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Personality development: Soft Skill -Overcoming Stage fear

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Demonstration on overcoming stage fear. Overcoming inhibition.
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khusboo maurya (22 minutes ago)
And thanks
khusboo maurya (22 minutes ago)
Very very nic video sir
vcaninspire (12 minutes ago)
Thank you khushboo
Vikash Kumar (1 hour ago)
Sir kya baat hai
vcaninspire (12 minutes ago)
Thank you Vikash
puspa bharti (3 hours ago)
Wow jhakassssssssssssssssssssss sir
vcaninspire (13 minutes ago)
Thanks Pushpa
MONIKA INGALE (4 hours ago)
Bahut khup sir..
vcaninspire (13 minutes ago)
Thank you Monika
ANUJ KUMAR (17 hours ago)
Tu ravi shanker haan haan tu hee ho sakta hai
vikash Dangayach (22 hours ago)
Sir Ripley to kro
vcaninspire (14 hours ago)
विकाश, हमारी संस्था हिनू, रांची, झारखंड में है। 9431175917।
vikash Dangayach (23 hours ago)
Sir yh course mujhe bhi KR na hai yh course sir Mai Jaipur se hu
Arif salgar (23 hours ago)
Good teaching
Sudhir Shukla (1 day ago)
Very nice sir....aapke jaise teachers ki need hai...india ko!!!!! salute to you Sir 🙏
vcaninspire (1 day ago)
Thank you Sudhir. I loved your encouragement.
Raju Das (1 day ago)
Dar ke age jit he....
Raju Saw (2 days ago)
by h thanks xax
Arbind Soni (2 days ago)
Mast video very comedy..
Faizan Haider (2 days ago)
Sir apne classes ka address btaoo
Yadav Monu (3 days ago)
Through out watching many bullshit videos I came to know this video today. You are one of the best and pragmatic teachers . Sir! You are superb ,awesome and beyond the imagination. The way you make them deal with each other is awesome. The way you are learning them to achieve confidence or removal of fear is outstanding. Keep it up. May Almighty shower his bliss on you!
Yadav Monu (3 days ago)
+vcaninspire welcome !keep it up sir!
vcaninspire (3 days ago)
Thank you hugely. I am thrilled to read your appreciation. It is a rare quality to admit the prowess of someone so candidly. I am encouraged to keep doing such videos. The channel name is vcaninspire.
anurag kumar (3 days ago)
Sir you are a good teacher. The method of your training is awesome.....
vcaninspire (3 days ago)
Thank you so much. Plz look up other videos on vcaninspire
Aman Ahuja (4 days ago)
ACV ART (4 days ago)
really nice
Wakil Ahmad (4 days ago)
youngsters Mania (4 days ago)
Waqqh re paaglo ki fauz h .. but allover is very relaxing. . and a time with freeness
Vikash Kumar (4 days ago)
Super vidio
Royal Status (5 days ago)
Sir ye class kha h meko v join krna h.. Mujhe Confidence level improvement krna h
Sachin Gupta (5 days ago)
Any have to achieve competence then will come confidence.
Sachin Gupta (5 days ago)
I think without knowledge No one can achieve the confidence.
Nikhil Kolape (4 days ago)
100% true
RISHABH JAIN (5 days ago)
superb video😃😃😃😃
Jitu Sinha (5 days ago)
Kash Mai aise clss ka hisa hota
Tauseef 1 Khan1 (6 days ago)
2:00 WTF was that?? 😂😂😂😂
Sk Graphic world (6 days ago)
वाह भाई सेटिंग Sir
Sk Graphic world (3 days ago)
tum kudh deklho kya kr rhe ho.. fir kehna ok
vcaninspire (5 days ago)
Jis par dhyaan do vahi nazar aayega.
uzair Khan (6 days ago)
Pagal hai sab k sab
vcaninspire (5 days ago)
Siikhne mae pagal hi hona padta hai.
Zahran Hussain (6 days ago)
Hello sirr
vcaninspire (6 days ago)
BITTU KUMAR (6 days ago)
Great working sir 💓💓💓 Thank you very much sir Jee 🇮🇳🌹
BITTU KUMAR (6 days ago)
Mind blowing sir Jee 🇮🇳🌹.
