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This is Mikenstein. And today I'll show you how to get an iPhone XS for free! It's safe, its legit and the the #1 trick to get a free iPhone XS online to review on your channel or website. 🛒 Want cheap phone cases and a watch to go with it? Visit my store! http://steinclubstore.com *HOW TO GET FREE STUFF 2018 TRICK https://youtu.be/v8gWaIoUECc Free stuff 2018 trick! http://zipansion.com/sbwx How to get a free smartphone on AliExpress! http://zipansion.com/saqd Get an iPhone X for FREE! http://zipansion.com/sc0t Check out this one on the IPHONE X! https://youtu.be/4_I_r1QX-A4More videos! *Why you MUST use a VPN on your phone! http://zipansion.com/samW *How to get a FREE SMARTPHONE on AliExpress! http://zipansion.com/saqd *HOW TO GET AN IPHONE X FOR FREE! http://zipansion.com/satK *More APPS like this! http://zipansion.com/saw4 NEW VIDEO ON SMARTPHONES! http://zipansion.com/sb0K If you loved the video, please don't forget to give me a THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE to my channel here https://youtu.be/v8gWaIoUECc * PLEASE HELP SUPPORT MY NEW CHANNEL * Subscribe to my tech YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJnAhsyijpSA8lZZwGSEKUA?feature=guide THANKS!!! Check out the site here http://zipansion.com/3wJ5C FOLLOW ME! https://www.instagram.com/i_mikenstein_/ https://www.twitter.com/i_mikenstein https://m.facebook.com/imikenstein/ Don't forget to subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/Mikenstein/ And thanks for stopping by!
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Text Comments (79)
Albert Tetteh (17 days ago)
i tried but its not workin so help please
Albert Tetteh (17 days ago)
but please stein i am from from another country apart from usa.Will it work
Albert Tetteh (17 days ago)
tiffany alias (18 days ago)
If when you done it have a check mark are you done
nahzir spring (1 month ago)
abhiyant gwalani (1 month ago)
Only in usa
Korlan Kozhakhanuly (1 month ago)
My Name is mix (2 months ago)
That is 100% real
My Name is mix (2 months ago)
That is only for usa and im from Germany 😭😭😭
Lainey duncan (2 months ago)
Its been a week
Saniyah Jackson (2 months ago)
Did it
Technical Jatt (2 months ago)
India me work kar ta hai
RDN,Your Friend (2 days ago)
Technical Jatt did it arrived??? Please reply.
Hermosa Leo (2 months ago)
I miss having a iPhone ya videos awesome keep up the good work I hope it works
Mr SpookYT (3 months ago)
We have registered it's a chance to win
Akshay Dontula (3 months ago)
Bro help me My survey is so long
jiggly slimegirl (3 months ago)
Is anyone else scrolling thru the comments to see if this works?
Goondula (17 days ago)
jiggly slimegirl ye
Edwin Cho (3 months ago)
jiggly slimegirl Ye!
taylor harris (3 months ago)
Can u get me an iphone x it didn't work
Jamani Moore (1 month ago)
+Paulina Richy mhm I call that fake email
Jamani Moore (1 month ago)
+Paulina Richy who is that
DR. VIVEK BINDRA (3 months ago)
Hello Sir New Upcoming Android phones Business World wide . Self income Parday 50$-100$ Contact me for top ID my Whatsapp +919009375854
taylor harris (3 months ago)
Can I have an iphone xs it didn't work
Mr SpookYT (3 months ago)
I feel so happy but sad for you
Mr SpookYT (3 months ago)
I won it
xXKingJJXx (3 months ago)
dbundus (3 months ago)
and I wanna thro a little bit of rhyme to ya name like Mikenstein is doing his thing just like enstein no albert in it, and he gets hot in it every time he in it, and it makes me sick, wanna s*k his dick, cos he rock with it like the boss no gimmicks. *rhyme ends* I hope you get the beat. not perfect rhyme but I tried though. haha
Ferguson Owede (3 months ago)
Is it for USA alone or global
Heinrich Picar (4 months ago)
Hey bro, just a suggestion, can you upload more legit giveaways you find? Like the one I won from months ago :) thanks!
