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Coca Cola Supply Chain
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Sustainability at Unilever - The Value Chain
We all need to grow our businesses but not at the cost of the planet. We're teaming up with suppliers, customers and consumers to see how we can all reduce our impact on the world.
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Value Chain Analysis
Learn more at PwC.com - http://www.pwc.com/vca Value chain analysis (VCA) is an approach that can help you to respond to the increased need for transparency set by the BEPS Action Plan
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The Commerce, International Trade, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs Department, the Organization of American States (OAS) and Duke University teamed up to provide two important sectors of St. Lucia's economy with a needed boost.
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Supply Chains are a Roadblock to Progress
About the Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2013 The Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2013 looks at the state of corporate sustainability today -- providing an in-depth review of the actions taken by companies around the world to embed responsible practices into their strategies, operations and culture. Based on responses to the Global Compact Annual Implementation Survey, the report provides a robust view on how businesses everywhere -- and of all sizes -- are adjusting their policies and practices to address today's sustainability agenda. The purpose of this report is to assess corporate action against the steps of the Global Compact Management Model -- and look specifically at the range of elements considered critical to a comprehensive sustainability approach: management practices to embed sustainability throughout the organization and into the supply chain, and actions on the Global Compact principles. Companies' efforts to contribute to global priorities through core business practices, philanthropy, advocacy and partnerships are also reviewed. http://www.unglobalcompact.org/AboutTheGC/global_corporate_sustainability_report/
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Case Study on Nokia’s Supply Chain Management
Full analysis report of Nokia Supply Chain Management
Lecture Ch 12 Purchasing and Supply Chain Analysis: Tools and Techniques
This lecture details tools and techniques commonly used in purchasing management and consist of project management, learning curve analysis, value analysis-value engineering, quantity discount analysis, and process mapping.
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Procurement Training, Purchasing Training, Supply Chain Management Training - Click to Watch Now!
http://www.CenterForPSCMExcellence.org - You will get FREE world-class procurement training, purchasing training and supply chain management training in this video. Omid has 18 years experience with Intel Corp, where he rose to the position of leading their entire global corporate purchasing operations organization. His experience and strength in negotiations earned him the corporate designation of "Godfather of Negotiation Planning" for the entire $2.2B global purchasing organization, thus also nicknamed, The 2 Billion Dollar Man. He has broad and rich experience in complex, high dollar value, and high stakes negotiations, total cost analysis, supply chain management, purchasing contract law, purchasing operations, purchasing policies and procedures, complex sourcing strategies, controls and risk management, selection and deployment of purchasing systems/tools, purchasing integration of mergers and acquisitions, international purchasing strategies, negotiating with different cultures, supplier performance management, procurement training, and purchasing strategy mapping and execution. YOU WILL LEARN: 1. Taking costs out of supply chain  Why asking suppliers to reduce price is an antiquated strategy  Why focusing on supplier profit reduction only attacks a very small part of TCO  How to make your suppliers excited about reducing TCO instead fighting against you  How to change your RFX (RFP, RFQ) strategy and approach forever to get far more innovative and deep cost savings responses from suppliers 2. Writing contracts to prevent & remedy TCO excursions  Why relying on the legal department to "own" the contract terms is the biggest disservice to your results and to your career  How empowering yourself with contract knowledge can liberate you from being dependent on the legal department  Why relying on the standard contract template terms can get you in lots of hot water and how to stay out of it  How to shift the focus from the contract being a safety net for when things go wrong to having it be a strategic tool to make sure things go right 3. Cost Modeling & Benchmarking for success  What the different sorts of cost models are (Should Cost, Must Cost, Total Cost)  When to use each type of cost model and when to use benchmarking  Why using the wrong type of tool will get you poor results and result in lots of wasted time 4. Using concessions to achieve Win-Win Why the traditional notion of Win-Win is completely wrong and needs to be thrown out the window  What the Art and Science of negotiations really is: Meeting ALL of your high value/high TCO objectives while knowing how to make the supplier feel good about the deal  Why listening is the most important negotiation skill and how to use it to achieve Win-Win  How to use a concessions worksheet model to ensure that you know exactly what the supplier wants, and how to deliver them some "wins" that are high value but have minimal impact to your TCO Omid goes even deeper into each of these topics in training through his website, seminars, webinars and courses. We invite you to join our community and experience a paradigm shift in purchasing that will make your career and life much less stressful and much more enjoyable. Work with Omid to rearchitect how you do procurement to CATAPULT your purchasing results, career and income potential, GUARANTEED! World class procurement training and supply chain management training can be found at: http://www.CenterForPSCMExcellence.org
