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What Are Your Salary Expectations? Learn How To Answer This Interview Question ✓

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✅My Interview Preparation MasterClass is now on YouTube! You can watch it here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mXG3AiXVMY This is how to answer the dreaded salary expectations/salary requirements interview question. Hope you benefit from it! This is by far one of the most controversial topics. Everybody seems to have an opinion about that. Most HR or recruiters say that you should give a range. I think differently. As always, before I can give you a straight up answer there are a few things I need to know. 1) Who is asking this question? Is it a headhunter, HR, or the hiring manager? So, let’s see the possible scenarios first Scenario 1: From a headhunter. So, you are just interviewing with a recruiter or headhunter Scenario 2: From HR or internal recruiter Scenario 3: From the Hiring Manager Scenario 4: From the Hiring Manager but you started the process with a headhunter
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Deniz Sasal (5 months ago)
✅Watch Next: Interview Preparation MasterClass: https://youtu.be/9mXG3AiXVMY You will double your chances if you watch this masterclass entirely.
Hi Deniz , u have a question- I am applying for instructional designer, and the recruiter said that there was a Max salary, however another college is offering about $10k-$15k more. I'm now on the 3rd interview. When it comes to the point of the actual offer, do u think my recruiter will push to exceed their claim of "max salary?"
SouthEast Wink 202 (1 year ago)
Deniz Sasal, I was called to schedule an interview this week from a large pharmaceutical industry that bought out its contender for 7.2 billion dollars.I ask the recruiter who called "what was the pay rate for this position" and she said she didn't have the info because they (employer) doesn't give out tgat much info concerning salary but she asked what was my offer....So i looked on glassdoor an seen the pay was within what i asked for...So i have an interview today @1:30pm.....Should i still go in asking them what are the standard salary budget for this position?
Ahmed Atito (11 days ago)
Hey, Deniz, Could you please add this video to interview playlist
P G (18 days ago)
Hi Deniz, while I was driving, I got a call from the HR saying that they are ready to offer me a position and told about compensation. In the excitement I said I'm ready to accept the offer... l was asked to be in person to discuss the offer and for the paper work. As I did not negotiate earlier do I have a chance (if so how should I deal) or is it too late to ask?
Uday Singh (18 days ago)
Hi Dinez, Today I did one mistake while answering this question. I told them the exact range in figures. Also given in writing. Secondly they asked me about my notice period, I told them truth that I am already in notice period. As I am having opportunity in hand. How to answer such question for another job Opportunity. Should I avoid telling such truth or its ok to share such information.
Ranjeet Singh (21 days ago)
nice video sir...is it ok to ask as per company rules? thanks in advance
Rachit (22 days ago)
Thank you Deniz. Your insights are very useful and important for a person preparing for an interview. It helped me a lot while dealing with tricky questions.
Kunal Herkal (22 days ago)
CathyTheCat (24 days ago)
This is so informative! Thanks !
Nagamani Borra (27 days ago)
Deniz, I don't have communication skills, while I was attending interviews not able express my subject knowledge and getting nervous while answering the questions. Not sure how to deal with this problem, can you please suggest if you have spoken classes on your website,many thanks
christopher subano (1 month ago)
you are the best sir
I was asked this question literally yesterday by a potential employer and I said “ I’m currently making “X” amount for this position at “ current company “ and ths my expectation , given the responsibilities are same !!
Cool G Channel (1 month ago)
ΛILΞS C▢ͶFIΛͶCΞ u get the right answer..?? what is the answer from that person?
Dhritiman Datt (1 month ago)
Hello Sir This video is very helpful. But I have one question if someone after 10 years of working experience left the job for one year to finish a professional course like CA, then what should he quote in an open interview & campus placement? Will he quote like a fresh CA or like an experienced? Say, his last package was 4.5 L pa.
IamKaylaMarie (1 month ago)
What would be your advice if the job application asks you "what is your desired compensation?"
Keila Lambert (1 month ago)
Hi Deniz, what about answering that question with another question.... and asking for the budgeted salary range allocated for that role? I normally do that and depending on what their answer is I then answer that my salary expectation is within that range, or I do give an specific number...
Chandana H (1 month ago)
Your videos have been very helpful so far. Thank you so much :)
Hammad Siraj (1 month ago)
Really helpful videos, these assisted me a great deal in my interview process.
Julio Cesar V L (1 month ago)
Is it just me or sometimes it seems like getting a job is like convincing a perfect ten girl that you haven't even met to marry you?
Jinga la la (1 month ago)
Good content. Thanks
Rob Z. (1 month ago)
This is why I hate HRs. They just want to hear some bullshit they read in a book. Nobody looks applies for a job out of sheer excitement about the company, we just want to have money to make a living. Why dont you just test the skills, ask what the required salary is, and do the math.
