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Try Not To Feel Good Challenge Part 2

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Text Comments (17375)
Itz Eliza xx (13 days ago)
subscribed and notifications on.I love your channel Vlad.
BlackCherryAnimates (1 day ago)
Shahez Shahez *D I s g u S t I n g*
Andrew Bear (1 day ago)
Phantom Angel (2 days ago)
Why does nobody leave the video links in the description...
Gregory Hall (2 days ago)
Itz Eliza xx cool 😎
Rajan Lamichhane (39 minutes ago)
Kong the savage
Frankie Cortes (43 minutes ago)
The fact I can get it right away with a new phone case you want me too I guess I'll be in my head?
8:10 i have lne in my house and the dog is called ‘pomerenians’
Noah (2 hours ago)
Gold is expensive because it's beautiful and rare. It's like dollars. If everyone had more of them, then they wouldn't be rare and less as much worth.
The Painting Demon (4 hours ago)
Why that thumbnail?
MJ Fishing (5 hours ago)
Died or slightly injured are much different dumass
MJ Fishing (5 hours ago)
Holy shcoobles 🤣😂😂🤣☺️🤣🤣
lps_ galaxywish (5 hours ago)
I eat bon bons every day xD
alpha tripticon (7 hours ago)
*4:00* does shivering count?
Shayan Sajjadi (7 hours ago)
The pk peoples outing that on because it’s easy for them to do it
ThunderBEE1 (8 hours ago)
Brass not gold
ThunderBEE1 (8 hours ago)
This guy is really dumb
Elijah Louis-Seize (8 hours ago)
"I want to go on one of those! Look how big it is!" My Reaction: 0_0
RollyPolly 112 (8 hours ago)
If I had a dollar for every time he asked a question I'd be so rich right now
Ella Halloran (8 hours ago)
WTF ABE LINCOLN ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!! our next president is doomed
Gaby Guzman (9 hours ago)
I broke my ankle
JoshyPlayz (9 hours ago)
2:44 I’ve given up in humanity....
Mairi Berrio (9 hours ago)
JIF POM is the dogs name
Tyana Stanley (10 hours ago)
Hey I bet your parents love you and I do to ( not like a bf) as a fan! 💟💟💟💞💞😂
Camron Kwiatkowski (10 hours ago)
Every one of those scratches on the foot that just made me throw up bad
Kiki Master (10 hours ago)
Is that Abraham Lincoln XD (I'm sorry, I know, I know, don't get mad, I just needed to get it out of me XD)
Alfie breeze (10 hours ago)
Still in there
Alfie breeze (10 hours ago)
The only vibrations I got was a fly that flew in my ear at 4 mins 2
Chelseylivly The best (10 hours ago)
Jifpom is the dogs name
Victoria Hightower (11 hours ago)
陈美静 (12 hours ago)
I feel weird
claytulk YT (12 hours ago)
George Washington!
Julian and Andrew Smith (12 hours ago)
Boo is the name of the dog
Jamie Burden (12 hours ago)
Name is boo.😜
Simple Gaming (12 hours ago)
Are u bent
Smiley (13 hours ago)
did hw just call Hitler abraham lincoln?
Karena Atkin (14 hours ago)
Evry one loves u dose ever one love him 💕
Saurab Gurung (14 hours ago)
I didn’t feel good because IT DOESENT FEEL GOOD
nicola Borowska (14 hours ago)
Jeff pom
Tinley Wetter (14 hours ago)
That is your collar bone and That is George Washington
Mg 4 life (14 hours ago)
7:42 I’ve been there it’s called The CNE
Mario Emilia (14 hours ago)
cool bro esti roman 1 advertismentu cu il salut pe gorge si al doilea Vlad il folosesc romani
Super spy Cat (15 hours ago)
The dogs name is Boo or Jiffpom I’m not sure because they are the same breed
Collin Skinner (15 hours ago)
Jeff palm
Ryan Szot (15 hours ago)
This mans has an IQ lower than his age
Ryan Szot (15 hours ago)
3:18 idk what kind of watch u think that is dude, there is only 1 hand and no numbers or marking anywhere, plus all of the moving shit too, like my god dude.
TR-3rdim 60 (15 hours ago)
They are making tekashis hair
Sam WD (15 hours ago)
I don't believe this guy is that oblivious I can't help but feel like he is joking about some of the stuff he is saying how does using the word parallel make you feel smart
Melissa Bell (15 hours ago)
this dood is an ideot
Sam WD (15 hours ago)
Is that Abraham Lincoln I'm just gonna pretend he didn't say that
Renée Lee (16 hours ago)
bon bonss🤤🤤
I'm subscribe it OK your de best youtuber
scooter boys (17 hours ago)
*Hits blunt* 5:23
Ingvild R Iversen (17 hours ago)
mods ops2 (18 hours ago)
I win
Pe Paine (19 hours ago)
salut vlad! Ce faci??? :3
z kiel (20 hours ago)
Do the try to be authentic challenge.
