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What Does Social Innovation Look Like Today with Sonal Shah
Sonal Shah, Executive Director of the Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation at Georgetown University joined Classy at the Collaborative in June 2016 to talk about the intersection of social innovation and entrepreneurship. Learn more at www.classy.org/blog.
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Social Innovation Exchange Vancouver
Originally posted at: https://vimeo.com/99846339 The theme of this year’s SIX gathering in Vancouver was culture shifting. For 2.5 days, we delved deeper into these issues, exploring this elusive set of variables from the personal to the organizational and societal. SIX recognises the power of communities to act together to do more than connect the dots and to see the picture as a whole. To learn more about SIX visit: socialinnovationexchange.org/ Produced for SiG by: Komal Minhas | Lead Storyteller | KoMedia komedia.ca | [email protected]
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Media Lab Public Library Innovation Exchange
Public libraries are one of most trusted public institutions in the US and increasingly provide a broad range of education services, ranging from early learning programs, to maker spaces, to adult training. Libraries are not storage places for books, but communities for social change and innovation. The Public Library Innovation Exchange connects Media Lab researchers with librarians to develop new creative learning programs together. More information at: https://www.media.mit.edu/projects/public-library-innovation-exchange/overview/ License: CC-BY-4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/)
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Innovation to Impact: The Grantee Perspective on the Social Innovation Fund
Innovation to Impact: The Grantee Perspective on the Social Innovation Fund
Social Innovation Summit 2016 www.sisummit.se 26 oktober 2016 WHAT WILL SOCIAL INNOVATION LOOK LIKE IN THE NEXT TEN YEARS? Speaker: Louise Pulford Hur ser social innovation ut om 10 år? Vilken sorts stöd och infrastruktur behövs för nya samhällsinnovationer? Louise Pulford, VD för ett av världens största nätverk för social innovation, Social Innovation Exchange, diskuterar sociala innovationer i framtiden och nödvändiga nästa steg.
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Social Innovation Series - The Best (and Worst) Practices of Social Financemp4
Hear personal stories and interesting examples from Canada's emerging social finance marketplace. With five minutes each and drawing on their experience and research, these regular contributors to SocialFinance.ca will spotlight successful and/or poor social finance practices. A question-and-answer period will round out the session. This event is produced in collaboration with [email protected], SocialFinance.ca, the Social Venture Exchange, and Social Venture Partners Toronto. Facilitator: Peter Deitz, Managing Editor, SocialFinance.ca Co-host: Dan Tisch, Co-Chair of Social Venture Partners Toronto (SVP Toronto) Speakers: Anshula Chowdhury, Founder & CEO, Social Assets Measurements (SAM) Beth Coates, Financial Manager, Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative (CAIC) Jessica Hazen, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) Anne Jamieson, Program Manager, Toronto Enterprise Fund (TEF) Alex Kjorven, Development Manager, Access Community Capital Fund (Access) Joanne Kviring, Partner, Social Venture Partners Toronto (SVP Toronto) Julia Langer, Executive Director, Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) Ruth Richardson, Founder and Chair, Small Change Fund Adam Spence, Founder and Chair, Social Venture Exchange (SVX) MaRS - Building Canada's next generation of global technology companies. marsdd.com
Exchange Panel - Growing A Campus-wide  Ecosystem for Social Innovation
How do you teach across disciplines & divisions to connect & grow social innovation work across the entire institution? How do you get the whole campus involved? This academic year, seven colleges & universities are progressing through the Changemaker Campus selection process. Come experience the exhilarating journeys of growing a campus-wide social innovation ecosystem at these seven very different institutions told from the perspectives of diverse campus roles: president, provost, dean, faculty, staff, and student. Speakers: Sue Allen, Dean for Student Experience, University of Northampton Sona Karentz Andrews, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, Portland State University Marcie Pitt Catsouphes, Associate Professor of Social Work & Director, Center for Social Innovation, Boston College Lewis Duncan, President, Rollings College Sidney Kushner, CEO & Founder of CCChampions, Student, Brown University Brian MacCraith, President, Dublin City University Lee Perry, Associate Dean of the Marriott School of Business, Brigham Young University Kim Meredith, Executive Director ,Stanford University Exhcange Panel - Growing A Campus-wide Ecosystem for Social Innovation
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A Brighter Future for Europe: Innovation, Integration and the Migrant Crisis
On 11-12 April, Social Innovation Europe hosted an event, funded by the European Commission and in partnership with Impact Hub Siracusa, in Siracusa, Sicily.
