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2011 Triumph Speed Triple - GPR exhaust

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G.P.R. single low exhaust with carbonox finish, fitted to 2011 Speed Triple. Couldn't rev it much, close proximity neighbours start freaking out. It's a lot louder than the stock setup.
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Colin Knight (1 year ago)
Did you remove the mesh metal gasket on the stock header before slipping the new exhaust on? I ordered a GPR pipe but the connecting piece won't fit because of the mesh gasket. Seems sketchy to take it out, exhaust leaks, etc.
greenrolaids (1 year ago)
and on a rainy weekend the exhaust fills with water.. rusting from the inside out.
One Wheel Drive (1 year ago)
Sounds better with the baffle which is baffling
The Incredible Sulk (1 year ago)
Did you get any flames out of it during down shifts? How did the quality of the exhaust hold up?
morbo1122 (2 years ago)
Sorry chap, don't remember, and I no longer have a bike. Someone ran me over on my Ducati back in May, in parked traffic! Bike destroyed and I was nearly killed. Only just got out of medical rehab last weekend, and I'm still far off 100%. Watch out for nutters!
lukaszg74 (2 years ago)
Sorry to hear that buddy wish you the best
lukaszg74 (2 years ago)
Hi Morbo any chance you can tell me what model of gpr you have on your bike . I'm looking to buy one of this for my speedy and there is few exhaust on gpr website looking preaty similar
shaneweightman (2 years ago)
Got my pipe today and fitted ..video to follow at the wk end ..impressed so far and I paid 275 for mine off eBay cheers shane
shaneweightman (2 years ago)
On the basis of this video I have ordered one and will also make a video review this wk thanks shane ..my bike 2011 speed
lmind2 (3 years ago)
1:13 to skip the intro and get to him starting the bike.
JakeThePeg83 (3 years ago)
Screw the neighbours! Rev away!
Dennis Keurhorst (3 years ago)
if you let the inside bafler in and the other one at the end out how dous it sound then ?
Ben Clarkson (4 years ago)
Close to neighbours?? Why not film the vid away from others?
extraandy118 (4 years ago)
Hi, what's the GPR like I'm also thinking of getting it for my speed. Thanks
Daniel Tojcic (4 years ago)
mikerjuk (4 years ago)
Street = 675cc triple, Speed=955cc or 1050cc triple. The Street triple is smaller, lighter and more agile, but doesn't have the impressive torque of the Speed Triple.
Liam J (4 years ago)
Nice, still shows off the single swingarm.
Pie (5 years ago)
No baffles! Let the world hear you coming!
whatamoto (5 years ago)
Ah sweet sound!
Janosch pöllen (5 years ago)
Hey just one question. Is the Power still the same ?( wiht both db killers) thx great bike and great exhaust ;-)
Jason Daniel (5 years ago)
Cool video. Sweet bike, too. I hope to one day have one of my own. Thanks for sharing.
Anderson C (5 years ago)
What is the difference between the "Street Triple" and the "Speed Triple"?
mofobro23 (5 years ago)
What tires are these? Sounds great.
billynightmare (5 years ago)
just watched your video , lush bike you have there m8, do you still own it? if you do whats it like a couple years older still going strong, I am very tempted to buy one but unsure
RC Nut (5 years ago)
Yea it's all fitted, and looks great and sounds good with and with and without the baffles in. Defiantly recommend it to anyone thinking about it.....
morbo1122 (5 years ago)
Hope you'll be pleased with it Darrell
RC Nut (5 years ago)
i was looking for a low exhaust for my trumpet and after seeing this video i've ordered one, cant wait for it to arrive know :-)
DB KILLER (5 years ago)
morbo1122 (5 years ago)
I think it was just the positioning of the can in relation to the indicator. Have since removed the rear indicators and fitted an integrated tail light, which is very nice indeed!
DB KILLER (5 years ago)
DB KILLER (5 years ago)
Your indicator is melting because certainly you took off the db-killer, right?
morbo1122 (5 years ago)
Just an update, minor problem with the exhaust heat aiming directly at that right rear indicator... which is now melting a bit. I think an integrated tail light might be in order.
morbo1122 (5 years ago)
I think it's great. Last bike was a Z750, certainly feels like an upgrade moving to the Speedy, but it's as agile as you like around town.
morbo1122 (5 years ago)
morbo1122 (5 years ago)
R&G tail tidy
unknownfox1994 (5 years ago)
By reading the description It has come to my conclusion that you're neighbors are Bitches.
Hi. I need some oppinion about the speed triple. How is it for a common daily use just in the street? Ill apreciate your help so much
tojo1050 (5 years ago)
sounds good bro
jerkywez83 (5 years ago)
What brand fender eliminator is that?
prince07799 (5 years ago)
Hello mate how is the bike running with the can fitted im lookin at buyin the same one, cheers
Wes Crawen (6 years ago)
Really nice pipe! It's sad when neighbours don't ride bikes!
The Crumble (6 years ago)
Got one of these for my 05 Speed Triple. You can hear it in action on my vids. I have kept one baffle in and it still sounds great-looks the dogs dangles too :)
Alan Chapman (6 years ago)
Excellent vid bud, sounds brilliant with or without that baffle, I've just bought one, there on offer at 299 with free delivery, anyway would love to hear it with no baffles, the way I'll be fitting mine, delivery in under two weeks apparently, no rush tho, haven't got the bike yet lol
John Stowell (6 years ago)
Sounds like a beauty. I love these bikes.
george popadopolous (6 years ago)
That looks shit house!
morbo1122 (6 years ago)
The version I have has two baffles, both of which can be removed. I run it with both baffles fitted and it still sounds bonkers. I wasn't aware there was an alternative version.
Ted Conn (6 years ago)
did you get the "full power" version? There are comments around saying you can't remove the full baffle from the full power version and now I'm confused as to which one I should get? There are exactly two different sellers on ebay and the price difference is about 100USD
mikedos413 (6 years ago)
Beautiful bike, i've always liked the look of the Honda and Yamaha brand street bikes but when i got a look at the new speed triples by triumph, i gotta say i've taken quite a liking to them
morbo1122 (6 years ago)
Cheers. Bought the exhaust off an ebay seller brand new. I contacted GPR in Italy but never got a reply. As for remapping... it runs ok with the standard map but I used TuneECU to stick the low boy map on the bike. Runs smoother than the standard map but ideally a custom tune would be better, something for next year. I run it with both baffles in, but it makes no difference... it's loud. Roll off the throttle and you'll hear machine gun fire. Will get some on-the-road footage soon.
kolabrou (6 years ago)
nice bike set up.
champion7o (6 years ago)
Great looking exhaust.. Thanks for posting video. Been thinking about buying one for mine. Did you buy from Italy or uk dealer, did your bike require remapping etc? Many thks.............

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