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The 3 Myths of the Indian Education System | Vinay Menon | TEDxThiruvananthapuram

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Stand-up comedy is just catching on in the State of Kerala. Vinay Menon is among the very few who pursue this genre. He is an IT professional- turned- comedian, and focuses mainly on observational humor. He is also a professor and in this talk he has a humorous take on the myths of the Indian Education System. Stand-up comedy is just catching on in the State of Kerala. Vinay Menon is among the very few who pursue this genre. He is an IT professional- turned- comedian, and focuses mainly on observational humor. He is also a professor and in this talk he has a humorous take on the myths of the Indian Education System. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Text Comments (1897)
Chann Preet (1 day ago)
I like kerela , people there are so educated and they understand everything better , I wanna live in kerela T^T love from Punjab!!!
Vinay Kumar (2 days ago)
My Dear Teacher you are taking a wrong example of Monster study . They were all orphans and hence exposure to other aspects of what a normal family environment and friends and social fabric does is not at all taken into consideration . It is about communication . Please do sensible research before you talk . There are faults in every system . Why are you a teacher if you have so many complaints about it . Get brilliant ideas and they evolve it 😀 . The next time somebody has a emergency and has to draw money at 1 am , then you go to an ATM remember the software engineers and techies behind it . Ok it was not your cup of coffee and you walked out . Do not say you evolved , it does not show your thought process in good light . Remember : VIDHYA DADTI VINAYAM , VINAYAM DADATHI PATHRATAHA . Teacher by definition is an eternal learner . Become one and I am sure you will stumble upon solutions and make your students proud 🙏
Jemema Louis (4 days ago)
Can someone please change the education system of the world 😥😥😥😥
DeRAWAT Music (5 days ago)
1st MYTH, abhi padlo badme aish hi aish.
ajinkya pawar (8 days ago)
This creativity is illegal
mitesh bhagwant (8 days ago)
He Is Right
horse lovers (9 days ago)
Great speech !
Alone Biologist (11 days ago)
2 mins silence for these 1k Rattaficators
ROHIT dARCHITECT (12 days ago)
I want to be a footballer but..I am good at math and class topper
POTATO SPECS (12 days ago)
he is trying to make us laugh but sadly no one laughed
Arvind Singh (14 days ago)
Anyone watching in 2k19?
lokesh kanna (14 days ago)
U deserve a hug bro.. nice one matching all my thoughts harvested by my gurus too.. happy to see u such teachers great work we’ll meet soon.. may be sooner..!
Travel To The World (17 days ago)
Wow amazing experience really awesome
kunal sharma (17 days ago)
Not a good talk. The point in each of your story or anecdote is missing. Cell phone story came close but there are some principles that don't get obsolete inn 2 years
Takshak Ambekar (19 days ago)
10:25 = like
Piyush Agarwal (19 days ago)
why he looks me like biebar?!
Joshua Jung (21 days ago)
When do they evolve to "Nolonger Streetshittersis"?
indian (21 days ago)
Thank god he didn’t say that Indians invented flight 9000 years ago..
priyanka psalm (21 days ago)
Awesome speech
Vanwari Mehta (24 days ago)
Hindi nhi aati kya? 😈😈
sonia Rodericks (25 days ago)
Truly brilliant. Wish education in our country will eventually change.
Himanshu Shekhar Singh (26 days ago)
I think ur brain is disintegrating
Harleen kaur (27 days ago)
Deep R. Ode (1 month ago)
GATE is totally non-Indian then... 😂 it is real understanding based crucial engineering over there..
Adolf Hitler (11 days ago)
Why am i remembering '3idots' movie while watching this video? 🤔🤔😣😣
Adolf Hitler (11 days ago)
+Alone Biologist so true 😂
Alone Biologist (11 days ago)
Because 3 idiots is the only film where Indian Education System was challenged by Rancho (Amir Khan)
Abhishek Yadav (1 month ago)
See rajiv dixit speeches on this
Vijay Raj (1 month ago)
Right, a brilliant talk ruined by poor lighting and poor camera. Can we get rid of all the blue disco lights and have a single focus light on the speaker? No matter how brilliant we get with our thinking, we ruin it with video/audio
PeacePlease! (1 month ago)
Very Interesting!! Shine ON!! Ushta-te!