A Social Innovation Exchange 06.04.2013 - Geoff Knott
A Social Innovation Exchange (06.04.2013): The UK Experiences with Social Innovation and Opportunities for Hong Kong
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Social Innovation - Interview with Frank Moualert
"Fighting against inequalities:The Great Global Challenge". Interview with Prof. Frank Moulaert talking about Social Innovation. Fundació Catalunya Europa.
Exploring Ecosystems for Social Innovation in Berlin, Germany
On 22-23 June, Social Innovation Europe held the Exploring Ecosystems for Social Innovation event in Berlin, in partnership with the BMW Foundation. Learn more: http://bit.ly/1GQ1tfl
A Social Innovation Exchange 06.04.2013 - Lord Wei
A Social Innovation Exchange (06.04.2013): The UK Experiences with Social Innovation and Opportunities for Hong Kong
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Two Bob's Worth | Australian Social Innovation eXchange Social Innovation Camp Presentation
Presentation to the campers at the Inaugural Australian Social Innovation Camp - 5 March 2010
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Promise & Perils of Social Innovation Education || 2017 Ashoka U Exchange
This was the first keynote of the 2017 Ashoka U Exchange, co-hosted by Miami Dade College, in Miami, Florida on March 2, 2017. Nearly two decades ago, the earliest courses & programs in social innovation education were launched in higher education. Since then it has spread like wildfire, evolving & maturing into a subject taught across six continents.   While this rapid growth has brought much attention to our work, we must be both constructive & critical about where we stand. Join three thought leaders in a lively, talk-show style debate to unlock a variety of perspectives about the state of social change education. Speakers will consider how social innovation education skillsets can stay relevant, grounded & evolving as the world around us changes. SPEAKERS: - DANIELA Papi -Thornton – Deputy Director, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship - ANDREW Seligsohn – President, Campus Compact - SONAL Shah – Professor of Practice; Executive Director, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation, Georgetown University MODERATOR: - MARINA Kim – Co-Founder & Executive Director, Ashoka U   This was the first keynote of the 2017 Ashoka U Exchange, co-hosted by Miami Dade College, in Miami, Florida on March 2, 2017.
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Gorka Espiau "Disruptive Urban Social Innovation" - Plenary Session: Cities of the Future
Director of Innovation for Cities and Regions at The Young Foundation and a Senior Fellow at the Agirre Lehendakaria Center for Social and Political Studies, a Columbia University (AC4-Earth Institute) and the University of the Basque Country partnership to share internationally the Basque case of socio-economic transformation under extreme difficulties. Gorka is also a founding partner of Social Innovation Laboratory Koop, a Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) country ambassador, and a member of the International Advisory Group of INCORE (University of Ulster and United Nations University).
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A Social Innovation Exchange 06.04.2013 - Patrick Shine
A Social Innovation Exchange (06.04.2013): The UK Experiences with Social Innovation and Opportunities for Hong Kong
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Najib announces launch of Social Impact Exchange to strenghten social innovation
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak announced the launch of the Social Impact Exchange (SIX), to strengthen the innovation culture in the country. He said SIX is Malaysia's first pay-for-impact exchange which will be the focal point for funding social purpose organisations and their projects.
