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How to Easily Make, Sell, and Market Personalized Scrubs Now!

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Have you decorated scrubs for the many medical professionals out there that wear them daily? Scrubs are often overlooked when it comes to customized apparel or uniforms in the heat printing world. Using heat transfer vinyl, your cutter, and some creativity, you can create personalized scrubs and add to your business line up! WHAT DID WE USE? • The GCC i-Craft Vinyl Cutter • Imprintables Pink Craft Heat Press • SPECTRA® Eco Film heat transfer vinyl (On sale this week for 15% off*) • Weeder • Heat Printing Pillow HOW DID WE MAKE IT? We cut our vinyl using the 12" i-Craft cutter because we were only creating one small left chest design. The sticky mat makes it super easy to use up scrap materials from your larger cutter and eliminate wasting any vinyl. We were able to cut the white Eco-Film and the at the same time! Remember to mirror your designs when working with our cut only heat transfer vinyl! We weeded the design next. Since Eco-Film heat transfer vinyl has a sticky backing, the fine letters were zero trouble. If they peel up a little, or even all of the way, you can just stick them right back down into place. Next step, we heat pressed the design onto the scrub top. We used a heat printing pillow since there were several heavy seams around the area we wanted to apply to. The heat printing pillows absorbed all of the seams and created a level surface for our application. Had we not used it, we wouldn't have gotten even pressure on the vinyl. Uneven pressure can cause your vinyl to not stick initially, or worse, fall off after the customer gets the garment. Not sure where to buy blank scrub tops? A lot of the companies that you are already getting blanks from will have scrubs available as well. Save that shipping and add them onto your next order! SanMar© has a few sets. We also found a site called wholesalescrubsets.com that offers a ton of different styles and options, however, they have a $150 minimum order. So now that you have the know-how, mock up a few design options and show your customers what you can do! Post pictures to your Facebook, Instagram, and website showing that you can offer these custom scrubs. Have an Etsy shop? Throw them on there too! Remember to update your SEO on your Etsy shop so you get the most visits possible! Check out our infographic that shows you all of the healthcare professionals that wear scrubs to work every day! Find it HERE to get ideas of where you can land some scrub uniform jobs. visit our website http://www.imprintables.com/creating-custom-easter-buckets-with-duracal-prints Like Us On Facebook http://www.imprintables.com/scrub-top-heat-transfer-vinyl Follow Us On Twitter https://twitter.com/imprintablesWH Royalty Free Music from Bensound.
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