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Money Exchange

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First time we exchange our Australian Dollars in Kuta Bali
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Doug Smith (2 years ago)
Nice pleasant exchange. . the way it should be..👍
Anna Kashpruk (2 months ago)
Thank you for your video!! Oober Wallet presents the fastest way to exchange currency & cryptocurrency. Find more on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIrHzoLXqNk It can be interesting for you. Ask any questions in comments.
mout jooy (8 months ago)
Nihar Creation (9 months ago)
Where you were exchange money ?
Zuhair Ahmed (4 months ago)
Ray Milbrandt is it legal?
Ray Milbrandt (9 months ago)
Matahari in kuta square, Kuta , Bali , Indonesia
Balram Yadaw (10 months ago)
Imranshaikh Imranshaikh (10 months ago)
How can do I have 2013 idonasian rupees
Ray Milbrandt (1 year ago)
With a $100 you can be a millionaire with Rupiah :-)
Wow, do you feel like a rich person after those stack of money lol
Kiwi MGTOW (5 months ago)
No because Rupiah is worthless
Marcus Sumo (1 year ago)
Khizar Daya (8 months ago)
Marcus Sumo heue snjs e bhwbwbe uu3h2bwhbs e ehe

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