in that moment I might have been a little upset because WHYYYYY Why whyyyyyy do you always have to go through my stuff? But the conversation that followed went a little something like … “DADDDD You have $100?” “Yes… I have $100” “ONE HUNDRED WHOLE DOLLARS? For Reals?” The first time my boys saw $100 in my wallet they thought it was insane. $100 to a kid is a massive amount of money💰 ... especially when your allowance is less than 1/10 of that. So whether $100 is a lot to have in your wallet or just pocket change, with just $100 you CAN start investing. For realz. See what I did there. For realz, son. In my latest video I'm sharing a few quick ways for How to Invest Your First $100. ★☆★Here’s what you’ll learn in this new video:★☆★ ▶︎How to start investing if you’ve got just $100 with one of the best robo-advisors. ▶︎How you can select your investment goals wisely and attain them. ▶︎What options I’d suggest for investing right from your iPhone with an investment app. ▶︎How long it takes to get setup to invest with one of these investment apps. (Spoiler Alert - It’s SUPER QUICK and easy!) ▶︎How buying THIS investment is well worth the $100 (Idea #5). ▶︎What some non-traditional ways to invest $100 are… for starters just $12 can get an online business started. ▶︎Why I think this Investment could be the BEST $100 you'll ever invest (and your spouse will thank me later, too 😉) ★☆★Resources Mentioned in Video:★☆★ Best Investment Platform Where They Choose Investments for You: 📈 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/betterment-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Best Investment Platforms Where you Choose Investments: 📉 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/ally-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php 📊 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/tdameritrade-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Micro-Investing Platform: 🤝 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/stash-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php ★☆★ Want More Good Financial Cents? ★☆★ 💻 Check out my blog here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/ Listen to my podcast here: 🎤 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/good-financial-cents-podcast-investing-building-wealth/id775107294?mt=2 Pick up my best selling book, Soldier of Finance, here: 📗 http://amzn.to/2xOH78V Connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jjeffrose My most favorite inspirational t-shirt line, Compete Every Day: 👕 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/compete
10 Common Property Investment Mistakes New Investors Make In Today's Buy To Let UK Property Market
Today let me share the 10 BIGGEST Property Investing Mistakes that new property investors tend to make when just starting out. Investing in buy to let uk based property investment for beginners has its challenges but you don't need to make the same mistakes over and over again and so here are my top 10! DOWNLOAD CHECKLIST... https://yourfirstfourhouses.com/ 1. Not knowing your investment objectives before you start investing. Are you looking for cash flow, long term capital growth or both? You need to decide what your investment objectives are before buying investment property, number one, and you then look for properties that align with that investment objective. 2. Waiting for the perfect property to come along. I am so guilty of this, that's what I started to do when I first started out. 3. Don't become a motivated buyer. By this, what I mean is sometimes people have a lump of money in the bank and they're eager to bu ANYTHING frankly! Having the money in the bank is wonderful, it gives you an opportunity to go out there and take lots of action and find a really good property - THEN do the deal. Don't think that you've got to spend that money TODAY. 4. Letting emotions overrule investment logic. I think that what you should be doing is using investment logic to decide whether you should buy that particular property. What do the numbers look like is the big thing of course. Also, look for other factors as well and I've done videos on this kind of thing. Buy for investment logical reasons rather than emotion. 5. Doing insufficient due diligence. What you should be doing initially is doing loads of due diligence BEFORE jumping in and putting your money on the line. 6. Not getting appropriate financial advice. You should have a competent tax adviser on your power team, together with an Accountant AND "Independent Mortgage Broker 7. Paying too much. Just because an Estate Agent is advertising a property for a certain price DOESN'T mean that's what it's worth! Work out what the deal is actually worth for you - based on your experience. That's what you should be paying and no more. 8. Underestimating refurbishment costs. When you do property number one or two, let's be honest, you're probably going to overpay for some of the refurbishment costs but note down all of the costs, all of your expenses in property number one and two and three. Each time you do that next property, you can go back over those costs and say, "Actually, what did it cost me to build that acoustic wall? What did that on suite bathroom actually cost me? Let me look back at my figures." 9. Keeping up to date with rent rises. Now, I know that's a bit of an odd one but when you start to build a bit of a portfolio and you've got a few properties and maybe you've had them for a few years, what you'll realise is that sometimes tenants keep very, very quiet because they know they're paying less than the market rent. They don't want to bother you. They might not want to bother you because they're simply lovely people, that's absolutely wonderful, but sometimes tenants look at the market rent around them and they're aware that actually they're underpaying slightly so they keep very, very quiet. 10. Lastly... Investing for the long term. I personally think lots of people are making short term decisions when they're building their property portfolio. Where I now come from is I look at a property and I think to myself, "Do I actually want to keep that property forever?" If the answer's yes then that's a really big tick in my book and then I will probably be buying that property. I hope you found this one helpful. All the very best... Tony Law - Your First Four Houses
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Long Term Investment के 5 मंत्र | Must Watch for Investors | Ep-88 | www.sunilminglani.com
What Should be the 5 important point for Long-Term Investment? Explained by Sunil Minglani in this episode of Bazaar Bites... Episode-88 To JOIN our Channel Membership for Exclusive Offers, Click the link Below and join... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS8WLwuVszq1g2oeBzboUmQ/join To open a DEMAT account with Zerodha, Please register on the below link .... https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=ZMPRLU Click the link below and join our Telegram Channel for latest updates : Telegram Link : https://t.me/sunilminglani Stock market Basics for beginners in Hindi.. Is it really difficult to make money in Stock Market.... or do we need to follow some rules ....FIND OUT ..... in my show "Bazaar Bites"...and try to find out Psychology of stock market https://www.facebook.com/thesunilminglani https://www.twitter.com/sunilminglani https://www.instagram.com/sunilminglani We have also started a new initiative called “ Valid Voice Talks” For More info subscribe us https://www.youtube.com/vvtalks and visit http://www.vvtalks.com
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Best Short Term Investment Plan to Invest in 2019 | Benefit of Short Term Investment in  Hindi
Best Short Term Investment plan for 2019. Many of the investment fro beginner and investment for Short Tenure is one of the most asking question by investor you should invest in These top 5 investment to get the good benefit of investment and all detail aboutt he best short term investment. Short term Investment benefits helps to understand the quality of investment and making the future of investment tenure is very high return in short term investment. Here are some best short investment which can help to create you the best planning as well as you can get the good benefit of return from here. Investment in indian with Short is now popular and you can get good benefit of return in 2019 or you can say that best investment plan and planning for the 2019 fro best short tenure planning ton investment. Mutual fund investment Reccuring Deposit Investment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_q7veMPJyks Fixed deposit Investment Liquid fund investment An investment plan in India: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvLMnnsUcZ4&list=PLiwr7-r05NFYk08JpvYY-sdPuUdTUn0G8 And some fund like Systematic Investment plan investment as well as Lumpsum investment you can also consider for good benefit and return to achieve you goal in short tenure. Your solved question in this video: 1) Best Short Term Investment Plan in India 2) How to choose the best short term plan to investment 3) Investment plan in india 4) Top 5 investment plan in india for short term 5) 2019 best short term investment. #shorttermeinvestment #investment #2019bestinvestmentplan And many of the question about the short term investment and planning for the short term fund to get good return you have still questions you can ask me in to comment box or you can leave your text at [email protected] ========================= You can check my stuff while making this video you can check it and also you can buy from amazon India My DSLR camera for shooting video: https://amzn.to/2MDh9Qr Mike for voice recording: https://amzn.to/2MlTC7t My smartphone: https://amzn.to/2nRIGiV My Laptop https://amzn.to/2PmLaCM ========================= About 'The Indian Fever' The Indian Fever channel is hosted by the 'Ravi Kant' and 'The Indian Fever' channel provides you latest technology video, Business, Investment idea as well as the analysis of all trending news you will get the all vehicle news and gadget unboxing also. I suggest you to being a part of a huge family of 'The Indian Fever'. Subscribe and click bell for instant notification of upcoming videos... thank you.. ======================== Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcwpBjKuIJZDhvk1HQ9DXag Website: www.theindianfever.com ======================== Social media Links: don't be strange follow for the more instant update Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theindianfever/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/theindianfever Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theindianfever/?hl=en ======================== thank you for watching keep loving and keep supporting 'The Indian Fever' channel.