Binay Bitay (1 month ago)
How can you even know who are they?
keerthi bs (1 month ago)
Sir something i felt.. U r awesome.. And the knowledge u shared is too.. Tq very much
Kiki K (1 month ago)
thank you so so much!! I can't believe I never really knew how to answer this very important question! You have just saved my life with this video. I am currently looking for a new job and will need all the information I can get to pass interviews and get hired.
Sharmila J Agostini (1 month ago)
Thank you i watched almost all your videos... i must say i did pretty well in the interview the managers was impressed ... after 4 yrs off break i am back on track... Thanks i got the job !!! You are my guru !! Now i am trying to negotiate my offers i know deserve more so thanks for the tips again !
Alejandra Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Hi Deniz, are you still working at PwC ?
Orazio Branca (2 months ago)
I would never avoid to say my salary expectations to the HR. We will both save time. I would not like to find out from the hiring manager that they cannot afford my competency and knowledge.
Rudy Straight (2 months ago)
You are making a difference in this world my friend. one at a time! keep making these videos. cuz ima need em having worked over 10+ years. getting the anxt.
Andreas Hausiku (2 months ago)
I would rather say "market related would do" if they insist than giving a range
David James (2 months ago)
Excellent video boss
Green Man (2 months ago)
Thank God I answered correctly the last time they called me.
Gennie Main Account (2 months ago)
How to counter offer, after an offer?
pennyrock150 (2 months ago)
what if they dont even bring up the subject? means you' re supposed to ask for it or simply let it go? I am asking for a stage position
kimkima sailung (3 months ago)
What should we do if the current ctc and expected ctc were asked by email
Elena Savin (3 months ago)
Thank you again😊
Elena Savin (3 months ago)
Elena Savin (3 months ago)
Thank you
akhil rana (3 months ago)
i will have a home and my rightful money of my stolen ideas
Rachel Wu (3 months ago)
what should you do if you are obviously underemployed and if your employer finds out that your increment will be too high a jump above industry norm?
Rosemarie Marotta (3 months ago)
why don't they just tell you up front? why the games?
Roosevelt OKafor (3 months ago)
Deniz Sasal, how should I answer if it is a first-stage screening question (No face to face yet)? In other words, this is before I'm even called for an interview and I'm answering some questions online.
Adam Sadiq (4 months ago)
Great work
Jennifer Talara (4 months ago)
I appreciate your advice. Short, brief and very concise. Thank you.
Irish Polleros (4 months ago)
Teresa Cai (4 months ago)
YOU ARE AWSOME. Answers in this video are so smart and fair. Liked and subscribed! Cannot miss your videos for job interview!
Darius Muhali (4 months ago)
Good work
Мырза ШаХ (4 months ago)
One of the most useful channels I've ever seen
Amanda (4 months ago)
Hi Deniz, I just came from an interview and started searching videos on how to answer this question. Unfortunately I gave a figure which am just realizing now that it's too low. They said they will contact me for a second interview if I make it. How do I rectify this mistake and really say my salary expectations that I'm happy with. Am a recent gradute looking for her first job? Thanks for the help.
Valentine Nasike (4 months ago)
You are helping people through your video actually im having my interview tomorrow
Nắng Yêu Thương (4 months ago)
Thanks so much. It is worth watching. Very elegant and intelligent manner to ask for salary expectation. Because I know that the internal recruiters and hiring managers are kind of very experienced and well-skilled in this field:))
aishwarya lad (4 months ago)
How will you exactly come to know that who is asking you this question ❓ how to know this by being a fresher?
Kelvin Gaming (4 months ago)
Sir better you can offer me a suitable job pls I'm very poor guy, I'm seriously asking help sir..
Ritvars Alksnis (5 months ago)
Listened to your advise, it sounds reasonable, so I would like to add a dimension here, that may take it into new light. I would recommend to attend such interviews, where you are confident about your skills and you are able to "sell yourself" efficiently for position you would like to get. Practically this means that you need to do a homework, evaluating yous skills, so that looking for position you can filter only those, that are multidisciplinary and match your unique experience or education profile. There definitely will be couple of them were you look better, than others, otherwise... it could not be otherwise :) On such interviews you actually can use your salary ambitions as a sales point, showing them that you are really good at what you do, but you know your price either. Sure, you may get rejected claiming salary twice over market "max" range, but it is possible to get +30% over "max" salary figures (from what you will find in average salary statistics and even interviewing your mates).