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2017 Supply Chain Finance Fintech Analyst Report
DOWNLOAD :: Strategic Treasurer's 2017 Supply Chain Finance Analyst Report here: https://strategictreasurer.com/analyst-reports/2017-supply-chain-finance-analyst-report/ This report aids corporate practitioners in understanding supply chain finance programs and technology solutions.  It includes an overview of the economic conditions that have led to increased interest in SCF, background on the business case, and in-depth coverage of some leading providers. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel so that you don't miss out on upcoming video releases. As always, thanks for listening! -------------------- Music: Drops of H2O ( The Filtered Water Treatment ) by J.Lang (c) copyright 2012 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/djlang5... Ft: Airtone -------------------- Strategic Treasurer is a specialized treasury consulting firm founded in 2004 that exists to elevate and enhance the practice of treasury by advising individual clients and informing the industry at large. Strategic Treasurer's consulting arm provides outsourced treasury management services, bank connectivity and onboarding, compliance support, as well as, security and control assessments. Their market intelligence division focuses on informing the industry through various e-books, whitepapers, videos, analyst reports, surveys and more. https://strategictreasurer.com
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ICIS Special Report - C3 value chain, early autumn analysis
An overview of the propylene (C3) value chain in early autumn 2014, with insight from ICIS editors on propylene, polypropylene (PP), propylene oxide (PO) and acrylic acid (GAA). Produced by Andy Brice and Helena Strathearn
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Tesla Supply Chain Presentation
By: Johnny Rivera, Eloy Mendoza, and Dalton LeMaster
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Spend Analysis, Excel Vlookups and Pivot tables
In this short video I will show you how to take raw spend data and create Procurement categories to enable anyone to summarise the spend of any sized organisation. no steps are missed
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Module 1: What is Supply Chain Management? (ASU-WPC-SCM) - ASU's W. P. Carey School
Part 1 of 12 - This module introduces viewers to the field of supply chain management. It describes the complex supply chain of a simple product, a bottle of water. The video also illustrates the importance of supply chain managers and their skill sets in our modern global economy for both manufacturing and service industries. In defining supply chain management, the video also hopes to educate and inspire business students, young and old, about the opportunities available to those with supply chain management degrees. This is the first installment in Arizona State University's twelve-part introduction to supply chain management video series. ASU, the W. P. Carey School of Business, and the Supply Chain Management Department are proud and happy to share this video series with supply chain management departments, supply chain instructors, career specialists in high schools and universities, as well as industry leaders in an effort to inspire a new generation of supply chain management professionals across the country and around the world. Further installments in this series will be made available during the spring of 2010. For more information, visit W. P. Carey's SCM Web site at http://wpcarey.asu.edu/scm or send an e-mail to [email protected]
KPMG Value Chain Analysis
KPMG has developed the Value Chain Analysis to help you effectively manage your post-BEPS tax risks.
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Supply Chain Agility: Managing Change
Find out more about KPMG's latest report on supply chain maturity -- www.kpmg.com/uk/supplychain
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REC - Chain reaction: Making recruitment supply chains work
The REC, in association with CIPS and the CIPD, has produced a report that examines the effect supply chains have on recruitment and how HR, procurement and recruitment professionals develop more strategic working relationships to improve efficiency and quality in recruitment. Download the report for free at rec.uk.com/chainreaction
Strategy 101: Value Chain Analysis
http://www.woltersworld.com Review of value chain analysis. gives you an overview of the value chain and how you look at different parts of a company and how you can add value and help you differentiate your product in different areas. for the best economics faculty in portugal Great to know for any strategy or management exam.