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Small Business ideas, Part time Business, Low Investment, New Business ideas 2019, World Top Idea
One Time Investment Lifetime Profit kaise kamaye paise https://goo.gl/1mDy4E Please, Like, Comment, Subscribe n Share. My Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTmkB5bJ6TA1WNlu8-4SPvg .................... like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/superbknown/ ................. GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/113504078600581238087.. ..........\ #smartideas #lowinvestment #parttime #bouncy अद्भुत बिज़नेस, कमायें ₹1,00,000 मात्र 5 दिन में || One Time Investment Lifetime Profit, bouncy indian music, bouncy castle india, bouncy bouncy, bouncy bouncy ooh such a good time meme, bouncy bouncy ooh such a good time 1 hour, small business ideas in bangladesh, small business ideas in india, part time business ideas in bangladesh, part time business ideas with low investment, part time business for everybody //घर से ही शुरू करें यह पार्ट टाइम बिजनेस//best business ideas, tech news,Praveen Dilliwala, Mahatmaji Technical, sabka Help, My Hindi Advice, INFORMATION GURU, FREE BUSINESS HELP, Ajit Business Ideas, Smart Ideas, Technical Ripon, CREATIVE BUSINESS IDEAS, Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker, Blogging In Hindi, Delhi NCR, Aayiye Kamaate Hai, रोजगार के अवसर, DEBROY TECHNICAL, Top Earning Tips, किस्मत बदलो फटाफट | Part Time Business Ideas, Business Ideas, Startup Ideas, small Business Ideas, Part Time Business Ideas,business ideas for Part time,Part Time Jobs,how to use free time,part time work,part time business,Part time business ideas with low investment, business ideas,small startup ideas,small business ideas, business ideas for village,business ideas 2018,startup ideas in hindi,business ideas in hindi,Business ideas in Urdu,startup ideas 2018,startup ideas,new business ideas,startup ideas in india,Pandey Vital, business ideas in india,best business ideas, low investment business ideas,Creative Business ideas,smart ideas, ideas,business,startup,business ideas with small investment,small startup ideas,small business ideas, business ideas for village, business ideas 2019,startup ideas in hindi, business ideas in hindi,Startup Ideas in Urdu,Business ideas in Urdu,new startup ideas,new business ideas,startup ideas in india,Pandey Vital, business ideas in india,top startup ideas,top business ideas,best startup ideas,best business ideas,low investment business ideas,Creative Business ideas,smart ideas,business,startup, business ideas for city,earn money, money making,laghu udhyog, small business, business idea 2018,low investment business, creative business idea,
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One Time Investment 152700 and Get 32085 Lifetime Pension | lic pension plan
ONLY FOR WHATSUP 9315393283 आप इस पोस्टर के लिए इस पर Request भेज सकते हो जीवन लाभ को यहाँ देखे LIC JEEVAN LABH 836 FULL VIDEO https://youtu.be/RlchMqCm1ns आप को LIC के सभी प्लान्स की जानकारी इस विडियो में दी जा रही है आप उनके लिंक निचे भी देख सकते हो फिर भी कुछ और जानना हो तों lic के विकास अधिकारी या lic एजेंट से संपर्क करे या मुझे कमेन्ट करे प्लीज शेयर और सब्सक्राइब जरूर करे https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk4CMWft_ZE-RC7EVLOOEAg/featured?sub_confirmation=1 जीवन लक्ष्य पालिसी टेबल 833https://youtu.be/wqB2OqdSE4Q?sub_confirmation=1 LIC COMBINATION PLAN 6 https://youtu.be/soRoxChoaoA LIC WARN CUSTOMERS...https://youtu.be/zN4yNWn_Yc4 HOW TO PAY LIC PREMIUM ONLINE https://youtu.be/5y4JxUyshsU HOW TO LINK LIC POLICY WITH AADHAAR CARD AND PAN CARD https://youtu.be/NAQf6AYpSU8 HOW TO SAVE INCOME TAX 80C 80D WITH LIC PPF MF https://youtu.be/g8QJxig_UNU LIC CANCER POLICY 905 https://youtu.be/IX7rAPeifHU DEATH CLAIM RATIO LIC VS PRIVATE COMPANIES https://youtu.be/wmbHhIFbBXw दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी पालिसी https://youtu.be/dsaSjNUiOnw LIC COMBINATION PLAN - 5 JEEVAN SIKSHA POLICY https://youtu.be/rolzdrnezdo LIC COMBINATION -4 JEEVAN LABH SPECIAL https://youtu.be/bIaUPH_zM44 LIC COMBINATION -3 MARRIAGE AND PENSION PLAN https://youtu.be/3N1Tnn8PkK4 LIC COMBINATION -2 JEEVAN HAMSAFAR JEEVAN SATHI https://youtu.be/w5xPKY3UxCs LIC COMBINATION -1 DIWALI DAMAKA JEEVAN ANAND COMBINATION सबसे ज्यादा फेमस कॉम्बिनेशन https://youtu.be/Rt20ROQa_aM LIC JEEVAN TARUN VS SUKANYA SAMRIDHI YOJANA https://youtu.be/cVfnuws_dOE LIC AADHAAR SHILA 844 DEATH AND MATURITY BENEFITS https://youtu.be/tNYWI2W26yA AADHAAR SHILA 844 BASIC INFORMATION https://youtu.be/s6BShko0RuI LIC SINGLE PREMIUM 817 DEATH AND MATURITY BENEFITS https://youtu.be/0gMYoSL7nms LIC SINGLE PREMIUM 817 BASIC INFORMATION https://youtu.be/G19_ZqF29BU LIC AADHAAR STAMB 843 FULL DETAILS MATURITY BENEFITS https://youtu.be/35AKS6pg8_k AADHAAR STAMB 843 BASIC INFORMATION https://youtu.be/VxeXpQPmkSc HOW TO FILL NEFT FOR MONEY BACK AND MATURITY https://youtu.be/xr-ec6JGvOg LIC JEEVAN ANAND 815 DEATH AND MATURITY BENEFITS https://youtu.be/Dl3bcQfiu28 LIC JEEVAN TARUN 834 MATURITY BENEFITS WITH EXAMPLE https://youtu.be/kNIYhuthPH0 LIC JEEVAN TARUN 834 BASIC INFORMATION https://youtu.be/P3sRJcn7QPw LIC MONEY BACK POLICY 821 https://youtu.be/GRHHQDkpmec कन्यादान पालिसी लेने से पहले जाने इन 10 बातों को https://youtu.be/BxV_5RjhlCg LIC JEEVAN UMANG MATURITY AND DEATH BENEFITS https://youtu.be/4Qs7HzzUm9Y LIC JEEVAN UMANG 845 BASIC INFORMATIONS https://youtu.be/vt6KC8lQVWA LIC JEEVAN UMANG 845 FULL DETAILS https://youtu.be/BnlX1BLx52Y PRADHAN MANTRI VAYA VANDANA YOJANA https://youtu.be/kOBeE3wGxGg LIC JEEVAN UTKARSH 846 FULL DETAILS https://youtu.be/FoGsBHCJkpE HOW TO CALCULATE LIC BONUS AND MATURITY https://youtu.be/LyFQ6v_Xgok LIC JEEVAN AKSHAY VI 189 https://youtu.be/8USx1hUtess LIC AADHAAR SHILA 844 ONLY FOR WOMEN https://youtu.be/-I-pQxuyyDA LIC AADHAAR STAMB 843 ONLY FOR MEN https://youtu.be/jIP93aqBAKM LIC KANYADAAN POLICY https://youtu.be/bNJUx4zYer8 HOW TO CALCULATE LIC PREMIUM https://youtu.be/PHGIiOz7HNw HOW TO CALCULATE LIC MATURITY LATE FEE https://youtu.be/UNFqLfg0fTk LIC JEEVAN ANAND 815 BASIC INFORMATION https://youtu.be/T-MZDtfbX3Y LIC MONEY BACK PLAN 820 https://youtu.be/p2oQEYIXixU LIC JEEVAN PRAGATI 838 https://youtu.be/TOn1k7VwGPE LIC LIMITED PREMIUM POLICY 830 https://youtu.be/rs_AhvSQoI8 NEW BIMA BACHAT 816/ FIXED DEPOSIT https://youtu.be/yhI9od7o5aQ LIC AMULAYA JEEVAN TERM PLAN 823 https://youtu.be/Pz2RBXFYnRo LIC CHILDREN MONEY BACK PLAN 832 https://youtu.be/qNvlvJ0zHKw LIC JEEVAN LABH 836 FULL VIDEO https://youtu.be/RlchMqCm1ns LIC JEEVAN LABH 836 BASIC INFORMATION SORT VIDEO https://youtu.be/k01hjrhnTsg
Grayscale Investments Annouce 4 NEW Crypto Investment Trusts - #ADOPTION
🚀 Get the Apps! ★ http://cryptoyum.com ★ http://coinpuffs.com 10 Days of Bitcoin: 💯 Free Email Course! ★ http://10daysofbitcoin.com Grayscale is making big-time investments with 4 new trusts! Sponsored by: Lendingblock - https://whitepaper.lendingblock.com/ - https://lendingblock.com/ // GET STARTED 🚀 Become a Cryptonaut - Support us on http://patreon.com/pub 💻 Join us at the PUB! - http://thebitcoin.pub 💰Get a Coinbase Wallet! - http://dctv.co/dctv-coinbase - Sign up! // WE DO SOCIAL 🔑 Decentralized Newsletter - https://dctv.co/dctv-news 📔 Twitter - https://dctv.co/dctv-twitter 📔 Facebook - https://dctv.co/dctv-fb 🔑 Instagram - https://dctv.co/dctv-instagram 💻 Google+ - https://dctv.co/dctv-googleplus ✏️ LinkedIn - https://dctv.co/dctv-linkedin 💻 Medium - https://dctv.co/dctv-medium Music by Charles Giovanniello, a Bitcoin Pub community member! Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!
