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How to do, LIVE Algo Trading using Zerodha Kite.

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Algo Trading in India. Algo trading among Indian individual investors and stock traders has gained popularity . Semi-automated to fully automated trading platforms are now available for The Indian Stock Market. Availability of ready made algo trading platforms, has made automated trading more accessible for everyone... Why Stock Traders in India starting to use Algo Trading ? 1) Automated stock screening for matching conditions over large number of stocks. 2) Faster order execution on multiple scrips at the same time. 3) Helps avoid fat finger human errors, associated with placing manual buy & sell orders. 4) Automated exit conditions for Risk management are attached along with the trade entry. 5) Separating human emotions associated from your financial decisions... https://stocksonfire.in/algo-trading/algo-trading-software-developer-coding/ Amibroker AFL Writing and Automation Developers: http://www.tradingcodes.in For Trading system queries, please contact the programmer directly on Phone Number : 728 88 00 845. TIMINGS: Monday to Saturday, 11AM to 8PM. When contacting the programmer, Please be clear with your coding requirements. INFO about the Auto Trading Software used in this Algo Trading Tutorial: AutoTrader is a automated trading, Realtime Data & bulk order software for KITE, ODIN, NOW & NEST (client & dealer) terminals. It has been designed for retail traders, portfolio managers & sub-brokers... http://stocksdeveloper.com/autotrader/ Learn, How to setup ALGO Trader Platform. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eT5708dwjE
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Text Comments (53)
Sumeet Uniyal (2 days ago)
So many reds ....
Narayan Yadav (1 month ago)
video and audio quality problem
raman (2 months ago)
what is the minimum candle time that can be traded automatically? can it place orders on per second candle basis?
Vamsikrishna Narayanam (2 months ago)
If you have tick data it is possible. But minimum allowed is 1 second I guess
Harshal Sajane (2 months ago)
Hello sir it looks good i tried to contact programer on your given no its wrong so let me know where to contact
Vamsikrishna Narayanam (2 months ago)
Its the correct number. May be you have dialed to a different number, You can ping and get details on whatsapp on the same number as well
kj kumar (2 months ago)
If you are using Metatrader 4 or Ami Broker platform We can convert any Strategy or Indicator To Auto Trading Software @ mticharting . com
sankalp srivastava (4 months ago)
Hi.. Did u require any approval from sebi for this fully automated trading?
Sanjay Singh (4 months ago)
Do we have to exit the buy order manually or auto trader will do it automatically after getting set target price. Can we set the stop loss and target price.
Stocks On Fire (4 months ago)
If you are interested in a paid Amibroker AFL coding Service, details on this link: https://stocksonfire.in/algo-trading/algo-trading-software-developer-coding/
Sanjay Singh (4 months ago)
+Stocks On Fire so I need to write formula in amibroker afl. As I am not from programming background how I will be able to do this?
Stocks On Fire (4 months ago)
All Conditions of Entry and Exit are coded in the Amibroker AFL file.
Born2Play (5 months ago)
Bura mat maniye but aapka net ka speed bohut bohut achha hai... Kaunsa use kar rahe hai.. BSNL
Vamsikrishna Narayanam (2 months ago)
Its beam cable . 10 mbps
Mangesh Waghmare (5 months ago)
Sir muje bhi mere AFL pe algo trading karna hai to kita kharch aayega sir
Stocks On Fire (5 months ago)
Please contact the AFL Coding team , info on the link below: https://stocksonfire.in/algo-trading/algo-trading-software-developer-coding/
Moksh Puri (5 months ago)
So if i understand correctly this one is fully automatic trading as compared to Pi bridge or streak which is semi automated, right? Also can we run this on a cloud server or we have to keep running the softwares and pc/laptop throughout?
Stocks On Fire (5 months ago)
Hi, For more information about the Third Party Auto Trader Program used in the Video, please check the video description. About the cloud deployment part, Yes, it is possible.
Narendra N (5 months ago)
Isme bhot danger sir....brokerage may goes to too much than profits....
Vamsikrishna Narayanam (2 months ago)
It depends on strategy sir.