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Supply Chain Strategy - Introduction, Types and Global Strategies | AIMS Lecture
http://www.aims.education/study-online/supply-chain-strategy/ Supply Chain Strategy is defined as: "A strategy for how the supply chain will function in its environment to meet the goals of the organization’s business and organization strategies"
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Global Supply Chain Management  Software Industry Research Report and 2020 Forecast Analysis
Global Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software Industry 2015 Market Research Report http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/global-supply-chain-management-scm-software-industry-2015-market-research-report-market-report.html
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Value chain: model's limitations
Video related to Polimi Open Knowledge (POK) http://www.pok.polimi.it This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
Supply Chain Graph for Excel
Download this file at: http://excelvbamaster.com/supply-chain-graph-in-excel/ Email me for special requests at [email protected] -Calvin Graphically plot out logistical routes within the United States in Excel. Simply enter the starting and ending location, include an optional volume or label and click "Calculate". You can easily see in a graphical view what your supply chain looks like. If you should be moving large suppliers closer to your factories etc., you can see it. Volume bars are percentages of the larges volume item. This also calculates the length of time it takes to move your product. These will update in real time based on traffic patterns at run time.
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Walmart's supply chain
Wal-Mart's supply chain
What is Logistics Management? Definition & Importance in Supply Chain | AIMS Lecture
http://www.aims.education/study-online/what-is-logistics-management/ Lecture explains What is Logistics? and What is Logistics Management? Logistics in supply chain management is defined as “the art and science of obtaining, producing, and distributing material and product in the proper place and in proper quantities"
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The impact of global value chains on rich and poor countries
On July 20, the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution hosted a panel, including some of the authors of the the first GVC Development Report from the World Bank, World Trade Organization and other partners, to examine the research’s main findings and policy implications. https://www.brookings.edu/events/the-impact-of-global-value-chains-on-rich-and-poor-countries/ (transcript available) Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=BrookingsInstitution Follow Brookings on social media! Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/Brookings Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BrookingsInst Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/brookingsinst LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/com/company/the-brookings-institution
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Global Supply Chain Feasibility Analysis Status Report
IME 481 Status Report Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Copyright 2014 James Whistler
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Greenfield Analysis Method: Facility Location in Supply Chain
Interested in learning supply chain network design? Interested in taking this course? Use this link to get the course for $10 only (95% discount): https://www.udemy.com/the-comprehensive-supply-chain-network-design-course/?couponCode=SCMEDU This Course is the first course in a series of courses on Supply Chain Optimization & Analytics. According to the “Supply Chain Talent of the Future” report published by Deloitte, more than 95% of the supply chain leaders identified advanced analytics including optimization and predictive analytics as the foremost capability of the future and said either that their companies currently use them or that they expect to in the future. As far as supply chain network design is concerned, it is the most critical discipline of supply chain & operations management as it contributes as much as 80% to the supply chain costs. Supply chain network design is necessary to implement a supply chain that can quickly and efficiently distribute the products. It is an important driver for growth and expansion of businesses. It would be no exaggeration to state that two of the planet's largest companies, Walmart and Amazon, have built their successful businesses around outstanding supply chain network design and operations. This course will help you learn and master the art and science of supply chain network design & optimization. This course aims to teach you in detail how to use optimization to model and design a high performance supply chain. Get the Course for Just $10! https://www.udemy.com/the-comprehensive-supply-chain-network-design-course/?couponCode=SCMEDU
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Inventory ABC Analysis
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Inventory Management Solution using Power BI
I wanted to showcase here how visually you can make you Power BI models very compelling...but also incredibly insightful. Today we're diving into inventory management data. We are looking to manage our stock levels based on the sale we are completing. I've look to make this dashboard simple but made sure to showcase every key metric we might want to understand at a summary level when looking at inventory. ***** Learning Power BI? ***** All Enterprise DNA TV Resources - http://portal.enterprisedna.co/p/enterprise-dna-tv-resources FREE COURSE - Ultimate Beginners Guide To Power BI - http://portal.enterprisedna.co/p/ultimate-beginners-guide-to-power-bi FREE COURSE - Ultimate Beginners Guide To DAX - http://portal.enterprisedna.co/p/ultimate-beginners-guide-to-dax FREE - Power BI Resources - http://enterprisedna.co/power-bi-resources Learn more about Enterprise DNA - http://www.enterprisedna.co/
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SaaS Based Supply Chain Management Market Global Research Report 2015 2019
SaaS-Based Supply Chain Management Market: Global Research Report 2015-2019, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market. For more information visit @ https://www.whatech.com/market-research/it/102038-saas-based-scm-market-that-is-poised-to-grow-at-15-cagr-by-2019-published-by-leading-research-firm
Maize Value chain
This video introduces small local enterprises that have taken simple, innovative steps to improve the Maize value chain in Uganda.
