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HR Basics: Recruitment & Selection

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Vivek Sharma (5 months ago)
We've designed a revolutionary hiring tool which will help you save time by identifying Talent Fit and cultural fit quickly. The tool is eHarmony for recruiting and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and people analytics in a cool, fun software made for recruiters. We would love to walk you through a 20 min demo with HumanTelligence™. For a limited time, we are giving 1-month FREE TRIAL if you book a demo session with us this month – http://www.human-telligence.com/recruiting-software/
Castle J (1 year ago)
Manal Ashraf (1 year ago)
VaxyZz (2 years ago)
I have homework to do with this video...
Festus Malenga (3 years ago)
This is nice
madhusudan sapkota (3 years ago)
jumpAmonkey (4 years ago)
This is such typical HR BS spinning. He's great at spinning the story but has NO CLUE how to get it done. In 15 years consulting to these people (making mid six figures doing their jobs for them), what I learned is to NEVER have an HR department in my own companies and they run much better as a result. Jack Welch said it best "We want more people selling and fewer people in HR because God only knows what they do."
Pugios leong (4 years ago)
can i know the name of the person which presenting? i need to write a references.. thanks.. and  can I know the book name that he mentioned??
People Squad Solutions (4 years ago)
Hi Pugios. My name is Jeremiah Byrnes and the book is Good To Great by Jim Collins. We have switched to a new channel: youtube.com/user/peoplesquadvideo. Please subscribe.
basilammash (4 years ago)
People Squad Solutions (4 years ago)
Thanks. All our new videos are at: youtube.com/user/peoplesquadvideo
Anthony Stark (5 years ago)
I'm going through a major career change. I can't wait to start school in this. It will be a weird yet re-assuring feeling.
Sandra Auro (5 years ago)
I agree but no one listen to this everyone get the job as HR they take and never did what you see it
Ashok Savalgimath (6 years ago)
Super sir... keep updating.
Madhusudan Dadhich (6 years ago)
Well said..!! I agree with your point of view.

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