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5 Investment for 1 Year in 2019 | 5 Short Term secure Investment for  2019 | Investment In India
In this video, you will get 5 Investment plan for 1 year in 2019. If You want to make your investment safe and secure you should invest in these 5 investments Which offer good return as well as offers high security on your investment return. Earn money from My video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrnNZV35Qn8 Hey guys, This is Ravi and I am sharing a very important information about the Investment for 1 year and all investment option can generate good return in this short time of period investment. Here is the list of 5 Investment which you should opt to invest for 2019 1) Fix deposit investment 2) Recurring Deposit Investment 3) Date funds 4) Fixed Maturity Plan 5) Post office Term Deposit So this is all about short time investment. There is more investment option in India for short time but you should choose safe and secure. If you want to go with risk investment plan you should go with corporate fix deposit But I will not suggest you to go with these investment option. #investment #shortterminvestment #investmentfor1year If you have any question still you can ask me into comment box or you can leave your question on social media sites link is below; Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcwpBjKuIJZDhvk1HQ9DXag Website: www.theindianfever.com ======================== Social media Links: don't be strange follow for the more instant update Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theindianfever/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/theindianfever Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theindianfever/?hl=en ======================== thank you for watching keep loving and keep supporting 'The Indian Fever' channel.
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Top 5 Stocks to Invest in India 2019 | Long Term Investment Ideas
Watch this video for Best Stocks to Invest in 2019 For detailed analysis of Ashok leyland outlook 2019 click below https://youtu.be/1a_yiuk9O8M If your are interested in Vedanta detailed analysis 2019 click below https://youtu.be/OPCZ4_NWQSc If you are interest in Infosys Q3 results analysis click below https://youtu.be/nqrx73Cetms If you are interested in IT Stocks Outlook 2019 click below https://youtu.be/p1qu26WhfAg Subscribe our channel its free www.youtube.com/investaruofficial Investaru.
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ET Wealth Investment Workshop: Investment strategy for new investors
The first session of the ET Wealth Investment Workshop held in Mumbai on August 24, 2018 delved upon the strategy that new investors should adopt to ensure personal wealth growth. The session was addressed by S Naren, CIO, ICICI Prudential AMC. ►Subscribe to The Economic Times for latest video updates. It's free! - http://www.youtube.com/TheEconomicTimes?sub_confirmation=1 ►More Videos @ ETTV - http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/TV ►http://EconomicTimes.com ►For business news on the go, download ET app: Google Play - https://market.android.com/details?id=com.et.reader.activities iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-economic-times/id474766725?ls=1&mt=8 Windows Store - http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/d73c2150-6acf-445b-b810-19a004b5d3e8 ►ET elsewhere: https://www.facebook.com/EconomicTimes http://twitter.com/economictimes https://plus.google.com/+TheEconomicTimes/ https://www.instagram.com/the_economic_times/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-economic-times
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It’s time to try new investment options like Mutual Funds.
While you adapt to newer technology easily, its time to adapt the same approach when it comes to your investments. Watch the entire video to know how. #MutualFundsSahiHai
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Is Right Time For Lumpsum Investment ?| Lumpsum Investment | Right way to Invest Lumpsum
1.best mutual fund for lump sum investment india, 2.where to invest lump sum amount, 3.best way to invest lump sum of money in india 2018, 4.best mutual funds for lump sum investment 2018, 5.lump sum investment in mutual fund calculator, 6.best lump sum mutual fund 2018, 7.best mutual funds for lump sum investment long term, 8.best debt fund for lump sum investment Kuch video hai jo apko bahut kuch shikha sakti hai..jarur dekhe How Much Should You Invest in Mutual Funds SIP|Start Investing With Mutual Funds SIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM-zZDzrsGk&t=2s कैसे करें क्वॉलिटी स्टॉक्स की पहचान? |How to choose good quality stocks for long term https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwA9XZS3n9s&t=167s Mutual funds large cap Mid cap and Small cap difference in Hindi|How to know mutual funds risk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpksAVoCwa4 Top debt mutual funds 2018|Best debt mutual funds 2018-2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb11XsJJMSo&t=59s Best Large cap funds 2018-2019|Top Large cap funds for SIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSZ28I-WP_g&t=391s BEST MIDCAP FUNDS TO INVEST IN 2019|BEST MIDCAP MUTUAL FUND 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-29_yqMWOIk&t=118s INTRADAY TRADING|How to Select Stocks for Intraday|intraday stock selection criteria https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlIN-ubyxLk&t=154s mutual fund portfolio 2019|| Best mutual fund portfolio|How to make mutual fund portfolio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOmvt5f-W6M&t=2s Mutual Fund Taxation (HINDI) || Tax On Equity Mutual Funds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyFo8FUH8fw&t=35s Mutual Fund | Reality Of Mutual Funds low Return||Mutual Funds Lowest Return https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z_RxukMtDY How to Buy Mutual Funds? || | Direct Option | Step by Step https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfqCg... SIP or Lumpsum Which is Better?||SIP Vs Lumpsum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N42dx... MUTUAL FUND में SIP लेते समय यह गलती कभी मत करना https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_EPp... Mutual Fund /Fund types/ Things to ask yourself before investing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g108a... what is mutual fund||Mutual Funds for Beginners||म्युचुअल फंड क्या है? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2ded... Paytm Money Mutual Funds | Buy Mutual Funds From Paytm|| Buy SIP or Mutual funds from Paytm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TePi7... How to Select Mutual Fund || Best mutual funds in India for 2018 || Kaise buy kare mutual fund https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTl4K... How To Buy/Invest HDFC Mutual Fund Direct Online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUdBF... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdRh... BEST Date for SIP Investment in Mutual Funds || SIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJcnCGjMl1Y LAKHPATI CROREPATI BAN SAKTE HAI|| Money making idea for new investor || STOCK MARKET investor https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&ar=1&video_id=CiTS_KU8ZoY Please watch my video for more information. #financialpandit# Google+ link - https://plus.google.com/b/11804171180...
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रोज़ 19000 तक कमाए, small business ideas, new business ideas, low investment plan, best business 2018
New Comedy Channel Link:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCLqguaR-eHbj_3poCN-quA Video Link:- https://youtu.be/vR1qEC1XyiQ Iss Video me humne aapko bataya hai ek small business ideas ke bare me, vo bhi in hindi Dosto iss business me aap low investment me high profit kama sakte ho aur ye ek New Business ideas hai jo aap 2018 me start kar sakte ho.. Ye Best business ideas hai jiski madat se aap roz ke 19000 rs. se bhi zayda kama sakte ho… Iske alawa dosto hamne scrubber packing business idea ke bare me iss video me details me bataya hai…. Dosto ye ek tarah ka Best investing business plan hai jo aap 2018 me shuru kar sakte ho.. ye unique and best business to start in india hai jo ki low investment high profit business hai. Ye best business opportunity hai agar aap ye business intelligence ke sath karoge to aapko zaroor success milegi.. iss Business plan ko aapko 2018 me zaroor try karna chahiye.. Ye Best startup business options in india hai with low investment and big makeover... For Information regarding OPC & LLP https://bit.ly/2rx4gLV Supplier’s ke details:- For Machinery:- 1) SR Machinery Address:- 2151/9 B, Ground Floor, New Patel Nagar, Near Shadipur Metro Station, Delhi - 110008 Delhi, India Preeti Thakur 08048801543 2) Shki Industry Address:- 2, Rajendra Nagar, Near TR Market, Transport Nagar, Jaipur - 302031 Rajasthan, India Jitendra 07062606644 For Scrubber & Bilster Cards 1) Santi Pack Address :- No. 25/6, Yeshwant Niwas Road New Palasia Indore - 452002 Madhya Pradesh, India Rahul Jain 08048706678 For Packing Packs 1) Formoplast Private Limited Address:- B-12/B, Pologround Industrial Area Malti Vanaspati Indore - 452015 Madhya Pradesh, India Romil Shah 08046035378 Don't forget to share this Video with Your Friends... For more updates about Business ideas, Business Plan, small investment business, share market tips, Low investment high profit business, unique business and earn money online please subscribe below channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOyIOkqTWPPqE_gQhCUYJIg
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Which are the 7 Best short term investment options in India? Many times, we get a big amount of money whether it is from bonus or property sale. Equity is quite volatile, so we prefer to invest those funds in short-term liquid instruments where we can expect a safer return. For short-term goals equity is not quite favorable to invest. let’s say if you want to park some money for 6 months to 1 years, so as per nature of equity instruments being volatile, can erode your capital within this time frame, at this time educated investor will always prefer to the fixed return type of instruments where your capital is protected and can be liquidated anytime as per your requirement. So, which are those 7 best short term investment options in India, where we can park money for short tenure ►View More on my blog about 7 BEST SHORT TERM INVESTMENT OPTIONS IN 2018 http://bit.ly/2owRWJp ► TOP 5 BEST LIQUID FUNDS TO INVEST IN 2018 https://youtu.be/H9uisP9rqNk ► LIKE THE VIDEO ► SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL ► SHARE THE VIDEO ► ISPEAKSFORUM BLOG ✦ https://ispeaksforum.com/ ► FACEBOOK PAGE ✦ https://www.facebook.com/speak2india/ ► TWITTER ✦ https://twitter.com/ispeaksforum ► ASK QUESTIONS ON QUORA ✦https://ispeaksforum.quora.com/ ► ABOUT ME ✦ https://about.me/sharmaparitosh ▓▓▓▒▒▒░░░ SUBSCRIBE ░░░▒▒▒▓▓▓ ✦ http://bit.ly/2h68VPp || ▓▓▓▒▒▒░░░ DISCLAIMER ░░░▒▒▒▓▓▓ All blog posts of ispeaks are for information only. No blog posts should be considered as an investment advice or as a recommendation. The user must self-analyze all securities before investing in one.