Jonny Dock (6 days ago)
Doing great job.
vcaninspire (6 days ago)
Thank you Jhonny
vcaninspire (6 days ago)
Thank you Jhonny
RAHUL PANWAR (7 days ago)
Sir address ky hai academy
vcaninspire (6 days ago)
Hinoo, Ranchi. Jharkhand
Reena Salvi (7 days ago)
Super teacher
Ram Arvind (7 days ago)
Superb work
NAIB KHAN (7 days ago)
so sweet sir very nice
shaikh musheb (7 days ago)
Sir me ek motivational speaker hu muje aapka contec karna hai
vcaninspire (7 days ago)
SAOOD SAYYED (8 days ago)
😆🤣🤣🤣 what's going on Bnd kr re bhaaai 😅😅🤣🤣
Gopal saw (8 days ago)
Aaj ke time me en chijo par kabu krna jaruri h thanks
suhail khan k (8 days ago)
Kya chutiyapa h
I am Ashutosh (8 days ago)
People may say that its comedy but its one of the best way to get rid of stage fear . If your are not humiliated in front of all you cant get more open on stage .
vcaninspire (8 days ago)
I love your observation. Absolutely right you are.
David M. Andrews (8 days ago)
ℑ 𝔞𝔪 𝔫𝔬𝔴 𝔪𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔣𝔢𝔰𝔱𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔞𝔩𝔩 𝔬𝔣 𝘮𝘺 𝘥𝘦𝘴𝘪𝘳𝘦𝘴 > https://bit.ly/2SOYd0F?-lawofattraction-and-christianityyy-171
Ashish Mohapatra (8 days ago)
chutiyapa 😂😂😂
ABHIJIT JANA (8 days ago)
Nice teaching
Sharban Kumar (9 days ago)
Ohoonoo very funny but bahut maza aaya
manish ranjan (9 days ago)
Bahut sahi..
Suraj Dubey (9 days ago)
Teacher ho to essa😀😀😀😀
CIVil samasya (9 days ago)
Kha pr ye tutiton ch rha hai.. Guru jee Ka dance lajawab hau
Utha le re baba mere ko nahi in sab ko
vinayak bhatt (9 days ago)
😂😂😂😂useless garbage
Jay Meena (9 days ago)
thank you very much sir for uploading this video because when i watching your student's reaction, i thought my old classes when i was in the government school and my English teacher always used to do this and i would do this earlier and i wanted to do a lot fun but my class had some moron students who didn't want and today i have enjoyed a lot when i was watching your video and i know every students is completely different to do this but some students come from town areas and they come in any other new city to study that time they feel nervous but if they get a lot of types teacher so they can have a better person on around them area and i also thank you sir that you have been doing better work for rural areas students , thank you again sir......
vcaninspire (9 days ago)
Thank you so much Jay, for such a detailed observation. I appreciate your time spent on it. I will continue to work for all of you.
Kishu Tripathi (9 days ago)
Bahut Acchi training thi 😍
Vijay Vishvakarma (9 days ago)
Ye pakka seting kara dega banda
COMPETITION IQ (9 days ago)
Achche khase logo ko bandar bana diya isne
Rahul negi (10 days ago)
is video ko dekhne ke baad dar bilkul khatam ho gya
Rahul negi (9 days ago)
+vcaninspire sir u r really inspiring our youth jai hind
vcaninspire (9 days ago)
Yahi chahta bhi thaa. Thank you Rahul
Copy Paste (10 days ago)
🎒🎒🎒🎒कौन - कौन इस video को 2019 मे देख रहे है जरा like कर दीजिए।। हो सके तो comment भी।।।।🎒🎒🎒🎒
sudhanshu Srivastava (9 days ago)
vcaninspire (9 days ago)
मेहेरबानी आपकी
Bindeshwar Mahato (10 days ago)
aisa teacher har jagah par hona chahiye
Prince Saini (10 days ago)
Nice to funny vedio
Rahul negi (10 days ago)
kya sir kapil sharma show band karwaoge aap
Love you sar j🙏🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Sanjay Kumar (10 days ago)
Ananth Rao (10 days ago)
Some people have no knowledge this man is actually trying to help these young people to come out of their fear of networking and shyness, making them feel that not to care about what people would think and talk about them. Even if you watch acting class training first they remove fear by making you do all funny things and some people don't understand it may be acting Or In any other field the fear about what people might think makes them a failure.
Right bro
vcaninspire (10 days ago)
Thanks a lot for understanding and explaining in depth. You did me a great favor. This is exactly what I was doing. Plz watch our other videos and website.
PRABAL SINGH (11 days ago)
Nautanki.. 😜 😜 😜
Divya Sharma (11 days ago)
Bhut Aache
Irfan Ahmed (11 days ago)
Yar ye Indians ky chehro sy ghurbat q tapak rh hti hy. I know India dunya ka ameer tareen mulk hy.
