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How to enhance your hotel's revenue management and pricing strategy for maximum profits?
Watch the video to find out more about enhancing your hotel's revenue management and pricing strategy for maximum profits! Panel discussion on enhancing hotel's revenue management and pricing strategy for maximum profits featuring: • Grahame Tate, Managing Director Asia Pacific, IDeaS a SAS Company, Australia • Philip Schaetz, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Kosmopolito Hotels International, Hong Kong • John Augustin, Director of Operation, The Everly Group, Malaysia • Nobert Vas, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Aston International, Singapore Economy Hotel World Asia 2012-The economy hotel conference for hotel owners, property developers, investors and operators looking to enter or expand their market share in Asia Pacific on the economy and limited service segment. Visit our website: http://www.terrapinn.com/conference/economy-hotels-world-asia Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=thepearlestate Read our blog: http://blogs.terrapinn.com/total-real-estate/ Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/t_real_estate
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Inside the Hotel Pricing Game
Marriott International's Revenue Management guru, David Roberts, describes how the hotel giant squeezes every penny out of its 3,700 hotels, even if it means charging you twice as much for your room as the guy next door is paying for his. A conversation about how Marriott maximizes its profits, and how you can minimize your costs.
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Cathy Enz - Hotel Pricing Strategy - Cornell Center for Hospitality Research
Professor Cathy Enz explains the effects of hotel pricing strategy on revenue, with the idea of focusing on the "right price." Download the corresponding research here http://www.hotelschool.cornell.edu/research/chr/pubs/reports/abstract-16079.html
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Pricing Strategy - What is driving your demand? [Intermediate]
Hotel Revenue Managers often make the mistake of changing rate based on occupancy alone. This video will help you understand how to take a deeper dive into your data and uncover what is really driving your demand. For additional questions or to request a demo of our services, please visit: http://www.kriyarevgen.com/ For more visit: www.kriyarevgen.com
Pricing Strategies for Hotels
Pricing Strategies for Hotels - https://IncreaseYourPrices.com If you are looking for pricing strategies for Hotels, watch this video to learn about the best pricing strategies for hotels
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Hotel Revenue Management - How to Calculate Room Cost
To properly manage revenue for a lodging property you first need to know how much it costs you to rent a room to someone. There are two costs that you need to consider: incremental and burdened. This video explains each of these and shows how to calculate them for your property. More revenue management videos and info at my updated site: https://hotelrevenueman.com/.
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Revenue Management partIV - Optimize Your Pricing Strategy  www.guestcentric.com
http://www.guestcentric.com New series of workshops on Revenue Management Optimization for independent hotels by GuestCentric Systems. The implementation of a revenue management strategy to maximize revenue and profits is crucial for any hotel. Although revenue management is consider by many a complex business strategy, the basis of it and objectives are very simple: being able to adapt the price of a service or product based on demand, competition, time, market and other factors in order to maximize profits and revenue. The workshop will be hosted by Pedro Gomes Product Manager at GuestCentric Systems and will provide viewers an overview about the fundamentals of Revenue Management. The topics of the workshop are the following: •Introduction to revenue Management •What revenue management strategy do you follow •Choose the pricing strategy that fits you the best The videos will be posted on the following dates: •Introduction to revenue Management part I August 31, 2009 •Introduction to revenue Management part II September 15, 2009 •What revenue management strategy do you follow September 29, 2009 •Optimize Your Pricing Strategy October 27, 2009
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InterContinental Hotels Group - The Price is Right
For the largest hotel company in the world, coming up with the right pricing for rooms has been key to maximizing its revenue. But there are many factors in coming up with that right price. At InterContinental Hotels Group, a team of visionaries has developed two industry-leading tools that automates and simplifies the very complicated process.
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Hotel marketing: 3 tips to boost direct bookings
Learn how to increase direct hotel bookings in this video, which features a one-on-one interview with the general manager of the Westin Austin Downtown Hotel. See how hotel management training techniques can be applied in successful and innovative ways, such as: offering personalized service, optimizing hotel marketing materials and getting to know your customer base. For more tips on this topic, read our full report: http://bit.ly/2dYQv1q And to compare dozens of hotel management software systems, check out product reviews and screenshots here: http://bit.ly/2e50zJQ Special thanks to the Westin Austin Downtown Hotel for providing some of the footage of their hotel this video.