Din Teezer (1 month ago)
Dear Tedx Talks, I was wondering if it would be too much to ask for this talk be dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. It would do a great deal of service to thousands of Indian viewers who do not speak English. Regards, Din
Divya Saiju (1 month ago)
I read many comments down below stating that we r going to bring a revolution in education system😳😱🌩⚡️..🙄😏 wait but how many has started even to bring dis chage in their own life with their own children 😁 well I hav started atleast for my kid to change dis education system.. I am becoming a parent and want to be who mingle wid kids but could tingle teachers every second so that they could also mingle wid kids
T&NW (1 month ago)
"Creativity is making mistakes, art is which one to keep. "
T&NW (1 month ago)
1k dislikes = typical Indian parent
Naveen Kondeti (1 month ago)
those who disliked are all typical indian teachers i guess
mark mark (1 month ago)
every area which is natural and most perfect designs and architecture or in another words gods level reality include calculus the most natural thing just like 'e' =2.718 helps you when you in banking says simple inerest in not perfect but compound interest is but in reality both are not in real world when interests earned too get add on principal amount thus interest is now on total money reviewed again but the perfect process is to make the the round off calculation between 2 times infinite times physically its impossible but e //calculus make it possible ..thus calculus made what seems impossible to be possible ..the knowledge exist in natures most perfect existence but if you can't understand that does not mean it does not existed..love and appreciate the god and the knowledge that existed and he knews and exists in his eternal meditation that runs the whole universe..
sun and moon (1 month ago)
Well explained
Gurukul academy (1 month ago)
Should be A revolution of education... Like green and milk revolution....
## shruti ## (1 month ago)
I have a huge problem.... And the problem is silly question.... My teachers n my classmates say that my questions are so silly and out of syllabus.... And you should only stick to syllabus in order to crack neet... U are childish and have less brain... They say that I am gone case... They are surprised that how can I be 17 year old... And the worst part is that they never pay attention to what I say.... I sometimes feel, why did I say it.... And at the end I leave the topic unturned... But u know what I am so happy that I have habit to get humiliated on my question that now I feel everything normal to me... And what I learn so far is that It is useless to read a book to the donkey.... So live ur life with a hope that today is theirs but one day will be urs so be ready to live that life to fullest.....
Prince Kumar Singh (1 month ago)
1K toppers disliked it.
Rahul Kumar (1 month ago)
Israil Patel (1 month ago)
nice talk
Barun Kumar Pal (1 month ago)
Great! love you vinay from my heart's deepest point.
Enigma. (1 month ago)
This was worth watching. You go man.
Ilma Afzal (1 month ago)
I'll have genetically perfect children 😂
Somya Goel (1 month ago)
No offense but.. if he says all this about the Indian education system,... Why's he teaching? He's teaching when he doesn't support it? I just don't get it, someone explain? :'}
Lucky Vats (1 month ago)
Indian education system sucks guyz
Rishi Srivastav (1 month ago)
Summary :: Education system in India was set up by East India company with a utaliatrian purpose such that instructions can be followed exactly without being creative. And due to industrial revolution only STEM were at preference and Humanities and Arts were subsided. But life is all about Art and speaker defined it as doing mistakes until get the way to work rightly. So never refrain to do new thing because hit and trial is best way to learn.
Nainy (1 month ago)
I swear to God the audience are so naïve. They didn't even got his puns while they were actually funny.
pranu R (1 month ago)
Guessing those people who disliked this video....just wondering....😅
Yashwant Rana (1 month ago)
Hey by the way didn't they taught you application of derivatives and integrals, problems isn't in any topic or any particular chapter problem is in how they teach these topics in schools
Mandy's TOP 10 (2 months ago)
Final youtube recommendations goes right😂😂😂😂
sg 007 (2 months ago)
Btw did anyone noticed beard enthusiast in socretis picture? ? 😂😂😂
Ujjwal Sharma (2 months ago)
Yes . I believe that education system of india require serious reforms In order to propagate creative mind
Shubhada Jagadale (2 months ago)
1 K dislikes??...seriously typical indians
deepan gill (2 months ago)
Amazing--finally the truth.
It was so awkward at some points when people were not laughing at his hilarious humour..... People didn't laugh before he told them that he was a stand-up comedian .
Avilash Bhowmick (2 months ago)
Finally...!! Youtube has started recommending some good stuff..
Mayuri Bhattacharya (2 months ago)
Amazing video "STEM to HUMANITY last ART". Art is an Integral part of Science and Technology
Priyaal Rachh (2 months ago)
1K dislikes ? More like 1K indian uncles and aunties jo bolte hai "bacho ko bahut chut mil rahi hai"
T A R S (1 month ago)
Mai 22 ka hun mujhe ab tak chut nhi mili
Ravi Gitte (2 months ago)
I have ur answer, The answer are two One is to produce bureaucrats Second is keep running the given British raj
indian si-fi (2 months ago)
Dude if we are going original point of Indian education we need to go for Ramayan age please go to the epic book and read it we have education seen that time
Chirayu Bhatt (2 months ago)
TBH Giving this information in hindi would have been an icing on the cake, but anyways good speech.
sumedh atreya (2 months ago)
Wow. Amazing
chandra sekhar burja (2 months ago)
U said that “way back to origin “ of education system in India -by some britishers Didn’t Indian people get educated before the britishers !? While at that time too they ‘were so many great scientists !!!