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NEW!  SILVER Investment an All-Time High Value, emergency hedge
New Videos daily plus many other perks for just $2/month when you subscribe to my Patreon Channel: https://www.patreon.com/ThePreparedMind ThePreparedMind.CLUB - For all your prepping needs Shop "The Club"! http://thepreparedmind.club/ for your Preps! Get Prepared for whatever comes your way. If you shop on Amazon, Please consider shopping through my link and I will get a small kickback on every purchase you make. It's a small percentage but every little bit is appreciated! https://www.amazon.com/shop/thepreparedmind Additional Useful Links: Safe, affordable, antibiotics you can order online. Get (your pets) medically prepared: http://bit.ly/2I3MTsy Get my preferred body armor from AR500: http://bit.ly/TPMAR500 Great prices and service at 1800Guns&Ammo: http://bit.ly/TPMammo My favorite Freeze Dried Foods from Thrive Life: http://bit.ly/TPMThriveFoods Take it or leave it, here's The Prepared Mind social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePreparedMind/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/preparedmind/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyPreparedMind Minds: https://www.minds.com/ThePreparedMind
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Long Term Investment in NSE - In Hindi
Account Opening Link AliceBlue http://pivottrading.co.in/aliceblue.php Zerodha http://pivottrading.co.in/zerodha.php 5Paisa http://pivottrading.co.in/5paisa.php Upstox http://pivottrading.co.in/rksv.php Upstox Promo Code: JAN500 Fyers http://pivottrading.co.in/fyers.php #ZerodhaAccount #AsthaAccount #UpstoxAccount #5PaisaAccount #FyersAccount #AliceBlueAccount
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Focusing on Long Term Investment Results -- What Investors Need to Know
Laurence D. Fink, chairman and chief executive officer of BlackRock, the largest asset management company in the world, discusses monetary and economic policy, oil, the global market outlook for central banks, investing for the long term (both individuals and corporations), and fiduciary obligations of both asset owners and asset managers. From the 2014 New York Times DealBook Conference
RS.3000 रोज कमाए, small business, business idea 2018,low investment business, creative business idea
RS.3000 रोज कमाए, small business, business idea 2018, low investment business, slipper making business, creative business idea Creative Business Ideas is a Hindi YouTube channel for information on business ideas. here we upload videos on business to help people understand the business model. Earning money is an art. we are giving you business ideas four future business plan. you can earn more money with help of this business idea channel. I hope this channel helps you to grow your business. The business idea can make life perfect. I wish four bright business future.An idea can change the life. es chanal par aap ko business ideas sambandhit puri jankari milti hai.HINDI ME.....
What Is Right Time For Lumpsum Investment ? Best Way For Lumpsum Investment !
Right Time For Lumpsum Investment ? Best Way For Lumpsum Investment ! To umeed hai apko ye video pasand ayega Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MARKETMAESTROO Twitter : https://twitter.com/marketmaestroo : https://www.youtube.com/marketmaestroo For any BUSINESS INQUIRY - [email protected]
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Warren Buffett's Best Investment Strategy for Beginners Applicable for 2017
Do you want to know the best investment strategy for beginners? Most beginners lose their money in the stock market because they don't have a solid strategy. A lot of times, it would take years to master a single strategy in stocks investing. What if you have the chance to look inside the brains of the Oracle of Omaha on how you can grow your money in stocks investing. In this video, Warren Buffett explains the best strategy for beginners in stocks investing. Aside from this, he gives you nuggets of timeless wisdom on how to become wealthy in stocks investing. Enjoy! ================== ***I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO*** ***NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, comment, review and news reporting is not an infringement of copyright. We are making such material available for the purposes of criticism, comment, review and news reporting which constitute the 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. ALL footage used is either done under the express permission of the original owner, or is public domain and falls under rules of Fair Use. If you have any issue with the content used in my channel or you find something ABSURD or PROVOCATIVE, before you claim it to, PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE and WE'LL LOOK into it. ================================== Who is Warren Buffett? Warren Edward Buffett (born August 30, 1930) is an American investor, business magnate, and philanthropist. He is considered by some to be one of the most successful investors in the world, and as of February 2017 is the second wealthiest person in the United States with a total net worth of $76.9 billion. Born in Omaha, Buffet developed an interest in investing in his youth, eventually entering the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1947 before transferring and graduating from University of Nebraska–Lincoln. After graduating at 19, Buffet enrolled at Columbia Business School of Columbia University, learning and eventually creating his investment philosophy around a concept pioneered by Benjamin Graham–value investing. He attended New York Institute of Finance to specialize his economics background and soon after began various business partnerships, including one with Graham. After meeting Charlie Munger, Buffet created the Buffett Partnership. His firm would eventually acquire a textile manufacturing firm called Berkshire Hathaway and assume its name to create a diversified holding company. Buffet has been the chairman and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway since 1970, and his business exploits have had him referred to as the "Wizard", "Oracle" or "Sage" of Omaha by global media outlets. He is noted for his adherence to value investing and for his personal frugality despite his immense wealth. Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warren_Buffett
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Is it right time to INVEST IN lUMPSUM INVESTMENT, Mutual funds investment help in funds
Right to invest in Mutual fund Lumpsum investment in Hindi. when you should invest in lump sum and how lumpsum investment affected from the election in India. all about lumpsum investment help for mutual fund investment which you should know before invest in lumpsum for good return. if we talk to invest in Lumpsum than we should consider all the condition for the upcoming risk and factor depend on that mutual fund's investment which covers the good return on our lumpsum investment. Your solved qeusiton in this video: 1) is it right time to invest in lumpsum 2) when we should invest in lumpsum in hindi 3) how to invest in mutual fund investment 4) election effect on lumpsum 5) lumpsum investment and much more things cover in this video about lumpsum investment in India time to invest and much more factor about investment. if yu have still question you can ask me into comment box or you can leave your text at [email protected] #lumpsuminvestment #mutualfund #electionwithmutualfund ========================= You can check my stuff while making this video you can check it and also you can buy from Amazon India My DSLR camera for shooting video: https://amzn.to/2MDh9Qr Mike for voice recording: https://amzn.to/2MlTC7t My smartphone: https://amzn.to/2nRIGiV My Laptop https://amzn.to/2PmLaCM ========================= About 'The Indian Fever' The Indian Fever channel is hosted by the 'Ravi Kant' and 'The Indian Fever' channel provides you latest technology video, Business, Investment idea as well as the analysis of all trending news you will get the all vehicle news and gadget unboxing also. I suggest you to being a part of a huge family of 'The Indian Fever'. Subscribe and click bell for instant notification of upcoming videos... thank you.. ======================== Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcwpBjKuIJZDhvk1HQ9DXag Website: www.theindianfever.com ======================== Social media Links: don't be strange follow for the more instant update Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theindianfever/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/theindianfever Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theindianfever/?hl=en ======================== thank you for watching keep loving and keep supporting 'The Indian Fever' channel.
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How to start low investment business idea | gift for student
Aslam o elikam friends how to start low investmeny business idea in pakistan, india , small business watch this video Welcome to Our channel ---Thank you very much.That You Gave us your precious time.If you want to increase your business, want start new business want run business, please contact us.We will help you In every aspect in the businesses field.Our channel about business plan ,idea Production, and business promotion.so contact us for more inquires and your business promotions. ===================================================== Our Channel The Right Idea Please Subscribehttps://bit.ly/2tzVGxh Our Channel Business Plan Please Subscribe__https://bit.ly/2MtRBmo ==================Contact Us========================== Contact: Only Wathsaap:___ +92 3428190168 Email Fur Business Inquires:___ [email protected] ============================================= ===== === Best Business Idea Low Investment Business idea__https://bit.ly/2WiQhHE Practical Business Idea_https://bit.ly/2MsDEVR Food Business Idea https://bit.ly/2RbBhaG Plant and Machinery Business ___https://bit.ly/2B3iJUO {====================Read================} IMPORTANT NOTICE DISCLAIMER ہ ویڈیو صرف بنیادی معلومات کو لے کر عوامی فلاح کی نیت سے بنائی گئی ہے, کاروبار کرنے سے پہلے مزید ضروری رہنمائی و آگاہی ضرور حاصل کریں, یہ ویڈیو لوگوں کی رہنمائی کے لیے بنائی گئی ہے لہذا کوئی بھی کسی قسم کا کسی کے ساتھ لین دین کرنے سے پہلے تصدیق ضرور کرلیں کسی قسم کے نقصان یہ دھوکا کہ صورت میں ہم اور غلام مصطفی آفیشل چینل کی ٹیم ذمہ دارنہ ہوگی This video has been created for the public Prudence .So, before transacting with someone, make a request Get it done true.Someone's sim cheat then our team will not be responsible. Before doing any kind of business please confirm us about next person then make any money transaction or trading. =======================================
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मशीन लगाएं लाखों कमाएं | Small investment high profit Business Idea | Best Earning Opportunity 2019
Small investment high profit business Idea Best Services Contact:- 9312117080 , 8800711733 GOOGLE LOCATION- https://goo.gl/maps/BbX29yufAES2 website-https://bestservicesdelhi.com/ ADDRESS-SHOP NO-G1 G2 , Express Arcade , Plot No-h10 , netaji subhash place , pitam pura. About : Ajit Business ideas is a Hindi Youtube Channel who provides educational information regarding to business. We need many business man to be empowered. Please Like, Share & Subscribe to motivate us for more videos. This video is non promotional & created only to provide educational knowledge . we are not responsible for any kind of profit or loss in any business. our aim is to create awareness about business models.
