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P.U.P. Reps Say There’s No Division in the Party

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For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/ There was some straight talk on Tuesday by the P.U.P. southern caucus chair, Mike Espat, as well as from Cayo South Area Rep Julius Espat and Cayo Northeast Orlando Habet. The area reps spoke after a meeting with the Belize Progressive Party and activists’ organizations. That encounter in Belmopan was at the invitation by the small groups looking for convergence in saying ‘NO’ to the I.C.J. in respect of the Guatemalan claim. Today, the P.U.P. reps sent out a release attempting to dispel any notion that there is division within the party and that the meeting was an affront to Leader John Briceño. Briceño’s personal position has been one of yes to the I.C.J., but he has also said that party members can exercise a conscious vote. The southern caucus release states, “We wish to take this opportunity to clarify and underline that as members of the People’s United Party, we freely attended in a spirit of the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. We believe that this pursuit is required of us to be the best possible representatives of our constituencies. Our party has taken the democratic position that all members of the P.U.P. are free to vote their conscience on this national issue that transcends party politics. We also want to dispel any and all speculations that our actions are emblematic of a division within or party or an affront to our party leader. On the contrary, we commend our Party Leader’s inclusive and democratic stance on this matter which the Belizean people will recognize as important qualities we desire for better leadership in our country.” For context, this is what was said:
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