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Create a workflow application, using Google DOCS, in 5 mins. Quote, accept and shipping process (I)

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This video demonstrates how, in 5 minutes, you can create and run your business process in the cloud - supporting (1) create a quote, the acceptance by the customer and the shipment of the product from the warehouse. Part I contains 3 workflow steps with authorization (3 groups) and has expressions and rules implemented. The result is truly business critical web application that can support 1,000's of users.
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Nada RIAHI (2 years ago)
Hello, Nice job Could you plz send me the code source ?
LiquidSequence (3 years ago)
Recently released our  Javascript library; front-end developers can develope any UI. Saves time, with structured, well document code and Harmony taking care of all back-end processing ! See our sample solution http://liquidsequence.com/CollaborationPortal.html
Edward M. Roche (3 years ago)
Are you open to writing a custom application? If so, let me know.
LiquidSequence (3 years ago)
+Edward M. Roche Hi Edward, yes we do [write custom apps], from straightforward [approval type of workflows] to "complex" and even with full UI customization (see http://liquidsequence.com/CollaborationPortal.html ). Please let me know what you're looking for, even better share some documentation with us and I'll let you know within 24 hrs Kind regards Nanno van der Laan
Ivan Vaghi (4 years ago)
This is really nice. Is there anything I can try?
LiquidSequence (4 years ago)
+Ivan Vaghi Ivan, prices are at http://liquidsequence.com/Pricing.html In case you require special "team" pricing contact me via our website (or LinkedIn, or Google+)
Ivan Vaghi (4 years ago)
Super, I'll do it closer to Xmas so I'll have the time to experiment :-)   What are your rates after the trial period? I have to make sure I can scale it up to the team and freelancers working with me.
LiquidSequence (4 years ago)
Hi Ivan,  sure we'll be happy to provide you a free 30day trial  .. select 30 day trial from our website contact form & please provide your details: http://liquidsequence.com/contact.html  and we'll grant you access to one of our demo environments Best Nanno 
LiquidSequence (5 years ago)
Hi Shalonda, we're not in the Google Marketplace (yet). We're currently developing a number of standard applications which, once ready, will be made available in G-Market. Today Harmony is positioned as platform to configure (instead of code) applications. Hope the answer is clear enough. You can check out the news section on our website (one of the forthcoming apps is Fashion Efficiency Suite - containing standard apps like CRM )
Shalonda Sanders (5 years ago)
Hi. I was curious about the "Harmony" login you referred to... what is that? Is it available in the Google Marketplace???

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