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Iron Mining | How To Make Everything: Tools (3/6)

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In this episode of How To Make Everything, Andy George heads deep below Earth's surface to mine iron ore. Subscribe to HTME channel: http://bit.ly/1OmesgS For more information and to watch full episodes, go to http://makeeverything.tv Credits Creator and Host Andy George Showrunner Chris Peck Executive Producer Henry Schneider Supervising Producer Brian Stemmler Associate Producer Shelby Fossell Editors Joey Knox-Carr Seth Holst Sound Editor and Composer Taylor Lewin http://taylorlewin.com Camera Operators Jasper Farlow Bryan Politte Illustrator Ryan Maticka Researcher Dan Fahnle Special Thanks Paul and Gretal St. Onge Gilbert Tostevin, University of Minnesota James Pointer, Minnesota DNR David Marietta, Chicago Fire Arts Center http://cafac.org Kevin and Nikki Knapp
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Text Comments (69)
CapnTates (4 months ago)
I wouldn't call meteorites pure iron. Elementary iron; yes. Pure? More often than not, no, it has a lot of contaminants.
tom breslin (14 days ago)
Ester Braxford (7 months ago)
Livin like Minecraft
Diana (1 year ago)
X meteor cannot be forged
Bilbo_Gamers (1 year ago)
The only way to make iron without access to a mine or bogs is to go to a river in an iron rich area, and pan out all the dirt until you have black sand. You melt that down with a bit of coal coke and limestone flux to make raw iron. You then carbodize it by slicing the iron thinly and burning it with graphite (or coal coke) and baking soda (or some other usable salt) in a semi-anaerobic environment, and hammer the carbodized iron back. together into a single billet to make steel.
Michael Wenbing Zhang (1 year ago)
I'm surprised that they gave you a yellow hat instead of white or grey
Despa cito (1 year ago)
Nailed it! Geddit? nail is made by iron
Eric Codecire (1 year ago)
How to get iron: 1. Punch a tree 2. Make a pick axe 3. Mine some stone 4. Make a stronger pickaxe 5. Find coal and mine it 6. Find iron ore and mine it 7. Craft a furnace and smelt the iron.
Ester Braxford (7 months ago)
Eric Codecire No, Steve.
LostHDGamer 23 (1 year ago)
You skipped the Bronze Age dummie
Chase Listorti (1 year ago)
If your making cookies from scratch you can get flour from someone you don't have to make it yourself, so stop complaining he didn't mine his own stuff, that would have taken years also
mohd basri (1 year ago)
Iron is from the surface the dource came from iron bacteria (orange mud slime like) for surface.... is u mine them at underground its considered metal cuz its better iro n
You skipped copper and bronze age
James DeMarr (1 year ago)
I love this dude's stuff. This is my second binge on his content..But I'll never get over that accent. "Dounchaknoow"
Finn Dogg34 (1 year ago)
This is a very big and confusing TOOLCEPTION
FoxFeather (1 year ago)
Dude skipped the bronze age =p
D.dunne (1 year ago)
Stacy plays was in that mine
Doctor Spoden (1 year ago)
I have been there for a field trip
wena busog (1 year ago)
I find this quite scary going real deep into the earth, this for me takes a lot of courage. :/
The Rocket Nerd (1 year ago)
Minecraft in real life.
Andrxwc (1 year ago)
Now can we mine some diamonds ;)
Reality (1 year ago)
Give him a break, guys. So what he didn't dig his own mine. It would take him years to do that by himself
Hayden Jay (1 year ago)
I've been to that mine!! So cool!
Bilbo_Gamers (1 year ago)
666 likes. Fr33ky.
Paul Vanukoff (1 year ago)
mathias (1 year ago)
he didn't make his own helmet :(
w wyborn (1 year ago)
so this series is basically a real life Minecraft tutorial
jacker372 (1 year ago)
should have started off with an easier metal to smelt
Are there other sizes of soda available in this state, or only Mini?