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Benefits Of Long term Investment In Share Market [ Hindi ] Financial Guruji
Hello Friends in this video we are talking about advantage of long term investment in stock market . this video is in hindi language .
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15 Best Stocks under Rs 200 for Long Term Investment 2018-2022 | Multibagger Stocks 2018
OPEN TRADING & DEMAT ACCOUNT IN INDIA'S AWARD WINNING BEST BROKERAGE FIRM ZERODHA , USING THE LINK = https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=ZMPWGB 15 Best Stocks under Rs 200 for Long Term Investment 2018-2022 | Multibagger Stocks 2018. In this video i have discussed about top 15 stocks for long term that can give multibagger returns. Top 15 shares below Rs 200 that you can buy for long term. Open Zerodha Demat Account here : https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=ZMPWGB Zerodha Rs 300 Cashback download Gpay here - https://g.co/payinvite/Gu6lz For any help mail me at [email protected] Every Stock Investor Must Read These Books: The Intelligent Investor http://amzn.to/2EN0Byp How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market: http://amzn.to/2BILAyR Think and Grow Rich http://amzn.to/2orFgDD Rich Dad Poor Dad http://amzn.to/2opplFM Stock Market Investing for Beginners http://amzn.to/2os47XO Subscribe, Like, Comment Note: This is for general purpose only and follows all guidelines. Please consult your financial advisor or do your own research before investing in any Stock or Mutual fund . The above links are affiliate links, we earn a small commission when you click on those links, it can help us to grow this channel.
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Earn 10,000 Income Every Month after 1 Time Investment, LIC Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana PMVVY
Hey Guys, Today in this video I am going to explain you 'Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana' under which any person above 60 years age can invest his money for 1 Time and Earn Income of 10,000 for 10 Years and there after gets his whole money Back. Do Share your Views on This Scheme and Don't Forget to Subscribe us here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKtfMhIwZOD8bXygXg-rREw
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5 Tips On Investing For Beginners By Warren Buffett - Warren Buffett Investment Strategy
Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in the world who built his fortune as an investor becoming one of the worlds wealthiest billionaires. Warren Buffett's top recommended book for new investors to read http://amzn.to/2iPM8aw Tips in the video: Tip 1 - Invest in yourself Tip 2 - Get out of cash and get into assets Tip 3 - Invest in income producing assets Tip 4 - Do research on a company before investing Tip 5 - Invest Into Things You Understand Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh1G1DiJ1oI&feature=youtu.be&t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t69G17HCl4Y&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S98O2gFBEPo&feature=youtu.be&t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUAtVyWS_4Y&feature=youtu.be&t Music: www.bensound.com
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#GoodLackAll My Name is Mohammad Aadil My facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mohammad.aadil.98871174 Like, share and support!!! Subscribe me on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxlJdzYY8rgRuj1a-w26kEA penny stocks, best penny stock to invest, multibagger stocks, best share to invest mone in october, top penny stocks to trade, best share for long term, till 2020, panny stocksNEW MULTIBAGGER STOCK OF 2017 FOR LONG TERM INVESTMENT IN CHEAPEST PRICE|Top 5 Midcap Multi Bagger, Multibagger Penny Stocks : Top 5 Penny Stocks For 2018, Top 10 Fundamentaly MultiBagger Stock ,MULTIBAGGER PENNY STOCKS, 25 Multibaggers Penny Stocks for 2020... prof , top 5 multibagger stock,  Earn mimimum daily 1000,multibagger, How to earn Rs 5000 per day stock market , How to buy and sell share in hindi, stock beginners in hindi, what is share and stock market, multibagger stock, Ye 5 share hoga future me top par, Earn,intraday me 5000 rupes me 1000 profit daily.basics of share market, how to start trating in stock market, how to buy and sell share.How to rean in stock market, best stock in stock market,ye stock aap ko bna dege millinier, learnng videos for stock market for beginners, How to invest the indian stock market, stock market basics for beginners indian ENGLISH AND hindi, Sucribe my channel and like my videos,multibagger penny stocks for 2020, multibagger penny stocks for 2017 india, indian penny stocks list share to buy in october 2017, penny stocks for long term, penny, stock market, share market, below rs 1, less than 10 rupee, 10 rupees panny stocks, below, under, top share to invest in 2017, best penny stocks to buy today in 2017, less than 1 rs, low price, less investment, high returns,Top 5 ideas and tipsTOP 5 IDEAS AND TIPS,TOP5IDEAS AND TIPS. trade penny stocks, trade penny stocks for beginners, how to day trade, how to trade, penny stocks, penny stocks for beginners, stocks, timothy sykes, inpennystock, tim sykes, stock trading, investing in stocks, stock market, stock market for beginners, how to trade penny stocks, how to trade stocks, penny stock millionaire, stocks for beginners, how to daytrade, daytrade, day trading, fousalerts, how to buy penny stocks, invest in penny stocks, daytrading, trading stocks, Thanks for watching and SUBCRIBE for new videos.
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BEST Date for SIP Investment in Mutual Funds and Stocks (HINDI)
What is the BEST Date for SIP Investment in Mutual Funds and Stocks? Normally, the long term investors keep guessing without any concrete conclusion. The financial planner / Investment Advisor / Mutual Fund distributor of the investor suggest keeping SIP date during the beginning of the month. The reason being, they would like to ensure that as soon as you receive your salary or income then they get their wallet share as they receive commissions and get incentives for SIP in mutual funds. As an investor, you have to select the SIP date from the list of dates offered by AMC or Mutual Scheme. You can decide on your SIP date as per your wish. According to independent studies/analysis, the BEST Date for SIP Investment in Mutual Funds and Stocks are as follows 1. Near the date of expiry. 2. End of the month. 3. Middle of the month. 4. Beginning of the month. If you start your SIP every month 25th then you are more likely to generate 1% additional return on your investments compared to any other day of the month. On the contrary, the SIP in mutual funds and stocks during the beginning of the month is more likely to deliver the least returns on your investments. The reason for best returns near expiry is a highly volatile market and position unwinding by the traders near expiry. Historically, the market trade lower near expiry during the entire month. If you liked this video, You can "Subscribe" to my YouTube Channel. The link is as follows https://goo.gl/nsh0Oh By subscribing, You can daily watch a new Educational and Informative video in your own Hindi language. For more such interesting and informative content, join me at: Website: http://www.nitinbhatia.in/ T: http://twitter.com/nitinbhatia121 G+: https://plus.google.com/+NitinBhatia #NitinBhatia #SIP #MutualFunds
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Long Term Investment Strategy ( Part 1 ) - Accumulation Technique
My New LIVE Trading channel : VelociLive - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRZWCZjivFqwPxqgceKalMg My contact no. 7353944804 Email Id - [email protected] Email Id - [email protected] Website - http://velocitrading.com TELEGRAM CHANNEL - https://t.me/velocitrading FACEBOOK PAGE - https://www.facebook.com/velocitrading/ TWITTER PAGE - https://twitter.com/velocitrading INSTAGRAM - https://instagram.com/velocitrading Please subscribe to my channel because I'll regularly post INTRADAY TRADING LIVE videos and also share some free & paid strategies for both INTRADAY & SWING TRADING. // Learn How to Day Trade and Learn How to Swing Trading As Day Traders and Swing Traders our mission is simple. We are looking for stocks that we expect will move in a predictable direction. We want to take a position with a predefined stop level and profit target. Sounds easy right? In a lot of ways it is. But there are literally thousands of different strategies for trading the market. Every trader has a unique approach to trading. Our goal is to teach you our strategies. I have developed a series of profitable trading strategies for beginners. Our Trading Courses focus on the most fundamental aspects of a successful trade. DISCLAIMER: Futures, stocks and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. The valuation of futures, stocks and options may fluctuate, and, as a result, clients may lose more than their original investment. The impact of seasonal and geopolitical events is already factored into market prices. The highly leveraged nature of futures trading means that small market movements will have a great impact on your trading account and this can work against you, leading to large losses or can work for you, leading to large gains. If the market moves against you, you may sustain a total loss greater than the amount you deposited into your account. You are responsible for all the risks and financial resources you use and for the chosen trading system. You should not engage in trading unless you fully understand the nature of the transactions you are entering into and the extent of your exposure to loss. If you do not fully understand these risks you must seek independent advice from your financial advisor. All trading strategies are used at your own risk. Any content on VELOCITRADING should not be relied upon as advice or construed as providing recommendations of any kind. It is your responsibility to confirm and decide which trades to make. Trade only with risk capital; that is, trade with money that, if lost, will not adversely impact your lifestyle and your ability to meet your financial obligations. Past results are no indication of future performance. In no event should the content of this correspondence be construed as an express or implied promise or guarantee. VELOCITRADING is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using any of our trading strategies. Loss-limiting strategies