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In Home Caregiver Requirements: Our Hiring Process – Family Resource Home Care

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http://www.familyresourcehomecare.com/for-caregivers/caregiver-qualifications Family Resource Home Care provides compassionate in-home care and companionship to seniors, the disabled, and the home bound in the greater Seattle, Washington area. Watch this video to learn about our rigorous hiring standards and how we have built a caring and competent workforce to provide the best home care possible. You can also learn more about us on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/familyresourcehomecare ) - Twitter ( https://twitter.com/FRHomecare ) and Google Plus ( https://plus.google.com/+FamilyResourceHomeCareSeattle ). Watch this short video featuring Sheila McKannay, FHRC’s VP of Client Care - Lorri Howe, our Director of Human Resources - and Shari Crossland, our Client Care Supervisor. Assembling a team of the best caregivers is no easy task – learn how we invest in our employees and caregiver staff and they pay it forward by providing caring and compassionate services to all our clients. This is the foundation on which FHRC was built and why our clients love us ( http://www.familyresourcehomecare.com/testimonials ). Check out how we select and screen caregivers to ensure that they have a spotlessly clean background not just in Washington State, but in every state they’ve lived. Our rigorous standards mean you can be comfortable and trust your Family Resource Home Care caregiver. Beyond background checks and skills certification, we look for a passion to serve and care for others. This is not just a job for FHRC caregivers – it’s their life’s work and what they want to do more than anything. This sensibility translates to an unparalleled quality of care. Learn more about our hiring process and why our caregivers love FHRC as an employer – and why you’ll love our caregivers. We do not use contractors or outsource any services. Every FHRC caregivers is an employee and treated with respect, paid well, and rewarded for consistently excellent service. Watch this short video on senior home care. Seattle area offices for FHRC include our main office near Northgate Mall, Tacoma, and Bellevue. Call us now at (888) 545-1092 if you or a loved one need senior home care in Seattle or companion services. If you’re a dedicated and passionate caregiver looking for an opportunity with FHRC, please call (206) 436-6299 to reach our job line. Click here: http://www.familyresourcehomecare.com/for-caregivers/caregiver-qualifications for a roster of qualifications to be considered for our caregiving team of superstars. Call or click here: http://www.familyresourcehomecare.com/contact-us for office locations – we are happy to come to you at home, in the hospital or other medical facility to discuss your needs and plan your care.
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Benjamar Sarabi (4 months ago)
Do you accept Filipino muslim applicants? Thank you!
Rob M (5 months ago)
Caregiver Organizations can add an additional layer of support for their care receivers by providing them with a customizable Health History Reference Guide they can share with trusted family members and in-home givers. Care receivers can allow information to be provided on their behalf when in crisis with medical emergencies. Please visit DMitchellPublishings.com
Ashley Montenegro (5 months ago)
Can somebody without prior caregiver experience/training apply as a caregiver?
I am What i am (9 months ago)
Hello can I apply as caregiver ?
I am What i am (9 months ago)
Pretty Bee (9 months ago)
Do you hire overseas caregiver?
Viva Mais (10 months ago)
I have 10 years' experience as a caregiver. I am LPN and I work in this area, where I love taking care of people. I would love to work for an old American.
ADORBASAUR (10 months ago)
Is it neglect if my caretaker is paid to take care of me and help with multiple things but doesn't? Also uses my disabilities against me
Viva Mais (10 months ago)
I would take care of you. I have a lot of experience and love for the profession, and more important, love for the human being.
Sheenamae Ortilano (10 months ago)
I have experience caregiver in 3 years but I'm not finish studying,I want work the other place,I'm from Philippines,
Chong Lor (1 year ago)
Great video...BUT...did you really not NOTICE that the social security is showing clearly at 00:58 ?
Dijonne Stricklen (1 year ago)
this. is. a great. job.

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