Austin Satoskar (2 years ago)
2018 How to make your own spaceship.
JRAB FILMS (2 years ago)
and they said Minecraft wouldn't help
Hyun J (2 years ago)
Miner looks like Steve Jobs
Knaten _ (2 years ago)
How to get iron: go down a pre-dug mine and get handed a chunk of iron ore. How did you go from knapping stone tools to extracting iron?
Bilbo_Gamers (1 year ago)
The answer is you don't. Not in one generation
Jacob Coy (1 year ago)
It might have been one of those situations where he wasn't allowed to do something
JRAB FILMS (2 years ago)
Knaten _ maybe they couldn't dig?
A A (2 years ago)
I went there in irl but I went to the labtory
Grease (3 years ago)
What city in Minnesota? I'm in Rochester myself
Lim Xuan Ting (3 years ago)
you didnt dig your own mine...
Courtney's Creations (9 months ago)
Shut up leave him alone he did all that work to make tools in a collection of vids spending money for those experiences so let him be and stop hating cause no one likes a HATER
Mindwipe96 (1 year ago)
Can’t iron be mined from caves? You don’t have to dig a cave.
lastplace199 (1 year ago)
Cameron Speer I honestly think he should have with the bog iron rather than the mine. That way he wasn't using an premade mine or spending the time to dig his own.
Letter L (1 year ago)
Hallelujah! PRAISE JESUS!
xIceyy (1 year ago)
Lim Xuan Ting would you like to spend years digging underground or go to an already built min
bandrukesucks (3 years ago)
That's great and all if you want to start a corporation that mass produces iron, but how do you mine iron if you don't have access to any metal. I want to know how you go from sticks and stones to metal!!! Do you chisel and smelt with wood, clay, and stone? How is it done? If all metal on Earth was re-deposited back into the ground or if you weren't even on Earth hypothetically speaking, how would you start over? That's what I want to know. Not these fancy metal machines helping you get more metal. I want zero metal to get metal. How do you do that??? Do you Bust out brittle ores with a wooden sledge? Do you steal salts from a volcano and blow up a vein? How do you get from step 1 of having no metal to step 2 of having metal??
corinne sousa (20 days ago)
check out codes lab!
Cryptolocker (6 months ago)
They literally talked about it in the video. Bog Iron. You could walk through a virgin bog back in the day and get plenty of iron to get started. You could then do like the Primitive Technology channels and make charcoal and at least do some rough forging with giant wooden mallets. Would be back breaking, time consuming work.
Noah Mitchell (1 year ago)
Eric Minecire lmao false minecraft knowledge right here
Eric Codecire (1 year ago)
You can mine iron ore with a stone pickaxe
SkyKnlght (1 year ago)
bandrukesucks lookup bloomery furnace
StephySon (3 years ago)
I keep imagining how terrifying it'd be to be trapped in a mine.
StephySon (2 years ago)
+gaa N What?
Alex92kronus (3 years ago)
How do they even find iron? I mean it's half a mile under the surface
Linus Chaple (3 years ago)
+Alex92kronus that was just in that spot because there was a large layer of iron ore then because of a fracture it got put on a 78 degree angle and it actualy was at the top and they mined along the layer down till it just wasant worth it anymore, and iron is pretty common you can find it just about anywhere
Elijah Leal (3 years ago)
Hope you get more views/subs! These videos are very inspiring!
ExTaCiii (3 years ago)
All I can think about is minecraft.I also subbed!
ExTaCiii (2 years ago)
Noice thank you kind stranger!
Bobby White (2 years ago)
Please venture into a mineshaft and get stuck, minerbuddies
Fuck Jews (2 years ago)
Then I suggest you kill yourself.
ExTaCiii (3 years ago)
GtaV reference to trevor,*Scooterbuddies Video* In case you didn't get the joke :P
ExTaCiii (3 years ago)
NelsonDiningHall (3 years ago)
Hey I've been to the Soudan mine!
Linus Chaple (3 years ago)
+NelsonDiningHall its awesome there
Luc Gendrot (3 years ago)
Isn't this the mine Steven Fry went to in "Stephen Fry in America"?
Zach Kayle (3 years ago)
great videos - keep them coming
R3D24 (3 years ago)
So... Where's part 4? Or is part 5 actually part 4?

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