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SIX ASIA LAUNCH A SNAPSHOT OF SOCIAL INNOVATION: WHAT'S GOING ON AND WHO IS DOING IT AROUND THE WORLD 全球社會創新例子 SIX ASIA LAUNCH SIX (Social Innovation Exchange) inspires, connects and supports social innovators all over the world. Witnessing Asia's leading role in social innovation, SIX partners with Jockey Club Make a Difference School to launch SIX Asia, a platform to facilitate the exchange and collaboration among Asian innovators and to develop an ecosystem for social innovation to be effective in the region. MODERATOR Louise PULFORD, Head, Social Innovation Exchange (UK) SPEAKERS (Order according to the talk sequence) Vicki SELLICK, Programme Leader, Young Foundation (UK) Christian STENTA, Communications and Engagement Leader, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (Australia) Patrick CHEUNG, Water Drops Foundation (HK) Tony YET, Founder, TEDtoChina (Guangzhou) Prof Maria IKEDA, Associate Professor, University of Hyogo + Editor-in-chief, Japan Social Innovation Journal (Japan) Ahyoung PARK, Researcher, Hope Institute (South Korea) Prof Benny LEONG, Assistant Professor, Hong Kong PolyTechnic University School of Design (Hong Kong) SIX ASIA 社會創新網絡 亞洲起動 - 已於6 月11日完滿舉行! 始於英國的SIX (Social Innovation Exchange) 是一個連結社會創新者、支持創新發展的平台。社會創新在亞洲不斷擴展,SIX與賽馬會"創不同"學院攜手為亞洲起動SIX Asia,讓創新者互相分享、合作,建立區域系統,令社會創新更有效地解決亞洲的社會問題。 主持 Louise PULFORD, SIX 負責人(英國) 講者 (按演講次序) Vicki SELLICK, Programme Leader, Young Foundation(英國) Christian STENTA, Communications and Engagement Leader, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation(澳洲) 張瑞霖 滴水基金會主席(香港) 葉富華 TEDtoChina創辦人(廣州) Maria IKEDA教授 兵庫縣立大學副教授 + Japan Social Innovation Journal 總編輯(日本) Ahyoung PARK, Hope Institute研究員(南韓) 梁町教授 香港理工大學設計學院助理教授(香港)
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Celebrating 10 Years of Social Innovation
To learn more about the impact that Root Cause's Social Innovation Forum has had in Greater Boston click here: www.rootcause.org
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Chicago Innovation Exchange
The University of Chicago plans to establish an innovation center, called the Chicago Innovation Exchange (CIE), that will bring together multiple research, science, and business assets within the University to generate and commercialize new ideas and technologies across various disciplines. Learn more at http://innovation.uchicago.edu ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/UCHICAGOytSubscribe About #UChicago: A destination for inquiry, research, and education, the University of Chicago empowers scholars to challenge conventional thinking. Our diverse community of creative thinkers celebrates ideas, and is celebrated for them. #UChicago on the Web: Home: http://bit.ly/UCHICAGO-home News: http://bit.ly/UCHICAGO-news Facebook: http://bit.ly/UCHICAGO-FB Twitter: http://bit.ly/UCHICAGO-TW Instagram: http://bit.ly/UCHICAGO-IG University of Chicago on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/uchicago *** ACCESSIBILITY: If you experience any technical difficulties with this video or would like to make an accessibility-related request, please email [email protected]
Two Bob's Worth | Australian Social Innovation eXchange Social Innovation Camp Presentation
Presentation to the campers at the Inaugural Australian Social Innovation Camp - 5 March 2010
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30 years ago, Charles Leadbeater wrote the pioneering book “The rise of the social entrepreneur”, where he stated that social entrepreneurs will be the primary creators of social innovations. Did it turn out as predicted? What has happened and what did not? What milestones can we see? Leadbeater is among the best speakers and inspirers of the world when it comes to creativity and new trends in society. We will be able to listen to his thoughts and reflections on how social innovation has evolved, and what direction we should take if we want to see even more social innovations in the future.
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Why a Social Innovation Camp?