such as stop loss orders may not be effective because market conditions or technological issues may make it impossible to execute such orders. Likewise, strategies using combinations of options and/or futures positions such as “spread” or “straddle” trades may be just as risky as simple long and short positions. Information provided in this correspondence is intended solely for informational purposes and is obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Information is in no way guaranteed. No guarantee of any kind is implied or possible where projections of future conditions are attempted. None of the content published on VELOCITRADING constitutes a recommendation that any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person. None of the information providers or their affiliates will advise you personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy or other matter. Background Music - Alasen - Abyss [NCS Release] Twitter: https://twitter.com/lionessOFC Alasen: ●https://soundcloud.com/alasen ●https://twitter.com/icemantrap ●https://instagram.com/icemanbass/ ●https://soundcloud.com/therealfrozenguy Aero Chord feat. DDARK - Shootin Stars [NCS Release] Follow Aero Chord: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAeroC... https://twitter.com/TheAeroChord http://soundcloud.com/aerochordmusic http://facebook.com/AeroChord Follow DDark: http://www.facebook.com/ddarkonline http://soundcloud.com/ddark http://twitter.com/ddarkonline http://www.youtube.com/user/DDARKTV tags- intraday trading strategy, intraday live trading, intraday strategy, intraday trading strategies, intraday trading for beginners, intraday trading tips, intraday trading hindi, intraday trading english, intraday trading india, nse, bse, bank nifty, nifty,
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LIC's Single Premium Children Future Plan | One Time Investment | Best Plan
Authorised Insurance advisor & Member of Distinguished / BM Club of Agents for Life Insurance Corporation of India based in Mumbai. With the several years of Experience in Insurance Sector, I committed to provide you with the best LIC's life insurance combination policies to serve your needs for personal insurance & family security as well as their benefits. Since customer service is my number one priority to our customers, you can rest assured that I will be there when you need the most. Please click on below link to view LIC's best plan combinations: www.santoshambre.wordpress.com https://tinyurl.com/yc9vzdbp Please watch : LIC'S BEST COMBINATION PLANS LIC's Life Time Money Back Plan : https://youtu.be/Q9OwFlauhL4 LIC Jeevan Sathi Plan : https://youtu.be/6AmSiT7LdwU LIC's Best Short Term Investment Plan : https://youtu.be/F6zcT2Hu6ik LIC's FD (Fixed Deposit) : https://youtu.be/8JVzcVjVsmM LIC's Estate Creation Plan : https://youtu.be/PYAuFiIdMXs LIC's CHILD MARRIAGE PLAN : https://youtu.be/dxzupzHiLMw Crorepati with LIC : https://youtu.be/TAyTRDCvGeU LIC's Bal Upahar Plan : https://youtu.be/osL1nv8icFE LIC'S Jeevan Rakshak 827 : https://youtu.be/LSurHkOHzvE LIC Jeevan Lakshya 833 : https://youtu.be/cW6ECIbBB_0 LIC's New Bima Shree Plan : https://youtu.be/3OE-ncxY_f4 LIC CANCER INSURANCE POLICY 905 : https://youtu.be/IZG1oPjvMmU Fixed Deposit Scheme FD : https://youtu.be/31v646hJLk0 LIC's Money Back Plan Table No. 820 : https://youtu.be/VEnaZTHgfmo LIC's Jeevan Labh Plan 836 : https://youtu.be/Idx2tihCyFY LIC Kanyadan Policy : https://youtu.be/-rwNinUOq_E LIC's Bima Bachat Plan 816 : https://youtu.be/vO46HFoN5wM LIC's New Bima BAchat Plan : https://youtu.be/N3bTwy1bZ3Q LIC's JEEVAN UMANG 845 : https://youtu.be/LNyDmpUCYyw Jeevan Labh Table No. 836 : https://youtu.be/0r95VsSeSXs LIC Children Money Back Plan no. 832 : https://youtu.be/5lqLqXXhYQU LIC JEEVAN TARUN Plan 834 : https://youtu.be/ccTsiX9r7us LIC's New Jeevan Anand : https://youtu.be/9GsujEOKbhg LIC's Jeevan Lakshya Plan 833 : https://youtu.be/tJgRSsvQQRY LIC's Single Premium Pension Plan 189 : https://youtu.be/GB88tjCc7eE LIC Endowment Plan No. 814 : https://youtu.be/49YusFcu6p4 LIC Children Plans : https://youtu.be/P4Os3NlFBJw LIC's Kalpataru Plan https://youtu.be/YjgZadd-mAA LIC's Kavach Kundal Plan https://youtu.be/j5DFQOVjeKg LIC's Money Plant : https://youtu.be/fYz1QZ7UcrI LIC's Pension Plus Scheme https://youtu.be/7ckBR_cgHew LIC's Plan for all : https://youtu.be/2Fo5b16Stm0 LIC's Retire & Shine with 1 Crore : https://youtu.be/25BGyQkVprE LIC's Schooling Package :https://youtu.be/6TlSGHF0pWY LIC's Smart Life Guard : https://youtu.be/RzfSo2_scbE LIC's Smart Money Concept https://youtu.be/HRj6HAHfvCQ LIC's Smart Women Plan : https://youtu.be/8M1lUC53o-8 LIC's Super Tarang Combination : https://youtu.be/cTsHWYmqlU4 How to Pay Insurance Premium using PAYTM : https://youtu.be/7_jHgnRWl3s LIC's Life Guard Package : https://youtu.be/gAyvOv7jAL0 LIC's New Jeevan Anand Policy : https://youtu.be/tsA4KB-CFNc LIC's New Money Back Plan : https://youtu.be/zbAcCbpHOKc LIC's Jeevan Lakshya Plan https://youtu.be/af9aASDkowU LIC's Combination Plan Anmol Parivar: https://youtu.be/Gx8_Bo7Bvmc LIC's Child Bhavishya Plan : https://youtu.be/QdyP5f696hk LIC's Yuva Pension Plan : https://youtu.be/L_BbX3joz_g LIC's Kanyadan Yojna detail in Marathi : https://youtu.be/FD9aa0ZkhhM LIC's Short Term Investment Plan : https://youtu.be/kvvRIDc64SA LIC's Kanyadan Yojna detail in English : https://youtu.be/LTggSLY26Tw LIC's Children Future Plan https://youtu.be/9pZGiirScpU
BUYING YOUR FIRST INVESTMENT PROPERTY (Introduction to Investing in Real Estate!)
Matthew Pillmore is joined again by top Denver mortgage professional, Joe Massey, to discuss what you need to know before buying your first investment property. These are the critical things you need to know before getting into your first real estate investment. To access the FREE Real Estate Investment Analysis Worksheet, please visit: http://www.investmentanalysisworksheet.com This is incredibly useful for real estate investors (especially those new to real estate investing) to run the numbers of a potential property to determine important things like annual cash flow, annual rate of return, net operating income and much more. If you are interested in learning more or getting in touch with Joe, please e-mail us! EMAIL: [email protected] SUBJECT: MORTGAGE INCLUDE: Contact Information / Direct Phone Number Don't forget to sign up TODAY for your exclusive one on one consultation at: http://www.FreeCoachingCalendar.com Want more actionable financial tips and tricks like this one? Check out our YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC45hHuqWfdi7TIZg0RDG9_g Make sure to check out our social channels for more insight and industry news! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VIPFinancialEducation/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/VIPFinancialEd LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/vipfinancialed/ BBB A+ Rating - https://www.bbb.org/denver/business-reviews/financial-services/vip-enterprises-llc-in-westminster-co-90024254/ Complimentary Services and Products mentioned in our videos are available for a limited time only and are not guaranteed at the viewing of this video. VIP Financial Education provides resources for educational purposes only. Our education is not a substitute for Legal, Tax, or Financial advice and results vary. VIP Financial Education encourages viewers to do their homework before taking any financial action. VIP Enterprises, LLC may from time to time earn commissions by recommending various products, services, and programs. #RealEstate #FirstInvestmentProperty #VIPFinancialEd
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Best Sectors for long term Investment in India, तो invest कर सकते हो इनमे
Best Sectors for long term Investment in India, तो invest कर सकते हो इनमे Best sector for long term investment in india For all videos go to Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/WheretoInvestinStockMarket IT Industry,TCS, Infosys, WIPRO, HCL, Tech Mahindra,FMCG,HUL, Dabur, Emami, ITC, Nestle,FMCG companies,HDFC, LIC Housing Finance, Indiabulls Housing Finance, GRUH Finance, DHFL,NBFC,housing finances companies,Amara Raja, Exide Industries, Eveready,Hindalco, Vedanta, NALCO (National Aluminium Corp), Graphite India, Hindustan Copper,M&M, Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, TVS Motors, Hero Motocorp, Bajaj Auto,L&T, Adani Ports, GVK Infra,Lupin, Sun Pharma, Glenmark Pharma, Aurobindo Pharma penny stock, multibagger stocks , multibagger stocks 2018 india, india best shares to buy, stock market for beginner, debt free multibagger , multibagger stocks , multibagger stocks 2018 india , multibagger stocks 2018 , multibagger penny stocks 2018 , multibagger stocks investment idea , multibagger stocks 2018 india cnbc , multibagger share , multibagger 2018 , stock , stock market , stock market for beginner , stock market in hindi , fundamental analysis of stocks , debt free , debt free penny stocks , debt free stocks in indian stock market, debt free penny stocks india , debt free companies in india , top stocks , top stocks to invest in 2018, top stocks to invest in 2018 india , top stocks to buy , top stocks pick for 2018, fundamentally strong stock , fundamentally strong penny stock , fundamentally strong multibagger stock , fundamentally strong stock 2018 , fundamentally strong indian stock , fundamentally strong stock in india , fundamentally strong penny stock india , fundamentally strong penny stock 2018 , fundamentally strong stock which are undervalued , fundamentally strong share , best stock for 2018 , top stock for 2018 , top stock to invest in 2018 , top stock to buy , top stock for long term , best stock for 2018 , best stock to invest in 2018 , best stock to invest in 2018 india , best stock to buy , best stock for 2018 india , best stock for long term , Bluechip stock, NIFTY TRADING STRATEGIES ,NIFTY OPTIONS STRATEGIES ,BANK NIFTY TRADING STRATEGIES ,Stock Trading Tips, Stock Trading Strategies, Share Trading Tips, Share Trading Strategies , Intraday Trading Strategies , Intraday Trading Tips , MULTIBAGGER STOCKS 2018, POSITIONAL, #wheretoinvestinstockmarket, #wtism, #results, #earnings, #q2result, #q2earnings, #q2, #stockmarket, #shareprice, #popular, #trending, #sharemarket, #q2results, #results, #multibagger, #Earnings #q2fy19, #Q2Results, #Q2 FY 19, #Results, #bonus #dividend #recorddate #profit, #loss, #earninstockmarket,#Q2RESULTS,#RESULT,#EARNINGS,#RESULTS,#QUARTERLYRESULTS, #Results,#Earnings,
New Platform Investment  (Time to Bank?)