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Supply Chain Management for Walmart
Group 201612-33, Big Data Analysis
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Substance after BEPS; Value Chain Analysis required?
As the OECD has introduced the value chain analysis as a key basis for setting and documenting transfer prices in accordance with the arm’s-length standard, this webinar is an excellent opportunity for experienced tax professionals to be in a better theoretical and practical position to handle and assess their company’s value chain as a whole and the value contribution per location. An appropriate presentation of a multinationals’ own value chain will provide for a thorough objective starting point and assist during subsequent tax and TP audit related discussion(s) with tax authorities. Furthermore it provides assistance during advanced discussions relating to substance, significant (people) functions and anchor points with respect to value creation and intangibles. During this webinar the following highlights and aspects of using the Value Chain Analysis (VCA) approach will be addressed: - Is including a value chain analysis an imperative for a robust TP documentation? - How to align the value chain analysis with the financial data of the multinational? - Does the value chain analysis align with the data as captured in the CBC report? - Can a value chain analysis assist to reflect the location(s) where value of intangibles is created? Speakers: Igor Peters, Partner TPA Global, The Netherlands Patrick Tijhuis, Partner TPA Global, The Netherlands
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Read Director's Report, Management Discusssion & Analysis (MDA)
For details, visit: http://www.financewalk.com Read Director's Report, Management Discusssion & Analysis (MDA) Directors' Report Read carefully the following points in Directors' report - Financial Results - Any Merger or Acquisition, Amalgamation - Appropriations -- Dividends, Transfer to general reserves - Change in Capital structure (if any) - Appointment and Retirement of directors - Subsidiary and consolidated financial statements - Employee stock options - Director Director's responsibility statement - Corporate Governance - Conservation of energy, Technology absorption, foreign exchange used and earned Management Discussion and Analysis MDA will contain following pointers Industry structure and developments - Current status (across the major markets of the world where the company operates) of the industry - Potential of the industry - Key drivers to the growth of the industry - Company Company's competitive strengths ( e.g. strong management team, enhanced value chain, market leader) 􀂄 Company Company's Risks and concerns ( e.g. Risks like regulatory, competition, foreign exchange, risk related to acquisitions) Outlook and strategic focus, Internal control systems Financial performance (e.g. share capital, reserves, fixed assets, investments, sales, depreciation, profit Auditor's Report Auditor's qualification examples - The term "subject to" is important - Issues like under provision of depreciation, non non-provision of doubtful debt - L & T (1985 1985-86) -- "No provision had been made in the accounts in respect of liability for future payment of gratuity to certain employees of the company -- gross Rs Rs.130.10 .130.10 lakhs. Had provision been made the effect would have been as follows: i) The profit would be lower by Rs.13.67 lakhs ii) Reserves would be lower by Rs 65.05 lakhs iii) Current liabilities and provisions would be higher by Rs.65.05 lakhs Shareholding Pattern Shareholding pattern consists of following investors 1. Promoter and Promoter Group - Indian - Foreign 2. Public shareholding - Institutions (Mutual Funds,UTI, FIs FIs, Banks, , FIIs FIIs, , Insurance Companies) - Non Non-Institutions (Bodies Corporate, Individuals, NRIs NRIs,OCBs OCBs, Trusts) , 3. Shares held by custodians and against which depository receipts have been issued.