Heinrich Picar (3 months ago)
+Pineapple Head it's a video he made months ago, it's actually a GoPro giveaway but I won 3rd place which is about $20 and I used that to buy a new pair of spike shoes. Check my channel, you'll see.
Pineapple Head (3 months ago)
Heinrich Picar WHICH ONE TELL ME
Heinrich Picar (3 months ago)
+Mikenstein I mean a similar giveaway like the MacXPro Giveaway 😀
Mikenstein (3 months ago)
I think this could be the last giveaway trick for the channel. Moving on to a better place lol
Tess Loggins (4 months ago)
I want apple watch 4❤️❤️
RedHood AC2 (4 months ago)
It didn't work for me
Sahil Faruk (4 months ago)
I've applied a long time ago and ever since I gave them my email they gave it to other people and they are sending me spam emails I'm not quite sure what products have you gotten and reviewed for them?
GLITCHY AF (4 months ago)
Can you make a video on how to review the product you receive
Mikenstein (4 months ago)
If you wanna know how to review products, check out my other channel https://www.youtube.com/iStein
GLITCHY AF (4 months ago)
I found out how to do it in my country. My question is if I get chosen to get it do I have to review it? Also how do I review it??
Mikenstein (4 months ago)
You'll be using your own facebook page bro
GLITCHY AF (4 months ago)
+Mikenstein and how you find there Facebook page
Mikenstein (4 months ago)
Yes you have to review it. It could be on a blog, youtube channel, or a facebook page.
Philjoseph Bayle (4 months ago)
im sad☹ this legit but not working in my country😭😭
Adewumi Eniola (3 months ago)
+GLITCHY AF please help...Nigeria
Philjoseph Bayle (4 months ago)
hi sir mike. i message you through facebook i hope you read it pls thank you
Mikenstein (4 months ago)
You can try using a US address and get it shipped to you from there.
GLITCHY AF (4 months ago)
Bro what country you live In? I can help you
Haija4real Mona (4 months ago)
Am from Nigeria can it work from Nigeria?
Haija4real Mona (4 months ago)
+MikensteinI can't sign in my mobile contact
Mikenstein (4 months ago)
You could try using a US address and get it shipped to you from there.
aL zaF (4 months ago)
ninyum pannum.ninta ammyum pannuum pundchii monwe arvanii kootiimonwe
sub my channel (4 months ago)
Hi mr am can you do it for me pls i would be very thankful if you give it to me for free and i want this phone because its unique and im only using an old smartphone and i just wanna use this for my education so pls give it to me for free
sub my channel (4 months ago)
Could you give me free pls
Mikenstein (4 months ago)
You wanna use an iphone for your education? Damn, son.
Joshua Dasaro (4 months ago)
Bro love ure vids can i get a shoutout
Joshua Dasaro (4 months ago)
+Mikenstein ookkkay
Mikenstein (4 months ago)
GLITCHY AF (4 months ago)
It won't pop up when I type my address so I can't do this "( BTW I live in australia
GLITCHY AF (2 months ago)
+xkaylaa xD
xkaylaa (2 months ago)
+GLITCHY AF smh, u savage for replying like that xD
GLITCHY AF (2 months ago)
+xkaylaa Ye I knew that ages ago lmao so no thank you to you ;)
xkaylaa (2 months ago)
search up producttesting Australia, thank me later :P
Edwin Cho (3 months ago)
everything gaming pro (4 months ago)
Is it global or only in USA
xkaylaa (25 days ago)
JM adrivan (4 months ago)
Plss giveaway idol plsssss
Rahul dito-o (4 months ago)
We can use in india
Mikenstein (4 months ago)
You can use it anywhere bro
G-bolt (4 months ago)
wow.....i need it now...!!!! plsss
Mikenstein (4 months ago)
Follow the link in the description fast!
KPOP is Life (4 months ago)
Wow! This is good! 👍
Sparkle ChimOcHi (1 day ago)
I finally see one of these people😃😃😃
Mikenstein (4 months ago)
Glad you think so!
A To Z Tricks (4 months ago)
Wow super
TAYLOR TWINS (4 months ago)
I love y’all channel can I please have a shoutout
Mikenstein (4 months ago)
TAYLOR TWINS (4 months ago)

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