Stocks On Fire (5 months ago)
Your Trading Plan is pre-defined in the Amibroker AFL codes. You can decide in advance how many trades to are allowed take , etc, etc.
Jesse Dutta (5 months ago)
Amibroker Team,gives wonderful assistance to all queries,really recommended.Appreciated for your assistance.
Stocks On Fire (5 months ago)
Glad you are happy with our Amibroker AFL custom coding Service. https://stocksonfire.in/premium/afl-custom-coding-code-correction-service/
Jesse Dutta (5 months ago)
Sir will be able to view me in detail about algo software.I saw in kite,its streak software linked with zerodha,where we can only buy or sell at one time.can you plz give me details information.which software you are using ? how can i contact you
Stocks On Fire (5 months ago)
Hi, For more information on the third party Algo Trading Software used in the Video, Please check the Video Description.
Hari Madhav (6 months ago)
Wow you might have made tons of money!! when you are so confident then why aren't you punching some real quantity instead of 1
srinivas hk (6 months ago)
Nice video. I am new to algo trading. I did not understand how you have placed the targets. Is it also coded?
Vamsikrishna Narayanam (2 months ago)
Yes everything is coded in side the afl
Stocks On Fire (5 months ago)
Yes, Your Trading Strategy and Money Management gets pre-defined in the Amibroker AFL code.
Dinesh b.m (6 months ago)
what about brokerage charges , will brokerage charged for every each punch ?
Stocks On Fire (6 months ago)
Brokerage Charged will be same, as if done Manually for each separate Orders.
Aditya R rai (8 months ago)
Plz provaid videos in Hindi
Vamsikrishna Narayanam (2 months ago)
I will try to post one very soon.
CGTIPZ (8 months ago)
why r u using ami feed when autotrader is giving you real time stock feed..
Vamsikrishna Narayanam (8 months ago)
That also works...you can go with any data provider as well
ramesh jain (9 months ago)
what is the fee
Stocks On Fire (7 months ago)
More Information regarding the Applications used is on the Description of the Video. Please go through that.
amjagtap15 (9 months ago)
Sir, why sometime the order quantity increases to more than 2, I have set only one qty, but still the buy order or sell order qty gets insreased to 3 or 4, I hade to manually squre off the extra orders.
Vamsikrishna Narayanam (9 months ago)
It depends on multiple factors..you might have not set the avoid auto repeat order improperly or you might have moved between charts or you might have started the scanner as fresh.
M S (9 months ago)
why your video is not clear? it is dull
Stocks On Fire (9 months ago)
You can change the Video Quality from the YouTube Player Settings menu.
Jawaharr Lal (9 months ago)
Jawahar LAL OJHA can I use it in arbitrary
Vamsikrishna Narayanam (9 months ago)
Can you please be specific with your question. what do you mean by arbitary
hiren rasania (10 months ago)
hello great video how i can place bracket order for index option with same afl.?
Vamsikrishna Narayanam (9 months ago)
That feature is now available in autotrader but needs some coding effort. You can use available functions
hiren rasania (9 months ago)
nice great Can u make a video for bracket order, placing SL and Trgt and also cancel the order when reverse signal appears.
Vamsikrishna Narayanam (10 months ago)
You can use the parameters to set the required values
Kumar ke jugad (10 months ago)
Sir ye auto trade system kaise milega or kya ye supertrand par bhi work karta h
Stocks On Fire (10 months ago)
Thanks for checking out the video. Yes, you can code your Strategy on Supertrend to work with this System Please contact the strategy developer on http://www.tradingcodes.in/ if you need your strategy coded on Amibroker. The link to the Interface software in provided on the video description, you can download it from there.
parth dhamija (10 months ago)
great video! keep it up :)
Stocks On Fire (8 months ago)
Thank you.
Stocks On Fire (2 months ago)
Amibroker AFL Custom Coding Service And Algo Trading Developers in India. https://stocksonfire.in/algo-trading/algo-trading-software-developer-coding/ AFL Developer is @Vamsikrishna Narayanam who is commenting below. Whatsapp your Coding Requirements to 728 88 00 845.
Anandhan P.T (3 months ago)
how much does it costs to make this algo trading set up?

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