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Global SCM BPO Market - Size, Share, Trends, Analysis And Forecast 2014 2018
To Get Details: http://www.bigmarketresearch.com/global-scm-bpo-2014-2018-market "Global SCM BPO Market Size, Share, Global Trends, Demand, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2014-2018" About Supply Chain Management BPO Supply Chain Management (SCM) BPO is a segment of outsourcing, which consists of subcontracting the SCM business processes of an organization to a third-party vendor that has expertise in the domain. It is an effective strategy of delegating one or more business activities to external companies (vendors), which, in turn, administer and manage the selected activity, based on defined and measurable performance criteria. It helps clients to increase their operational efficiency, concentrate on their core competencies, reduce time-to-market, obtain access to fresh talent and experience along with latest technologies, and build an organization with economical cost structure in the long run. TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global SCM BPO Market to grow at a CAGR of 9.58 percent over the period 2013-2018.
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Best Practices for Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning – A Practical Demonstration
In this webinar, we will discuss how to improve forecasting and planning in your company. We will show and perform loading data into Streamline (our flagship Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning solution), creating a statistical forecast in multiple types of categories and two distinct hierarchies, using this “baseline” view with other stakeholders’ opinions (e.g., sales, marketing, supply, management, etc.), approving the results, revenue forecasting, generating and exporting reports, and inventory planning.
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Coffee value chain,  Uganda (part 1; Oxfam Novib, WEMAN, IFAD)
documentary on adding value to the coffee chain in Uganda: Balanced Trees Bear Richer Fruit Value Chain for coffee (part 1, of 2). co-funded by IFAD.
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Supplier Quality Analysis
This industry sample focuses on one of the typical supply chain challenges — supplier quality analysis. Two primary metrics are at play in this analysis: total number of defects and the total downtime that these defects caused. This sample has two main objectives: understand who the best and worst suppliers are, with respect to quality, and identify which plants do a better job finding and rejecting defects, to minimize downtime. Source: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/powerbi-sample-supplier-quality-analysis-take-a-tour/ Got questions: http://www.cloudhound.co.uk/index.php/contact/
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Why Business Analytics are Critical to the Supply Chain: Supply Chain Brain
Why Business Analytics Are Critical to the Supply Chain SupplyChainBrain | 26.09.2011 Over the last decade, companies have invested heavily in new information technology, including systems for enterprise resource planning and supply-chain planning and execution. To handle the wealth of data required to support such systems, they are showing keen interest in business analytics, says Siddharth Taparia, senior director for business analytics with SAP AG. At the most basic level, business analytics are a means of measuring supply-chain performance. They employ dashboards, reports, graphs and charts, based on handful of key performance indicators. They include such elements as forecast accuracy, days sales outstanding and inventory days of supply. "From executives in the boardroom to people on the shop floor, everybody can have the information they need to do their jobs easier," Taparia says. The first step toward embracing business analytics is to secure the data that underlies global operations. More of it has been generated in the last year than the previous few decades combined, according to Taparia. "What's important is to have it presented to the decision-maker in a way that's timely and relevant." With the data in place, companies need to examine the areas they wish to measure, manage and optimize. Business analytics can be a valuable tool for mapping business priorities to the available data. Of equal importance is the benchmarking of one's supply chain against other companies, especially those with "best-in-class" supply chains. A key tool for that purpose is the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model of the Supply Chain Council. Companies can tailor SCOR to their own priorities, while comparing themselves against direct competitors and industry leaders in efficient supply-chain management. Business analytics can also be a critical tool in protecting against natural disasters, which have the potential to shut down entire supply chains, Taparia says. To view this video interview in its entirety http://www.supplychainbrain.com/content/videos/2011-videos/gartner-2011/why-business-analytics-are-critical-to-the-supply-chain/
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Excel Data Analysis: Sort, Filter, PivotTable, Formulas (25 Examples): HCC Professional Day 2012