My second channel is https://youtu.be/h_Xvb_lm5lQ Thank you for supporting My Channel at the Links Below. https://teespring.com/stores/political-avenger-3?page=1 http://politicalavengernews.com https://www.facebook.com/politicalavengernews https://twitter.com/PoliticalAvengr https://patreon.com/politicalavenger https://gab.ai/PoliticalAvenger Twitter PLAN B ACCOUNT https://twitter.com/PoliticalAnews
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Stock Market For Beginners 📈 TRADING AND INVESTING 101
This video was created in 2016. Check out the updated version for 2019 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuDhifXaE4g FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM FOR DAILY MOTIVATIONAL CONTENT ✔️ @ryanscribnerofficial _______ Ready to start investing? 🤔💸 WEBULL: "Get a FREE STOCK just for signing up!" 💰 http://ryanoscribner.com/webull BETTERMENT: "Passive investing, they manage everything for you." 📈 http://ryanoscribner.com/betterment FUNDRISE: "Passive real estate investing, 8 to 11% returns." 🏠 http://ryanoscribner.com/fundrise M1 FINANCE: "Invest in partial shares of stocks like Amazon." 📌 http://ryanoscribner.com/m1-finance LENDING CLUB: "Become the bank and make interest on loans." 🏦 http://ryanoscribner.com/lending-club COINBASE: "Get $10 in free Bitcoin (when you fund $100)." ⭐ http://ryanoscribner.com/coinbase _______ Want more Ryan Scribner? 🙌 MY INVESTING BLOG ▶︎ https://investingsimple.blog/ FREE INVESTING COURSE ▶︎ http://ryanoscribner.com/free-course FACEBOOK GROUP FOR ENTREPRENEURS ▶︎ https://www.facebook.com/groups/164766680793265/ COURSE CREATION COMPANION ▶︎ http://ryanoscribner.com/course-creation-companion LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE ▶︎ https://www.facebook.com/ryanoscribner/ PASSIVE INCOME MASTERCLASS LIVE EVENTS ▶︎ http://ryanoscribner.com/passive-income _______ Premium Educational Programs 🧐 PRIVATE STOCK MARKET INVESTING SITE 📊 http://ryanoscribner.com/stock-radar STOCK MARKET INVESTING COURSE 📈 http://ryanoscribner.com/stock-market-investing-course _______ Ready to keep learning? 🤔📚 Learn A New HIGH INCOME Skill 💰 https://www.fumoneywithryan.com My Favorite Personal Finance Book 📘 https://amzn.to/2NiyDiz My Favorite Investing Book 📗 https://amzn.to/2KEyd7D My 2nd Favorite Investing Book 📗 https://amzn.to/2tZmxBU My Favorite Personal Development Book 📕 https://amzn.to/2KJKgRn Not a fan of reading? Join Audible and get two free audio books! ❌📚 http://ryanoscribner.com/audible _______ DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments. AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: I am affiliated with a number of the offerings on this channel. This includes the links above under "Ready To Start Investing" as well as other influencers I bring on the channel. This also includes the use of Amazon affiliate links. HOLDINGS DISCLOSURE: I am long General Electric (GE), Alibaba (BABA), JD(.)com (JD), Facebook (FB), Apple (AAPL) and National Grid (NGG). I own these stocks in my stock portfolio. (Send me something) Scribner Media LLC PO Box 641 Ballston Spa, NY 12020
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Best Business ideas without investment | Top Careers in India - Him eesh Madaan
►Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZQDF0x18Xe6RZayvod99zA/?sub_confirmation=1 These are the top business and career options which will be very profitable and do not need high investment in digital India. Document Link: http://www.himeesh.com/career-in-digital.html These best career options have great scope and income opportunities and can be started on work from home mode. These small business ideas can be started from your own city or town without investment and then can be expanded into a big business. We will keep making more videos on business ideas in india in hindi. Wish you all the Best :) Curated by: Team Him eesh Madaan #businessideas #career #himeeshmadaan
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one time investment high profit ice cube business idea in Telugu | kvr think different-27
low investment high profit business ideas low investment high profit business ideas Music from https://www.bensound.com/
home based online work without investment | Part Time Jobs for women, housewife, girls
Part time home jobs in india for women, ladies, housewife, girls Download APP - https://meesho.com/invite/AJITSIN894 referral code: AJITSIN894 Customer Care:- 8061799600 #partime#home#jobs
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Mutual Fund Investment Through Groww App | How to Invest in Mutual Fund for First Time using Groww
Do you want to invest in mutual fund through Groww App? Then this video is only for you. This video will guide you to, how to invest in mutual fund in India. This Video is made for beginners who haven't proper knowledge about Mutual Fund investment. In this video, I told you details step by step process to buy the fund through Groww Mutual fund investment app. Groww App Download Link: https://groww.app.link/refe/gourabnandi01 (referral) At the beginning I want t clear, There are many trusted place where you can invest, like Real-estate, Gold, Savings Account deposit, Fixed deposit, Mutual Fund, Stock Market or share market. Among them, my favorite is mutual fund Investment. Because MF gives me the freedom to invest whatever I want. There is more reason, which I have discussed in this video. Also, There is a various way to invest in mutual fund. Among then Groww app is one of the easiest investment adviser app. The main advantage of this app is it's dedicated Customer support helpline. If you facing any problems or have any quarry then Groww customer support will help you. And through Groww you can invest in all categories of mutual fund, like High return fund, Tax savings funds, Low-Risk Fund, Small and Mid Cap fund, Large Cap fund. You can make money by investing your money here. Groww is registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as an investment advisor. **Indexing:** 0:00 Introductions 0:31 Trusted investment Platform 1:43 Top Features and advantage of Groww App 2:40 Groww app account opening process 6:47 Mutual fund investment through Groww app ********************* Now you can earn More with Google Pay app ; Fore More Details Watch below link video. Video Link: https://youtu.be/h40NlmOrbFU Google Pay Referral Link: https://g.co/payinvite/c2fo6j (Download Using above link and get 51 rupees Opening Bonus) ********************* If you need any help or queries please comment us, we will reply you as soon as possible. ———————————————————————— Credit (Background): https://www.pexels.com/ Credit (picture): https://pixabay.com/ and https://commons.wikimedia.org and https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2a/Draw_money.png Credit (picture and Information): https://www.paytmmoney.com/ Disclaimer: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. —————————————————————————— About: Qdigita is a YouTube Channel, where you will find interesting technological videos, tutorials, unboxing, and reviews. Please share your thoughts and comments about this Tutorials. Subscribe here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/qdigita Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/myqdigita/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/qdigita Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/qdigita/ Website: https://www.qdigita.com/ Website: https://www.indianBanking.in/ Thank you For Trusted and Latest information Subscribe us.