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Length of Stay Pricing [Intermediate]
To read more about pricing models, check out the link below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l5846N97PoaShiqZeVWc7FvHvmPnFSnxttlmuZZGyJY/edit?usp=sharing
Hotel Pricing: Simple Hotel Occupancy Rates Calculation Scenario
This video demonstrates the creation of a simple hotel pricing structure using the MyRatesMagic Period Plan Designer, Loading Report and Scenario Planning Modules. Hotel occupancy rate calculations are made easy with MyRatesMagic. Official website: https://myratesmagic.com Features Page: https://myratesmagic.com/features/ Hotel Occupancy Rate Calculations Made Easy! Variables can be expanded to create very complex pricing structures in a fast, efficient way. Profile data can be used with any channel manager or revenue management software. Simple 3 monthly hotel scenario 3 room types (standard, deluxe & suite) all with single & double occupancy. 3 monthly periods (January, February, March) NET base prices per period. 3 room type supplements 1 meal plan, which will be Bed & Breakfast Single supplement of 60% Flat mark-up of 23% 2 Discount levels (10%, 15%) & commission of 23%.
Hotel Pricing
Revenue management in the front of the house
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Hotel Pricing: Simple Hotel Scenario (Updated)
This video demonstrates the creation of a simple hotel pricing structure using the MyRatesMagic Period Plan Designer, Loading Report and Scenario Planning Modules. Hotel occupancy rate calculations are made easy with MyRatesMagic. Official website: https://myratesmagic.com Features Page: https://myratesmagic.com/features/ Tags hoteltech hoteliers travel channelmanagement yieldmanagement revenuemanagement rates hotelrates hoteloccupancycalculations myratesmagic hotelratecalculationsolutions cyprushotels resorts hotels hotel Hotel Occupancy Rate Calculations Made Easy! Variables can be expanded to create very complex pricing structures in a fast, efficient way. Profile data can be used with any channel manager or revenue management software. Simple 3 monthly hotel scenario 3 room types (standard, deluxe & suite) all with single & double occupancy. 3 monthly periods (January, February, March) NET base prices per period. 3 room type supplements 1 meal plan, which will be Bed & Breakfast Single supplement of 60% Flat mark-up of 23% 2 Discount levels (10%, 15%) & commission of 23%. [email protected] www.myratesmagic.com +357 99 155 526
Duetto Concepts: What is Open Pricing?
Duetto CEO and Co-founder Patrick Bosworth discusses a pricing strategy that allows hotels to yield rooms by room type, flex discounts incrementally and keep all channels open to maximize revenue opportunities. More Revenue Strategy videos: http://www.duettocloud.com/videos Subscribe to the Duetto Digest: http://go.duettocloud.com/digest-signup Request a demo: https://tinyurl.com/yd68u5qv
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E54 - Hotel, Tourism & Hospitality Marketing Strategy & Blueprint for 2016
This is Episode 54 of The Business Marketing Show. For more on this episode visit our website at http://www.businessmarketingshow.com/hotel-tourism-hospitality-online-marketing-strategy/ For detailed notes on the online marketing strategy Brendan's team uses with hotels, tourism and hospitality businesses, visit https://www.thesearchengineshop.com/online-marketing-accommodation-hotels/ The Business Marketing Show is hosted by Brendan Tully and Ed Keay-Smith. Learn more about Brendan's business at http://www.thesearchengineshop.com Learn more about Ed's business at http://www.onlineimpact.com.au In this episode we share the online marketing strategy we use with clients in the hotel, tourism and hospitality space. This episode is designed to be a broad strokes guide for businesses of this type an is similar to what we’d present in one of our online marketing workshops. A warning upfront: the strategy outlined here could easily be a 12 month project so important that you take this into consideration while you’re listening and not get overwhelmed. The episode is split into two sections, quick wins, must haves and low hanging fruit and then the more broad higher level business strategy.
Splitty Hacks the Hotel Pricing Strategy
Dr. Villy Abraham talks about Splitty on the Trending show. Splitty is the world's first online hotel booking platform that allows users to take advantage of hotel deals available by splitting reservations in two.