Martin Stewart-Weeks, Chairman of the Australian Social Innovation eXchange (ASIX) explains 3 reasons why you might want to run a Social Innovation Camp
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Social Innovation in waste governance: Obunga, Kenya
This Participatory Video (PV) is part of a series filmed in Obunga, Kenya as part of a partnership development project 'Mapping Waste Governance' which seeks to identify, examine and document grassroots social innovations and challenges in waste governance in different geographic regions. In April 2018, members of the Kisumu Waste Network (KIWAN) and the Obunga Residents Association participated in a 5-day PV workshop to explore and document challenges and social innovations in waste governance in their community. This video, filmed and edited by the community participants, documents some of the challenges residents face such as flooding, accessibility and environmental health. A member of KIWAN offers some solutions to collaborate with the County in organized public spaces for waste collection and recycling. Through KIWAN, organized waste collectors in Obunga provide essential services to residents for waste management. The PV initiative was facilitated and co-produced by Dr. Crystal Tremblay and Dr. Jutta Gutberlet from the Community-based Research Laboratory at the University of Victoria. A very special thanks to Dr. Michael O. Oloko and colleagues from the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology in Kisumu, Kenya. Special acknowledegments to the Kisumu Waste Network (KIWAN), Obunga Residents Association, and to John O. Xavier Chweya for translation and editing. This project embraces a Community-based Particiaptory Action Research (CBPAR) approach, that recognizes the value of linking community-based knowledge with academic, scientific knowledge in the creation and pursuit of knowledge democracy. This means, among other things, recognizing communities as a source of knowledge about complex issues. CBR refers to a diverse set of methods of partnership research between higher education institutions and civil society actors that facilitate co-creation of knowledge and promote social and community change. Participatory video is a creative tool used in CBR that can enhance and stimulate new and inclusive forms of communication and social action. This project is part of an international action research initiative to map waste governance and social innovations through multiple case studies on waste picker initiatives in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Kisumu (Kenya), Managua (Nicaragua), São Paulo (Brazil), Vancouver & Montreal (Canada). ‘Mapping Waste Governance’ seeks to map successful waste management initiatives, arrangements and policies in some cities in the global South and global North. For more information please visit: https://www.cbrl.uvic.ca/mapping-waste The sister project ‘Recycling Networks’, based at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, is a research project that aims at examining the challenges that innovative grassroots initiatives and networks encounter in generating livelihoods to improve household waste collection and recycling in informal settlements of global South cities. For more information please visit: https://gri.gu.se/english/research Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, funding the Partnership Development project “Mapping Waste Governance” (n° 890-2016-0098) in collaboration with the "Recycling Networks” project funded by the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Research Centre for Local Democracy, ICLD. For more information on Community-based Research and methods such as PV please visit the UNESCO Chair in Community-based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education website at ‪http://unescochair-cbrsr.org‬‬. Music: Yamoto Band - Cheza Kwa Madoido
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Insights Innovation Exchange NA - Social Media Monitoring Interview with Michalis Michael
DigitalMR CEO Michalis Michael discussing social media sentiment with Spych Market Analytics CEO Ben Smithee at the 2014 Insight Innovation Exchange NA.
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A fun look back: Design Thinking for Social Innovation: Stanford-Japan Exchange 2015
So much happened in 10 days! Thanks to Yoshitaka Miura for creating this fun reflection!
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Indigenous Social Innovation | Diane Roussin | TEDxWpg
Did you know Indigenous Innovation is both traditional and futuristic? Diane Roussin is a passionate community leader committed to the pursuit of pimadaziwin (the good life) for all families and children. Her in-depth knowledge of Indigenous issues and solutions flow directly from her strong sense of identity and worldview. She is a proud member of Skownan First Nation and currently lives in Winnipeg. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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iKure Techsoft Pvt  Ltd  Global Innovation Exchange
New Frontiers At The Last Mile || The Ground force driving the rural healthcare. The Community Health Workers provide quality and affordable health care at the Last-mile using technology.
I teams Making Innovation happen
Brenton is Nesta’s Director of Innovation Skills, leading Nesta's work to help people and organisations get better at innovating for the common good. Brenton is an innovative and strategic thinker and regularly presents to and advises national and global organisations, including UN agencies, on a wide range of issues relating to social and public sector innovation. He is an advisor to the Adelaide Festival of Ideas and former board member of the global Social Innovation Exchange and the Institute for Public Administration Australia. Brenton has degrees in economics and international relations and a Master of Public Administration from Flinders University, where his research focused on public sector innovation Peter Baeck is Principal Researcher - Public and Social Innovation at Nesta and Sophie Reynolds is a Researcher in Public and Social Innovation at Nesta
Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2018 BANGKOK - Hitachi
As the world changes, new global challenges arise - and global challenges require global thinking. Hitachi’s Social Innovation Forum brings together the region’s leaders and innovators, working together toward common solutions. Through hosted exhibitions, business seminars and panel discussions, the forum will showcase a broad range of Hitachi’s total solutions centering around the Lumada Center, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Urbanisation, Smart Home and Smart Medical. By refining technologies and developing new ones to meet tomorrow’s challenges, Hitachi focuses on sustainable living and creating value that will last for generations. https://www.hitachi.co.th/eng/about/hitachi/activities/hsif_bkk_sep_2018/index.html
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Innovation Exchange with British Water 2017
The Innovation Exchange focuses on finding new solutions to the challenges facing the water industry, offers water and wastewater experts a chance to showcase and highlight their innovations, cost savings and advancements in the water sector. British Water: http://www.britishwater.co.uk/ Bristol Water: http://www.bristolwater.co.uk/
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Understanding the Potential of Social Innovation Labs
Amira Bliss, Rockefeller Foundation senior program associate, discusses the Foundation's Social Innovation Labs project, exploring what labs are and how, when, and why we might use them to address complex social problems.