Dr. Subhash Chandra Bose (2 months ago)
"And you're doing something really wrong aren't WE" I feel like I can teach English too now.
kanasu K (2 months ago)
Actually If I want to say true even I'm also don't know still what is the use of differentiation and integration , one more why v have to use these ? If anybody knows plz ......... Thank u
Vasanth raj (2 months ago)
100%..truth and reality
kiran ekka (2 months ago)
studying Science Maths Medicine, engineering is also an art, we apply this art of learning in our Proffesion
Ayanesh Sarkar (2 months ago)
I believe the open universities need more importance...
santoshji kumar (2 months ago)
You must be donkey software engineer
Lokesh loki (2 months ago)
Hello dude! There are thousands of application of integration and differentiation in our daily life, But we are just not realizing them. The worst thing is many teachers are unable to make them in easy way in the way that students can understand.. For more reference please read applications of mathematics.!
QuickVid (2 months ago)
Education should be interesting not boring...
ayush joshi (2 months ago)
But we have the application of differentiation chapter in our NCRT Textbooks
angel diksha (5 days ago)
+ayush joshi BT can say one thing ... That the stuff uh mentioned r again the subjects.. Not the real life prblms ...
angel diksha (5 days ago)
+ayush joshi again .. Uh seem to be a typical Indian I can't argue wid uh... Sorry
ayush joshi (5 days ago)
+angel diksha yess obviously we use them on Physics, chemistry, economics, aircraft design, space stations...so please learn concepts and equation with broader mind.
angel diksha (5 days ago)
N when have u used those questions given in real life..... Have uh ever needed to calculate maxima - minima ,, increasing- decreasing n all in real life ... Do uhh...!!!???
Avinash Singh World (2 months ago)
poverty is also responsible for the situation of current education system in India.everyone wants 3 time better meal a day. rather thn discovering and inventing new things they wud like to give their parents a bttr lyf.
MA WALCHAN (2 months ago)
His way of talking and also the body language I quite similar to sandeep Meashwari
Rishav Kumar (2 months ago)
Marvellous jhakaas full to class We need such type of education minister
Bushra Khan (2 months ago)
First line from three idiots
Syper_ Ceptron (2 months ago)
Create max level bots..
so gud
Ram Narayan Pandey (2 months ago)
Today the education of student are well filled mind only not well formed mind..
Mohammed Ahmed (2 months ago)
Britishers forced us to learn English language to produce men for their day to day activities and now current generations are heavily brainwashed towards learning English language. We should Educate our self towards Sanskrit. By doing so we could learn what our ancestors did back then. Believe me if this happens, in 100 years we will be the richest country again. Sanskrit should start from pre-school itself and stop old British concept. I Believe that it was a big conspiracy by British Education.
Renaissance Man (2 months ago)
12:43 followed by sports...
jane austen (2 months ago)
We need 'calculus' to make salad so that the sum integral of all raw veggies and fruits give you the required equation of healthy food . We need 'rotational motion and system of particles' to run mixer , grinder and atta chakki . We need to learn' Laws of motion' so that when we need to throw things at our spouse , we apply the mechanics correctly .
Milan Parmar (2 months ago)
I think as same like you sir...but as you say.. we need support of all indians to change this bad things..and create & allow new ones.
SaMeeR KhaN (2 months ago)
People put efforts according to rewards 😂 Well it was a great speech I appreciate your mindset...
Prabhleen Reen (2 months ago)
they dont laugh at his good jokes like they just laugh in random moments
Gertex TnXD (2 months ago)
1k disliker are the topper who get 90%above😤😤
Aastha Kalra (2 months ago)
Too good
Geetarani Loushigam (2 months ago)
i die when he said." we dont need a poet running around a factory"
Aritra Chatterjee (2 months ago)
The practical use of calculus is to use the calculus a sarcastic.narrative() in this talk. Oh boy! You have amazing sense of humor. 3 is auspicious number. Hahahhaaha.
Sanjeev Singh (2 months ago)
Luk like south acter😄
show down (2 months ago)
These 990 dislikes are from parents side or what??
Dattatraya Kulkarni (2 months ago)
Yes, including toppers
Question's World (3 months ago)
I am with you and want to create an online tuition based on school syllabus but by best teacher? Who is with me?
Amit Singh (3 months ago)
your Ted talk was awesome, i have learned a lot from your presentation style...
md.sadaquat.h khan (3 months ago)
I build antigravity field in class 6 learned about this in class 12 lol . Parents wants marks , they dont want creativity and later on they put it on u r face that see that boy build washing machine with help of cycle. After putting u aside from everything.
SeemsSoBoring !! (3 months ago)
Such a wonderful show...tedx comes up with wonderful topics and one of the most important one is this
mobi tech (3 months ago)
Tabish Rahman (3 months ago)
So true about creativity
MOTIVATINAL PILLS (3 months ago)
Is he is ps sir
vallamkonda neelima (3 months ago)
If government affords to put the well talented lecturers in public institutions.. definitely poor also learn.. I am not saying that private institutions have good lecturers... they also don't know what they are teaching about... In private colleges , they just read the lesson before coming to the class and they will try to inject them into the minds of students without any logic... but not all the institutions are like this... If the government provides correct lecturers in public institutions then everything will be fine
Idris salim (3 months ago)
his tal was good but we need more people who talk about the solution rather than discussing the problem at length

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