Digital Marketing Differentiation Strategy  - Starwood Hotels & Resorts
http://www.digitalmarket.asia Starwood Hotels & Resorts APAC Digital Director Janice Chan talks us through how she uses digital, and especially mobile, to deliver differentiated brand experiences for her nine luxury hotel marques
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Rate360 Demo -- Hotel Business Intelligence to Optimize Your Hotel's Pricing Strategy
Monitor your competitive rate position with Rate360, a powerful and easy-to-navigate rate comparison tool. Rate360 seamlessly integrates ten billion hotel rates from more than 400 sources onto a simple, easy-to-use platform to enable hoteliers to best manage their property's pricing strategy and ensure rate parity across multiple channels. Free 14-day trial: http://bit.ly/RWjrc0 More information at http://bit.ly/zlLc7Z Contact us at http://bit.ly/HeiWQP
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Trend Spotting: How do hotels regain pricing power?
Duetto's Marco Benvenuti discusses hotel strategies to personalize the booking path, increase conversion and drive more direct business. More Revenue Strategy videos: http://www.duettocloud.com/videos Subscribe to the Duetto Digest: http://go.duettocloud.com/digest-signup Request a demo: https://tinyurl.com/yd68u5qv
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Pricing strategy - The Price isn't right
Robert Browne, KPMG Partner provides a concise introduction to the key pricing issues and opportunities.
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Marketing in Hospitality Industry 1
1.1 Concepts of marketing for a relevant services industry 1.2 Impact of the marketing environment on the industry
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Intro to Mathematical Hotel Revenue Optimization Webinar
This is the 30 minute live webinar that we offered on the mathematical process of calculating the optimal rate using Dynamic Pricing. Take full course at http://www.forsmarthotels.com Download Workhseet: http://www.forsmarthotels.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Intro-to-Optimization-Pre-Workshop.pdf
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Pricing Strategies:  Four Common Pricing Structures
http://www.lifecycle-performance-pros.com Business Performance Expert and Performance Management Consultant Victor Holman illustrates four common pricing structures for growing your business and maximizing profits. pricing strategies, competitive pricing, cost based pricing, pricing structures, price structure, price skimming, value pricing, company pricing, different pricing strategies, bundle pricing, pricing models http://www.lifecycle-performance-pros.com
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Hotel Sales Coaching: Positioning
Free hospitality sales and marketing training from http://hotelsalescoach.com Hotel sales managers have to know about positioning. The Hotel Sales Coach website features free sales training for people in the hospitality industry. Areas of specialty includes hotels and resorts, restaurants, convention and visitors bureaus, and hospitals and medical centers. Over 27,000 sales people have attended the in-depth, highly- acclaimed paid training programs, and now others can access this training and these tips for free. This training is offered by Steve Steinhart, CHSE, CHME, who is recognized as one of the premiere hospitality sales and marketing consultants in the United States. He satisfies this highly specialized niche by concentrating on three specific areas: training, service and leadership. The training coaches precise sales techniques from entry level to highly sophisticated. Recognized for being able to appeal to both experienced sales personnel and rookies, these training programs are highly regarded for their ability to allow attendees to realize increased productivity the very first day they return to their offices. Having assisted thousands of franchises, management companies, hotels and resorts, it is clear that there is one dramatic, unequivocal, common denominator that exists amongst every single one that meets or exceeds their forecasts... an effective and productive sales effort. Steve's training has received excellent feedback for the increased productivity he brings forth. Inexperienced sales managers will immediately be able to implement this material into their daily routines. For the more experienced sales managers the material will act as reminders and reinforce the tools and techniques that have been identified as common denominators amongst truly successful hotel sales people. General Managers and support staff are encouraged to receive this training. The tips assist in accelerating their understanding of the sales process, provide them with tools to monitor the sales effort and even see how they can be more productive and involved in sales. Some of the areas of emphasis are: • Identifying New Accounts • Making Effective Presentations • Selective Selling • Small Association Negotiations • How General Managers & Owners Can Be More Involved in the Sales Effort • Negotiating and Closing Techniques • The Dynamics of Target Markets • Effective Hotel Sales Negotiating • Marketing to Associations • Accelerating The Rapport Building Process With Customers • Effective Time Management Further, to increase group and event sales and to assist the sales manager's activities as they pertain to maximizing revenue, other important topics include: • Introduction • Selling vs. Servicing vs. Administration Self Analysis • Three pitfalls of event and restaurant sales • Identifying new accounts • Selling to new accounts • Selling within existing accounts • How to make winning presentations • Accelerating the rapport building process with customers • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses In addition to training for hotels and resorts, this tips and techniques can be easily adapted and used by those in these inches as well: • restaurants • convention and visitors bureaus • hospitals and medical centers
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Pricing A Hotel Room
San Felipe Mexico Off Season
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Marketing in Hospitality Industry 3
2.1 Assess the importance of the components of the marketing mix to the industry. 2.2 Analyse pricing strategies and policies in relation to the industry.