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Chicken New Business Ideas 2018 | Small Business Ideas, Low Investment Business | EarningBaba
small business ideas 2018 with low capital. EarningBaba is a Youtube channel which gives Motivational videos and Business ideas 2018 to your business. MY ABCDKART APP INSTALL FROM PLAYSTORE https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.abcd.kart More Videos from Earningbaba New Business Ideas 2018 | Food Business Case Study: https://youtu.be/uRR_6xwlJvw Tea Business Idea CASESTUDY | चाय बेचने के Business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWR8GeG3nA8 3 NEW BUSINESS IDEA 2018 हर महीने लाखों कमाए: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ta7F_ov1wA New Small Business Ideas Coupon Small Business Ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4R5krdvis4 Students Unemployment |4 Unique New Business Startup Ideas : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN4s830XpL4 Online Evergreen Business Startup Ideas Anyone Can Start with Low Capital If you want to start your own online food delivery business with low investment then watch this video. In Earningbaba you will get business ideas videos. #Businessideas2018 #smartideas #SmallBusinessIdeas How to create ecommerce website watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NywwwcCO7hA&t=3s BUY BEST HOSTING for Ecommerce https://www.bluehost.com/track/earningbaba Prestashop Ecommerce Themes click here https://goo.gl/44q1R8
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5 best Mutual Fund SIP for 1000 Rupees monthly investment- Return up to 34.90% - best SIP in 2018-19
Please watch: "कहा करे Festival Shopping, Amazon Great Indian Festival Sell Vs Flipkart Dhamaka Festival Days sel" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KASdOu7btrg --~-- best 5 SIP investment for 1000 in 2018-19 for long term mutual fund investment as well as short term mutual fund investment, these best 5 Mutual fund sip can giver you good return according to your risk and profile of investment in mutual fund. If we talk abou the mutua fund in India so you cant decide the best one because every mutual fund investment have return according to there investment profile ... #mutualfund #SIP #Investment but still we can define the best fund of any asses managment compamy according to their best return and the best fund from there pas performance... ======================= Let me suggest you the best mutual fund recommendation in India I provide you a playlist which can help you to understand the best mutual fund .. Playlist is below : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztM9CqxR9Fc&list=PLiwr7-r05NFZDxcDyJWO2IINkGmBDfhy1 ========================== this playlist will show you the best mutua fund recommendation as according to your risk profile as well as your investment... let me tell you the 5 best mutual fund which I mention in this video: 1) iCICI Prudencial Bluechip mutual fund 2) Axis Bluechip Mutua fund 3) kotak Standared multi cap fund 4) L&T mid cap mutual fund 5) Mirea Assest Emerging Bluechip mutual fund these are best 5 mutual fund SIP for 1000 rupees in 2018-19 Your solved qeustion n this video: 1) top 5 mutual fun SIP for 1000 Rs. in India 2) top mutual fund SIP in 2018 3) top SIP in 2018 4)best student mutual fund in 2018 5) 5 best SIP for long term investment in 2018 6) 5 best SIP for short term invesment in 2018 and many other qeustion in this video regarding the mutual fund SIP and if you have still qeustion you can ask me in to comment or you can leave your mai at [email protected] thank you for watching keep loving and keep supporting.. ========================= You can check my stuff while making this video you can check it and also you can buy from amazon India My DSLR camera for shooting video: https://amzn.to/2MDh9Qr Mike for voice recording: https://amzn.to/2MlTC7t My smartphone: https://amzn.to/2nRIGiV My Laptop https://amzn.to/2PmLaCM ========================= About 'The Indian Fever' The Indian Fever channel is hosted by the 'Ravi Kant' and 'The Indian Fever' channel provides you latest technology video, Business, Investment idea as well as the analysis of all trending news you will get the all vehicle news and gadget unboxing also. I suggest you to being a part of a huge family of 'The Indian Fever'. Subscribe and click bell for instant notification of upcoming videos... thank you.. ======================== Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcwpBjKuIJZDhvk1HQ9DXag Website: www.theindianfever.com ======================== Social media Links: don't be strange follow for the more instant update Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theindianfever/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/theindianfever Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theindianfever/?hl=en ======================== thank you for watching keep loving and keep supporting 'The Indian Fever' channel.
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Students Unemployment |4 Unique New Business Startup Ideas low investment Anyone Start | EarningBaba
Students Unemployment | 4 Unique New Business Startup Ideas low investment Anyone can Start in Hindi Rich Successful person's Formula do some new businesses some innovative business ideas. More Videos From EarningBaba Chicken New Business Ideas 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMGlVdz7SPQ New Business Ideas 2018 | Food Business Case Study: https://youtu.be/uRR_6xwlJvw Tea Business Idea CASESTUDY | चाय बेचने के Business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWR8GeG3nA8 3 NEW BUSINESS IDEA 2018 हर महीने लाखों कमाए: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ta7F_ov1wA New Small Business Ideas Coupon Small Business Ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4R5krdvis4 #Startup #Businessideas #onlinestartups WE CREATE WEBSITE TO START UR BUSINESS. WEBSITE K LIYE BUSINESS RUKNI NAHI CHAHYE. I M HERE. DON'T WORRY. AGAR SIRF WEBSITE K LIYE BUSINESS NAHI KAR PA RAHE HAI. TO WEBSITE KA CHARGE BAAD ME DENA. BUT START NOW. PAY IN 4 INSTALLMENT BUT DON'T STOP TO START YOUR BUSINESS. IF YOU WANT I SUPPORT U. IT'S MY PROMISE. For SUPPORT Contact me : [email protected] For Free Website : Watch it https://youtu.be/0ETfWDpaIbI After watching it you can create Website yourself. Static Website : Rs 4000 Per Year ( Renewal Rs 4000 per Year)5 to 10 pages with contact form. Dynamic Website : Rs 7000 Per Year. (Rs 7000 Per year) For Free Suppprt Follow Me Facebook : https://fb.com/Earningbabapage My Page : https://fb.com/Abhijitdeypage LINKEDIN : https://goo.gl/X8e3pd
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The Best Investment You Can Make RIGHT Now
Today we are going to talk about the best investment to build wealth and get you on your way to earning a six figure income. One of the most common questions I get is “Jeff what is the best investment for me, what is going to make me the largest return on my investment?” Most people are expecting me to give them a hot stock tip! When I tell them the best investment, in my opinion, I get a really strange look. Because this investment takes work. It takes some hustle, grit, and some personal investment. It puts you in a position where you may fail. So let’s find out what this invest is right now……. One of my favorite authors, Chris Guillebeau wrote this book Side Hustle - From Idea to Income in 27 Days. The side hustle is the best investment you can make. Why? It’s no surprise that less than 40% of Americans have $1,000 in their savings. We all know how much minimum wage is right now, we are just not making a lot of money. So how do we increase our income? We do that by starting a side hustle. That is how you get that income insurance or protection. In the book Chris refers to the side hustle as ‘it is more than just another stream of income, it’s the new job security.” Of all the things you can invest your money into, why would you chose a side hustle over stocks or mutual funds? It’s the benefits. Some of the benefits of starting a side hustle: low cost, minimum experience, you don’t need an MBA, no employees, no advanced skills. So what DO you need? You need an idea, time, and determination (grit). Starting a side hustle doesn’t bring in money overnight. You have to stick with it. You have to have the determination to push through the obstacles to get where you want to be. When I talk about a side hustle, I am not talking about UBER or a part time job. I am not talking about trading TIME for MONEY. Instead, we are building an asset that will potentially deliver passive income in the future. This is something where YOU are in charge. You are controlling how you want to do it, how hard you want to work at it, and when you want to do it. So you may be thinking ‘I have no ideas, what can I do” You have to take some time to think about some of the things that you can do. Take the time to sit down and brainstorm. If you are still having trouble check out Chris’s book or his Podcast - Side Hustle School. He interviews so many people that have started a side hustle and are making $500 to $1,000’s of dollars a month. Just to show you that no idea is too crazy, I pulled some from the book: One guy in the UK makes $700/month writing fish tank reviews, another is making a killing making saddles for pet chickens, another sold 75,000 unit of a homemade Gin kit. These people are making bank on a passion that they are interested in. These are just a few ideas to show you the possibilities. But what if you want to make six figures? Well I have some examples for that too! Jeff Jones was the drummer in a popular Christian band. He created a side hustle selling custom drumsticks. He started this side hustle with $600. He expanded to custom bats, coolbats.com. Evan Burse has been a cartoonist for as long as he can remember. This led to him getting a job with Marvel. He started a YouTube channel - the cartoon block - teaching people how to draw. This led to a membership site - Cartoon Block Academy - that has grown to a full-time gig. Chris Greenwood is a musician with a band Manifest. He learned how to use online marketing to sell his music. Now he teaches others, to the tune of a multiple six figure income. Holly Johnson, Clubthrifty.com, is a fellow blogger that started a side hustle of freelance writing. Now she makes over 6 figures a year writing articles, blog posts, and her course Earn More Writing. Michelle has a blog, Making Sense of Cents, and started writing on the side. Now it is her full time gig making $100-$150K/month. So, how do you get started? Take one of your ideas and make $100. Figure out a way to make $100 from this side hustle idea. I want you to know how it feels to implement it and make money from it (without scamming anyone). If you can push past that, you will be blown away. So what is your side hustle idea? If you are brave enough, share how much you made and how long it took you to make that first $100. ▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/jeffrosecfp ★☆★ Want More Good Financial Cents? ★☆★ 💻 Check out my blog here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/ Listen to my podcast here: 🎙 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/good-financial-cents-podcast-investing-building-wealth/id775107294?mt=2 Pick up my best selling book, Soldier of Finance, here: 📗 http://amzn.to/2xOH78V Connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jjeffrose My most favorite inspiration T-shirt line, Compete Every Day: 👕 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/compete
Student Online Job Without any investment | Part Time jobs for students in pakistan | Picoworkers
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