Anup Menon (5 months ago)
Hi Deniz, I have watched a couple of your videos and found them interesting and very helpful. Would you have any idea on facial expressions ? I somehow turn out to be unapproachable when it comes to discussing suggestions as though my senior mgmt considers that my ideas are always great but my team feels i don't listen to their suggestions, even after stating to the team the pros and cons. Any advise ? thanks for your help !
An Le (5 months ago)
Dear Mr. Deniz Salsa, To discuss about this salary expectation. I've met the situation in which after I answer the industry range (from min to max) and the hiring manager says "But we can only pay xx (xx < min of the industry). Are you ok with that?". I think it twice and convince them again about the opportunity working in their company will yy (I confirm my motivation again here). Besides their provided number is bigger/equal my previous salary. Honestly, I don't even know whether this is the good way to cope with that situation or not because after all, I only received a Thank You letter from them :( May you share your point of view about this situation? Your valuable opinions would be a good direction for me to think and learn. Thank you,
puneet gola (5 months ago)
If i told them my expectations and then they say why should we give you that much package. Then what should i say
Humphrey Kairu (5 months ago)
Hello Deniz, just a concern, is it ok to shake the interviewers hand after the interview?
matthewpug (5 months ago)
Hi Deniz, I was wondering if you knew anything about Lean Six Sigma and if you would recommend it? Thank you for your videos and your guidance!
mesaky sama (5 months ago)
“ it’s difficult for me to expect a salary, i will be satisfied knowing that i am going to receive a salary that is equal to my colleagues “ is that a good answer ?!
PEPS Deco (5 months ago)
Thanks Deniz, I wish i watched your video before i went to interview:-D
M.H Tech U.K (5 months ago)
Your the man
saoud boozebb (5 months ago)
Good, good. I can seee that you are trying to help other people sir.
Jou Jr (5 months ago)
Hi Deniz, I hd an interview for a project manager in one company, but after twice intrvew by HR Manager and HR specialist, we don't talk about salary. We just talk about my background, experiences and some issues how a manager will handle it. So, I really dnt knw, why they didn't discuss about that? I won't to ask them first, because i am worry they might reject me😁. Do you have any solution for this? I am still waiting for the next step, intrvew with director🙄. Thanks
Shipon San (5 months ago)
wish i could find your video much sooner , its very informative
pepe pepe (5 months ago)
Hey, i have a doubt: could be a bad impression to the recruiter if after he ask me about my salary expectation i do not answer and re ask him about the salary range?
Rahul Raghuwanshi (6 months ago)
You look like Edward norton
Victoria Rivera (6 months ago)
Great advice!
Edward livingstone (6 months ago)
Man! You just look like my brother! btw subscribed ur channel!
v penywise (6 months ago)
My wife was just headhunted recently about a decent (senior professional level) job in a completely different country. I mean, nothing even close or similar to our own country. And it's a about a small city in that country, which adds up to the confusion on what salary she should have asked for. Of course, she did exactly what you suggested, she directed the question back to the headhunter, on their first interview. She got asked how much you expect and my wife responded with all those logical questions - she doesn't know what the salary range for this position in this country is, what's the standard of living, the rent costs, child care costs, etc. The reply from the headhunter was - "well, people make their own research, so do that and send me your expectations over an email". Which left my wife in a very peculiar position... as that information and her expectation would be directed to the hiring manager immediately. Of course, we did the next logical thing, which is by the way suggested in your video - researched the ranges, then she picked the top range, because she's being headhunted for a "senior" level specifically. It's been almost a week now and there's no response from anyone. At this point, quite frankly I don't see how our family would even consider emigration for such a company, based on that hiring process.
Viktor Markin (6 months ago)
Deniz this was very helpful, i wish glassdoor had more data inside location: Turkey . Cheers from Istanbul!
Free Will (6 months ago)
Sir, I think you should continue making videos like this.
Alexandr Padalka (6 months ago)
David Yeates (6 months ago)
I disagree with you. Here is my strategy and reasoning. You need to select a number in advance of the interview. When asked for your salary expectations, give them a number that is slightly higher then the number you have chosen (Not a lot higher, just a little higher). About 2-5% higher should be about right. This is because you need to seem like you are trying to get an honest salary without seeming greedy. I like your idea of doing your research ahead of time and even naming your information source. They will likely begin negotiating. This is why you gave a figure that was a little high. If your willing to come down by 2% then it will make you seem more attractive as a candidate. They will feel like they are getting a good deal. There is one problem with this strategy, you may loose the job based on salary expectations. Don't not compromise too much, or you will seem desperate. Ask them politely to reconsider. Remind them that you are still excited about the opportunity if they are willing to change their mind and request that they call you. Here is the hard part... you need to leave and risk never getting the job. If this happens, remind yourself that it wasn't the right opportunity and that you want to work for a company where you a fairly compensated. However, it more and more cases you will find your pay increase, and your prestige increase. You have to be willing to make the hard choice to walk away. The most counter-intuitive part about this process is that being confident in your salary expectations will actual get you MORE offers, not less. Many employers respect confidence (Be sure not to come across as arrogant) and will often assume your value is higher then if you had provided a salary range. You will get MORE letters of offer with HIGHER salaries.