Ariana Grande (20 hours ago)
Why are you so cute 😩😍
Memo Soto (21 hours ago)
Couldnt finish the vid...too annoying
Nile MJ (21 hours ago)
Jiff Pom
Jered Lazaro Films (21 hours ago)
Holy Schoobles 😂
naznin khan (21 hours ago)
Soukaina Zomoraya (23 hours ago)
Hir name is Jiff-pom♥️
PugLover 1247 (1 day ago)
Ok so a volcano also DESTROYED Pompeii and there was a title wave of ash that would have killed anyone that survived the volcano eruption
1:42 vid starts
Catsharkz (1 day ago)
I swear this dude is dumb like... "I don't get why gold is expensive, it's just like a metal... I think I'm not sure" you learn this in like third grade...
Ravenwood Crest (1 day ago)
The dog is called Boo
Crazis1 (1 day ago)
T Th The The d The do The dog The dog’ The dog’s The dog’s n The dog’s na The dog’s nam The dog’s name The dog’s name I The dog’s name is The dog’s name is J The dog’s name is Ji The dog’s name is Jif The dog’s name is Jifp The dog’s name is Jifpo The dog’s name is Jifpom The dog’s name is Jifpo I can’t be bothered but I tried....
Nainai Walk (1 day ago)
That’s jiffpom
Raiden Ratliff (1 day ago)
Your retarded.
BunBonz (1 day ago)
Irzan Khan (1 day ago)
Welp, we've got ourselves a real genius, don't we?
Nolan Reyes (1 day ago)
"I thought it was Abraham Lincoln" That had me too dead
Sophie Werth (1 day ago)
Why is he so stupid did he even go to school
Tilted Edits (1 day ago)
“Are these bon bons” (says sand on the bottom)
Tilted Edits (1 day ago)
“Is that Abraham Lincoln” -A dumb motha fucka
Kermit Dabs (1 day ago)
The dogs name is Jiffpom
Hilario Castillo (1 day ago)
To get free space on the parkore thing tight close are hard to move in
Emilin Martinez (1 day ago)
It pomeranitos moments
Doge The fake (1 day ago)
I feel better than spiderman
ur mom (1 day ago)
*has multiple attacks while watching cause of the stupidity included*
BoX_ MonKey156 (1 day ago)
Damn this guy is a retard
Kurmet Deh Fwag (1 day ago)
His brain functions make me wanna commit Grand Canyon jump
Kurmet Deh Fwag (1 day ago)
This dudes retarded. He called a collarbone a corner bone lol
ur mom (1 day ago)
5:00 because for example, when you’re making icing, you add the dye and then it’s black at first. figure the rest out please.
Jayden Steward (1 day ago)
Cornerbone. Wow. Just wow
Jerome Arbee (1 day ago)
ACR Legends (1 day ago)
No that’s Obama
Gaby Rodriguez (1 day ago)
I love you
Isaiah Hiday (1 day ago)
SaVaGeWoLf 1738 (1 day ago)
Omfg he talks too much
Gamingwithjosh josh (1 day ago)
2:57 that's George Washington xD
Im dead inside (1 day ago)
I Is Is t Is th Is tha Is that Is that A Is that Ab Is that Abr Is that Abra Is that Abrah Is that Abraha Is that Abraham Is that Abraham L Is that Abraham Li Is that Abraham Lin Is that Abraham Linc Is that Abraham Linco Is that Abraham Lincol Is that Abraham Lincoln Is that Abraham Lincoln? Is that Abraham Lincoln Is that Abraham Lincol Is that Abraham Linco Is that Abraham Linc Is that Abraham Lin Is that Abraham Li Is that Abraham L Is that Abraham Is that Abraha Is that Abrah Is that Abra Is that Abr Is that Ab Is that A Is that Is tha Is th Is t Is I I did it
Paris Ann (1 day ago)
Is that Abraham Lincoln um no idk where u r from but in the USA that our first president Washington
The Sauer (1 day ago)
They use baggy clothes because it they allow us to move freely
Dylan Young (1 day ago)
Shut your gay ass up Vlad. Idiot didn't even know that was George washington.. Abraham Lincoln damn you are dumb as fuck .
Christie Nichols (1 day ago)
Its expencive because its very rare to find its not commonly seen
Elephant (1 day ago)
I don’t think you can control feeling good so...
Donald Glover (1 day ago)
I thought the Thumbnail was some straight up ass cheeks. 1 Like 👍 keeps your boy off pornhub.
Priscilla R (1 day ago)
His stupidity makes me laugh so hard😂
Brooke R (1 day ago)
Natalie Brooks (1 day ago)
Is that Abraham lincon *SMH SO HARD*
Its.Tides (1 day ago)
never seen someone so dumb...
Catsharkz (1 day ago)
tbh yeah
Rain Wolf (1 day ago)
For the free running question.Yes it does, we do it because they are less restricting on the legs so we have a better range of motion dancers where them too.

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