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Duetto Presents: GLH Hotels
David Taylor and Claire Castro of GLH Hotels discuss the evolution of the company's pricing and distribution strategies. More Revenue Strategy videos: http://www.duettocloud.com/videos Subscribe to the Duetto Digest: http://go.duettocloud.com/digest-signup Request a demo: https://tinyurl.com/yd68u5qv
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Successful Sales Plan - Hotel Example
Key steps and things to consider to develop a successful sales plan
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Hotel Sales Strategy - How not to pay the GDS or OTA!
Hotel Sales Strategy - How not to pay the GDS or OTA! Register for free today at: https://hotel.nogds.com
Kelly McGuire - Hotel Pricing in a Social World
Kelly McGuire, Vice President Advanced Analytics Wyndham Destination Network discussing themes in her book "Hotel Pricing in a Social World” at HSMAI Region Europe 6th Annual Revenue Optimization Conference, London 10th February 2016. Changes in consumer behaviour, price transparency, industry mergers and acquisitions, and changing economic conditions - building profitable pricing strategies is growingly complex in the midst of all this change. In her book "Hotel Pricing in a Social World” Kelly McGuire addresses these themes amongst others, and assists with building a strategy for adapting and growing in the digital economy. Her book is designed to help today’s revenue manager and Hospitality industry as a whole to survive and thrive in the digital economy, and includes themes such as: - price optimisation - big data - changes revenue management analytics - user generated content’s impact on consumers’ reaction to pricing
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Key Elements of a Winning Hotel Revenue Strategy
Interview with Sergio Zertuche, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer and Diego Fernandez, Corporate Director of Revenue & Distribution - Palladium Hotel discussing the alignment between a hotel's Revenue and Marketing departments. Register for webinar: https://goo.gl/k4VGvv
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Hospitality's Only Revenue Strategy Platform
Duetto no longer only recommends rates. We've developed the hotel industry's first Revenue Strategy platform, connecting multiple departments and technologies with analytics and data-driven decisions at the core. More about Duetto's applications: http://duettocloud.com/products/ Request a Demo: https://tinyurl.com/yd68u5qv More Revenue Strategy videos: http://www.duettocloud.com/videos
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Hotel Pricing: Get calculation results (today)
This video is a quick demonstration of a fast, efficient and accurate way to plan and calculate your hotel and resort occupancy per room rates. It showcases the main features of the MyRatesMagic pricing platform. Get calculation results when change demands it. Removes recalculation concerns. https://www.myratesmagic.com Hotel Rate Distribution starts with you!
How do you price for maximum profits?
Henry Kallan is the founder of HKHotels, based in New York, NY. The company owns four boutique hotels in Manhattan: The Giraffe Hotel, Hotel Elysee, The Library, and the Casablanca Hotel, with two additional hotels in Europe. His hotels are continuously featured within the top five spots on TripAdvisor.com and his strategy focuses towards unique customer service and retention. For "Inside the Business: Success in the City" Kallan talks about current trends in the hospitality market, managing employees, and how to ensure your customer's happiness. For more information about HKHotels, visit their website: hkhotels.com.
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Pricing Strategy Video
How to price a home for sale. By Kirk Simmon , RE/MAX Main Line
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Improve Hotel Revenue During Low Occupancy Periods
Watch more videos from industry leaders: http://drive.ideas.com/raisingthebar?source=youtube
Seminar on Revenue Management  in Hotels  at The Sun-N-Sand Hotel, Pune (Part-1)
Association had organized a Seminar on “Revenue Management in Hotels”, at The Sun-n-Sand Hotel, Pune on Tuesday, 19th July, 2016. To address the participants, the Association had invited three very prominent speakers, who would chair this Seminar. Mr. Tarun Joukani, Marketing Manager, STAAH, Mumbai.  Mr. Joukani is in charge of heading STAAH, one of the fastest growing providers of global connectivity and Revenue Management Software. He spoke mainly on the current trends on how a Hotel sells their inventory using STAAH, which is an Affordable Online Specialists Company in Accommodation Distribution. Mr. Kammelh Kishore, is an Independent Revenue Management Consultant, Founder & CEO of RevMutu, which now manages over 60 Hotels across India & Sri Lanka with an inventory of over 4500 rooms. He has been actively associated with the Hotel Industry, in Senior Positions & has been associated with Intercontinental Hotel Group, in India as well as globally. He spoke on  the Topic pertaining to REPORTING, which covered YOY Analysis, STR Analysis, Set Up of Market Segments, Analysis by Channels & Geo & Nationality Reports for Marketing. Mr. Samual Machado, is the  Regional Director – Indian Subcontinent for Sabre Hospitality Solutions.  Sabre Hospitality Solutions, is a leading Hotel Technology company providing hoteliers access to the most comprehensive set of hotel distribution and marketing services in the industry.   Revenue Management, as we all know, is the practice of maximizing a Hotel’s revenue while selling the same amount of products or services. Also called yield management, some consider it both an Art and a Science. It employs a mix of pricing strategies and systems to maximize yield.  However we do still see quite a lot of Hotels that have not yet made the leap in driving their direct sales and bottom line profit. This is where the real challenge lies for Revenue Managers in the next few years.