Anil Kumar (7 months ago)
Is it okay if I tell that I am not aware of salary ranges to HR or hiring manager when I am intervening for international location?
Eliphas Elly (7 months ago)
Edward Cobbinah (7 months ago)
Hi Deniz, I am from Ghana. In my country there is not public document about salary ranges, issues about salaries are secret and one would not know if he is going high or low. In this case , if the HR or hiring manager insists that you mention a figure, how do you go about it ?
Sana Saiyed (7 months ago)
Hello. I am struggling with my accent and new adjustment in a new country. I am not giving up, I have two interviews piled up. I am practicing and watching the videos. Wish me luck. The videos r helping me out they r better than the silly ones who just beat around the bush. So Thank you.
的小鸟愤怒 (7 months ago)
Useful information
Dr. Jinal Rathod (7 months ago)
Sir if they offer less amount then how to answer ?
JUAN RODRIGUEZ (7 months ago)
Good morning Deniz. Currently, I am living in Canada, and I do not know what could be the best way to make the first approach to my boss asking for a raise. I have watched your videos, and I could not find how to do it. Could you please give me advice?
Rahaf Mukhaimer (7 months ago)
Hi Deniz, I want to ask what if the company told me how much the salary and i wasn't happy about the number they gave me, how can I act to increase the number ?
Keidra Douglas (7 months ago)
This is so helpful! Why didnt I see this stuff sooner?
riomathew50 (7 months ago)
Mate, many of the HR is asking me whats the current draw.. so they will give/start from the same even if i want more to be. I cant lie whether if in case they are asking for the previous pay slips
selvaraj nandakumar (7 months ago)
Please let me know the website
Oncus2 (7 months ago)
So the best answer in most situations is still offer a range? Hmm..
Hardi Mohammed (7 months ago)
thanks for the tips
tuari108 (7 months ago)
Another great video, this content is absolutely brilliantl
Dustball Lim (7 months ago)
i've got interview in less then 8 hours. it's my first time getting an interview. when an internal recruiter called me I panicked and low balled my expectation salary. how do I save myself from this situation? anyone please help me asap
ghulam rasool (8 months ago)
Hi Deniz Thanks to your tips and videos i Ace my interview and have been call for the second interview kindly give me some tips what i should expect for the second interview ?
Ganapati Hegde (8 months ago)
Very nice and helpful video!
Anamul Haq Bappy (8 months ago)
Well, recruiter(not from the company) ask me my salary expectation and I told her "About salary, I do not have any expectation. Every job requires certain skills. Maybe some of them I am lacking. On the top, this one would be my first full time IT profession in Australia. So, whatever they will pay me at the beginning, I am happy with it. After gaining certain skills, I will ask to increase my salary."
shakeer ali (8 months ago)
Thank you 👍
GIZACRST (8 months ago)
Hello sir I applied for job. my application status shows reviewed/ hiring manager review. I want to know what's means?
sajith c (8 months ago)
How shud i tackle this question " how much do u earn now?" Shud i answer that? Isnt it confidential??
Get Dress (8 months ago)
Hi Deniz, I am not sure if you will read this but I'd like to go ahead and share my experience and getting some feedback, if possible. I have encountered the second senario that you have mentioned in which the internal HR called to ask me about my expected salary but I didnt know what is the right salary to expect so at the agony of the moment I mentioned a range which was later proved to be lower than the market rate. I regretted, what can I do? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.
Jean-Paul Kouassigan (8 months ago)
The tips were really insightful.Thank you Deniz Sasal for sharing.
Seth M (8 months ago)
Thanks for this great video. I learnt a lot from watching it. I had no idea how to answer this question.
rakesh sharma (8 months ago)
Very useful tips thanks
Chuisem Lungleng (8 months ago)
Very simple yet very effective !! Thanks
Julius Kurniawan (8 months ago)
Hey Deniz, How about if the question is throwing up at the offering session from HR assistance? Is that okay if we just saying the range numbers?
Richspere 560 (8 months ago)
Hi, what if I have given the headhunter a number and at the last stage of the interview, I was still asked what my salary expectations are. What do I say?
Aaron (8 months ago)
Another gem!

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