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Big Caterpillar Coal Mining Equipment Video 2

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cat 785b, 992c, and d11r
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thats a cool video! I work for Caterpillar Reman in West Fargo. We rebuild engines, transmissions, and final drives. I put together carriers which holds the shafts and gears in the final drive.
jeremy lee (7 years ago)
i wonder how mutch one of the trucks coasts
MorteFortuna (7 years ago)
song? nickleback rox
Andrew nagle (7 years ago)
the cat 992 c that is one old machine but it is verynice video keep it up
Fernando Souza (8 years ago)
belas maqnas!!!
G Man (8 years ago)
Great vid! Awesome CAT equipment in this vid!
wilatemodel (8 years ago)
good video,..But i had 2 listen 2 it on mute. I hate that song,those guys always seem like their "whineing"...kinda depressing...but the video was good!
irishmanO1 (9 years ago)
awesome video 5/5
328DLCR (9 years ago)
do tell!
315DL (9 years ago)
It's taconite mining. So it is a pretty large operation. Huge open pit mines. My uncle works for the Duluth-Missabe Iron Range railroad. It's pretty neat. I hope to get pretty close to the machines. That's like my dream!
328DLCR (9 years ago)
Sounds like a large operation
328DLCR (9 years ago)
They work with them, but not all the time
Robert844 (9 years ago)
wow but still thats alot of money just sitting there rusting.they should have at least primered the cab.
315DL (9 years ago)
I will for sure! I believe they have 12 994s and 5 LeTourneau loaders... can't rememeber the models.. but they are working 24/7!!
328DLCR (9 years ago)
Yep that's him. Get vids too!
328DLCR (9 years ago)
Thanks! I guess there's no work for it
Robert844 (9 years ago)
wow great pics.why are they letting the 992 rust?
315DL (9 years ago)
is that Vinny @ 2:00? Nice pictures! Im goin to the mines in northern MN later later next year! i will definatley get pictures!
328DLCR (9 years ago)
328DLCR (9 years ago)
justin gilliland (9 years ago)
Nice video man
328DLCR (9 years ago)
Eastern pa
328DLCR (9 years ago)
eastern pa, sorry, i didnt check
testa375L (9 years ago)
awesome job sal 5*****
bigpete405 (9 years ago)
where is that? I want to see those in person also. Your lucky
generationll (9 years ago)
Where abouts in PA?What year is the 992C?

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