Download workbook: http://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/ExcelIsFun.htm Learn the basics of Data Analysis at Highline Community College Professional Development Day 2012: Topics in Video: 1. What is Data Analysis? ( 00:53 min mark) 2. How Data Must Be Setup ( 02:53 min mark) Sort: 3. Sort with 1 criteria ( 04:35 min mark) 4. Sort with 2 criteria or more ( 06:27 min mark) 5. Sort by color ( 10:01 min mark) Filter: 6. Filter with 1 criteria ( 11:26 min mark) 7. Filter with 2 criteria or more ( 15:14 min mark) 8. Filter by color ( 16:28 min mark) 9. Filter Text, Numbers, Dates ( 16:50 min mark) 10. Filter by Partial Text ( 20:16 min mark) Pivot Tables: 11. What is a PivotTable? ( 21:05 min mark) 12. Easy 3 step method, Cross Tabulation ( 23:07 min mark) 13. Change the calculation ( 26:52 min mark) 14. More than one calculation ( 28:45 min mark) 15. Value Field Settings (32:36 min mark) 16. Grouping Numbers ( 33:24 min mark) 17. Filter in a Pivot Table ( 35:45 min mark) 18. Slicers ( 37:09 min mark) Charts: 19. Column Charts from Pivot Tables ( 38:37 min mark) Formulas: 20. SUMIFS ( 42:17 min mark) 21. Data Analysis Formula or PivotTables? ( 45:11 min mark) 22. COUNTIF ( 46:12 min mark) 23. Formula to Compare Two Lists: ISNA and MATCH functions ( 47:00 min mark) Getting Data Into Excel 24. Import from CSV file ( 51:21 min mark) 25. Import from Access ( 54:00 min mark) Highline Community College Professional Development Day 2012 Buy excelisfun products: https://teespring.com/stores/excelisfun-store
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Financial Management For The Supply Chain Professional
This session is about the financial management for the supply chain professional which provides an understanding of how to read a financial statement, ratio analysis and break-even analysis.
Supply Chain Analytics Industry Size, Trends, Growth, Analysis and Forecast Report 2017-2025
The Insight Partners, Global Supply Chain Analytics Market Analysis to 2025 is a specialized and in-depth study of the Supply Chain Analytics industry with a focus on the global market trend. The report aims to provide an overview of global Supply Chain Analytics market with detailed market segmentation by product/application and geography. The global Supply Chain Analytics market is expected to witness high growth during the forecast period. The report provides key statistics on the market status of the Supply Chain Analytics players and offers key trends and opportunities in the market. Request Sample Copy at http://www.theinsightpartners.com/sample/TIPTE100000275
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Value Chain Analysis - BEPS Action 13
This webinar is an excellent opportunity for experienced tax professionals in MNEs to be in a better position to handle the new TP documentation requirements globally with the help of a proper Value Chain Analysis. During this webinar the highlights addressed in using the VCA approach will be the following: * How has the VCA become so imperative in building a robust TP documentation? * How should a proper VCA help in addressing the increased level of disclosure of MNEs’ tax and financial data for the TP documentation purposes? * Meeting the new Master File Requirements and explaining MNE group’s profitability in Country-By-Country Reporting (‘CbCr’). * How to align and build a consistent story in the disclosures through the 5 layers of TP documentation, i.e. Master File, Local File, CbCr, Local TP form, Tax Return? * Effective communication of tax strategy to stakeholders - for clarity and simplicity in discussions with key business stakeholders. HOSTS Margie van der Valk Partner TPA Global Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Virender Sharma Partner TPA Global Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
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Measuring and Managing Performance in Supply Chain and Logistics Operations
OVERVIEW Are you having difficulties aligning your supply chain metrics with your company's financial goals? This difficulty grows exponentially with ever more complex global operations and the use of external business partners. During this free one-hour webinar, learn how to tailor your metrics and measurement processes to focus on the most important aspects of operations that impact overall corporate goals. The webinar also provides an overview of topics covered at part of the LIVE course of the same name hosted by the Supply Chain and Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Presented by Paula Ferguson, SCL professional education instructor and managing partner at dFOUR.Solutions. Paula is the instructor for our course of the same name and a renowned expert in the field of supply chain performance management. A PDF version of the presentation can be downloaded at http://www.scl.gatech.edu/sites/default/files/downloads/gtscl-mmpsclo_20151007.pdf. Learn more about our "Measuring and Managing Performance in Supply Chain and Logistics Operations" course and our certificate series at http://www.scl.gatech.edu/mmpsclo and http://www.scl.gatech.edu/certificates.
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w2m2 The Value Chain
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