U can visit on my channel
sonit panwar (4 days ago)
afroj chuahan (12 days ago)
Sale personality develop kar rha He ke donky bana rha he
RUPESH J (12 days ago)
Abdul Wadood (12 days ago)
Great sir g
Delhi Mart (13 days ago)
बकवास है
Jainy Brithwal (13 days ago)
hahahahahaha supb
Sushanta Barman (13 days ago)
Aplogone to bohot bori comedian bon gaye hain !!!! In mein class nei comedy show huwa hain !
BOLLYWOOD #Brand (13 days ago)
Himmat h to video or comments dono sath sath dekho......mai hste hste phone gira dya 😂😂😂😂
BOLLYWOOD #Brand (13 days ago)
Haso hahaha hahah......😂😂😂😂
Shafiq Malik (13 days ago)
Nitin Jangid (14 days ago)
fantastic sir this video super great i also like sir
vcaninspire (14 days ago)
Thanks a lot
sanju meena (14 days ago)
Ya ya
Aashu MASHI (14 days ago)
Sir gud mind blowing ....thnxxx sir mujhe bi Dr lgta hai thoda stage pr Jane pr.....
nitin boss (12 days ago)
Agr apko free me skill development and personality development karna hai to...reply me... Phle mai v darta tha but now i m speaking good..
Bheem Kumar (14 days ago)
Ye boys to bahut hi say h, girls ko thori or development ki jarurat h, or rhi bat comedy ki to mere English class me hamlog kuch jada hi comedy kr lete h, or in teacher se jada mere English k professor Dr. Jyotish Prasad jada hasate h, or acting yaha tk krwate h.......ek boy husband bnta h or ek girl wife bnti h, or honeymoon ka scene chalta h, kvi ek boy mother banti h, ek boy father bnta h, or 3-4 student unke bachhe bnte h or husband wife me or ek baby planning krne k liye wad-wiwad kraya jata h, antar sirf ek hi chij ka. ki sabka distance me deference bna hua rahta h, savi apne apne bench se hi khede hokr bolte h, Class every week only monday, wednesday or saturday ko 8am se start hota h and above 40 student to regular rahte h class me, Mindblowing Class. . . I think pure Jharkhand me inse better teacher(महागुरु) ab tk nhi dekha or na hi suna. He is tha best, superb, A++.
Trilok Singh (14 days ago)
Very nice I got a new idea from this video...Thanks again ...
krk r (14 days ago)
Best method of teaching sir
Prem Shahu (15 days ago)
Sir, we also have to take admission in this academy.
vcaninspire (15 days ago)
Ranchi Jharkhand. Office at Hinoo
Parkash Chand (15 days ago)
Preeti (16 days ago)
Ashutosh Tripathi (16 days ago)
Mst hai,,
Desai Vijay (16 days ago)
bc ye YouTube pe atyachar hai... aaj kal ki yuva ko koi bhi chutya bana sakta hai... behad sharmnak..
vcaninspire (16 days ago)
आप बेहतर तरीका बतातें।
Lordsamad (16 days ago)
kiya cuteappa h sir
vcaninspire (16 days ago)
Jo vidhi pasand nahi vah aapke nazar mae ....... hota hai.
Suraj Singh (16 days ago)
Seema Devi (17 days ago)
Good teacher Aise he cls me padhana chahiye
vcaninspire (16 days ago)
Thank you Seema
Manoj Patel (17 days ago)
Nice training
Angel Snehu (17 days ago)
Meri to hsii hi nhi ruk rhi😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Top housefull movies (18 days ago)
Sir main bhe PD ka course kiya but aap jaisa training nhi mila... You are great sir
vcaninspire (17 days ago)
बहुत धन्यवाद् । ख़ुशी हुई यह पढ़कर।
STUDY & ROMANCE (18 days ago)
Nice video
unique persona2014 (18 days ago)
If any one wants to change his\her personality don't forget to visit our website: www.uniquepersonatrainings.com
dasharath ramkham (18 days ago)
Very nice teaching
vcaninspire (18 days ago)
Thank you Dasharath
Saanu Jii (18 days ago)
jitu kumar (19 days ago)
Osm video sir
jitu kumar (18 days ago)
+vcaninspire u welcome sir
vcaninspire (18 days ago)
Thank you Ajeet
Farid Ahmed (19 days ago)
it is very important for people we can Lear easily thanks for make this video and please go ahead for more motivational videos

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