A Forum on Transformation Through Innovation & Innovation Exchange: Part Two
This Innovation Exchange focuses on Nashville-based innovative technology solutions developed and implemented to improve the delivery of health care. The event featured five Nashville-based health care organizations that have demonstrated innovative approaches to health care delivery, enabled by health IT. Presenters: Melinda Raymond, Healthways, Inc. Jason Dinger, MissionPoint Health Partners Bo Bartholomew, III, PharmMD Solutions, LLC Ray Pinkston, MD, Sumner Regional Medical Center Jack Starmer, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Australian Social Innovation Camp - 2010 - Bonus Track
Bonus track video from 1st Australian Social Innovation Camp This event was held in Sydney on the weekend of March 5-7th, 2010 This event from the Australian Social Innovation eXchange was possible thanks to the support from The Centre for Social Impact and NonProfit Australia
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The IBM Technology Innovation Exchange
The Technology Innovation Exchange is a forum where leaders from the client and from IBM meet and discuss advances in technology. How these translate into opportunities and address challenges are explored in a friendly and informal environment while expanding the social network of all those involved. This event is held exclusively for customers of IBM's Strategic Outsourcing business and is designed and managed by the IBM Innovation Team.
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Australian Social Innovation Camp - 2010
This is the final higher quality version of the 1st Australian Social Innovation Camp. This event was held in Sydney on the weekend of March 5-7th, 2010 This event from the Australian Social Innovation eXchange was possible thanks to the support from The Centre for Social Impact and NonProfit Australia
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Applied Innovation in Singapore
https://www.sg.capgemini.com/ Applying innovation at speed and scale, safely and with certainty, and becoming proficient at doing so are the new market realities. Capgemini's Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) enables us to provide a platform for innovation to our clients. Learn about our 10th AIE, just opened in Singapore.
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Tasteful social innovation: Jasper visits Restaurant Syr
TASTEFUL SOCIAL INNOVATION IN UTRECHT If you like this video, subscribe, share, comment or like. Thanks! In 2015 a group of young people in the city of Utrecht in the heart of the Netherlands decided they could do more to welcome refugees to Europe and learn from an exchange of cultures. They raised over 160,000 euros through crowdfunding for a restaurant, workshop and cultural center aimed at making connections between refugees and host communities. Their initiative opened in June 2016 under the name Restaurant Syr and is a tasty example of social and cultural innovation. Discover more about Restaurant Syr: http://restaurantsyr.nl/ I explore social and cultural developments that change the world. Follow me by subscribing to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChH8OoqkW6RADUVAyjsECwQ And feel free to share this video: https://youtu.be/KBgh6eRVAgk Thanks for watching!!
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How does a Social Innovation Camp work?
Steve Lawrence AO, CEO of the Australian Social Innovation eXchange explains how a Social Innovation Camp works
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Perla Ni - Nonprofits and Innovation
Sponsor: CITRIS (Ctr for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society), UC Berkeley (Headquarters), Research Exchange seminar Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits and Founder of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, will present a brief history of the role of nonprofits in social innovation -- including some social innovations that had significant downsides. Many of these social innovators brought together ideas from different fields, blended them and created original solutions. But social innovation is not just original ideas. The ideas need to grow into useful products or services that gain adopters and have a large impact on people's lives. But similar to the for-profit sector, how do we go about finding and investing in social innovation? What barometer would we use? How has the social sector adopted technology to increase innovations?
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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2017 BRISBANE November - Hitachi
Hitachi’s unique Social Innovation Forum returned to the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane on 28 November 2017, this time focusing on digital transformation in mining and agriculture. Guests and speakers joined us in the conversation on how we can co-create innovative technologies and business solutions to address the key trends and challenges facing Australia's agriculture and mining sectors. HSIF is a series of events held by Hitachi to introduce its activities through presentations, panel discussions, and exhibits, and to share perspectives and visions as part of Hitachi’s efforts to promote collaborative creation. http://social-innovation.hitachi/au/events/hsif-brisbane-nov-2017.html
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