कैसे खिंचा चला आता है Customer! | 7 Marketing Strategies | Dr Vivek Bindra
In this video Dr Vivek Bindra Talks about 7 Marketing Strategies through which your customer will come to you. To Attend a 4 hour Power Packed “Extreme Motivation & Peak Performance” Seminar of BOUNCE BACK SERIES, Call at +919310144443 or Visit https://bouncebackseries.com/ To attend upcoming LEADERSHIP FUNNEL PROGRAM, Call at +919810544443 or Visit https://vivekbindra.com/upcoming-programs/leadership-funnel-by-vivek-bindra.php Watch the Leadership Funnel Program Testimonial Video, here at https://youtu.be/xNUysc5b0uI Follow our Official Facebook Page at https://facebook.com/DailyMotivationByVivekBindra/ and get updates of recent happenings, events, seminars, blog articles and daily motivation.
Webinar: Social Media Tips for the Advanced Hotel Marketer
Although social channels aren’t new any longer, it seems that the blogging, webinars and whitepapers about how to take it up a level are stale; until now. Listen to Daniel Craig, founder of Reknown, and Morgan Kunse, Social Media & Marketing Community Manager for Joie de Vivre Hotels to learn advanced social media tips that work.
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Global Hotel Exchange
Global Hotel Exchange is a new worldwide trading platform introduced to provide transparent 'market based pricing' to consumers, while offering global reservation/marketing service at no cost to hotels struggling with economic instability. Going live in January 2012 across internet, mobile and social networks, Global Hotel Exchange is a consumer booking platform that will provide 'market based pricing', a simple, fast and transparent way to book a room at a fair market price.
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Inside the Hotel Pricing Game
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Revenue Management & Dynamic Pricing - Tim Baker
Tim Baker of Baker Richards consulting frames the discussion on revenue management and dynamic pricing at CultureLab's 2011 Emerging Practice Seminar. For more information on CultureLab, visit culturalpolicy.uchicago.edu/culturelab/ If you experience any technical difficulties with this video or would like to make an accessibility-related request, please send a message to [email protected]
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The hotels.com biannual Hotel Price Index Shows a 3 Per Cent Global Price Increase
The hotels.com biannual Hotel Price Index Shows a 3 Per Cent Global Price Increase and Gradual Recovery http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20110913006025/en/hotels.com-biannual-Hotel-Price-Index-Shows-3
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Hotels: Online & Mobile Strategies
APT SVP Maryam Wehe discusses online and mobile trends in the hotel industry.
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How to Sell More Rooms Online? - Simple Strategies for Small and Mid-sized Hoteliers
There has been a rise in online bookings that has given small and mid-sized hoteliers the power to compete with larger hotels for selling rooms. Hotels now have multiple online channels to promote their rooms but are they using the right ones to their advantage? Understanding how to use the most productive channel for selling your hotel rooms online can boost your revenues.
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Yield management
Yield management is a variable pricing strategy, based on understanding, anticipating and influencing consumer behavior in order to maximize revenue or profits from a fixed, perishable resource (such as airline seats or hotel room reservations or advertising inventory). As a specific, inventory-focused branch of revenue management, yield management involves strategic control of inventory to sell it to the right customer at the right time for the right price. This process can result in price discrimination, where a firm charges customers consuming otherwise identical goods or services a different price for doing so. Yield management is a large revenue generator for several major industries; Robert Crandall, former Chairman and CEO of American Airlines, gave yield management its name and has called it "the single most important technical development in transportation management since we entered deregulation." This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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